Health - Videos

"Co-Op" Health Care?
"Health Care Coverage For All"
"Normal Heart" play revived
"Waste Of Taxpayer Dollars"
'A Toxic Soup'
'Abstinence-Only' Sex Ed
'B' Free Of Osteoporosis?
'Beauty And Bravery' Calendar
'Biker Babes' Shed Pounds
'Care & Feeding Of Marriage'
'Cheese' Takes Toll On Teens
'Diet Girl' Loses The Weight
'Dirty Dozen' Diet Supplements
'Dirty' Calls
'Drive-Through Mastectomies'
'Ear Candling' With Caution
'End-Of-Life' Facts & Rumors
'Estrogen-Only' Dangers
'Fat' Cookbook Recipes
'Feeding Your Family Right'
'Female Viagra' Drug
'Fingerprint' For Alzheimer's
'Food Police' Take On Eateries
'G.I. Diet' Made Easy
'Girlfriend's Guide' Improved
'High-Deductible' Health Plans
'Human Error' In Baby Deaths
'Hypo-Allergenic' Dogs
'Legally Blind' Defined
'Make Over Your Metabolism'
'Man-orexia' On The Rise
'Mayo' Guide To Healthy Living
'Medical' Bankruptcies Common
'Miracle' Food Saves Lives
'Natural Cures' Controversy
'No-Fad Diet'
'OnStar' for Your Heart
'People' Starts Year Lighter
'Project BioShield' Boondoggle
'Real Age Makeover'
'Reconciling' Health Care
'Retail Therapy' Reality
'Road To Ruin' In Mississippi
'Road To Ruin' Report
'Sex And The Seasoned Woman'
'Shackled' Research
'Smoking' Smarties A New Fad
'So What Can I Eat?!'
'Songs of Love'
'South Beach Diet' For Kids
'South Beach' Dining Guide
'Super Food' For Sharp Minds
'Super Kid's' Rare Condition
'Super-Size Me' Book
'Superman' Actor Reeve Dead
'Survivor' Winner Has Hodgkins
'Syndrome X' Explained
'Teen Weight Loss Solution'
'The A.D.D. Answer' Author
'The Favorite Child'
'The Pill' Cuts Cancer Risk
'Turning Off' Bad Genes
'Tweenorexia' on the Rise
'Two Marias' Tough Road
'VBAC' for C-Section Moms
'We Needed To Win That Game'
'Women Under The Influence'
1 Dead From E. Coli Outbreak
1 In 4 Teen Girls Have STD
10 Million To Get Alzheimer's
10 Minutes Is All It Takes
11-Ounce Baby Fights For Life
12 Fingers, 12 Toes
120 Pounds In 11 Months
13 Pound Baby Born
15M For Health Care Ads
2004's Medical Breakthroughs
2009 Medical Forecast
23-Year Coma Confusion
3 Teens Die In Cave
56 Yr-old Births Grandchildren
57th Birthday Gift: Twins
58 Taco Bell E. Coli Cases
60 Minutes Creator Hewitt Dies
60-Year-Old Woman Gives Birth
9/11 Illness Blame Game
911 Cell-Phone Call Concerns
@katiecouric: Americans
A 'Half-Assed' Diet Memoir
A Ban On Fire Retardants?
A Battle Over Anorexia
A Beach Getaway Workout
A Big Butt May Be Good For You
A Bird Flu Battle Plan
A Bird Flu Death In Britain
A Blind Artist's Vision
A Blind-Deaf Trailblazer
A Boy And His Music
A Breakthrough Against Cancer
A Breath Of Fresh Air
A Cancer Breakthrough
A CBS Survivor's Tale
A Chemical Straitjacket
A Child's Call For Help
A Closer Look At Avandia
A Culinary Revolution
A Cure For Prostate Cancer?
A Deadly Danger To Babies
A Deadly Disease
A Disease-Free Village
A Doctor's Fight Pays Off
A Dose OF Prescription Advice
A Dr's Hopeful Promise Honored
A Drink A Day...
A Fatal Dose Of Handwriting?
A Generation Of Workaholics?
A Good Carb Diet
A Government Takeover
A Guidebook For Workaholics
A Health Boost From Bacteria
A Healthier Heart
A Helping Paw
A Hypocritical Oath?
A Jump In West Nile Virus
A Less-Invasive Hysterectomy
A Look Inside A Baby's Brain
A Looming Shortage Of Doctors?
A Low Fat 4th of July
A Meal To Die For
A Medical History Of Autism
A Mediterranean-Style Diet
A Million Dollar Makeover
A Model For Health Reform
A Mother's Love Saves Baby
A New Approach To Weight Loss
A New Kind Of Nursing Home
A New Way To Count Calories
A Night Owl's Nightmare
A No-Knife Face-Lift
A Nose Job Without Surgery
A Partnership Against Cancer
A Patent On Your Genes
A Positive Financial Outlook
A Primer On Trans Fats
A Rave Warning
A Real Home For Seniors
A Remarkable Recovery
A Safe, Clean Food Supply
A School For Autistic Kids
A Second Opportunity To Grow
A Secret Source Of Calories
A Serious Side Of Snoring
A Similar TB Case As Speaker's
A Soldier's Cry For Help
A Surge In The War On Flu
A Tale of Two Tragedies
A Test For Dementia
A Viagra With Your Valentine?
A Virtual Santa For Sick Kids
A Week For Women's Health
A Well-Rounded Diet
A Win For Immigrants?
A Winning Smile
A Woman's Ideal Weight
A Woman's View Of Men's Health
AARP Backlash
AARP Backs Medicare Plan
AARP Guide To Pills
Abortion & Health Care Reform
Abortion Court Controversy
Abortion Drug Scrutinized
Abortion Pill Safe?
Access To Your Doctor: Denied
Accidental Binge Drinking
Acculift Method on the Rise
Accutane Registry
Acetaminophen Dangers
Acetaminophen Hurts Kidneys?
Achieving Total Wellness
Achoo! Allergy Season Again
Acid Reflux Drug Side-Effects
Action Toys For Lazy Kids
Actress Fights Diabetes
Actress On Autism Awareness
Acupuncture For Knee Pain
Acupuncture For Your Pets
Adderall U. Part Two
Addicted To Food?
Addicted To Love?
Addicted To Sugar
Addiction To Computer Games
ADHD Drug Risks
ADHD Drug Warning
ADHD Drugs Under Suspicion
ADHD: In The Genes?
Adults Need Physical Fitness
Adults Tuned Out To Ring Tone
Adults With Autism
Advances In Military Medicine
Adverse Drug Reactions
Advice For Sick Parents
Advice for the Sleep Deprived
Advice For Treating Sunburn
Advice On 'Healthy Aging'
Affairs Of The Heart
Afghan War Strategy Weeks Away
Against The Grain
Age Factor in Autism?
Age Of Romance
Age-Appropriate Weight Loss
Age-Defying Procedures
Aging In The Shadows
Aging Myths Debunked
Agreement on Health Bill
AIDS After 50
AIDS Complacency in America
AIDS Epidemic Revisited
AIDS Message Getting Through?
AIDS Super Strain
AIDS Toll Higher Than Thought?
Air Ambulance Risks
Air Fresheners May Pose Hazard
Air Quality Warnings In Calif.
Airports Wary Of The Bird Flu
Alarm Over Crestor Study
Alcohol And The Teen Brain
Alcohol Linked To Small Brains
Alcoholics Living Double Life
All Aboard The Flu Ferry
All About Vitamins A & B
All Sweeteners Are Not Equal
Allergic To Cell Phones
Allergies On Rise
Allergy Attacks At School
Allergy Help For The Fall
Allergy Season Tips
Allergy Sufferers: Don't Fret
Allergy Survival Guide
Allergy-Proof Your Home
Alli Weight Loss Warning
ALS Doctor Now A Patient
Alternative Allergy Meds
Alternative To Heart Surgery
Alternatives Medicine In Food
Alternatives To Big Bags
Alternatives To Soda
Alternatives To Uterus Removal
Alzheimer's Cases Increase
Alzheimer's Coming Earlier
Alzheimer's Hits Families Hard
Alzheimer's Impact On Family
Alzheimer's Love Story
Alzheimer's Prevention Setback
Alzheimer's Tests Scrutinized
Alzheimer's Toll On The Family
Alzheimer's Warning Signs
Alzheimer's Warning Signs
Alzheimer's: National Crisis
America And A Public Option
America Stands Up to Cancer
America's Baby Boom
America's Deadliest Roads
America's Food Fight
America's Life Expectancy Up
America's Unhealthiest Burger?
American Children Face Poverty
American Dies From Swine Flu
American Healthcare Crisis
Americans Face Food Crisis
Americans Living Longer
Americans Living Longer
Americans Snoozing On The Job
Amputation Desperation
An Alternative To Mammograms
An Alzheimer?s ?Smoke Alarm?
An Angel's Reward
An Ethical Dilemma
An Extra Helpful Hospital
An Ounce Of Prevention
An Unusual Adoption Project
Analysis Of Obama's Reform
Angioplasty Doubts
Animal Antibiotics a Threat?
Animals with Guardian Angels
Annual Health Check-Up Tips
Annual Mammogram Awareness
Anorexia & Insurance
Anorexia At A Tender Age
Anorexia At A Young Age
Anorexia Coverage Lawsuit
Anorexia's Childhood Roots
Another Flu Vaccine Shortage
Another Painkiller Pulled
Answer To Breast Cancer?
Antacids Linked To Weak Bones
Anthrax Case Outlined
Anthrax Vaccine The Killer?
Anti-Aging Advice
Anti-Aging Breakthroughs
Anti-Aging Summer Drinks
Anti-Arthritis Rx Risks
Anti-Depressants & Pregnancy
Anti-Depressants & Suicide
Anti-Depressants Warning
Anti-Oxidants & Heart Disease
Anti-Smoking Drug Scrutinized
Anti-Smoking Kin Fights Back
Antibiotic Use Alarms Experts
Antibiotic-free Animals
Antibiotics & Ear Infections
Antibiotics in Livestock
Antidepressants & Pregnancy
Antidepressants And Pregnancy
Antidepressants And Pregnancy
Antidepressants: Suicide Link
Antiperspirant Alternatives
Antiperspirants And Cancer
Apology May Cut Medical Cost
Approval Of Health Plan Grows
Are Carbs Getting A Bad Rap?
Are Cell Phones Germ Magnets?
Are Cell Phones Safe For Kids?
Are Children Safe at the Pool?
Are Colonoscopies Reliable?
Are Diet Pills Worth It?
Are Drug Store Clinics Safe?
Are Fashion Models Too Skinny?
Are Food Dyes Safe?
Are Generic Drugs Effective?
Are Low-Fat Diets Ineffective?
Are Men Or Women Happier?
Are Metal Bats Safe For Kids?
Are New Labels Cutting Fat?
Are Roller Coasters Safe?
Are Schools Failing Boys?
Are Silver Fillings Safe?
Are Stents Worth It?
Are Teens Getting Enough Rest?
Are Veggies Brain Food?
Are Vitamins Effective?
Are Women's Drugs Effective?
Are Your Drugs Safe?
Ark. Woman Pregnant Twice
Arkansas Gov. Is A New Man
Arthritis Breakthrough?
Arthritis Drug Recalled
Arthritis Drugs Debated
Arthritis Drugs Scrutinized
Arthritis Quiz
Arthritis Supplement Relief
Artificial Blood?
Artificial Knees For Women
Asian Bird Flu
Asian Stem Cell Advances
Ask Emily
Ask Emily
Ask Emily
Ask Emily
Ask Emily
Ask Emily
Ask Emily
Ask Emily
Ask Emily
Ask Emily
Ask Emily
Ask Emily
Ask Emily
Ask Emily
Ask it Early with Dr. Ashton
Ask It Early with Dr. Ashton
Ask It Early: Harry's H1N1
Ask It Early: Heartburn
Aspirin & Colon Cancer
Aspirin & Heart Disease
Aspirin & Women's Health
Aspirin Against Breast Cancer
Aspirin And Heart Health
Aspirin For Colon Cancer
Aspirin For Women's Hearts?
Aspirin Linked To Cancer?
Aspirin May Help Cancer Fight
Aspirin May Prevent Stroke
Aspirin's Effects On The Sexes
Assessing Bird Flu Threat
Assisted Living Options
Assisted Suicide Debate
Asthma Drug Dangers
Asthma Drug Warning
Asthma Guidelines Updated
Asthma Inhalers Going Green
Asthma Test Right For You?
Asthma Warning Signs
Asthma, Cancer & Trans Fats
Asthmatics and H1N1 Flu
At Risk At The Doctor's?
At Risk For Lung Cancer
At the Crossroads of H1N1
Atkins Diet Law Suit
Attacking Rising Health Costs
Attention-Deficit Drug Warning
Audio Dangers?
Autism & Vaccines
Autism Linked To Vaccines?
Autism On Rise In U.S.?
Autism's Affect On Siblings
Auto-Immune Diseases
Avandia Sparks FDA Concerns
Avandia To Stay On The Market
Avoid Kid Drowning Hazards
Avoid Mixed Med-afors
Avoid Prescription Drug Errors
Avoid Sugary Yogurts
Avoiding Barbeque Dangers
Avoiding DST Sleep Loss
Avoiding Hazardous Toys
Avoiding Heart Disease
Avoiding Heat-Related Illness
Avoiding Hurricane Hazards
Avoiding Insect Stings
Avoiding Junior's Germs
Avoiding Lead-Laden Water
Avoiding Lip Balm Addiction
Avoiding Medication Errors
Avoiding Melanoma Risks
Avoiding Skin Cancer In Summer
Avoiding Swine Flu
Avoiding Swine Flu At Camp
Avoiding The Belly Bloat
Avoiding Weight Gain At Work
Babies And Anti-Depressants
Babies Need A Schedule Too
Babies' Pain Often Not Known
Baby Boomers Care For Parents
Baby Deaths Up In Mississippi
Baby Fat Isn't Always Cute
Baby Formula Recall In China
Baby Noor Undergoes Surgery
Baby Noor's Doctor On Surgery
Baby Sling Recall
Baby Sling Safety Warning
Baby Talk with Mamas and Papas
Back On Her Feet
Back Pain 101
Back To School Nutrition
Back-To-School Vaccinations
Bad Air Hits Women In Heart
Bad Blood Transfusion
Bad Breath Relief
Bad Economy, Bad Health?
Bad Fumes At Home
Bad Memory Management
Balancing Family Time
Ballpark Grub
Banishing Back Pain
Banking On Newborn Blood Cells
Banning Birth Video
Banning School Junk Food
Bariatric Surgery Risks
Barney Frank Strikes Back
Baseball Buzz
Bathtub Safety
Bats In Northeast Dying Off
Battle Against Ovarian Cancer
Battle Against Sweat
Battle Of The Bulge
Battling Alzheimer's
Battling Belly Fat
Battling Bird Flu
Battling Bullying
Battling Cellulite
Battling Childhood Obesity
Battling Diabetes
Battling Health Care Costs
Battling Motion Sickness
Battling Obesity
Battling Post-Traumatic Stress
Battling Seasonal Allergies
Battling Selective Mutism
Battling Swimmer's Ear
Battling Teen Substance Abuse
Battling The Smoking Ban
Battling The Winter Blues
Be More Like Britain
Be Sun Smart
Beat Blues on The Job
Beat The Winter Blues
Beating Back Bacteria
Beating Birth Defects
Beating Junk Food Cravings
Beating Splitting Headaches
Beating Summer Heat
Beating The Heat
Beating The Monday Blues
Beauty Breakthroughs
Become a Total Knockout
Bedbug Free Hotel Rooms
Beds Become Luxury Item
Beef Buyers Beware
Beer Benefits