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Couric's Notebook: 'Cute'
Couric's Notebook: 9/11
Couric's Notebook: Agassi
Couric's Notebook: Anthrax
Couric's Notebook: Baghdad
Couric's Notebook: Clinton
Couric's Notebook: First Day
Couric's Notebook: Gerald Ford
Couric's Notebook: Kennedys
Couric's Notebook: Politics
Couric's Notebook: Superdome
Couric's Notebook: The U.N.
Couric's Notebook: White House
Couric's Reporter's Notebook
Eye To Eye: Medical Networking
Female 4-Star General?
First Look: Ice Storms
Foster Care Adoptions
Main Street Falls Apart
New Orleans Progress
Notebook: Afghan Strategy
Notebook: Amazon
Notebook: Art Buchwald
Notebook: Avon Men
Notebook: Bipolar Disorder
Notebook: Bottled Water
Notebook: Cancer
Notebook: Cancer Patients
Notebook: Colon Cancer
Notebook: Darfur
Notebook: Elvis Presley
Notebook: Food Banks
Notebook: GM & Chrysler
Notebook: Gore's Prize
Notebook: Kids And Sleep
Notebook: Medal Of Honor
Notebook: Merv Griffin
Notebook: Mitt Romney
Notebook: Obama at Dover
Notebook: Optimism
Notebook: Pakistan
Notebook: Pregnant Teens
Notebook: Role Models
Notebook: Stopping Polio
Notebook: Sugary Cereal
Notebook: TV Overkill
Notebook: '300'
Notebook: 'Banned Books Week'
Notebook: 'OMG!'
Notebook: 'Sad Friday'
Notebook: 'Scooter' Libby
Notebook: 'Sex And The City'
Notebook: 'Stampflation'
Notebook: 'The Last Lecture'
Notebook: 'Wee Wee Up'
Notebook: 1984
Notebook: 2009 in Review
Notebook: 300 Million
Notebook: 3am Call
Notebook: 70's Redux
Notebook: 9/11 Commission
Notebook: 9/11 Trials
Notebook: 911 Texts
Notebook: A Cruel April
Notebook: A Dangerous Divide
Notebook: A Day Of Remembrance
Notebook: A Historic Election
Notebook: A School In Grief
Notebook: Abortion Murder
Notebook: Abraham Lincoln
Notebook: Afghan Journalist
Notebook: Afghanistan
Notebook: Afghanistan
Notebook: Afghanistan
Notebook: After Desegregation
Notebook: After Foster Care
Notebook: Aging Boom
Notebook: Ahmadinejad Speaks
Notebook: Aid to Haiti
Notebook: AIG on the Brink
Notebook: Airport Security
Notebook: Al Gore On The Media
Notebook: Alcohol Moderation
Notebook: All-N.Y. Election?
Notebook: Amelia Earhart
Notebook: America's Pastime
Notebook: Amish Anniversary
Notebook: Amish Dignity
Notebook: Anger
Notebook: Annapolis Summit
Notebook: Annoying Words
Notebook: Anonymity
Notebook: Anthrax
Notebook: Anti-Tax Tea Parties
Notebook: Are You My Mommy?
Notebook: Arizona Battle
Notebook: As The World Turns
Notebook: Attack Ads
Notebook: Auto Bailout
Notebook: Automakers
Notebook: Babies And TV
Notebook: Baby Names
Notebook: Baby Pain
Notebook: Bad Language
Notebook: Baghdad Orphanage
Notebook: Ballroom Dancing
Notebook: Banks
Notebook: Banks
Notebook: Barry Bonds
Notebook: Baseball Dad
Notebook: Be Happy With Aging
Notebook: Beijing Lip Sync
Notebook: Beijing Olympics
Notebook: Being There
Notebook: Berlin Wall
Notebook: Beverly Sills
Notebook: Bhutto Assassinated
Notebook: Billy Graham
Notebook: Bin Laden's Back
Notebook: Bin Laden's New Tape
Notebook: Bird Strikes
Notebook: Blackberry
Notebook: Blagogate
Notebook: Blame Game
Notebook: Blood Banks
Notebook: Bonds Indictment
Notebook: Bookstore Blues
Notebook: Boomeritis
Notebook: Bottled Water
Notebook: Bottled Water
Notebook: Bottoms Up
Notebook: Bow Ties
Notebook: Bowery Mission
Notebook: Brave Journalist
Notebook: Breast Cancer
Notebook: Bridge Disaster
Notebook: Broken Hearts
Notebook: Buckley
Notebook: Burris and Franken
Notebook: Bush And Darfur
Notebook: Bush And Obama
Notebook: Bush In Europe
Notebook: Bush's 2-Term Blues
Notebook: Bush's Legacy
Notebook: Bush's Next Move
Notebook: Buyer Satisfaction
Notebook: Bystanders
Notebook: Cabinet Retreat
Notebook: Calif. Primaries
Notebook: Camel No. 9
Notebook: Camp Lejeune
Notebook: Campaign Showdown
Notebook: Campaign Turns Ugly
Notebook: Canadian Geese
Notebook: Cancer Vaccine
Notebook: Candidate Rhetoric
Notebook: Candidate's Cleavage
Notebook: Cankles
Notebook: Captain Speicher
Notebook: Cell Phone Features
Notebook: Cell Phones
Notebook: Centenarians
Notebook: Charity
Notebook: Chelsea King
Notebook: Chevy
Notebook: Chicago Olympics
Notebook: Chick Flick
Notebook: Child Prodigies
Notebook: Child Safety
Notebook: Childish Things
Notebook: Children & Recession
Notebook: China And Sudan
Notebook: China's Olympics
Notebook: Cho Seung-Hui
Notebook: Christmas Eve
Notebook: Christmas Freedom
Notebook: Christmas Goodwill
Notebook: Christmas Radio
Notebook: Church Abuse Case
Notebook: CIA Tape Scandal
Notebook: Citizenship Overhaul
Notebook: Clinton's Campaign
Notebook: Closing Gitmo
Notebook: Coins
Notebook: Cold Snap
Notebook: Collapse
Notebook: College Grads
Notebook: College Libraries
Notebook: Colon Cancer
Notebook: Colon Cancer
Notebook: Colonoscopies
Notebook: Colonoscopy
Notebook: Columbine Remembered
Notebook: Congress Breaks
Notebook: Congress' Promises
Notebook: Copenhagen
Notebook: Court History
Notebook: Craigslist Safety
Notebook: Credit Card Theft
Notebook: Credit Cards
Notebook: Crime In The Congo
Notebook: Critical Week
Notebook: Crocs
Notebook: Cronkite
Notebook: Crossing The Line?
Notebook: Cuba
Notebook: Cures of Cursing
Notebook: Cutting Back
Notebook: D.C. Congress Voting
Notebook: D.C. Representation
Notebook: D.C. Voting Rights
Notebook: Dads
Notebook: Dangers of Texting
Notebook: Darkening Gulf
Notebook: Date Night
Notebook: David Halberstam
Notebook: Day Care
Notebook: Daylight-Saving Time
Notebook: Debate Debacle
Notebook: Debt Dilemma
Notebook: Democrats
Notebook: Democrats Exit
Notebook: Depression
Notebook: Depression Screening
Notebook: Doing The Math
Notebook: Don't Ask
Notebook: Down Syndrome
Notebook: Drug Companies
Notebook: Duke Lacrosse Case
Notebook: Dying Aspens
Notebook: Dying Newspapers
Notebook: E-Mail Obsessed?
Notebook: Early Thanksgiving
Notebook: Early Voting
Notebook: Earmarks
Notebook: Earth Day
Notebook: Eating Disorders
Notebook: Economic Effects
Notebook: Economic Hardships
Notebook: Economic Stimulus
Notebook: Economy Jitters
Notebook: Ed Bradley
Notebook: Ed McMahon
Notebook: Educating Our Kids
Notebook: Eight Glasses A Day?
Notebook: Elder Care
Notebook: Election
Notebook: Election Day
Notebook: Election Victory
Notebook: Elena Kagan
Notebook: Elephants Wanted
Notebook: Elizabeth Edwards
Notebook: Emergency Plan
Notebook: Endangered Primates
Notebook: Energy
Notebook: Engineered Food
Notebook: Engineering
Notebook: ESL Teachers Wanted
Notebook: Ethan Zohn
Notebook: Ethan Zohn
Notebook: Eunice Kennedy
Notebook: Executive Privilege
Notebook: Executive Salary Cap
Notebook: Exercise And Cancer
Notebook: Extra Time
Notebook: Exxon Valdez
Notebook: Eyesight
Notebook: Falwell's Legacy
Notebook: Farm Subsidies
Notebook: Farrah Fawcett
Notebook: Fatal Bullying
Notebook: Fear and Frustration
Notebook: FEMA Trailers Close
Notebook: Female Breadwinners
Notebook: Female Candidates
Notebook: Female Circumcision
Notebook: Fertility Clinics
Notebook: Fidel Castro
Notebook: Fire Safety
Notebook: Fireworks Safety
Notebook: First 100 Days
Notebook: Florida & Age
Notebook: Flu Shots
Notebook: Food Fight
Notebook: Food Safety
Notebook: Food Stamps
Notebook: For The Greater Good
Notebook: Forming Attitudes
Notebook: Four Years Later
Notebook: Freed Journalists
Notebook: Friday The 13th
Notebook: Friday The 13th
Notebook: Future First Lady
Notebook: Gandhi's Possessions
Notebook: Gap's Hepburn Ads
Notebook: Garlic
Notebook: Gas
Notebook: Gay Marriage
Notebook: Gay Rights
Notebook: Gen. McChrystal
Notebook: Generation Rx
Notebook: George Carlin
Notebook: Gerald Ford
Notebook: Germs In The Office
Notebook: Getting Off Oil
Notebook: GI Bill
Notebook: Gifts That Give
Notebook: Giving Wisely
Notebook: Glaucoma
Notebook: Global Warming
Notebook: Globalization
Notebook: Going Green
Notebook: Going Hungry
Notebook: Good Givers
Notebook: Google And Privacy
Notebook: Google The Flu
Notebook: Gore And Congress
Notebook: Gore's Prize
Notebook: Gov. Rod Blagojevich
Notebook: Graduation Day
Notebook: Graham Gardner
Notebook: Gratitude
Notebook: Greensboro
Notebook: Guantanamo Bay
Notebook: Gun Control
Notebook: Gun Control
Notebook: Gun Control
Notebook: Gun Violence
Notebook: Haiti
Notebook: Halloween Costumes
Notebook: Hamilton Jordan
Notebook: Happy States
Notebook: Harry Reid
Notebook: Harvard's President
Notebook: Health Care Rhyme
Notebook: Health Insurance
Notebook: Healthcare
Notebook: Hearing Loss
Notebook: Heart Disease
Notebook: Heart Transplant
Notebook: Heat Wave
Notebook: Helping Students
Notebook: Henry Kissinger
Notebook: Hero On The Hudson
Notebook: Heroes
Notebook: Heroes On The Hudson
Notebook: HFC's
Notebook: High Definition
Notebook: Hillary's Big Night
Notebook: Hillary's Comeback
Notebook: Historical Amman
Notebook: History Lesson
Notebook: HIV & Women
Notebook: Holiday Headaches
Notebook: Holiday Travel
Notebook: Holy War
Notebook: Home Alone
Notebook: Homeland Security
Notebook: Homeless Children
Notebook: Hooking Up
Notebook: Hostage Rescue
Notebook: HPV Vaccine
Notebook: Huckabee
Notebook: Human Body
Notebook: Human Rights
Notebook: Human Trafficking
Notebook: Ice Cream Trucks
Notebook: iCrime
Notebook: Identity Theft
Notebook: Independence Day
Notebook: Information Vacuum
Notebook: Infrastructure Woes
Notebook: Internet
Notebook: Internet Addiction
Notebook: Internet Addicts
Notebook: Internet Suicide
Notebook: Interns
Notebook: iPod Volume
Notebook: Iran
Notebook: Iran Election
Notebook: Iran Missiles
Notebook: Iraq
Notebook: Iraq After Saddam
Notebook: Iraq And Vietnam
Notebook: Iraq Study Group
Notebook: Iraq War Anniversary
Notebook: Iraq War In Numbers
Notebook: Iraq's Soccer Team
Notebook: Is Bigger Better?
Notebook: Is Bigger Better?
Notebook: Is The KKK Back?
Notebook: Islamic Law In Sudan
Notebook: Jackson's Open Mic
Notebook: Jamestown Settlement
Notebook: Jane Wyatt
Notebook: Jane Wyatt
Notebook: Jennifer Hudson
Notebook: Jet Blues
Notebook: Jimmy Carter
Notebook: Jobs
Notebook: John Edwards
Notebook: John McCain
Notebook: John McCain
Notebook: Jordan And Turkey
Notebook: Junk Food
Notebook: Jury Duty
Notebook: Just Relax!
Notebook: Justice In Iran
Notebook: Justice Souter
Notebook: Justice Stevens
Notebook: Katrina Anniversary
Notebook: Kennedy's Knighthood
Notebook: Kids & Stress
Notebook: Kids And Sports
Notebook: Kids And Weight
Notebook: Kids' Brain Power
Notebook: Kids' Mental Health
Notebook: Kimberly Dozier
Notebook: Kimberly Dozier
Notebook: Lady Bird Johnson
Notebook: Lame Ducks
Notebook: Laws Of Science
Notebook: Laying Blame On AIG
Notebook: Learn And Earn
Notebook: Legislative Earmarks
Notebook: Lehman Brothers
Notebook: Libby's Verdict
Notebook: Libraries
Notebook: Lieberman's Vote
Notebook: Like, Get A New Word
Notebook: Lincoln's Birthday
Notebook: Lisa Nowak
Notebook: Living In A War Zone
Notebook: Lobbying Reform Bill
Notebook: Lohan's Cry For Help
Notebook: Looking Back At 2006
Notebook: Losing Hope In Utah
Notebook: Love Of Competition
Notebook: Luck Of The Irish
Notebook: Lucky Number 7
Notebook: Made In China
Notebook: Madoff
Notebook: Madoff Behind Bars
Notebook: Madoff's Victims
Notebook: Mammograms
Notebook: Mancession
Notebook: Marathon Race
Notebook: Market
Notebook: Marriage
Notebook: Mass. Senate
Notebook: Mastectomy Bill
Notebook: Maternity Care
Notebook: Math
Notebook: Math Myth Debunked
Notebook: Mattel's Concern
Notebook: McCain
Notebook: McCain And Bush
Notebook: Meaning Of Labor Day
Notebook: Media And Economy
Notebook: Media Backs Bill
Notebook: Medical Marijuana
Notebook: Memorial Costs
Notebook: Memorial Day
Notebook: Mental Health
Notebook: Mental Wounds
Notebook: Mexican Drug War
Notebook: Michelle O.'s Style
Notebook: Mimicking Marilyn
Notebook: Minimum Wage
Notebook: Minority Population
Notebook: Misericordia
Notebook: Mobile Distractions
Notebook: Morning People
Notebook: Mortgage Crisis
Notebook: Mourning Barbaro
Notebook: MP3 Volume
Notebook: Mugabe In Power
Notebook: Murders In D.C.
Notebook: Music In North Korea
Notebook: Naked Cowboy
Notebook: National Debt
Notebook: Nature Meets Nurture
Notebook: New Bush Officials
Notebook: New Hampshire
Notebook: New Orleans Saints
Notebook: New Year's Day
Notebook: Newark Shootings
Notebook: Newborn Overdose
Notebook: NFL's Black Coaches
Notebook: Night Before Xmas
Notebook: Night Driving
Notebook: Nobel Peace Prize
Notebook: Norma Rae
Notebook: North Korean Nukes
Notebook: Nuclear Waste
Notebook: NYC Plane Crash
Notebook: O.J. Simpson's Book
Notebook: Obama
Notebook: Obama In Europe