100 Days - Videos

"Health Care Coverage For All"
A Critical Opportunity
All The Queen's Men
An End To The Recession?
Biden: "I Actually Like Him"
Biden: Mortgaging The Future?
Congress' Stimulus Showdown
Cuba And The Road Ahead
D.C. On Obama Torture Remarks
Did Bush Sanction Torture?
Entering The World Stage
Face The Nation, 4.26.09
Fixing The Global Economy
Going Gray In Washington
How Barack Obama Sees Him
How To Spend $350 Billion
New Choppers For No. 44
New Mortgage Bill Explained
Obama 'Bullish' On Bailouts
Obama Campaigns For Stimulus
Obama Embraces Foreign Leaders
Obama Family Favorite Things
Obama Girls In The Spotlight
Obama Health Care Summit
Obama Hits The Road
Obama On American Sacrifice
Obama On New Bin Laden Tape
Obama On Stimulus
Obama Pushes Stimulus Package
Obama Reverses Bush Policies
Obama Reverses Stem Cell Ban
Obama Shifts Gears
Obama Tackled Credit Card Debt
Obama Takes Responsibility
Obama Treasury Pick Hits Snag
Obama's First 100 Days
Obama's First 100 Days Review
Obama's First Days Photos
Obama's Plan Of Action
Obama's Plan Won't Help All
Obama's Warm Welcome?
Paul: More Troops A "Disaster"
Phillips A Free Man
Preparing For An Outbreak
Pres. Obama's Report Card
Reaching Out For Unity
Senate Reaches Stimulus Deal?
Tentative Bailout Details
That Presidential Milestone
The World Is Watching
Ultimatums For Automakers
Wagoner Isn't "Like A Rock"
Washington Unplugged 02.27.09
Washington Unplugged 03.06.09
Washington Unplugged 03.13.09
Washington Unplugged 03.27.09
Washington Unplugged 04.10.09
Washington Unplugged 4-24-09
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