Politics - Videos

"A Greater Risk"
"A Victory Of Faith Over Fear"
"Ashley's Story" Ad
"Co-Op" Health Care?
"Female Factor" Boosts Clinton
"Guantanamo Is Important"
"He Just Can't Help It"
"He Just Doesn't Get It" Ad
"Health Care Coverage For All"
"Joe The Plumber" Reacts
"Lipstick On A Pig" Row
"Not True"
"Pacific President" Obama
"This Victory Belongs To You"
"Waste Of Taxpayer Dollars"
"We're In The Money"
$16B Air Force Scandal
$700 Billion Bailout Backlash
$80B Request Boosts Deficit
''Troopergate" Ruling Nears
'08 Campaign On YouTube
'08 Democrats On AIDS
'08 Hopefuls Focus On Iraq
'72 Biden Car Crash Dispute
'A Legal Path For Workers'
'A Program Of Big Big Brother'
'A Simple Act Of Murder'
'Abstinence-Only' Sex Ed
'Amazing Race' For 2008
'America Is Addicted To Oil'
'American Idol' Visits Bush
'An Important Breakthrough'
'Attitude' Of Vice President
'Average' Joes Talk Taxes
'Beyond The White House'
'Bob Schieffer's America'
'Capitol Bob' On '08 Campaign
'Capitol Bob' On '08 Race
'Capitol Bob' On 2008 Race
'Capitol Bob' On Blair
'Capitol Bob' On Craig
'Capitol Bob' On Gonzales
'Capitol Bob' On GOP Race
'Capitol Bob' On House Debate
'Capitol Bob' On Iraq Report
'Capitol Bob' On New Congress
'Capitol Bob' On Obama
'Capitol Bob' On Politics
'Capitol Bob' On Sen. Johnson
'Capitol Bob' On Sen. Stevens
'Capitol Bob' On Surge
'Capitol Bob' On The News
'Capitol Bob' On War Funding
'Change Has Come To America!'
'Chuck Norris Approved' Ad
'Clunkers' Mad Dash
'Crash' for Clunkers?
'D.C. Madam' Releases Records
'Dead End ' On Iranian Nukes
'Deep Throat' Dies At 95
'Deep Throat' Grandson Talks
'Don't Ask, Don't Interrupt'
'End-Of-Life' Facts & Rumors
'Fat Man' Tees Off
'Fought For His Country'
'Frosh' Legislator Stands Out
'Generation Y' Voters
'Good' News From Iraq
'Hammer' Critiques GOP Friends
'Hillary Movie' Debacle
'Hour Of Decision'
'I Will Be Exonerated'
'I Will Obey The Law'
'I'd Like To End Guantanamo'
'I'll Fight To The Very End'
'Ignore The Polls'
'It's Time To Work Together'
'Jihad Jane' Captured
'Kids Pick The President' Poll
'Making Good Progress'
'Minutemen' Tensions
'Moderation In The Mid East'
'Moving America Forward' Ad
'Must Win' Attitude For Dems
'Neda', An Internet Icon
'Negativity' May Haunt Dems
'New Rules Of The Game'
'Nightmare Scenario'
'No Rift' Between Bush, Maliki
'No Zero Violence Expectation'
'No-Fly List' Growing
'Obama-Mania' Strikes Denver!
'Plan B' For Iraq?
'Politico' On Campaign '08
'Potomac' Primaries Today
'Primary' School Votes
'Project BioShield' Boondoggle
'Reagan Diaries' Offer Insight
'Reconciling' Health Care
'Return On Success'
'Royal' Leader In France?
'Save Social Security'
'Scooter' Libby Is Jail-Bound
'Sensitive' War On Terror
'Stay The Course' No More
'Stop-Loss' Lawsuit
'Teflon Terminator' Apologizes
'Texans For Truth' Ad
'The Devil' And Hugo Chavez
'The Mac Is Back!'
'There Is No Honor In Retreat'
'Time For A Campaign Rest'
'Troopergate' Heats Up
'U.S. Tough, Compassionate'
'Values Voter' Turnout
'War On Terror Agenda' Ad
'We Are A Nation Of Laws'
'White' Voters Deconstructed
'You Are No Jack Kennedy'
...And Justice For All
101st Airborne Fights
110th Congress Convenes
12 Days, No Government
14 Key Terror Leaders At Gitmo
15M For Health Care Ads
18 States Face Mass Deficits
1974: Nixon Leaves Office
1996 Clinton Bosnia Trip
2007: Billions In Earmarks
2008 Veepstakes Analysis
2009 Post-Election Analysis
2M Tax Dollars For Paint
2nd Journalist On Bush Payroll
30,000 Troops to Afghanistan
40,000 Troops to Afghanistan?
44's Cabinet Takes Shape
50 Days, 50 States
8 Years Of 'Bushisms'
9/11 Suspect Faces New Fate
9/11 Trial's Locale
?Michelle Obama en Mexico!
@katiecouric: Al Gore
@katiecouric: Mike Huckabee
@katiecouric: Rahm Emanuel
@katiecouric: Vicki Kennedy
A 'Dead-Duck' President?
A Bad Week For Obama
A Bailout For Scammers?
A Capitol Quarrel
A Chat With Laura Bush
A Civil War In Iraq?
A Clinton In Obama's Cabinet?
A Clinton-Obama Ticket?
A Close Race In Virginia
A Closer Look At Tax Cuts
A Compromise 50 Percent Chance
A Congressman's Dirty Deals?
A Critical Opportunity
A Dark Side To John Edwards?
A Day Of Immigration Protests
A Day Unlike Any Other
A Deadly Forecast
A Different Side Of Hillary?
A Do-Nothing Congress
A Do-Nothing Congress?
A Do-Nothing Congress?
A Dose Of Reality On Iraq?
A Feeling Of Good Will
A Final Goodbye To Gerald Ford
A First For First Ladies
A Government Takeover
A Helping Hand For Homeowners
A Historic Choice In S.C.
A History Of Controversy
A Latina Role Model
A Life Lesson In Democracy
A Look At Attack Ads
A Look At Bush's Plan
A Look At Negative Ads
A Look At Past VP Debates
A Look At Powell's WMD Speech
A Look At The Debate
A Look At The Primaries
A Match Made For Politics
A Model For Health Reform
A Moment For Civil Rights
A Mother's Protest
A Nation Remembers Gerald Ford
A New Approach to Darfur
A New Beginning
A New Chapter
A New Civil Rights Generation
A New Cold War?
A New Cuban Revolution
A New Day For Democrats
A New Era At The Top Court
A New GOP Candidate?
A New Kennedy In The Senate?
A New Korean War?
A New Leadership For America
A New Road To The White House?
A New World Order?
A Night Of Surprises
A Not-So-Super Tuesday
A Parade For The Ages
A Personal Look At Alito
A Pledge For Mideast Peace
A Political Collection
A Post-Katrina Mayor
A Pro-Immigration City
A Professor's Story Of Heroism
A Quiet Kind Of Justice
A Ride On The Swings
A Roundtable On Race
A Second Abramoff Victim?
A Slave's Story
A Split-Decision For The Dems
A Sprint To Super Tuesday
A Surge In The War On Flu
A Turbulent Decade
A VP And A Good Mom?
A Way Out For White House
A-List Roundtable
AARP Backlash
Abdullah Withdraws
Abdulmutallab's Yemeni Trail
Abortion & Health Care Reform
Abortion Case To High Court
Abortion Debate Rages On
Abortion Debate Rages On
Abortion Divides Republicans
Abortion Questions
About Face On Rumsfeld
Abramoff Gets 5 Years
Abramoff Pleads Guilty
Abramoff To 'Name Names'
Academia Axings
Accusations Against Bolton
ACLU's Case Against The NSA
ACORN Misconduct On Tape
Ad For Bush's Court Pick
Ad Pans Kerry's Economy Plan
Ad: Bush On Next 4 Years
Ad: Bush's Plan
Adam And Eve Vs. Darwin
Adapting To A YouTube World
Adm. Mullen on Afghan Deadline
Administration Firm On Iraq
Administration Promotes Miers
Ads Edge Out Issues
Advisor: Hillary Won't Concede
Advisors Weigh In On Debates
Affordable Access
Afghan - U.S. Ties Strained
Afghan City's Strong Iran Ties
Afghan Election Crisis
Afghan Election Fraud
Afghan Election in Jeopardy
Afghan Election Redo
Afghan Offensive
Afghan Presidential Elections
Afghan Situation 'Serious'
Afghan Strategy Outlined
Afghan Strategy Takes Time
Afghanistan Assurances
Afghanistan Protects Bombers?
Afghanistan Violence Escalates
Afghanistan's Future
African Americans Vs. Latinos
After Arafat: Looking Ahead
After Iraq, It's Health Care
AG Aide's Senate Appearance
AG Can't Avoid Controversy
AG Denies Political Motivation
AG Nominee Gonzales Grilled
Agreement On Gun Control
Agreement on Health Bill
Ahmadinejad Center Stage
Ahmadinejad In New York
Ahmadinejad On Nuclear Energy
Ahmadinejad Reacts To 'Insult'
Ahmadinejad To Lose Election?
Ahmadinejad Unplugged
Ahmadinejad's Double Standard
Ahmadinejad's Global Fallout
Ahmadinejad, Bush At U.N.
Aid Delivered, Not Received
Aide: Attack Would Help McCain
AIG Flap Derails Obama Message
AIG's Relationship With Obama
Air Force Gen. New CIA Chief?
Airline Bombing Suspect
Al and Tipper Gore's Split
Al and Tipper Split Up
Al Franken On DNC, Bush
Al Franken: I'm Running
Al Gore Endorses Obama
Al Gore on Cap and Trade
Al Gore On Global Warning
Al Gore Visits The White House
Al Gore: "We've Got to Act"
Al Qaeda As Strong As Ever?
Al Qaeda Expert On Bin Laden
Al Qaeda Threat in Yemen
Al Qaeda Weakened
Al Qaeda: We're Still Here
Al-Maliki's Speech Disrupted
Al-Maliki, Zebari On Iraq
Alabama Book Ban Bill
Alaska Is 'On The Map'
Alaska Senator On Hot Seat
Alaska Senator's Earmarks Eyed
Alberto Gonzales Grilled
Alberto Gonzales' Future
Alberto Gonzalez on Sotomayor
Alito Accepts Nomination
Alito Another Step Closer
Alito Appeals To Bush's Base
Alito Clarifies Abortion View
Alito Confirmation Hearing
Alito Confirmation Hearings
Alito Confirmed To High Court
Alito Debate Underway
Alito Discusses Abortion
Alito Discusses War Powers
Alito Faces Hardball Questions
Alito Faces Tough Questions
Alito Filibuster Effort Fails
Alito Hearings Set To Begin
Alito Likely To Be Confirmed
Alito Makes Senate Rounds
Alito Nomination Goes Forward
Alito Nomination On Track
Alito On Abortion
Alito On Presidential Power
Alito On The Death Penalty
Alito Opposed Abortion, Quotas
Alito To Face Heavy Scrutiny
Alito's Final Day Of Questions
Alito's Final Day Of Questions
Alito's Second Day
All Aboard Obama Express
All About Leadership
All Eyes On Calif. Election
All Eyes On Capitol Hill
All Eyes On Fred Thompson
All Eyes On Ohio
All Eyes On Roberts
All Eyes On Sarah Palin
All Eyes On Virginia
All Eyes On VP Debate
All Eyes On Washington
All The President's Men
All The Queen's Men
Allawi, Bush Tout 'Progress'
Alleged Abuse At Teen Camps
Alleged Terror Group Probed
Ambassador Bolton To Step Down
America And A Public Option
America And World Power
America's Forgotten Epidemic
America's Moral Crisis
America's New Best Friend?
America's Piggy Bank
America's Rising Debt
America's Spending Diet
American Dream Fading
American Voices: Iowa
American Voters Abroad
Americans Await New Iraq Plan
Americans Losing Unity?
Americans Polled On Hot Topics
An Arlington Afterlife
An Arnold Accuser Speaks
An Audience With Bush
An End To The Mideast Conflict
An End To The Recession?
An Unlikely Representative
Analysis Of Bush's Speech
Analysis Of Chavez Speech
Analysis Of Dem Convention
Analysis Of Miers Nomination
Analysis Of Miers Withdrawal
Analysis Of Miers' Nomination
Analysis Of Obama's Reform
Analysis Of Senate Fight
Analysis On Obama's Choice
Analysis: Bhutto Killing
Analysis: Dean Has Teflon
Analysis: White House Troubles
Analyst Comments On Iraq
Analyst On Bloomberg's Split
Analyst On Bush Conference
Analyst On Kerry's Service
Analyst On Missing Soldier
Analyst On U.K. Sailor Release
Analyst: Craig's Time Is Up
Analysts Weigh In On Election
Analyzing Bush's Poll Numbers
Analyzing Presidential Power
Analyzing The Bush Address
Analyzing The House Resolution
Analyzing The House Vote
Analyzing The Primary Images
Andrew Young Tells All
Angry Bush Team Rips Book
Angry Crowd Fills D.C.
Angst In Argentina
Ann Coulter's 'Guilty'
Ann Coulter's Doubts On Obama
Ann Richards Dies From Cancer
Ann Romney Battles MS
Annan Corrects Israel Quote
Another Dem For Prez
Another Homeland Nominee
Another Kennedy In Congress?
Another Obama Pastor Scandal
Another Round For Roberts
Another Troop Drawdown Push
Another Troop Surge?
Another Vote Against Rumsfeld
Anti-Govt Militia Groups Grow
Anti-Tax Tea Parties
Anti-War Vs. Pro-Bush
Anything Could Happen In Iowa
Anything Could Happen In Pa.
AP: Rove, Libby Named Agent
Approval Of Health Plan Grows
Arab Port Deal On Hold
Arafat's Body In Cairo
Are Bush & Iraq Taboo Issues?
Are FEMA Trailers Toxic?
Are The Attack Ads True?
Are Voting Machines Reliable?
Are We Safer?
Are We Secure?
Ariz. Illegal Immigrants Flee
Ariz. Immigration Law Backlash
Arizona Immigration Battle
Arizona: Cacti And Campaigning
Armenian Deaths Ruled Genocide
Armor Shortage Scrutiny
Army Recruitment Probe
Army Surgeon General Grilled
Arnold And Special Interests
Arnold Backs Off Comments
Arnold Faces Tough Ballot Test
Arnold Loses The Spotlight
Arnold On Special Interests
Arnold Plays Defense
Arnold Storms The Capital
Arnold Strikes Back
Arnold Triumphs In Recall Race
Arnold's Collateral Damage
Arnold's First Debate
Arnold's Political Reality
Arnold, Laura Stir Delegates
Arnold: Economic Girlie Men
Arnold?s Biggest Premiere
Arnold?s Inaugural Speech
Arnold?s Victory Speech
Arrest in Yale Murder
Arrest Of Henry Louis Gates
As Missouri Goes ?
As Missouri Goes...
Ashcroft's Farewell
Ashcroft, Evans, Resign
Assisted Suicide Debate
Assisted Suicide Upheld
At Least 1 Indictment Expected
At Risk At The Doctor's?
Attack at Bagram
Attack Of The Campaign Ads
Attack Of The Drones
Attkisson, Borger On Congress
Attorney Gen. Defends Spying
Attorney Gen. On Controversy
Attorney General Interview
Attorney General On Alito
Attorney General On High Court
Attorney General On Wire Taps
Attorney General Resigns
Attorney General Sworn In
Attorney General Under Fire
Australian PM At White House
Auto Bailout Deal In The Works
Auto Execs Plead For Bailout
Auto Industry Won't Go Down
Automakers On Their Own
Avandia To Stay On The Market
Awaiting Charges In CIA Leak
Awards For Big Businesses?
Axelrod On Immigration Reform
Axelrod on Obama Speech
Axelrod On Obama's Speech
Axelrod On Speech To Congress
Back To Business For Senate
Back To Grand Jury For Rove
Back To The Future For Bush
Back To Work