Washington Unplugged - Videos

"Magnificent Desolation"
Barney Frank Strikes Back
Beer Summit
Coulter Slams Stimulus Plan
Difficult Days In Afghanistan
Face The Nation, 1.25.09
Faith In Washington, D.C.
House Passes Another Bailout
Is The Honeymoon Over?
Jakarta Terrorist Bombings
Mr. Schock Goes To Washington
Obama's August Strategy
Obama's Education Policy
Obama's First 100 Days
Obama's Message To Israel
Paul: More Troops A "Disaster"
Richard Haass On Iraq
Sen. Nelson On State Of GOP
Sen. Sessions On Justice Pick
The Mormon Push to Pass Prop 8
The Truth About Food, Inc.
Town-Halls Heat Up
Tracking The Bailout Billions
U.S. Has 'Questions' For Iran
Under 40: Jen Psaki
Unplugged Under 40
Unplugged: "Dying For Mercy"
Unplugged: GOP Gaining Ground?
Unplugged: GOP Health Care
Unplugged: H1N1 Vaccine
Unplugged: Health Care Myths
Unplugged: Medal Of Freedom
Unplugged: Power Of The Fed
Unplugged: Secret Service
Unplugged: Senate Recess
Unplugged: Sotomayor Gets Vote
Unplugged: Young Journalist
Unplugged: Zac Efron
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WH Staffer On Obama's Agenda
You Cover Obama's 100 Days