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Colon Cancer Test Disappoints
Colonial Brain Surgery?
Color-Coding Healthy Snacks
Colorful Cauliflower Is Coming
Coma Birth Produces 'Miracle Baby'
Coma Woman Shows Effects Of Fight
Coma Woman's Family Keeps Hoping
Combating Killers: Fat, Tobacco
Combating Killers: Fat, Tobacco
Combating Killers: Fat, Tobacco
Combating Southern Fried Fat
Combining Drugs Makes Colon Cancer Worse
Combo Therapy For Depression
Comfort Food Psychology
Common Cold Cured?
Common Cold Cured?
Common Cold-Causing Virus ID'd
Common Colon Cancer Tests May Foster False Sense of Safety
Common Colorectal Test Often Fails
Common Drugs Stem Colon Cancer
Common Exercise Mistakes
Common Gonorrhea Drugs Don't Work
Common Heart Attack Treatment Reconsidered
Common Pain Relievers Linked to Heart Deaths
Common Questions About Anthrax
Communicating With Your Baby
Commuters: Take A Nap
Companies Cited for Deceptive Green Tea Claims
Companies Halt Diet Drug Research
Companies Ill-Prepared For Flu
Companies Pledge to Limit Toxic Lead in Handbags
Company Claims It Can Neutralize Anthrax in Mail
Company Hired to Sanitize the Mail
Company Issues Pacemaker Warning
Company Recalls Beef Over E. Coli Fears
Company Recalls Beef Over E. Coli Fears
Company's Hearts Are Lonely
Company: Dissolving Tobacco Pill Is Safer
Competitors Team Up To Fight AIDS
Complementary Medicine
Comprehensive Report On Women's Health Released
Compromise Deal on Patients' Bill of Rights in Place
Compulsive Eating On The Rise
Computer Games Teach Nutrition
Computerized Mammography Under Scrutiny
Computers Aid E.R. Efficiency
Computers Help Docs Analyzing Breast Exams
Concern For Nutrition Programs
Concern High In Pa. Hepatitis Area
Concern Over Anti-Psychotics
Concerns Over Advil, Motrin, Aleve
Condom Label Changes Spark Debate
Condom Label Changes Spark Debate
Condom Warning Labels Mulled
Condoms Help Prevent HPV Transmission
Conference Discusses Science and Ethics of Human Cloning
Conflicting Advice Confuses Dieters
Confronting Abuse At Home
Confusion Over Smallpox Risk
Congestive Heart Failure
Congress Briefed On Mad Cow Probe
Congress Debates Use Of "Downer" Cows
Congress Decries FDA Lab Closings
Congress Experiences Bioterrorism First-Hand
Congress Hears Ephedra Complaints
Congress Injected With Cash
Congress Likely To Urge Rx Drug Imports
Congress Looks at the Scourge of Ecstasy
Congress OKs Expansion Of Kids' Insurance
Congress Overrides Bush Medicare Veto
Congress Resumes Debate On Stem Cells
Congress Sends Tobacco Bill To Obama
Congress Shines Spotlight On Food Safety
Congress Tries To Nix Internet Rx
Conjoined Twins Are Separated
Conjoined Twins Separated In L.A.
Conjoined Twins Separated In L.A.
Conjoined Twins Separated Successfully
Conjoined Twins Successfully Separated
Conjoined Twins Successfully Separated
Conn. AG Vows OxyContin Probe
Conn. Governor Recovering
Connecticut Probing Diet Drink Claims
Consent Forms: The Duh Factor
Constipation Drug Linked With Heart Risks
Consulting Dr. Internet
Consumer Reports Reviews Drugs
Consumer Survey Rates HMOs
Consumers To Find More Info On Meat Labels
Consumers: Take Peanut Precautions
Contact Lens Cleaners Face Scrutiny
Contact Lens Settlement
Contaminated Peanut Butter List Grows
Controlling High Blood Pressure: A National Priority?
Controversial 'Compassionate Use'
Controversial Italian Team Says It's Ready to Clone Humans
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Controversy Over Avandia Continues
Convincing Heart Attack Victims to Seek Help Quickly
Cooked Chicken Products Recalled
Cooked Chicken Products Recalled
Cooking For Pets: Good Idea?
Cooking Safe
Cooling Babies May Help Brains
Coping In Disaster Areas
Coping With Childhood Asthma
Corn Syrup Producers: We Want a Sweeter Name
Corneal Transplants: A Visionary Procedure
Corneas Grown In The Lab
Coroner Helps Vioxx Plaintiff
Corporations Slim Down Employees, Medical Costs
Corrective Surgery For Vision
Cost A Chronic Disease For Health Plans
Cost of Obesity: Health Suffers, So Does Wallet
Costa Rica's President Has H1N1 Flu
Costco Recalls Frozen Beef Patties
Costs Keep Ill From Seeking Health Care
Couch Potato Habits Start Early
Cough Medicine Abuse By Kids
Could An Old Plague Return?
Could Baby Formula Be Improved?
Could Cigarettes Be "Safer"?
Could Pill Ease Genetic Brain Disorder?
Could You Wake Up With Artificial Heart?
Counseling: A Nation Coping With the Tragedy of Terrorism
Count Your Cigarettes
Counterfeit Drugs: Rx For Danger
Counting Calories At McDonald's
Counting Calories? Chefs Apparently Aren't
Country Debates Stem Cell Research
Couple Wants a Cloned Baby
Couric Example Ups Colonoscopies
Court Green-Lights Ephedra Ban
Court Rejects $145B Award To Smokers
Court Rejects $145B Award To Smokers
Court Rejects Bush's Air Pollution Rule
Court Rejects Challenge To NYC Menu Rule
Court Rules Frozen Embryos Can't Be Used
Court Sets Aside Asbestos Case
Court Tosses $15B Class Action Vioxx Suit
Court Votes For HIV Rights
Court Win For Medical Marijuana
Court: HIV Positive? Tell Your Partner
Court: No Unapproved Meds For The Dying
Court: Vaccine Doesn't Cause Autism
Cow Blood Banned In Livestock Feed
Cow ID System May Be Delayed
Cow Killer Sparks Questions
Cow Tissue Repairs Woman's Heart
Cow Urine As Panacea?
Cow Valve Pumps Baby's Heart
Crackdown On Medicare Fraud
Crackdown On Sweet Smokes
Crackdown On Unpasteurized Milk
Crackdown On Web Drugstores
Crackdown On Web Drugstores
Cracking Down On Organic Labels
Cramped Seating on Planes: Risky?
Crane Accident Kills 1 in NYC
Crashes Revive 'Too Old' Debate
Craving Fatty Foods Is In The Genes
Creating Cancer Cell Terminator
Creativity May Help Aging Brains
Crib Death Risk Upped By Soft Bedding
Crib Death Tied To Heart Defect
Crib Safety Checks Urged After Recall
Critics Take a Shot at Vaccines
Crohn's Disease Breakthrough
Cross-Species Diseases Eyed
Cup O' Joe May Avert Liver Cancer
Cupid Now Has Viagra For Valentine's Day
Curbing Drinking on Campus
Curbing HIV Infection In Babies
Curing 'The Doorknob Phenomenon'
Curing Insomnia In The Elderly
Curing Male Infertility
Curing That Sneeze With More Ease
Curing West Nile Virus
Curiosity Didn't Kill These Cats
Customs Agents Seize Fake Tamiflu
Cut Calories For A Younger Heart
Cut Your Risk On Colon Cancer
Cutting Down Medical Mistakes
Cutting Tube Time Reduces Aggressive Behaviors in Children
CVS Boss Backs Rx Imports
Cycling Therapy Helps Paralyzed
D-Day For Bush's Smallpox Strategy
D-Day For Trans Fat In NYC
D.C. HIV/AIDS Cases Rise 22 Percent
Dairy Diet Deters Diabetes
Damaged Protein May Predict Alzheimer's
Dance Your Way To Mental Health?
Dancing The Pounds Away
Danger Behind The Wheel?
Danger in the Attic
Danger Lurking In Birth Control Patch?
Dangerous Batch of H1N1 Vaccine Found
Dangerous Cosmetics
Dangerous Results For Sleepy Kids
Dangerous Super Bugs Worry Doctors
Dangers Of A Tanning Salon Bronze
Dangers Of Low-Quality Dialysis
Dark Chocolate Could Help Hearts
DASH Diet, A Good Way to Help Manage High Blood Pressure
Database Dissects Evils Of Smoking
David Kessler's Battle Against Big Tobacco
David's Journey
Day Care Colds A Good Thing?
Daycare For Grownups
Dayle Haddon's Golden Rules For Sleep
De-Gunking Is Alzheimer's Focus
Dead Man's Sperm Gives Life, Not Benefits
Deadlock Over Drug Patents
Deadly Bird Flu Strain Found In Turkey
Deadly Bird Flu Strain Hits Africa
Deadly Bird Flu Strain In U.K?
Deadly Diets
Deadly Doctor's Orders
Deadly Doctor's Orders
Deadly Dose Of Daycare