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Some Notre Dame Students Experience ID Problems At Polls
Some Presidential Hopefuls Rely On A Student Army
Some Relief Found In Declining Oil Prices
Some U. Iowa Students Cope With Being Too Young To Vote
Some U. Iowa Vets Criticize McCain
Some U. Miami Students Irked By Politics And Obama Support At Homecoming Concert
Some U. Penn Students Disappointed In Campus Political Efforts
Some UC Scholars, Students Critical Of Higher Education Act
Some Young U. Miami Voters Annoyed By Celebrity Political Endorsements
South Carolina Debates Lowering Drinking Age For Military Personnel
South Carolina Students Get Politically Involved Before Primary
Southern Illinois U Students Show Interest In Election
Southern Methodist U. Chosen As Site For George W. Bush Presidential Center
Speaker From Doctors Without Borders Visits UC-Davis Campus
Spitzer Scandal Shadows NYU Students' Lobbying Efforts
Spitzer's Downfall A Windfall For Three Brown Alums
Sponsors 'disappointed' By Lack Of Minority Talk At Debate
St. Anselm Student Draws National Attention With Political Blog
Staine: Thank God Diddy Told Me To Vote
Stanford Business Alumnus Released From Chinese Jail
Stanford Gains Access To Collection Of Iraqi Documents
Stanford Law Prof Defends Afghani Journalist Detained By U.S.
Stanford President, Senators At Odds Over Endowment Spending
Stanford Prof. Leaves Post Amid Senate Investigation Into Ties To The Drug Industry
Stanford Professor Pushes Verifiable Voting System
Stanford Professors Give Overwhelmingly To Democrats
Stanford Students Gear Up For Tuesday Primaries
Stanford Students Hit The Road For Obama
Stanford Students, Profs Protest Rumsfeld
Stanford U. Gay Marriage Ban Supporters Remain Active Under Pressure
Stanford U. Questions Merits Of House Bill On Illegal File-sharing
Stars Ask Students To 'rock'
State Lawmaker Opposes Columbia U. Plan To Demolish Brownstones
State Lawmakers Offer Support To Regents' Investigation Into U. Iowa Assault
State Mulls Nonprofit Bill
State Of Finances Uncertain At Northeastern U.
State Rep. Proud Of Role As U. Wisconsin 'Critic'
State Restrictions Inhibit Youth Voter Registration
State Senator Pushes For Early Voting In Mich.
State Superdelegate Hopes Primaries Decide Nominee
States Reject The Electoral College
Stem Cell Research To Boom Under Obama, Researchers Say; But Medical Effects Limited
Stephanopoulos Says Clinton Should Drop Out
Street To Receive $30,000 For Teaching, 'additional Duties' At Temple
Strong Student Turnout Pushes Obama To A Sweeping Victory
Student Campaign Contributions On Rise
Student Campaign For Obama In Battleground States Derailed
Student Campaigners Encourage Youth Vote
Student Charged For Disorderly Conduct By Elon At Palin Rally
Student Delegates Part Of Wisconsin Delegation At DNC
Student Fee Hike Protest In Sacramento Draws 1,000
Student Government Rejects Resolution For Concealed Weapons On Campus
Student Government Seeks Early Voting For Utah Students In Fall Election
Student Government Tries To Pass Sedition Act
Student Group Rallies For Obama
Student Political Activists Still At Work After Election
Student Political Groups Wind Down; Senate Seat Still For Grabs In Minn.
Student Republicans Try To Gain Visibility At Syracuse U.
Student Runs For New York Congress
Student Support Integral For Presidential Candidates' Campaigns
Student Voters Political Beliefs Heavily Influenced By Family, Education
Student Voting Could Sway Elections
Student Works On Bill To Limit Inflation Rate For Washington Tuitions
Student-led Campaign Seeks To Freeze U. California, California State U. Tuition
Students 'schlep' To Sway Relatives To Obama
Students At E. Washington U. Tally Votes, Send Info To Media Outlets
Students Campaign For Giuliani In New Hampshire
Students Campaign For Ron Paul
Students Candidate Declares Victory
Students Could See 401(k)s Disappear
Students Could Tip Race - If They Show Up
Students Discuss Election Fraud
Students Discuss Safety Under Republican Leadership
Students Donations Raise Ethical Concerns
Students Drive Dems Claim To Penn State County
Students For A Sensible Drug Policy Hosts Conference At U. Maryland
Students Gather To Discuss Ron Paul
Students Help Many Different Candidates In Primary Season
Students Hit The Streets In N.H. For Candidates
Students Leave George Washington U. To Campaign
Students Protest For Gay Rights
Students Protest Inauguration Day Exams
Students Push Congress To Reform Voter Registration
Students Received Absentee Ballots Too Late To Voice Choices
Students Show Support For Clinton
Students Trek To Ohio To Campaign For Obama
Students Turn Passion For Politics Into Business
Students Urge Congress To Set Greener Course
Students, Professors Say The U.S. Is Ready For A Black President
Studies Show More College Students Voting
Study Finds Students Aren't Apathetic, Just Unaware
Study Says NJ May Lose House Seat In 2010
Study Shows Clinton Captures Most News Coverage Among Candidates
Study Shows Foreigners Favor Obama
Study Shows Many Lack Trust Of Media's Presidential Coverage
Study: College Liberal Bias Learned From Peers
Study: Milwaukee Hosts Largest Racial Job Gap In Country
Subdued Air Filled North Carolina GOP Watch Party
Summit Raises Awareness
Super Tuesday A Mixed Bag For Dems -- Youth Vote Favors Obama, Clinton Wins Big States
Super Youth Turnout On Super Tuesday
Superdelegates Gear Up For DNC
Superdelegates May Play 'super' Role
Superdelegates Question Their Role
Supporters To Host Campaign Tailgates At Penn State Spring Football Game
Surge In Political Activism From Students On All Philly Campuses
Survey Says Youth Voters Favor Obama, Giuliani
Survey USA Proves More Accurate Than Ohio Poll
SurveyUSA Proves More Accurate Than Ohio Poll
Suspicious Letter Causes Evacuation At U. Central Florida Research Pavillion
Swarthmore Sophomore Showcased In Grassroots Campaign Video
Swarthmore Students Travel To Georgia For Human Rights Protest
Swarthmore Students Travel To School Of The Americas Protest InGa.
Swing Status Brings Added Focus To North Carolina
Syracuse Med Students, Activists Protest SCHIP Veto
Syracuse Professors Discuss Importance Of New York Primary
Syracuse U. Student Expresses Identity Through Personal Fashion Line
Tears Of Joy: West Virginia U. Democrats Find Victory
Terror Threats Fail To Stop Business As Usual
Texas A&M Election Discussion Highlights Global And National Issues
Texas A&M Introduces Homeland Security Graduate Program
Texas A&M Reacts As Obama Takes Presidency
Texas A&M Students Prepare For Global Trends Conference
Texas Christian U. Speaker: Hobbies Essential To President's Health
Texas Democrats Discuss Potential Effects Of Obama's Energy Plan
Texas Football Player Dismissed For Racial Slur On Facebook
Texas Student Government Leaders Revive TSA
Texas Tech Student Organization Pushes Democratic Party Agenda
Texts And Facebook, With A Political Twist
The Battle Against Hate Crimes
The Economics Of The Iowa Caucuses
The Farmer And The Bill
The Final Push At U. Maryland
The Guts And Gore Of Green At U. Maryland
The Perspective Politician: Ron Paul Speaks To Maryland Crowd
The Political Gridiron: U. Maryland Quarterback Duo Stand On Opposing Sides Of Election
The Professor And ThePresident: Former U. Chicago Colleagues, Students Talk About Obama
The Ron Paul Revolution Comes To An End
The Science Of Polling
The Voting Habits Of Young Adults
The Youngest Voter: Notre Dame Student Becomes Eligible To Vote The Day Before The Election
Third Parties Candidates Still Push On
Third Party Debate Offers New Choices To Voters
Third-party Candidates Create More Alternatives For Voters
Third-party Candidates Visit Columbia U. This Weekend
Third-party Presidential Candidate Nader Speaks At U. Massachusetts
Thousands Expected At Obama Rally In Sewell Park Tonight
Three States Ban Same-sex Marriages
Three U. Maryland Economists Sign Onto McCain Plan
Thrill Of Voting For The First Time Undampened By Rain Near Princeton
Through The Ups And Downs, McCain's Her Man
Through Webcast, Northeastern U. Faculty Reaches Out To Students Regarding Current Financial Crisis
Tommy Thompson Touts Giuliani In S.C.
Too Young To Vote, Some Freshmen Sit Sidelined
Top Michigan Dems Want Primary Do-over In June
Top Wisc. Dem Endorses Obama Before Texas, Ohio Primaries
Towson U. Junior Tries To Go From Lecture Hall To City Hall
Trailer At American U. Questions FEMA Action
Tree-Sitters Remain For Third UC Berkeley Football Season
Troop Recall, Tax Credits Among Sen. Clinton's Key Issues
Tuesday's Primaries Produced No Clear Democratic Frontrunner
Tufts Econ Prof Develops Carbon Emissions Legislation
Tufts Students Flying To Southern States To Canvass For Obama
Tufts U. Paid $200K To Lobbyists In 2006 To Secure Funding
Tufts U. Students Go Door-to-door For Obama
Tufts U. Students Go Door-to-door For Obama
Tuition Hikes Loom Across U.S.
Tuition Rates Rise At Ill. Community Colleges As State Funds Drop
Turnout Increasing Among Young College Voters
Two Princeton Profs, 10 Alums Sign McCain Statement Calling Obama's Economic Plan 'risky'
Two U. Arizona Students To Be Democratic Delegates At DNC
U. Alabama Class Studies Female VP Noms' Media Attention
U. Alabama Student Heads To RNC As McCain Delegate
U. Alabama Students Anticipate Long Lines At The Polls
U. Arizona Considers Larger Classes, 4-day Weeks During Summer
U. Arizona Holds Last Meeting On Plan To Cut Spending
U. Arizona Preps For Primary Elections
U. Arizona President Under Fire For Plan To Cut Faculty
U. Arizona Researchers To Work With Homeland Security
U. Arizona Sets Timeline For Restructure
U. Arizona Students Build Fence On Campus, Spark Immigration Debate
U. Arizona Students Consider Colbert Candidacy
U. Arizona Students Hit The Campaign Trail
U. Arizona Students Talk Politics Prior To Primaries
U. Arizona Students Turn Out En Masse To Vote
U. Arkansas Students Rock For Ron Paul
U. California Workers' Strike Continues
U. Colorado Activist Training Workshop Covers Politics, Participation
U. Colorado Conservatives Find Themselves Caught In A Liberal Frenzy
U. Colorado Prof Leads Study Of Teen Political Behavior
U. Conn Speaker On Apartheid Activism
U. Florida Academics Contribute More To Democratic Candidates
U. Florida Alum's Grandmother Honored In Obama Speech
U. Florida Law Prof Reflects On Days As Obama's Student
U. Florida Leaders Shrug Off McCain Endorsement
U. Florida President Announces McCain Endorsement
U. Florida Receives $250K Grant For Study Program On U.S. Foreign Policy
U. Florida Republicans, Democrats Content With Clinton Win
U. Florida Student Democracts, Republicans Respond To Caucuses
U. Florida Student Using Notoriety To Promote Voter Registration
U. Florida Students Build Obama-campaiging Robot
U. Florida Students Campaign Despite Florida's Weakened Primaries
U. Florida Students Sign Nationwide Petition To Keep Tuition Low
U. Florida To Cut 10 Percent From Budget At Governor's Request
U. Hawai'i Student Becomes One Millionth Donor To Obama Campaign
U. Hawaii Receives $2 Million Yearly For Homeland Security Research
U. Houston Group Drives Early Voters To The Polls
U. Houston Prof Joins Obama's National Finance Committee
U. Illinois Area Democrats, Republicans React To Obama's Victory
U. Illinois Organizations Work To Help Their Party's Campaigns
U. Illinois Students Move To Make Decisions For Super Tuesday
U. Iowa Area Voters Trusted Obama, Exit Poll Says
U. Iowa International Students Watch Election With Interest
U. Iowa Partisans Face Off In Debate
U. Iowa Political Poll Gives Clues To Potential Caucus Votes
U. Iowa President Mason Apologizes To Regents For The Mishandling Of Hillcrest Sexual Assault
U. Iowa Profs: Political Advertising Playing Different Role In Campaign
U. Iowa Scientists See Stem-cell Hope With Obama
U. Iowa Students And Faculty Admire Obama's Picks
U. Iowa Students Pitch In For Ga. Race
U. Iowa Students Protest 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'
U. Iowa Students Share First Vote With Their Parents
U. Iowa Study: Obama Muslim Rumor Lives On Nationally, But Not In Iowa City
U. Kansas Student Candidate Loses Race But Not Hope
U. Kansas Student Sets Sights On Kansas House Of Representatives
U. Kansas Student To Prove Gay And Republican Can Mix
U. Kansas Students Earn D.C. Jobs Through Internships
U. Kansas Students Follow National Voting Trend
U. Kansas Students Win Tickets To The RNC
U. Kentucky Student Flees War-torn Home, Finds Second Chance In U.S.
U. Kentucky Students Campaign For Gubernatorial Candidates
U. Kentucky Students Disgusted, Some Not Surprised By Obama Effigy
U. Maryland Anti-abortion Groups Rethink Partisan Views
U. Maryland College Democrats, Republicans Stage Debate To Break Down Their Platforms
U. Maryland Dean Named To Obama Transition Team
U. Maryland Faculty Mostly Donate To Democrats
U. Maryland In-state Tuition To Stay Frozen For Third Straight Year
U. Maryland Panel Discusses Historic Election
U. Maryland Prof: Fixing Health Care Transcends Party Lines
U. Maryland Students Examine Crisis On Wall Street
U. Maryland Students Wait For Hours For Washington Post's Special Election Edition
U. Maryland Students' Study: Oprah Endorsement Earned Obama Votes
U. Massachusetts Alumnus Challenges Kerry For Seat
U. Massachusetts Black Student Union Debates On Upcoming Election
U. Massachusetts Braces For Budget Cuts As Spiraling Economy Hits Home
U. Massachusetts Campus Organizations Work On Deadline To Get Out The Vote
U. Massachusetts Cancels Two-credit Campaign-for-Obama Program
U. Massachusetts Democrats Honored By State Party
U. Massachusetts Discusses Latino Pluralities
U. Massachusetts Groups Combine For Voter Registration
U. Massachusetts Honorary Degree Policy Revised
U. Massachusetts Students React To First Presidential Debate
U. Massachusetts Students Registered By SGA Unable To Vote
U. Massachusetts Teachers Want New Funding Solution
U. Miami Panel Discusses Presidential Candidates Impact On Economy
U. Miami Passed Over For '08 Debate
U. Mich. Alum Picked For Position In Obama Administration
U. Mich. Funds Hit Hard By Detroit Three's Struggles
U. Mich. To Offer Engineering Retraining To GM Employees
U. Michigan Admins Limited In Supporting Stem Cell Measure
U. Michigan College Dems Unite For Nominee
U. Michigan Defends Financial Aid Endowment Spending
U. Michigan Dems, Republicans Present Presidential Platforms To Minority Groups
U. Michigan Group Promotes Libertarianism
U. Michigan Lets Dems Campaign In Dorms; GOP To Follow
U. Michigan Prof Considers Bid For Czech Presidency
U. Michigan Students Investigate Ways To Preserve Diversity
U. Minnesota Campus Businesses Unconcerned About RNC
U. Minnesota EBay Vote Seller Gets 50 Hours Of Community Service
U. Minnesota Residence Hall Students Might Not Be Registered To Vote
U. Minnesota Student Faces Felony Charge For Vote Auction
U. Minnesota: Don't Skip Class To Vote
U. Mississippi Political Groups Discuss Future Campaigns
U. Mississippi Student Dedicates Semester To Obama Campaign
U. Mississippi Students Brush Off KKK's Rumored Debate Plans
U. Mississippi, Community To Help Show 'real' Oxford To Debate Guests
U. Mississippi-area Committee Plans Events Leading To Sept. Debate
U. Missouri Campus Organizations Work To Register Students To Vote
U. Missouri Expects Large Student Turnout On Election Day
U. Missouri Student Political Groups Debate Issues In Presidential Race
U. Montana Day Of Dialogue Discusses Sexuality, Race, And Civil Rights
U. Montana Football Players Charged With Aggravated Assault
U. Montana Might Expel Football Players Charged With Assault
U. Montana Professors Predict Montana To McCain
U. Montana Students Downed In House Elections
U. Nebraska Study Examines Psychology Threats E-mailed To Congress
U. Nevada-Reno Feels Market Woes
U. Nevada-Reno Volunteer Campaigns For Nader
U. New Hampshire Senior To Run For State Rep. In November
U. New Hampshire Students Feeling Stress Over U.S. Fiscal Failures
U. Oklahoma Freshman Wins Popular Vote For Mayor
U. Oklahoma President Named To Obama Advisory Committee
U. Oregon Student Leader Outlines Plan To Register New Voters
U. Oregon Student Newspaper Endorses Obama
U. Oregon Summer Class Heads To The Border
U. Penn Group Hosts Discussion Of Tuesday's Presidential Debate
U. Penn Groups Reach Agreement On Awareness Weeks
U. Penn Students Planned Obama Hoax As April Fools' Day Joke
U. Penn Students Working To Influence Important Primary
U. Penn Students, Profs Declare Support For Bill Ayers
U. Penn-Dartmouth Voting Contest Ends In Tie
U. Pennsylvania Professor Denies Rumors Of Assistance In Torture Techniques
U. Pittsburgh Profs Review Election '08 Primary Players
U. Rhode Island Considers Presidential Favorites
U. Rhode Island Faculty, Staff Give At Least $86,790 To Dems
U. Richmond Students Travel To Hear Bill Clinton Speak At Virginia Commonwealth U.
U. South Carolina Student's Father Makes Run For White House
U. South Carolina Students Discuss Colbert'S Presidential Bid
U. South Dakota Junior Finds Friend In Presidential Candidate
U. South Florida Officials: University Cannot Afford A Presidential Debate
U. South Florida Prof Helps Restructure Relief Efforts
U. South Florida Straw Poll Aims To Determine Student Opinion
U. South Florida Students Take To Streets In Celebration
U. South Florida Students Wait Past 10 P.m. To Cast Votes On Campus
U. Texas Admissions Office Struggles With Top 10 Percent Rule
U. Texas Professor's Warning Deters Plans To Publish Islam Book
U. Texas Receives $11.6M In Funding, 34th Among 848 Grant Recipients
U. Texas Regents Donate Thousands To GOP
U. Texas Revokes Sign Ban, Penalties
U. Texas Students Avoid Campus Bookstores
U. Texas System Disputes Border Fence Plans
U. Toledo College Democrats March To Vote
U. Toledo Professor Speaks Of First Lady's Role
U. Toledo Students Will Skip Class To Vote
U. Utah Law Profeessor Speaks Before Senate
U. Utah Ranked No. 8 In Voting Drive
U. Utah Students Absent From Birth Control Price Debate
U. Utah Students Sign Petition For Henry's Law
U. Virginia Prof's New Book Aims To 'stir The Pot', Revise Constitution
U. Virginia Seeks To Aid Student Voters
U. Virginia Students Contest Conservative Speakers Ideas
U. Virginia Students Seek Political Answers
U. Wisconsin Ad Project Finds Obama Spending More Before Ohio
U. Wisconsin Dean Apologizes For Calling Tuition 'cheap'
U. Wisconsin Group Sets Record, Registers 5,463 Voters
U. Wisconsin Lets International Students Vote In Mock Election
U. Wisconsin Regents Postpone Chancellors' Raises, Cite Economic Crisis
U. Wisconsin Regents To Revise Discipline Code
U. Wisconsin Researchers Hope To Promote Campaign Reform With Ad Study
U. Wisconsin Student Delegate Talks Obama
U. Wisconsin Students Join Ron Paul's 'day Of Donation'
U. Wisconsin System Chancellors Pay Raises Postponed Amid Shaky Economy
U.S. Ambassador Calls On Jewish Voters To Drop Republican Support, Back Obama
U.S. Congress Passes College Residence Hall Fire Safety Laws
U.S. Deems Some MIT Grad Students Security Threats
U.S. House Approves GI Bill For Recent Warveterans
U.S. House Approves Student-loan Bill
U.S. House Candidate Could Be State's First Muslim Rep
U.S. House OKs Bill On College Transparency
U.S. Intelligence Chief Tells Of Future Terror Threats
U.S. Needs To Aid Darfur, U. Iowa Speaker Says
U.S. Rep. Kagen Declares Health Care As 'number One' Fiscal Issue
U.S. Representative Peter DeFazio Discusses Possibilities Of Healthier American Forests
U.S. Secretary Of Commerce Addresses Cuban Relations At Harvard U.
U.S. Senate Looks Into College Endowments
U.S. Senate Reviews Data On University Endowments
UC Berkeley Athletic Center Appeal Ruled 'premature'
UC Berkeley Professors Incorporate Upcoming Elections Into Classroom
UC Berkeley Students Bring Spirit To DNC
UC Berkeley Students On Both Sides Get Out Nev. Vote
UC Berkeley Undecided On Drinking Age Initiative
UC Davis Students Named Delegates For Democratic National Convention
UC Opposes Bill To Protect Journalism Advisers
UC Police Attempting To Take Berkeley Tree-sitters Down
UC System Braced For Deep Cuts To Budget
UC, Cal State System Employees Required To Sign Loyalty Oath
UC- Davis Students, Area Residents React To Prop 8
UC-Berkeley Faculty Members Advise Obama
UC-Davis Breaks Student Voter Registration Record
UC-Davis Forum Looks At Candidate Media Images
UC-Davis Grad Student Runs For State Congress
UC-Davis Panelists Discuss 'The New Deal Now' In Relation To Today's Economic Meltdown
UC-Davis Professor Chosen For Obama Transition Team
UC-Davis Professor Reviews The Presidential Election
UC-Davis Study Links War Casualties To President's Approval Rating
UC-Davis Urges President-elect To Give Science Adviser Cabinet Rank
UCF Student Senator Who Took A Eucharist From A Catholic Mass Is Impeached
UCF Students Sue Administration After Being Told Online Voting Is Unconstitutional
UCLA Activists Protest Proposition 8 Decision
UCLA Groups Push To Register Goal Of 8,000
UCLA Students Have Ballot Options
UCLA Students Head To Nevada To Back Barack
UCLA Students Participate In Political Fast
UMass Revokes Zimbabwe President's Honorary Degree
UMiss Mulls Racial Past Before Presidential Debates
Underdog Candidate Talks Health At Dartmouth Medical Center
Unemployment Rates Will Continue To Rise For At Least A Year, N.C. State Economist Projects
Unified Government Could Present Risks
Uniting Republicans Is Aim Of New Campus GOP Leader
Universities Cancel Classes; U. Southern California Passes
Universities Prepare For Debates
Universities Vie For Texas Resources
University Of Colorado's College GOP Down, Not Out
University Presidents Meet With Iran's Science Minister
UNLV Gears Up For Debate Day
UNLV Students Get Involved With Politics
UNLV Students Spread Presidential Candidates' Messages
USC J-School To Launch Online News Source
USC Officials Discuss Financial Aid For Undocumented Students
USC Student Campaigns For Ticket To Democratic National Convention
USC Students Team Up With Lawyers To Ensure Smooth Election Day
Use Of Indiana U. Logo In Political Campaigns On Campus Questioned
Using Nanotech, U. Michigan Scientists Create Obama Portraits
UT Delays Replying To Endowment Query
UT Student Trades Out Political Signs
Utah House Votes To Repeal Tuition Break For Undocumented Students
Utah's New Voting Technology Seeks To Be More Reliable
UW College Democrats, Republicans Face Off To Win Votes For Primary
Vampire Flick Revisits Obama's Harvard Law School Days
Vanity Fair Editor: GOP Exploits Media
Varying Absentee Ballot Rules Confuse Young George Washington U. Voters
Veteran Health Care Dominates West Virginia Clinton Speech
Veterans Honor Vietnam Memorial's 25th Anniversary
Vice-presidential Candidate Matt Gonzalez Speaks At UC-Davis
Virginia College Voter Registration Dispute Resolved
Virginias First Ladies Are Mother, Daughter Duo
Vote Miscount In City Precinct A Result Of Rare Technical Glitch
Voter Alliance Meets To Educate U. Connecticut Students
Voter Fraud Suspected In 6 Alabama Counties - 5 Days Until The Election
Voter ID Laws Reduce Participation, Brown U. Study Finds
Voter Initiative Groups Target Iowa Youth Vote
Voter Outreach Group To Increase Efforts
Voter Turnout In D.C. Up In Potomac Primary Sweep
Voter Turnout Low, Apathy High Among Youngest Age Bracket
Voters Adhere To Ideals With Third Party Candidates
Voters Beware: Poll Rules Apply
Voters Turn Out As Predicted
Voting Away From Home Difficult For Some Santa Clara U. Students
Voting May Be Difficult For Some Illinois State Students
Voting Numbers Discrepancy At U. South Florida Polling Location Still Unanswered By Officials
Voting Policy Confuses U. South Florida Staff
VP Debate Generates Interest On Ole Miss Campus
W. Kentucky U. Lets Students Throw Darts At Politicians
Wallace Discusses Importance Of Third Parties At Illinois State
Washington State U. Reacts To Dorm Patrols Ruling
Wasilla Appalled By Election Results
Watchdog Group Says Lobbyists To U. Wisconsin Didn't Report
Web Popularity Doesn't Always Equal Votes
Web Resources Inspire More Political Interest
Web Site ActBlue Helps Transform Political Fundraising
Web Site Aims To Query Candidates
Web Site Devoted To New First Lady's Fashion Choices
Web Site Shows College Students Where Their Votes Count The Most
Web Sites Change Political Climate
Website Serves Readers Election News Online
Website Tells Kansas U. Students How To Make Their Vote Count
West Virginia Dems Rally Local Support
West Virginia Gun Sales Surge Amid Obama Presidency Concerns
West Virginia U. Area Poll Turnout Exceeds Expectations
West Virginia U. Debates 51 Miscoded Crime Classifications With Department Of Education
West Virginia U. Engage '08 Aspires To Influence Voter Participation
West Virginia U. Student Organizations Debate Election Issues In Open Forum
West Virginia U. Students To Go Multiple Sources For Election News
Western Kentucky U. Loses $120k In WaMu Bonds
Where Higher Ed Policy Changes Fall In Obama's Priorities Unclear
While Some Celebrate, San Jose State U. Republicans Are Concerned About An Obama Administration
Who Is Ron Paul? Unlikely Candidate Gains College Support
Why Your Vote Counts
Widespread Misconceptions About Candidates On U. Miami Campus
Will The Well Run Dry?: Duke Research Funding Faces Uncertain Time
Will The Youth Vote Come Out For Obama?
Wiretap Ties New York Governor To Prostitution Ring
Wis. Governor Warns Of Partial Government Shut Down
Wis. Governor: Put Science Over Religion
Wis. Senator Kohl Stays Active In Student Issues
Wisconsin College Student To Help Seat Dem. Delegates
Wisconsin Court: Drink-special Bans Acceptable
Wisconsin May Insist On Fire-safe Cigarettes
Wisconsin Reps, Dems: Vote Now, Volunteer Later
Wisconsin Students Bring Big Poll Turnout
Wisdom, Encouragement And Humor For The Next Generation
With Few Precedents, Outcome Of FOIC Case Uncertain
With RNC Over, St. Paul Prepares For Lawsuits From Arrested Protesters
With Romney Out, Religion Still A Factor
Women Explore Gender Roles In American Politics At U. Iowa
Women Take Majority In N.H. StateSenate
Wonkette Founder Shares Take On Journalism, Politics
World Markets Follow In Failure
World Reacts Favorably To Obama
Yale Archiving Bin Laden Tapes
Yale Con Man Found Guilty Of Fraud
Yale Finance Guru Out Front Of Rocketing Endowment Growth
Yale Law Dean Discusses Power Struggle In National Security
Yale Law Dean Discusses Power Struggle In National Security
Yale Political Groups Push To Nov. 4
Yale Students For Obama Combine Service And Politics For Campaign
Yale Students Unite After Obama Victory With National Anthem Sing-a-long
Yale Students' Online Game Gaining Ground On Campuses
Yale Votes No On Polling
Yale World Fellows Opt For Obama
Yale's Nader Niche
YCT Reacts To National Coverage Of Anti-Obama Carnival
Young And Proud: Students Not Concerned With Race In 2008 Election
Young Audience Members Removed At McCain Rally In Iowa
Young Buckeye Runs For State Legislature
Young Clinton Backers Don't Get Much Help
Young Conservatives Of Texas Adviser Resigns, Ashamed
Young People Have Been Key To Campaigns, But Their Big Test Comes Today
Young Republicans Take Advantage Of RNC's Scaled-back Opening Day
Young Voters Bolster Campaigns Through Online Donations