60 Minutes - Videos

"40,000 Pro Dog Fighters"
"Bend It" Like Beckham
"I Was Sure I Could Do It"
"It Was Very Close"
"Pretty Nice Digs"
"Romo" On Jerry Rice and THG
"The Gold Standard"
"This Is My Husband"
'60 Minutes' Kerry Interview
'60 Minutes' Plays Mind Games
'60 Minutes' Preview: Eagles
'60 Minutes': A Fractured Mind
'60 Minutes': Elian Gonzalez
'60 Minutes': Longevity
'60 Minutes': Louis Freeh
'60 Minutes': NASCAR
'60 Minutes': Rex Preview
'60' Preview: Iraq In Peace
'60's' Bradley On Jordan
'Bend It' Like Beckham
'Cable Guy' Makes It Big
'Cable Guy' Makes It Big
'Capote' Speaks
'Dr. Evil's' Ads
'Fatal1ty' On Strategy
'Living Steroids Experiment'
'Miracle' Food Saves Lives
'Not Ready To Make Nice'
'Nuestra Familia' Gang Talks
'Person Of Interest' Sues FBI
'Ronald Reagan Remembered'
'Sarko The American' Walks Out
'Shackled' Research
'SNL' Chief Talks Ashlee, Show
'We'll Keep Fighting'
01/06/08: Roger Clemens
01/26/92: The Clintons
01/27/08: Saddam's Confessions
08/31/08: 45 Years
09/28/03: Musically Speaking
10/05/80: Beirut
10/05/97: Suicide Bomber
10/16/05: Romo
10/17/99: Why So Expensive?
10/20/85: Peter The Great
11/12/89: Miles Davis
11/25/07: Awakening
12 /14/86: Oprah
12/01/85: Schizophrenia
12/09/90: Cream Puff
12/17/03: Saddam's Last Stand
12/28/97: Robert Hughes
12/31/78: We're Number One
120 Stings A Day?
14-Year-Old Soccer Whiz
1974: The Oil Kingdom
1992: Yeltsin Talks Politics
2005: Age Of Jetsons?
30 Percent Infected?
39 Years, 6 Months, 4 Days
48 Hours Preview
48 Hours Preview
50,000 Kinds Of Wheat
6 Percent Preview
60 Mins: Defending Terrorists
60 Minutes Creator Hewitt Dies
60 Minutes Online, 10.12.08
60 Minutes Wednesday
60 Minutes, 02.08.09
60 Minutes, 11.2.08
60 Minutes, 11.30.08
60 Minutes, 12.07.08
60 Minutes: 'See No Evil'
60 Minutes: A-Rod On Steroids
60 Minutes: Ahmed Chalabi
60 Minutes: Bill Clinton
60 Minutes: Bill O'Reilly
60 Minutes: Chappelle
60 Minutes: Earnhardt Jr.
60 Minutes: Felicity Huffman
60 Minutes: Hadassah
60 Minutes: Highlights
60 Minutes: How It All Began
60 Minutes: Howard Stern
60 Minutes: John Edwards
60 Minutes: Living Large
60 Minutes: Next
60 Minutes: Next
60 Minutes: Next
60 Minutes: Queen Latifah
60 Minutes: Ray Charles
60 Minutes: Richard Jewell
60 Minutes: Richard Jewell
60 Minutes: Rooney
60 Minutes: Sam Waksal
60 Minutes: Terrorist's Lawyer
60 Minutes: The Hostage
60 Minutes: The Pope's Legacy
60 Preview: Richard Clarke
60 Promo
60 promo
60: Don't Ask, Don't Tell
60: Mark Cuban
9/11 Illness Blame Game
9/11 Retaliation
90 Minutes?
Exclusive: Third Day
A $20 Million Art Project
A .960 Batting Average?
A 30 Year Journey
A Criminal In The Family
A Cure For Cancer?
A Day Off For The President?
A Different Kind Of Coach
A Discussion With Mitt Romney
A Feisty Farewell
A Fighting Chance
A Fighting Chance
A Gift For Ed
A Haven For Baby Elephants
A Higher Level Of Supermax
A Hollywood Couple
A Lasting First Impression
A Look At Christianity
A Look At Whole Foods Market
A Loss Of Faith
A Man Who Started Abu Ghraib
A Medical Dilemma
A Meltdown-Proof Reactor?
A Message To Wall Street
A Modest Neil Armstrong
A Mystery In Life And In Death
A Nasty Fellow
A New Kind Of Fight
A Queen Of The USA?
A Question Of Corruption
A Rare Side Of Jim Carrey
A Savant Called 'Brain Man'
A Small Price To Pay
A Soldier's Heroism
A Spy Speaks Out
A Spy Speaks Out Preview
A Surplus of Embryos
A Surplus Of Embryos Preview
A Target For Terrorists?
A Taste Of His Own Medicine
A Woman President
Abizaid Discusses Iraq
Accused Lacrosse Players Talk
Acting Is Not 'Work'
Advancements In Brain Imaging
Afghan "Allies" And Bin Laden
Afghanistan's Heroin Trade
African Gorillas In Peril
Aftershock Preview
Aftershock Preview
Age Management Preview
Aging In The 21st Century
Ahmadinejad On Israel
Ahmadinejad Preview
Ahmadinejad Unplugged
Ahmadinejad's Message For Bush
AIG Bonuses
AIG: We Own It
Air Force Chief On Iran Threat
Air Strikes!
Al Hurra's Baghdad Bureau
Al Qaeda's Town
Al Qaeda's Town Preview
Alec Baldwin's Many Roles
Ali Abbas, An Inspiration
Ali Preview
Ali The Storyteller
Alicia Keys
Alicia Keys
All Eyes On Ohio
All In The Family
All Mixed Up
Alonzo the Artist
America's Choir
America's New Air Force
American In N. Korea Preview
An American In Kurdistan
An American In North Korea
An Independent First Lady
An Invitation To Fraud
An Unhappy Birthday
An Unlikely Conductor
An Unusual Orphanage In Africa
Anderson Cooper vs. Phelps
Andy And The Auto Industry
Andy And The White House
Andy At The Dog Show
Andy Gets Salty
Andy Goes To The Super Bowl
Andy Knows How To Save
Andy On Being President
Andy On Girl Scout Cookies
Andy On Impending Doom
Andy On Old Books
Andy On Outsourcing
Andy On Television Styles
Andy On The Middle East
Andy Opens His Mailbag
Andy Reads The Labels
Andy Responds To Fan Mail
Andy Rooney On Buying Votes
Andy Rooney On Buying Votes
Andy Rooney On Cell Phones
Andy Rooney On Clutter
Andy Rooney On Don Hewitt
Andy Rooney On Flag Pins
Andy Rooney On Foreign News
Andy Rooney On Gas Prices
Andy Rooney On Mike Wallace
Andy Rooney On Modern Cars
Andy Rooney On New Orleans
Andy Rooney on Peter Jennings
Andy Rooney On Smoking
Andy Rooney On Smoking
Andy Rooney On Super Bowl
Andy Rooney On Team Nicknames
Andy Rooney On U.S. Presidents
Andy Rooney On Utility Poles
Andy Rooney Receives Presents
Andy Rooney Talks Gas
Andy Rooney Talks Shoes
Andy Rooney Talks Terror
Andy Rooney's Big Idea
Andy Rooney's Got Boxes
Andy Rooney's Mailbag
Andy Rooney, D-Day
Andy Rooney, Speechwriter
Andy Rooney: First Ladies
Andy Rooney: Cars And Plates
Andy Rooney: Diet Books
Andy Rooney: Extra, Extra!
Andy Rooney: Pope John Paul II
Andy's Angry Mail
Andy's Car Gets The Runaround
Andy's Car Gets The Runaround
Andy's Favorite Place
Andy's Problem With Headlines
Andy's Stuff
Andy's Views On The News
Anna Wintour
Anna Wintour Behind The Shades
Anna Wintour: Altering Reality
Anna Wintour: Defending Fur
Anna Wintour: In Vogue
Anna Wintour: Picture This
April 8, 2001: Roger Clemens
Are Vaccines Safe?
Area 25
Area 25 Preview
Armed And Dangerous
Army Helps GIs Fight Stress
Art: In The Eye Of Beholder
Athens Prepares For Olympics
Author On Sandra Avila Beltran
Autistic Couple Finds Love
Average Joe On The No Fly List
Baghdad Family Copes With Life
Barack & Michelle On Future
Barbra Streisand
Barry Diller Preview
Barry Diller Tops Himself
Bears In The Backyard
Beckham's Famous Kick
Beckham's Tattoo "Tour"
Beckham's Tattoo 'Tour'
Behind Bush's Service
Behind The Scenes #1
Behind The Scenes #2
Being Bob Dylan
Best Of Ed Bradley
Bette Davis
Betty Ford Preview
Biden: "A Really Good Fit"
Biden: "I Actually Like Him"
Biden: "Still The Same Man"
Biden: Gaffe Prone?
Biden: Improving Unemployment
Biden: Mortgaging The Future?
Biden: The Chavez Handshake
Biden: The Pakistan Problem
Big Man On Campus
Big Time Beekeeping
Bill Gates
Bill Gates
Bill O'Reilly Won't Shut Up
Bill O?Reilly
Bill Parcells On 60 Minutes
Bin Laden's Bodyguard
Bipolar: Dangerous Diagnosis?
Bishop Gene Robinson
Black Babies 'Exported?'
Black, American History
Blake On His Start In Tennis
Blood Brothers
Bluejay Preview
Bob Simon On Elian Gonzalez
Bob Simon Reporter's Notebook
Bob Simon Swims With Sharks
Bob Simon's Notebook
Bob Simon's Notebook
Bob Simon's Notebook
Bob Simon?s Notebook
Bode Miller
Bold But Risky
Bollywood's Queen Talks
Bombing Afghanistan
Bonnie Fuller
Books Or Video In The Future?
Boosting Gangs
Bradley's Alter Ego, 'Teddy'
Bradley's Reporter Notebook
Bradley's Reporter's Notebook
Bradley's Reporter's Notebook
Bradley's Reporter's Notebook
Bradley's Reporter's Notebook
Bradley's Reporter's Notebook
Bradley's Reporter's Notebook
Bradley's Reporter's Notebook
Brady On Life Outside Football
Brain Man
Brain Man Preview
Brain Power In Action
Bremer Talks Visit To Saddam
Broadway Over Hollywood?
Brodhead On The Duke Case
Brodhead On The Duke Case
Brother Of Jesus?
Bruce Springsteen
Brutal Preview
Buckley On 60 Minutes
Buffett: 'I Love My Job'
Bum Fights Target Homeless
Bum Hunting
Bum Hunting Preview
Buried In The Fine Print
Buried In The Past Preview
Burning Rage
Burning Rage Preview
Bush's SOTU Address
Bush, Pelley At Camp David
Busting Pork
Byron Pitts Remembers Bradley
Calif. Gov's Bold Moves
Calif. Governor's Challenge
California's Pot Shops
Calming Nerves
Can Iran & U.S. Renew Ties?
Career Moms At Home
Carl Hiaasen Preview
CarterCopter A Breakthrough?
Catching Up With Gov. Arnold
Catching Up With Rex
Celebrities And Their Moms
Celebrity Moms: Hilary Swank On Mom
Celebrity Moms: Jay-Z And His Mom
Celebrity Moms: Larry The Cable Guy's Mom
Celebrity Moms:Clint Eastwood's Mom
Chalabi's Side On 60 Minutes
Charity Asks
Charlie Weis' Coaching Style
Chasing The Flu
Chasing The Flu Preview
Cheating Gamblers On The Web
Chemical Plant Insecurity
Chesney On Annulment
Children's Zone Preview
China: Counterfeit Capital
Chris Rock Talks Oscars
Chris Rock: Energy On Stage
CIA Flying Terror Suspects?
Cities And Towns
Civilian Deaths
Clarence Thomas On '60'
Clarke: War On Terror
Classical Music Improv
Clinton On Iraq Invasion
Clinton's China Trip Preview
Coal Cowboy Preview
Colbert's Childhood
Cold Encounters
Combat In Afghanistan
Come On, Look, Forgive Me
Comeback Kid James Blake
Comedy & Tragedy
Comedy Ninja
Coming Home
Conductor On The Move
Conservatively Incorrect?
Controlling The Superbug
Cooper 's Notebook
Cooper Discusses Duke Case
Cooper On Interviewing Chesney
Cooper's Reporter's Notebook
Cooper's Reporter's Notebook
Cooper's Reporter's Notebook
Cooper's Reporter's Notebook
Cooper's Reporter's Notebook
Cooper's Reporter's Notebook
Cooper's Reporter's Notebook
Counting The Vote
Couric's Reporter's Notebook
Couric's Reporter's Notebook
Couric's Reporter's Notebook
Cowell On Fellow Judges
Cowell's Big Deal
Cowell's Medieval Stoning
Crafting Comedy
Crazy Mail and NYC
Crusade Against Credit
Cyber Athlete 'Fatal1ty'
Cyber Athletes
D.A. Takes On Tom DeLay
Dame Helen On Nudity
Dan Rather On Clinton
Dan Rather: 'I Love Reporting'
DC's Academic Panel
Deadly Allure Of Bullfighting
Deal With The Devil
Death Of A General
Death Of A General Preview
Deep Dark Secret
Defending New York City
Defending NYC Preview
Dennis Kozlowski Preview
Derek Jeter On '60 Minutes'
Detecting Autism Before Age 2
Did He Want To Be President?
Dining Among Thieves
Dire Warning On Bin Laden
Dixie's Fall From Grace?
DNA And Mass Graves
DNA Helps Free Man
DO NOT RANK video for 60
Do Not Use
do not use
Dobbs On Illegal Immigrants
Doc Outraged Over Drug Costs
Doing The Math
Dolly Parton
Dolly's Business Secret
Dolly's Roots
Dolly: A Pig's Tale
Dolly: Dollyisms
Dolly: Hello Dolly!
Dolly: I Will Always Love You
Dolly: Nail Solo
Dr. Evil Preview
Dr. Kevorkian Free And Talking
Dracula: Gory Dad Of Romania
Dubai Inc., Part 1
Dubai Inc., Part 2
Duke Lacrosse Accused On '60'
Duke Lacrosse Legal Issues
Duke Lacrosse Parents
Duke Lacrosse Parents On "60"
Duke Lacrosse Players Speak
Duke Players, AG Speak Out
Duke Rape Case Update
Dumping On Skid Row
Dustin Hoffman On 60 Minutes
Dying To Get In Preview
Dylan Breaks His Silence
Eat More Fruit
Ed Bradley Dead At 65
Ed Bradley On Howard Stern
Ed Bradley On Tiger Woods
Ed Bradley Was 'Mr. Cool'
Ed Bradley's Early Years
Ed Bradley's Legacy
Eden: A 24 Year Journey
Eden: A New Species
Eden: A Tower of Love
Eden: From Bird to Batman
Eden: Not Just Birds
Eden: Protecting It From Man
Edwards: 'This Could Kill Her'
Edwards: 'This Could Kill Her'
Edwards: Ready For Office