Healthy Living - Videos

'Fat' Cookbook Recipes
'Fat' Keeps Flu Fit In Winter
'Legally Blind' Defined
10 Minutes Is All It Takes
120 Pounds In 11 Months
A 'Half-Assed' Diet Memoir
A Battle Over Anorexia
A Big Butt May Be Good For You
A Less-Invasive Hysterectomy
A New Way To Count Calories
A Nose Job Without Surgery
Adults Need Physical Fitness
Advice for the Sleep Deprived
Advice For Treating Sunburn
Advice On Dietary Supplements
Allergy Survival Guide
Alternatives To Uterus Removal
Are Cell Phones Safe For Kids?
Are Drug Store Clinics Safe?
Are Vaccines Linked To Autism?
Avoiding Melanoma Risks
Avoiding Skin Cancer In Summer
Bald Is Beautiful
Battling Belly Fat
Battling Motion Sickness
Be Sun Smart
Beat Blues on The Job
Beating Back Pain
Beating The Monday Blues
Better Health = More Wealth
Beware Of Pre-Dementia
Big Bellies Linked To Death
Big Bellies Linked To Dementia
Breakthroughs In Gene Therapy
Breast Cancer And MRIs
Breast Cancer Awareness
Britain's Green Health Club
Build Your Brain For Old Age
Buy A Million Dollar Smile
Caffeine, Miscarriage Link?
Calcium & Heart Disease
California Bans Trans Fat
Camp: Losing is for Winners
Can Money Buy Happiness?
Can Plastics Make You Sick?
Caring For Sick Kids
Certified Trainers Ungoverned
Chickenpox Party Vs. Vaccine
Children & Food Allergies
Clever Uses For Peroxide
Coming Out As Transgender
Conquering Colon Cancer
Contaminated Leafy Greens
Coping With 'Boomeritis'
Coping With Ch-Ch-Changes
Couple's Double Stomach Staple
Creating A Home Gym
Crusader For Stroke Survivors
Dangerous Online Drugs
Dara Torres: Fit After 40
Date Without Ruining Your Diet
Dave On Good Food Choices
Dealing With Spring Allergies
Dealing With Sugar Shock
Debate: Same Sex Marriage
Debunking Detox Diets
Debunking Fitness Myths
Debunking Nutrition Myths
Demi Moore Leech Therapy?
Detecting Ovarian Cancer Early
Diabetes Dangerous To Heart
Diet May Determine Baby Gender
Diet Meals Delivered
Disinfecting Sponges
DIY Home Boot Camp
DNA May Be Key To Quitting
Dorm Room Bedbugs
Dr. Senay On Avandia
Drs. Now Say Double Vitamin D
Drs: End Prostate Tests At 75
Eastern Medicine
Eat Your Belly Off
Edible 'Sunscreen' In Food
End Of Monthly Periods?
Eureka: Happiness Gene Found
Expert: Child Vaccines Safe
Eye On Pre-Diabetes
Families Tackle Obesity
Family Fights Insurance Co.
Fat Doesn't Always Mean Unfit
Fatter Than They Look
Female Melanoma Cases Increase
Fiber Gets A Makeover
Fighting Fat: A Family Affair
Finally, A Good Night's Sleep
Finding The Best Workout
Finding The Diet For You
Finding The Right Doctor
First Aid Mistakes
Fish Oil May Help Your Heart
Fit For Your Feet
Fittest 'Real Men' In America
Flip-Flops Can Be Dangerous
Flu Shot Misses Strains
Food Dyes Come Under Attack
Food Labels Stir Controversy
Food Tips For Migraines
Food Trends For 2009
Foods That Keep Teeth White
Foods To Avoid With Drugs
Foods To Help Fertility
Frozen Yogurt: The Cold Facts
Functional Foods Explained
Get Fit Like Your Fave Celeb
Getting City Kids Into Nature
Getting Fit For Summer
Green Is The New Wedding White
Guinness Certifies Oldest Man
Hair, Heart, And Health
Happiness May Keep You Young
Hazards Of Shopping With Kids
Heal Your Heart
Health Advice For Winter
Healthiest Fast Food Chains
Healthy Trans-Fat Substitutes
Healthy Vision Secrets
Heart Disease Hope
Helping Teens Get Slim
High Hopes For New Diet Pill
Hope For Brain Cancer Patients
Hopeful S Korean Mock Funerals
How Men Can Age Gracefully
How Texting Could Kill You
How To Deal With Headaches
How To Dump Your Doc
Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!
Ignore Prostate Cancer At 75+?
Inhalant Use Rising For Tweens
Is Food Safety Compromised?
John Mellencamp On New Album
Keep Your Cool In Extreme Heat
Keep Your Weight Resolutions
Keeping Babies Safe
Kellogg Cuts Back On Sugar
Kids' Cold Meds Ineffective
Latest Cosmetic Trends
Learning To Live With Cancer
Less Invasive Hysterectomies
Listen To Your Body Talk
Live Heart Scans
Living Lean and Green
Living Like A 'Golden Girl'
Losing Weight With Latin Food
Love At First Scent?
Low-Carb Beats Low-Fat
Low-Down On Five Taboo Foods
Lung Cancer's Genetic Link
Main St. Debates Healthcare
Making Healthy Food Taste Good
Managing Menstruation
Medicine Cabinet Must-Haves
Metabolism Myth Busters
Mobile Kids' Health Care Unit
Mood Foods To Keep Us Happy
More Med Mistakes Hurt Kids
More Young Men Taking Viagra
Multitasking Driving You Mad?
Napping On The Job
Naptime For Adults
New Approach To Weight Loss
New Device Blocks Hunger Pangs
New Flu Shot Rec's From CDC
New Info: Home Lead Exposure
New Over-The-Counter Diet Drug
New Risks With HRT
New Stroke Warnings Revealed
Newton-John On Breast Cancer
No More Mouth To Mouth
Nutritional Food Pairings
Obama: Fairness In Health Care
Obesity Report Card
Older Men Happier Than Women?
Oprah's Weight Gain
Organic Foods Explained
Organic Gardening Catches On
Paul McKenna Makes You Thin
Plastics' Safety Questioned
Playing Favorites
Power Food 'Couples'
Pre-Natal Nourishment
Pregnant Women Face Depression
Preparing For The 'Big One'
Preventing Skin Cancer
Pro-Active Foods For The Heart
Promising New Diet Pill
Put Your Kids To Bed
Quitting Smoking Contagious
Raising Your Kids Green
Relationship Deal-Breakers
Safe For Your Plate?
Say Goodbye To Cellulite
Science Backs Up 5-Second Rule
Secret To Living A Longer Life
Secrets Of Healthy People
Serious About Slimming Down
Sex Change Explained
Shortcut To Fountain Of Youth?
Should Moms-To-Be Nix Nuts?
Singulair And Suicide
Sisters Have Triplets Together
Smart Brown Bag Lunches
Smart Holiday Food Choices
Soft Addiction Solution
Soy-Eating Men Have Less Sperm
Spring Cleaning Tips
Staying Fit When On The Road
Stretch Eases 'Runner's Heel'
Struck By Lightning
Study Eyes iPod Jogging Danger
Study: Adults Give Teens Booze
Study: Bad Boss Adds To Stress
Study: Vytorin Ineffective
Super Lice Not A Myth
Super-Foods For Living Longer
Super-Foods To The Rescue!
Supermarket Nutritionists
Surviving Deadly Waters
Surviving The Emergency Room
SUVs Put To Test In Winter
Suzanne Somers' 8 Steps
Sweet News For Chocoholics
Swim Diaper Precautions
Taking Risks To Change Course
Teaching Autistic Adults
Teen Pregnancy On The Rise
Teens Exercising Less
Television & Kids
Test Screens For Alzheimer's
The 'ABCD's Of Skin Cancer
The 7 Habits Of Happy Kids
The 8 Glasses A Day Myth
The Downside Of Energy Drinks
The Economics Of Health Care
The Pill And Gaining Muscle
The Power Of Positive Thinking
The Science Of Living Longer
The Top Self-Monitoring Kits
The Truth About Sex Addiction
The Truth About Vitamins
Tips For A Good Night's Sleep
Tips For Cancer Survival
Toasting To Long Life
Treating Cold & Flu Symptoms
TV Doc Promotes Sex Ed
Understanding Food Labels
Unemployed? Get Insurance!
Unsafe School Lunches
Vacation: It Does A Body Good
Verona's All-Natural Gelato
Video Game Addictions
Vitamin D, Breast Cancer Link
War Vets Soothed By Yoga
Watching What You Eat
Water Workout
Western Medicine
What To Ask Your Mother
When Caffeine Becomes Toxic
When Chronic Illness Strikes
Where Does Food Come From?
Where's The Beef?
Which Diets Really Work?
Why It's Good To Nap At Work
Why Your Head Hurts
Women And Multiple Sclerosis
Younger Women's Hearts
Your Desk's Dirty Secret