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Candidates Continue Duel Over The Economy
Candidates Converge On Carolina
Candidates Diverge On Women's Issues
Candidates Emerging for Kennedy Seat
Candidates Endure Google Searches
Candidates Eye New Hampshire
Candidates Eye The Mountain State
Candidates Face Debate Dilemma
Candidates Fighting To The Finish In Iowa
Candidates Flock To MySpace, YouTube
Candidates Hit Home Stretch In Iowa
Candidates Hit The Campaign Trail
Candidates Hit The Smile Circuit
Candidates Hit Tobacco Road
Candidates Hunt For 'Big Mo'
Candidates Learn Campaign Do's And Don'ts
Candidates Make Swing State Appeals
Candidates Mark Veterans Day
Candidates Prep For Big Debate
Candidates Prepare For Long Struggle
Candidates Race To The Finish In N.H.
Candidates Reflect On King's Legacy
Candidates Respond To Bhutto's Death
Candidates Reveal Riches
Candidates Say What Foods They Hate
Candidates Seek Centrists On Abortion
Candidates Seek Spotlight At Iraq Hearings
Candidates Seek Votes -- And Readers
Candidates Shift Focus To Red States
Candidates Spar Over Conservative Records
Candidates Speak Out On Ahmadinejad Visit
Candidates Speak Out On Pakistan Crisis
Candidates Split On How To Deal With Iran
Candidates Steam Through Heartland
Candidates Talk Post-Castro Cuba Policy
Candidates Tout Conservative Policies
Candidates Unload Money From Foley
Candidates Unload Money From Foley
Candidates Wives Share Stage, Stories
Candidates' Campaign Caricatures Emerge
Candidates' Dads On Nixon Tapes
Candidates' Wives Discuss Cancer
Cantor Wins Virginia Squeaker
Capitol Double Standards
Capitol Hill Spotlight On Blackout
Capuano Enters Race to Succeed Ted Kennedy
Car in Biden's Motorcade in Accident
Career Prosecutor Named Acting Deputy AG
Career Prosecutor Tapped As Deputy AG
Careful What You Wish For!
Caribbeans Urged to Give Census Ethnicity
Carlos Allen: I Had Invite to State Dinner
Carly Fiorina Announces Calif. Senate Run
Carly Fiorina Sorry for Poor Voting Record
Carnahan Crash Report Released
Carnahan Grave Marker Stolen
Carnahan Has A 2002 Challenger
Carol Browner Leaving As Obama Adviser
Carol Moseley Braun Joins Chicago Mayoral Race
Carolina On Bush's Mind
Carolina On McCain's Mind
Carolina's The Key
Caroline Kennedy May Seek N.Y. Senate Seat
Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg?s DNC Remarks
Caroline Kennedy To Help Obama Pick VP
Caroline Kennedy's Role In Obama VP Search
Carrick Stats
Carrick Stats
Carter Assails Bush
Carter Blasts Bush
Carter Blasts GOP On Iraq
Carter Hints Backing Of Obama Over Clinton
Carter Sees Tea Party Parallels to His 1976 Run
Carter's Chief Of Staff Dies
Carter's Son Wins Nev. Senate Primary
Carter: "Apartheid" Is Apt For West Bank
Carter: Bush Admin. Is "Worst In History"
Carter: Fla. Vote Problems Persist
Carter: Rich Pardon 'Disgraceful'
Carter: Wilson's Remarks "Based on Racism"
Carville Won't Apologize For Judas Remark
Carvin' Up The Apple
Casey: Only Half Iraq Troop Boost Needed
Cash And Kerry
Cash For Air Security And NYC Recovery
Cash Is King In Campaign '98
Cash Or Convictions?
Cash Wins Court Seats
Cash-Strapped Mayors Ask For Help
Cash-Strapped States Eye School Tuition
Cash-Strapped States Eye School Tuition
Cashing In As They Check Out
Castro Ridicules Bush
Catch The Falling Torch
Catching Up With Hill And Rick
Cate Edwards Makes Solo Campaign Trip
Catholic Bishop Raps Rudy On Abortion
Catholic Bishops Vs. Obama on Health Bill
Catholic High School Disinvites Senator
Catholic Vote Critical In Pennsylvania
Catholics Upset Over Obama At Notre Dame
Caught With Pot: House Pages Ousted
Cause of Jimmy Carter's Illness Likely a Virus
Cautious In Carolina
CBO: $368B Deficit ? Without Iraq
CBO: Stimulus Responsible for Millions of Jobs
CBS Defends Bush Memos
CBS Exit Poll Pioneer Dies
CBS Names Memo Probe Panel
CBS News Announces 2010 Campaign Team
CBS News Forms Election Panel
CBS News Poll Database
CBS News Poll: 1/11/11
CBS News Poll: 10/19/10
CBS News Poll: 10/20/10
CBS News Poll: 10/27/10
CBS News Poll: 10/7/10
CBS News Poll: 11/11/10
CBS News Poll: 11/15/10
CBS News Poll: 12/02/10
CBS News Poll: 12/03/10
CBS News Poll: 2/15/11
CBS News Polls
CBS News Polls: 8/26/10
CBS News Projects Paul, Coats Win Senate Seats
CBS News State of the Union Poll
CBS News Statement On Panel
CBS News Super Tuesday Coverage
CBS News Video Contradicts Clinton's Story
CBS News Video Coverage
CBS News/NYT Poll on Ohio: 9/28/10
CBS News/NYT Polls: 9/15/10
CBS Plans New Memos Statement
CBS Plans New Memos Statement
CBS Poll: A Bump For Bush
CBS Poll: Bush 47, Kerry 46
CBS Poll: Bush Leads Gore
CBS Poll: Bush Leads Gore
CBS Poll: Bush Out Of Touch
CBS Poll: Bush Pads Lead
CBS Poll: Cheney Has Little Impact
CBS Poll: Clinton Fatigue?
CBS Poll: Gore And Bush ThisClose
CBS Poll: Gore Gains On Bush
CBS Poll: Gore Gets A Big Bounce
CBS Poll: Gore Has A Slight Edge
CBS Poll: Happy Days For Hill
CBS Poll: Kerry Bounces Back
CBS Poll: No Second Honeymoon
CBS Poll: Politics As Usual
CBS Poll: Primary Colors
CBS Poll: Slight Edge To Bush
CBS Poll: Slim Edge For Hillary
CBS Poll: The Lieberman Lift
CBS Stands By Bush-Guard Memos
CBS Stands By Bush-Guard Memos
CBS Statement On Bush Memos
CBS/NY Times Host Debate
CBS: 'Open Mind' On Memos
CBS: Bush Memo Story A 'Mistake'
CBS: Bush Memo Story A 'Mistake'
CBS: Bush's Electoral Vote Edge
CBS: Electoral Vote Tightening
CBSNews.com Hacked
CDC Catches Heat On The Hill
Celebrities Covet White House
Celebs Of All Sorts Rock The Vote
Census A Test For Dubya
Census Ads Target Specific Minority Groups
Census Bureau Concerned Over GOP Mailings
Census Samplers Fire Warning Shot
Census Sensibility
Census Setbacks May Impair Accuracy
Census Spends $2.5M on Super Bowl Ads
Census: 1 in 7 Americans Live in Poverty
Center Of The Storm
Centrist Dem Leader Slams GOP "Hypocrisy"
Centrist Stimulus Plan Gains Support
Chad Fight In The Recall Corral
Chad Veteran Offers His Two Cents
Chad's All, Folks
Chads, Scanners And Votes
Chafee Beats Conservative Challenger
Chafee May Defect From GOP
Chafee To Retire From Senate
Chafee's Independent R.I. Campaign Faces Hurdles
Challenge From The Left
Challenges Await Next President On Day 1
Challenges Mount in Moving Gitmo Prisoners
Chandra's Neighbors Don't Help
Chandra's Parents Speak Out
Changing Of Guard For Senate Dems
Changing Of The Guard In N.J.
Changing The Primary Calendar? Forget It
Changing The Primary Calendar? Forget It
Chaos In Texas House Over Speaker Fight
Chaos Theory, Malibu Style
Chaos Theory, Reform Style
Chaotic Briefing Marks Snow's Debut
Chaotic Republican Race Heads South
Charges Against Sheehan Dropped
Charges Dismissed Against Ky. Governor
Charges Dropped Against Marion Barry
Charges Fly As Final Debate Nears
Charges Fly On Campaign Trail
Charges Fly On Campaign Trail
Charges Reduced in James O'Keefe Case
Charlene Lugar Charged With DWI
Charles Barkley Eyes Run For Governor
Charles Rangel Charged With Ethics Violations
Charting the 2008 GOP Field
Chat Up White House Officials Online
Chattering About Cheney
Chavez Catches Hell For 'Devil' Speech
Chavez Couldn't Beat Long Odds
Chavez Expresses Regret
Chavez Taunts; Bush Turns The Other Cheek
Cheating On Your Taxes
Check Your Halo At The Door
Cheers And Jeers For 'Fahrenheit'
Cheers As Pelosi Smashes 'Marble Ceiling'
Chelsea Campaigns For Mom
Chelsea Clinton Disregards Lewinsky Query
Chelsea Clinton Photo Causes NYC Ruckus
Chelsea Clinton Says Mother More Prepared
Chelsea Clinton Steps Out On The Trail
Chelsea Clinton: I Don't Talk To The Press
Chelsea Plays Hooky For Hillary
Chelsea Surprised By Sexist Comments
Cheney "Clearly Would Love" To Catch Osama
Cheney 'Prepared' To Forfeit Options
Cheney A No-Show At The Polls
Cheney Aide Libby Heads To Court
Cheney Aide: Libby's Memory Spotty
Cheney And Kerry Square Off
Cheney And Obama: Clashing Cousins?
Cheney Apologizes For Joke On W. Virginia
Cheney Back Home After Surgery
Cheney Back To Work
Cheney Backs Off Kerry Claim
Cheney Bares His Teeth
Cheney Breaks His Silence
Cheney Breaks His Silence
Cheney Checks Out
Cheney Clashes With Pelosi, McCain
Cheney Defends Domestic Spying
Cheney Defends Iraq Mission
Cheney Defends War Against Critics
Cheney Defiant Amid Spy Criticism
Cheney Diagnosed With Blood Clot
Cheney Does His Own Thing
Cheney Energy Flap Goes To Court
Cheney Failed to Answer 72 FBI Questions
Cheney Fires Back At Hagel Accusations
Cheney Gets Clean Bill Of Health
Cheney Gets Clean Bill Of Health
Cheney Gets Good News On Heart
Cheney Gets His Golden Parachute
Cheney Goes For The Capillary
Cheney Hails His Pal Al
Cheney Has A Role Player's Resume
Cheney Has Follow-Up Exam For Blood Clot
Cheney Has His Work Cut Out For Him
Cheney Has Successful Heart Surgery
Cheney Hauls In More Gifts Than Bush
Cheney Hauls In More Gifts Than Bush
Cheney Having Minor Heart Procedure
Cheney Hires Mary Matalin
Cheney Hits Hospital For Check-Up
Cheney Home After 4th Heart Attack
Cheney Hospitalized Briefly
Cheney Hospitalized for Back Surgery
Cheney Interview Transcript
Cheney Is On Crutches
Cheney Is Spelled Q-U-A-Y-L-E
Cheney Jumps Into Filibuster Fray
Cheney Knee Surgery Successful
Cheney Knows What He Likes
Cheney Linked to Concealing CIA Project
Cheney Linked To Halliburton Deal
Cheney Links Iraq Violence, U.S. Elections
Cheney Loses In Court
Cheney Makes A Calm Case
Cheney May Be Witness In Libby Trial
Cheney Meets With Lieberman
Cheney Memoir Planned For 2011
Cheney Might Be Called To Testify
Cheney Mum About GOP Senate Candidate
Cheney Names Libby Replacements
Cheney On Board For '04 Run
Cheney On The Hunt ? Again
Cheney Optimistic About New Iraq Report
Cheney Praises Andersen In Video
Cheney Rallies Round The Troops
Cheney Ready For Tie-Breaker
Cheney Released from Hospital
Cheney Returns To Work
Cheney Said He Didn't Know Plame Leaker
Cheney Said Questioned On CIA Leak
Cheney Says He Can Declassify Info
Cheney Set For Weekend Surgery
Cheney Sets Sights On Kerry
Cheney Slams Democrats On Iraq
Cheney Slams Dems On Defense
Cheney Spokeswoman Disputes Libby Account
Cheney Takes Aim At War Critics
Cheney Takes Center Stage
Cheney Takes It Down A Peg
Cheney Takes On Biggest Role
Cheney To Be Witness In CIA Leak Trial
Cheney To Go Hunting On Election Day
Cheney to Obama: "Do What it Takes to Win"
Cheney Tops Bush In Battle Of Bucks
Cheney Tours Texas Evacuee Sites
Cheney Trip Off To Bumpy Start
Cheney Turns Up The Volume
Cheney Under Fire On Energy
Cheney Under The Microscope
Cheney Unplugged
Cheney Urges West Point Grads To Lead
Cheney Victim A 'Lucky Person'
Cheney Warns Democrats
Cheney Will Speak At GOP Convention
Cheney Won't Budge On Pelosi Criticism
Cheney Would Welcome 2nd Term
Cheney's Attire Draws Ire
Cheney's Daughter A Flash Point
Cheney's Daughter Plans Memoir
Cheney's Election Day Location No Secret
Cheney's Ex-Firm In Stealth Mode
Cheney's Halliburton Ties Remain
Cheney's Notes Add New CIA Leak Twist
Cheney's Super Tuesday Blitz
Cheney, Bush Disagreed Over Striking Iran
Cheney, Edwards Clash On Iraq
Cheney, Edwards Clash On Iraq
Cheney, Edwards Spar Over War
Cheney: 'Hell No,' I Won't Run
Cheney: Anti-War Dems Undermine Troops
Cheney: CIA Abuse Probe a Political Act
Cheney: Hey, Don?t Blame Us For Mess
Cheney: Hillary Could Win In '08
Cheney: I Might Change Some Votes
Cheney: I Won't Let You See My Documents
Cheney: I'm Not Quitting
Cheney: Iraq Pullout 'Unwise'
Cheney: No Current Plan For Iraq
Cheney: Senate Resolution "Won't Stop Us"
Cheney: The 'Toughest Decision'
Cheney: They Like The Guy
Cheney: Wrong Vote Invites Attack
Cheneys Welcome Bidens At V.P. Mansion
Chertoff Lightly Grilled
Chertoff To Tour Calif. Levees
Chertoff: Congress Must Up Security
Chicago Approves 'Living Wage' Bill
Chicago Election Board: Rahm Can Run For Mayor
Chicago Mayor Regrets "Up Your Butt" Comment
Chicago Panel Ready to Rule if Emanuel on Ballot
Chicago Priest Sorry For Clinton Remarks
Chicago Tossed in 1st Round of IOC Vote
Chicago's Daley Gets Challenger
Chief Justice John Roberts Sold Pfizer Stock
Chief Justice Scolds Congress
Chief Justice Scolds Congress
Child Health Coverage Faces New Limits
Children's Healthcare Bill Passes Senate
Chilly St. Pat's For Gerry Adams
China Becoming An Issue In '08 Race
China Passes on Visit by Defense Chief Gates
China To Bush: We Can Work It Out
China Trade Roils Democrats
China's President Begins U.S. Visit
China's President To Get Grand State Dinner
Chinese Leader Dines With Bill Gates
Chokehold Sought on EPA Over Carbon Rules
Choose Or Snooze
Choppy Waters For Immigration Deal
Chris Dodd Endorsed By Firefighters
Chris Dudley Concedes Oregon Governor Race
Christian Coalition Treated To Video-Bush
Christie Whitman Gets Frisky
Christina Romer, Obama Economic Adviser, Resigns
Christine O'Donnell Gets GOP Support
Christine O'Donnell Has a Book Deal
Christmas at the White House No Small Feat
Christmas In August?
Christmas Terror Suspect Pleads Not Guilty
Christmas Wishes From Washington
Chung Details Campaign Gifts
Chung Sentenced To Probation
Church In Fight With IRS
CIA Ahead in Intelligence Turf War
CIA Chief: We Don't Torture
CIA Director Forced Out
CIA Fires Employee For Media Leak
CIA Fires Employee For Media Leak
CIA Goes 14 Months without Internal Watchdog
CIA Harsh Interrogation Methods Revealed
CIA Head: Cheney Almost Wishing For Attack
CIA Hired Outsiders to Help Hit Al Qaeda
CIA Hired Outsiders to Help Hit Al Qaeda
CIA May Face New Probe Over Destroyed Videos
CIA Nominee Sparks Confirmation Fight
CIA Probing Suspect 'Rendition'
CIA Records Unclear On Pelosi Briefing
CIA Seeks Secret Prisons Probe
CIA Terror Tapes Case Closes without Charges
Cindy McCain Harshly Criticizes Myanmar
Cindy McCain Releases 2006 Tax Returns
Cindy McCain Reports $4.2 Million In 2007
Cindy McCain Says She Supports Husband on DADT
Cindy McCain Sells Sudan-Related Funds
Cindy McCain Settles Back Property Taxes
Cindy McCain's RNC Address
Cindy McCain: Obama Campaign Dirtiest Ever
Cindy Sheehan Arrested At NYC Protest
Cities Lag in Preparations for Census
Cities Seek To Lure Convention
Citizen Journalism
Civil Rights Groups Examine Election
Civil Rights Groups Eye Fla. Election
Civil Rights Hot Spot Gets Black Mayor
Civil Rights Pioneer Dead At 84
Clamoring For '04 Campaign Cash
Clark And Edwards Vow To Hang In
Clark Attacked For GOP Ties
Clark Battles On Domestic Front
Clark Comes To Harlem
Clark Doesn't Back Off McCain Critique
Clark Draws Fire At Debate
Clark Faces Late-Night Laugh Test
Clark Frontrunner In Poll
Clark In Spotlight At Dem Debate
Clark Lives To Fight Another Day
Clark Reaches Out To Gays
Clark Returns Speech Cash
Clark Salutes Kerry
Clark Salutes Kerry
Clark Sees Civilian Service Corps
Clark To Back Kerry
Clark Tosses Brass Hat In Ring
Clark Waffles On War
Clark's Entry Could Shake Up Race
Clark's Southern Appeal
Clark, Lieberman To Skip Iowa
Clark: Far Away From Iowa Fray
Clarke's Political Bombshell
Class Warfare, American Style
Classroom Compromise
Clean Air, Dirty Tricks?
Cleaning Up The Web
Clear Sailing For Immigration Bill
Click Here For A Politics Fix
Cliffs Notes For Bush
Climate Bill Faces Long Odds in the Senate
Climate Bill Faces Steep Hill in Senate
Climate Bill Moves Forward in Senate
Climate Change on Plate for Obama at G8
Climax For Illinois Senate Circus
Climax For Illinois Senate Circus
Clinging To Their Turf
Clinton Accepts CBS Debate; Obama Deciding
Clinton Adviser Begala Quits
Clinton Adviser Berger Cops Plea
Clinton Adviser Pleads Guilty
Clinton Advisers Criticize Obama Mailer
Clinton Again Hints At Joint Ticket
Clinton Aide Compares Obama To Ken Starr
Clinton Aide Steps Down After Drug Comment
Clinton And Dole Off The Hook