Health - Stories

CDC: U.S. Not Ready For Bird Flu
Celebrating A Baby's Survival
Celebrities Fight to Keep Asthma Under Control
Celebrity Drug Addictions: Seeking Sobriety in the Spotlight
Celebs Shine Light On Cancer Tests
Cell Phone Minutes May Fight Tuberculosis
Cell Phone-Tumor Link Found?
Cellulite Suit Causes Loss
Centers For Disease Control Director Quits
Ceramic Knee
Ceramic Knee May Help Extend Joint's Life
Certain Kinds of Fat Are Linked to Macular Degeneration
Cervical Cancer Hits Hispanics Hard
Cervical Cancer Shots Urged
Cervical Cancer Test Overhaul
Cervical Cancer Vaccine - For Boys?
Cervical Cancer Vaccine Beats Expectations
Cervical Cancer Vaccine Promising
Cervical Cancer Vaccine Questions
Change Ahead for Cervical Cancer Detection
Change Your Life: Part I, Eat Right
Chantix Tied To Suicidal Behavior?
Charged For Knowingly Passing HIV
Charged For Knowingly Passing HIV
Charges In Canada Blood Scandal
Charity Must Provide Birth Control
Charity Scams Prey on Elderly in Wake of Attack on America
Charms Recalled To Get Lead Out
Chart Check For Gov't Doctors
Chasing Methuselah
Cheap AIDS Drugs On The Way
Cheap Drugs For Third-World OK'd
Cheaper Drugs From Overseas Beckon
Cheating MD Spurs Rule Change
Checking Up on Your Doctor
Cheer Up, Sleepy Teen
Chemical In Plastic Bottles May Be Toxic
Chemical In Plastic Linked to Impotence
Chemical In Teflon Harmful To Women?
Chemical Linked to Preemie Liver Woes
Chemo-Stem Cell Combo Benefits Seen
Chemotherapy Or Mastectomy?
Chemotherapy Proves Its Worth
Cheney Heads Home After Angioplasty
Cheney Is Back on Track
Cheney Returns Home From Hospital With Defibrillator
Cheney Returns to Hospital for More Heart Work
Cheney Suffers Mild Heart Attack
Chewable Birth Control Pill Unveiled
Chi-Chi's Exec: We're Safe
Chi-Chi's Outbreak: Just Desserts?
Chickenpox Shots Save $100M A Year
Chickenpox Vaccine Safe and Effective for Adults
Chief: FDA Needs More Enforcement Authority
Child Care Breeds Aggression
Child Custody Vs. Health Care
Child Device Oversight Urged
Child Heart Pump Recipient Dies
Child Migraine Sufferers
Child Seats Make The Grade
Child Suicides On Rise
Child's Death Prompts Jewelry Recall
Childhood Obesity A Serious Problem
Childless Couples Beware
Children and Food Allergies
Children and Herbal Supplements: A Dangerous Remedy?
Children Hit Hard By Flu
Children Sleep Through Smoke Alarms
Children Speak After Horrific Terrorism
Children's Mental Health--A Public Health Crisis?
Children's OTC Cold, Allergy Meds Recalled
Children's Speech Disorders
Children's Sports Injuries On the Rise
Chili Sauce Company Plant Had Problems
Chill Out!
Chimp Attack Victim Evaluated for Transplant
China Plays Down Food Safety Problems
China Airs Condom Ad
China Bans Chemical From Toothpaste
China Bans Melamine, Rejects Pet Food Link
China Bans Melamine, Rejects Pet Food Link
China Bans U.S. Chicken Imports
China Blames Panama For Tainted Drugs
China Blocks Borders Over SARS
China Busts Cardboard Bun Shop
China Clamps Down After SARS Found
China Closes 180 Food Factories
China Confirms "Date Rape" Drug On Toy
China Confirms 2nd Bird Flu Death
China Confirms 3 Human Flu Cases
China Cracks Down On Kid-Killing Virus
China Defends Safety Of Its Exports
China Denies SARS Cover-Up
China Executes Ex-Food & Drug Watchdog
China Halts "Date Rape Drug" Toy Exports
China Halts Imports Of Much U.S. Meat
China Has 3rd Suspected SARS Case
China Insists Its Exports Are Safe
China Invites FDA Food Inspectors
China Lags Behind In SARS Fight
China Makes Arrests In Pet Food Case
China On 'High Alert' Over Bird Flu
China Polishing Food Safety Image
China Probes Link To Pet Food Deaths
China Ready To Test SARS Vaccine
China Recalls Tainted Infant Formula
China Recalls Tainted Leukemia Drugs
China Recalls Tainted Leukemia Drugs
China Rejects Appeal Of Tainted Milk Boss
China Reports 3rd Bird Flu Death
China Reports 3rd Tainted Milk Death
China Reports Human Bird Flu Death
China Reports New Flu Outbreaks
China Reports Pneumonia-Like Disease
China Sees Another Flu Outbreak
China Suspends Sales Of Cancer Drug
China Talks Tough On SARS
China Targets Cats In SARS Fight
China Tightens Bird Flu Measures
China Tightens Organ Transplant Rules
China Tightens Rules On U.S. Visitors
China To Bolster Toothpaste Rules
China To Execute Chief Food Inspector
China To Test Risky SARS Vaccine
China Ups SARS Death Toll
China Voices Doubts Over Tainted Heparin
China Working To Ease Safety Fears
China Worries About Bird Flu
China's Executed Supply Bulk of Organs
China's Tainted Milk Trial Opens
China: Drug Safety Drive Showing Results
China: SARS Coming Under Control
China: This Man Doesn't Have SARS
Chinese Parents Say Formula Grows Baby Breasts
Chinese Pets Exposed To Chemicals?
Chinese Pig-Borne Disease Spreads
Chinese Race To Save Girl With Bird Flu
Chinese-Made Hotel Toothpaste Recalled
Chirac Blasts U.S. On AIDS Drugs
Chlamydia Cases In U.S. On The Rise
Chlamydia Cases Up In Young Adults
Chocoholics May Live Longer
Chocolate As Health Food?
Chocolate May Mend Broken Hearts
Chocolate: The Sweet Truth
Cholera Confirmed in Traveler from Haiti to Fla.
Cholera Scare Closes Dog Meat Shops in Vietnam
Cholesterol Busters
Cholesterol Drug Builds Bones
Cholesterol Drug Fails Cardio Test
Cholesterol Drug Lowers Blood Clot Risk
Cholesterol Drug May Cut Heart Attack Risk
Cholesterol Drug OK For Kids
Cholesterol Drug OTC Sales Nixed
Cholesterol Drug Safe for Healthy People?
Cholesterol Drug Study Raises Concerns
Cholesterol Drug's Extra Kick
Cholesterol Drugs Aid Diabetics
Cholesterol Drugs For Kids Recommended
Cholesterol Drugs May Help Flu Survival
Cholesterol Drugs Offer More Than Just Heart Health
Cholesterol Drugs Without Rx Eyed
Cholesterol Fighting Docs Win Big Bucks
Cholesterol Pill In, Resin Out
Cholesterol: Changing With Seasons
Cholesterol: How Low Is Low?
Choosing an Assisted Living Facility
Chopstick Use Linked To Arthritis
Christopher Reeve Breathing Easier
Christopher Reeve Pushes Ahead In His Medical Battle
Christopher Reeve Speaks Out in Favor of Stem Cell Research
Chronic Fatigue Link to Mouse Virus Studied
Chronic Hiccups: More Than an Annoyance
Chronic Pain That Never Goes Away
Chronic Sleep Problems Affect Millions
Church, Medicine and Women
Cig Co. Targets Celeb Smokers
Cig Sales Still Going Up In Smoke
Cigars Ignite Health Concerns
Cigs Ensnare Some Teens Quickly
Cipro Facts and Fiction
Circumcision Ban May End Up on S.F. Ballot
Circumcision Benefits Questioned
Circumcision Doesn't Shield Gays from AIDS
Circumcision Link In Herpes Cases?
Circumcision Protects Against AIDS
Citing Risks, U.S. To Ban Ephedra
Citrus Growers Are Steamed
Civet Cat Slaughter To Fight SARS
Claritin Maker Coughs Up $346M
Classes Keep Babies, Toddlers Fit
Clean Living Won't Help Poor
Clear! Defibrillators In Homes?
Clearing The Air In California
Clearing The Air On Smoking Bans
Clearing The Air Over WTC Dust
Clinic Gets OK On Face Transplants
Clinic Takes Heat for Human Egg "Raffle"
Clinic: Get Vasectomy, Watch Hoops
Clinics A Quick Fix For Sick
Clinton 'Doing Well' After Bypass
Clinton AIDS Charity To Help China
Clinton Aids Kenya HIV/AIDS Effort
Clinton Awake, Alert, Talking
Clinton Backs Medical Privacy
Clinton Brokers AIDS Drug Deal
Clinton Cracks Down On Coverage
Clinton Leaves Hospital
Clinton Makes A Deal For AIDS Patients
Clinton Mulls Medicare Rx Plan
Clinton Recovering From Surgery
Clinton Rips GOP Prescription Plan
Clinton Takes Aim At Child Obesity
Clinton Targets Childhood Obesity
Clinton To Campaign For Kerry
Clinton Uses Clout For AIDS Fight
Clinton Walking & In Good Spirits
Clinton Wins School Snack Fight
Clinton, Gates Call for Revamped AIDS Efforts
Cloned Piglets Produce Healthier Pork
Cloning An Endangered Species
Close Taps On TV Beer Ads?
Close, But No Cigar For Strip Club
Closer To Mom, Farther From Sex
Closing In On Cause Of Mystery Illness
Clot Drug Aids Heart Patients
Clue To Creating Liver Cells
Clue to Cystic Fibrosis Cure?
Clues In Nevada Leukemia Cluster?
Clues To Flo-Jo's Death
Coach Sure Has Heart
Cocaine Vaccine Awaits FDA Approval
Cochlear Implant-Meningitis Link
COD = Cash-Only Doctors
Coffee May Prevent Gallstones
Coffee May Up Risk Of Heart Attacks
Coffee: Drink Up to Prevent Diabetes?
Coke Fit to be the Face of Heart Health?
Coke Not-Quite-Lite In The Works
Coke's Motion to Drop Vitaminwater Suit Denied
Cola Buzz: Caffeine Labels To Debut
Cold Meds Send 7,000 Kids To ERs Each Year
Cold Remedy Could Combat SARS
Cold Turkey In California
Cold Virus Turned Tumor Tracker
Cold War Water Pollution
Coleman Wanted to Live: Why Was Plug Pulled?
College Binging On The Rise
College Booze Campaign A Dud
College Contraceptive Costs Spike
College Drinking Kills
College Drinking Kills
College Freshmen at Risk for Meningitis
College Mental Health Services Feel Strain
College Years No Fun For Some, Poll Finds
Colleges Fight H1N1 Flu, Student Apathy
Colleges To Students: Be Insured
Colo. Declares W. Nile Emergency
Colo. Is Leanest State, But ...
Colon Cancer Drug Gets Speedy OK
Colon Cancer Patients Lack Follow-Up Care
Colon Cancer Screenings Up among Older Americans