Entertainment - Stories

Blair Witch: Fact Or Fiction?
Boiler Room Is Cautionary Tale
Cats Closes
Charlie's Angels Don't Need Guns
Cops Producer Busted For DUI
Dinosaur Tramples Gladiator
Down To You Up At Theaters
Fail Safe No Bomb
Friends Star Perry Enters Rehab
Gladiator Gets Golden Globe
Gladiator Slays The Competition
GQ Honors Best-Dressed Males
Graceland's $7M Doesn't Cut It
Grinch No Match For Mel Gibson
Hannibal Feasts On Competition
Harry Potter Works His Magic
I Would Have Voted 'Not Guilty'
Jesus Beats Millionaire
Killing Time Probes Techno Quandries
King Of Queens Trying To Lose Weight
Last Picture Show Theater Renovated
Little Big At Box Office
Los Lobos Wife Still Missing
M*A*S*H Actor Dies
Mars Rockets Into Theaters
Match Game Host Dies
Menace Rakes In Record $28M
Mission Impossible For Big Momma
Peanuts Creator Dead at 77
Perfect Premiere In New England
Pokemon Rules At Box Office
Roots Producer Stan Margulies Dies
Rules Of Engagement Still Rules
Sixth Sense Makes Cents
Sopranos, New And Old
Sopranos Hit Emmy High Note
Sopranos Matriarch Passes Away
Stigmata Stifles Sixth Sense
Stuart Little Is Big Shot
Survivor Debuts To Mixed Reviews
Survivor Goes Down Under
Survivor Joel On Dry Land
Survivor Winner Pleads Innocent
Survivor Won't Face Charges
Tarzan Tops Box Office
The Best Man Is Box Office Best
The Cell Sells At U.S. Cinemas
The Klumps On Top — For Now
The Mexican Hits The Theaters
The Sixth Sense Is A Winner
Tommy II In December
Traffic Jams
Wedding Planner Tops Movie Menu
Witch Casts Spell On Bride
X-Men Conquer The Box Office
Yellow Submarine Surfaces
`Anna Nicole' Opera to Open Next February
`Breaking Dawn Part Two' Releases In 2012
`Chloe' Debuts Amid Condolences
`Entertainment Tonight' Mum On Jolie Twins Snafu
`ER' Says Goodbye After 15 Years
`Idol' Finalists Staying Alive?
`Idol' Rat Pack To Go On Tour
`Rafta, Rafta' Gently Lampoons Generational Differences
`Sand' Looks At American Interest In Iraq
`Shutter Island' Bumped To February
A "Knight" Of A Farewell
A "Runaway" Love Affair for Women and Rock
A 'Beautiful' Night
A 'Dreamgirl' Behind The Scenes
A 'Pea' Pops Out Of The Pod
A 'Posh' Affair For Tom And Katie?
A 'Real World' Protest
A 'South Park' Sendoff For Chef
A 'Spielbrick' Flick
A 100th Birthday Celebration
A 3D Monster Of A Super Bowl Promo
A Baby For Tom And Katie
A Beauty For Annette Bening
A Big Fat Greek TV Hit?
A Big Kiss for Wal-Mart
A Big Night For The Boys At Tonys
A Birthday Bash Heard Around Globe
A Blond Bond
A Bonnie 'Lassie'
A Book From Rhett Butler's Perspective
A Box-Office Blast-Off
A Boy For Cindy Crawford
A Break For Gere In Kissing Case?
A Call To Resist Temptation
A Capital Christmas
A Car Cute As A Bunny
A Caribbean Poker Adventure
A Celebration Of Latin-American Art
A Challenge For Annika
A Chat With Shat
A Chip On Fergie's Shoulder
A Complete List of 2009 AMA Winners
A Dark Day For "The Dark Knight"
A Date That Will Live In Infamy
A Day Away From The Rio But Not Poker
A Deal In Tinseltown
A Decade After Diana
A Diamond Is For Whoever
A Dickens Of Christmas Present
A Dozen Nods For Gladiator
A Dress Code For Taxi Drivers?
A Familiar Face On The Tube
A Farewell Mass For Mambo Pioneer Cachao
A Final Smooch For 'Raymond'
A Fistful of Honors
A Friend Of Presidents
A Friend Of Presidents
A Full House On Campus
A German Castle For Cage
A Giddy Al Gore Discusses Live Earth
A Gold Mine For 'Treasure'
A Grammy First For Herbie Hancock
A Grieving Liam Neeson Wraps Up Film
A Guide To Phantom Menace
A Halloween Evergreen Celebrates 40 Years
A Hard Day?s Night For Fans
A Harmonious Homage for Judy Garland
A Heart For San Francisco
A Hint On Phil Spector's Story
A Hip, Brooding Man of Steel Set to Debut
A History Of Mel Brooks, Part I
A Hole In One For Two Hearts
A Home For Wisecracking Nuns
A Killer James Bond Exhibition
A Kind And Tenderhearted End
A Kinder, Gentler MTV Awards?
A Kinder, Gentler Oscar?
A Knight To Celebrate
A Kung Fu Spectacular To Light Up Broadway
A Label Of Her Own
A Lady Who Loves To Work
A Last Ride For Butch And The Kid?
A Legend Revisited
A List of Tony Winners
A List Performers For "Fashion Rocks"
A Little Slice Of Elvis
A Little Too Real For Reality TV
A Lively Rosie Makes 'View' Debut
A Long Tradition of Musicians Misbehaving
A Look At The Latest Prom Dress Trends
A Look At This Summer's Family Films
A Lot Has Changed Since "ER" Started
A Marathon At The Table
A Movie That Asks Big Questions
A Musical Field Of Dreams
A New 'Life' For Paris And Nicole
A New Anna Twist: Frozen Sperm?
A New Bad Girl On 'The O.C.'
A New Epic Of Middle-Earth
A New Internet-Inspired Poker Strategy
A New Season of TV
A New Stunt To Get Sanjaya Off "Idol"
A New Tune For Bono
A New Year, A New Album From Ne-Yo
A New, Grittier Harry Potter
A Peek At Hepburn's Scrapbooks
A Peek Into 'Saturday Night' Chaos
A Piloting Close Call For Han Solo
A Pop Star's Rise And Fall
A Practical Commencement Speech
A Procession At Graceland
A Prophetic Phone Call In Blake Case
A Quiet 95th For Bob Hope
A Quotable Christmas
A Real Doll On The Big Screen
A Real Life Conspiracy?
A Record Summer At The Box Office
A Record Summer For The Movies
A Reminder Of Affleck's Old Ways
A Revealing Night For Stars
A Romance For Reese & Jake?
A Sales Clerk You May Like
A Sales Clerk You May Like
A Salute To Elvis
A Series of Rock-Star Moments
A Setback For Mike Wallace
A Shockingly New Tara For Art
A Slice Of 'Laughing Pizza'
A Sneak Peek At Now and Again
A Snoop Dogg By Any Other Name?
A Song Made For The Millennium
A Sporty Movie And A Tear Jerker
A Stage For Frustrated Suits
A Star Shines For Danson
A Styleaholic Invades Small Town, U.S.A.
A Summer of Sequels, Swashbucklers
A Surprise At The Met
A Tale Of Two Jacksons
A Tale Of Two Michael Jacksons
A Tall Order For IMAX
A Taste Of Timberlake
A Television Giant Is Mourned
A Theater Glut
A Toned-Down Playboy For Indonesia
A Tough Year For David Letterman
A Treasure Trove Of Trivia
A Tribute To Fashion's "Architect"
A Tribute To Tupac From His Mom
A Turbulent Year In Video Games
A Very Private Moment
A Wacky 'Wonder Emporium'
A Week of Red-Carpet Days
A Week To Bare It All
A Weekend Of Visitors For Paris
A White House Dinner Fit For A Queen
A White House Welcome For Queen Elizabeth
A Winning Face
A Woman's Struggle To "Fit" Into Society
A Year In The Slammer For Mindy McCready
A Year In The Slammer For Mindy McCready
A&E Bets On 'Sopranos' Reruns
A&E Gambles On Casino Reality TV
A-Rod Expected At Yankee Stadium
A-Rod Slips Into Pin-Striped Suit
A-Rod's Wife Files For Divorce
A.L. Kennedy Wins Costa Book Of The Year
Aaliyah Crash Pilot Was On Cocaine
Aaliyah Is Box Office Queen
Aaliyah Is Box Office Queen
Aaliyah Is Box Office Queen
Aaliyah Plane Was Overloaded
Aaron Carter Breaks Engagement
Aaron Carter Off "Dancing with the Stars"
Aaron Carter's Got A New Girlfriend
Aaron Spelling Buried In Los Angeles
Aaron Spelling Dies At 83
Aaron Spelling Has Stroke
ABBA Theme Park Opens in London
ABBA, Genesis Among Rock Hall Inductees
ABBA, Genesis Rock Hall of Fame
ABC Adds 11 New Series
ABC Airing Video of Kidnapped Jaycee
ABC Apologizes For Marion Barry Flub
ABC Apologizes For Racy MNF Open
ABC Axes 'Politically Incorrect'
ABC Dumps Miss America
ABC Hires Matt Drudge
ABC Hopes Bee Spells Success
ABC Leads GLAAD Nominees
ABC Moves 'Grey's' In Lineup Operation
ABC Names 3 'Nightline' Anchors
ABC News Announces Staff Cuts
ABC Puts Jimmy Kimmel On The Wagon
ABC Television Pioneer Dies
ABC Unveils 'Skating With The Stars' Cast
ABC Was 'Desperate' For Madden
ABC Woos Letterman
ABC's Charles Gibson to Sign Off Dec. 18
ABC's Koppel Shoots Back
ABC's Robin Roberts Begins Chemo
ABC's Woodruff To Chronicle Recovery
Abdul Fan Found Dead Near Star's L.A. Home
Abdul Pokes Fun At 'Idol' Scandal
Abdul Says She Was Assaulted At Party
Abdul Signs For 3 More Years Of 'Idol'
Abdul To Host 'VH1 Divas'
Abdul's Love Life Looking "Upwards"
Abdul: Simon's Protective Of Me
Abortion Drama Wins European Film Award
About 12 Million Watched "Sopranos" Finale
AC/DC to Release "Iron Man 2" Soundtrack
AC/DC's Young Tops The Short List
Academy Approves Rules For 80th Oscars
Academy Awards 2010: The Nominees
Academy Awards: Cast Your Vote
Academy Of Country Music Award Winners
Academy of Country Music Awards: The Winners
Academy Stops 'Kane' Auction
Accidental Overdose Killed Ledger
Accordion's Rebirth As Cool
Accused Miley Cyrus Stalker Charged in Ga.
Accused Miley Cyrus Stalker Charged in Ga.
Accuser Faces Jackson In Court
Accuser's Family Praised Jackson
Accuser's Mom Details Brazil Plot
Accuser's Mom Flips Out At Jackson
Accuser's Mom Flips Out At Jackson
Accuser's Mom: 'Don't Judge Me!'
Accuser's Mother Key To Verdict
Achy Breaky Valentine For Puffy
Ackerman, Sci-Fi's Grand Old Man, Dies
ACLU Condemns Jailing of "Survivor" Hatch
ACM Tips Its Hat To George Strait
Acquitted, Blake Is A Free Man
Acting Bug Bites NYC Mayor
Acting Legend Marlon Brando Dies
Activist & Writer Grace Paley Dies At 84
Activists Want Disclaimer In Disney Film
Actor 'Night Stalker' McGavin Dies
Actor Alan Bates Dies At 69
Actor Arnold Stang Dies at 91
Actor Arthur Hill Dies At 84
Actor Ben Hendrickson Dies
Actor Bob Denver Dies
Actor Booted from 'DWTS'
Actor Brad Renfro Found Dead At Age 25
Actor Brandis Committed Suicide
Actor Brock Peters Dies At 78
Actor Bruno Kirby Dies At 57
Actor Buddy Ebsen Dies
Actor Charles Nelson Reilly Dead At 76
Actor Chris Penn Found Dead
Actor Collapses On Picket Line, Dies
Actor Corey Haim Dies at 38
Actor Dennis Weaver Dead At 81
Actor Dudley Moore Dies
Actor Dudley Moore Dies
Actor E.G. Marshall Dead At 88
Actor Eddie Albert Dead At 99
Actor Faces Sexual Contact Charge
Actor Facing Murder Rap: I'm No Monster