Health - Stories

Big Baby Wows Mexican Town
Big Beef Over Milk In School Lunches
Big Belly? Blame The Bacteria
Big Difference In Heart Drugs
Big Tobacco-Funded Study Raises Concerns
Big Tobacco: We've Kicked Habit
Big Win For Merck In Vioxx Case
Big Win For Merck In Vioxx Case
Bike-Helmet Use & Head Injuries Both on Rise--Why?
Bilateral Mastectomy to Prevent Breast Cancer? A Very Difficult Decision
Bill Boosts Web Site Urine Sales
Bill Clinton A Model Patient
Bill Gates Checks on Polio Progress in India
Bill Gates Gives $10B to Vaccines for Poor
Bill Gates Opens AIDS Conference
Bill Gates, China Join Forces Against TB
Bill Loophole Gives Tobacco Industry Time
Bill Passed to Reduce Lead in Drinking Water
Bill Threatens Medical Privacy
Billboard Liver Search Pans Out
Billionaires Aim To End Polio
Billy Graham Up And About After Surgery
Binge Drinking Not Just for College Kids
Binge Drinking On The Rise
Binge Drinking, Rape Are Related
Binge-Eating: Genes Make Us Do It
Bingeing, Drug Abuse Up At Colleges
Bio-Engineered Heart Valves
Biological and Chemical Warfare: How Scared Should We Be?
Biotech Crops As 'Health Food?'
Bioterror in Capitol: Wary Congress in Makeshift Office Space
Bioterror Ruled Out In Singapore
Bioterrorism Worries on Rise
Bioterrorism: Fear of the Unknown Turns to Search for Understanding
Bioterrorism: Questions and Answers
Bipolar Disorder Linked To Older Fathers
Bipolar Patients Need More Talk Therapy
Bird Flu Claims Another Human Victim
Bird Flu Claims First Human In Nigeria
Bird Flu Clues In Indonesia
Bird Flu Confirmed In German Swans
Bird Flu Death Toll Hits 12
Bird Flu Death Toll Hits 18
Bird Flu Death Toll Rises To 15
Bird Flu Deaths, Econ Woes Rise
Bird Flu Detected In Middle East
Bird Flu Fears Spark Senate Action
Bird Flu Flies To Scotland
Bird Flu Found At 4 N.J. Markets
Bird Flu Found At Large Md. Farm
Bird Flu Found In Austrian Cats
Bird Flu Found In Greece
Bird Flu Found In Texas
Bird Flu Found, Nations Kill Foul
Bird Flu Hits Scandinavia
Bird Flu Hits Western Europe
Bird Flu Infects Delaware Chickens
Bird Flu Invades Europe, Middle East
Bird Flu Jitters Across Europe
Bird Flu Likely In U.S. This Year
Bird Flu Might Come But Not To Pigeons
Bird Flu Monitoring Goes Nationwide
Bird Flu Moves To Britain
Bird Flu Panic Grips French Cat Owners
Bird Flu Ravages Africa Ostriches
Bird Flu Sparks Memories Of 1918 Pandemic
Bird Flu Spreads In Western Europe
Bird Flu Strikes Thai Zoo Tigers
Bird Flu Strikes Vietnam Again
Bird Flu Turns Up In Hong Kong Chickens
Bird Flu Vaccine Shows Promise
Bird Flu Vaccine Tests Promising
Bird Flu Worries
Bird Flu's Human Toll Increases
Bird Flu: 2 More Deaths Suspected
Bird Flu: Time To Worry?
Birth Control At School? Most Say It's OK
Birth Control Foe To Head Family Planning
Birth Control Options After 40
Birth Control Pills Without A Rx
Birth Control Up Your Sleeve?
Birth Defects Linked To Obesity
Bison Bursts Onto Low-Carb Scene
Bitten By Fear?
Bittersweet News About Chocolate
Bizarre Illness Terrifies Sudanese
Black-Market OxyContin Hits Street
Blacks' HIV Rate Keeps Dropping
Bladders Created In The Lab
Blind Woman Suing Fertility Clinic
Blobel Gets Nobel For Medicine
Blocking Prostate Cancer
Blood Ban Targets U.K. Ailment
Blood Banks' No-Tattoo Policy
Blood Chemical Tied To Stroke
Blood Clot Passengers Win, Lose
Blood Drive Leads To Blood Lies
Blood Pressure Drugs No Help for Diabetes
Blood Pressure Medication Debate
Blood Pressure Watch
Blood Sugar Linked To Memory Loss
Blood Supply Gets A Boost
Blood Supply Warning Issued
Blood Supply, Call It Anemic
Blood Test Could ID Alzheimer's Patients
Blood Test Could Spot Colon Cancer
Blood Thinner Benefits
Bloodless Surgery Allows Religious Believers to Receive Medical Treatment
Bloodstream Inflammation Can Kill
Bloomberg, Gates Join To Fight Smoking
Blow To Pfizer, Pain Sufferers
Blue Cross Stops Controversial Letters
Blue Cross To Docs: Help Cancel Coverage
Blunt SARS Warning For U.S., Europe
Blunt Warnings For French Smokers
Bob Barker Has Skin Cancer Again
Bob Dole: Guinea Pig For Viagra
Body Image Issues And Teen Suicide
Body-Building Aid Questioned
Bold New Health Plan In Oregon
Bone Density Gene Discovered
Bone Density Test Device OK'd
Bone Drugs May Raise Throat Cancer Risk
Bone Up On Bone Health
Bono: We Can Do More About AIDS
Book Recounts Margaret Thatcher's Decline
Book: Women Get Hooked Faster On Drugs
Books Offer Godly Grub Guidance
Boomeritis - Are Baby Boomers Cruising for a Bruising?
Boomers Seek Fountain Of Youth
Booster Seats Reduce Risk of Injury 45%
Booze Could Come With Nutritional Labeling
Booze Linked To 1 In 25 Deaths Worldwide
Booze May Reduce Heart Attacks
Booze: Health Helper or Hindrance?
Born Too Early
Boston Doctors Perform Face Transplant
Boston Modifies Ambulance for Obese Patients
Boston Patients Need Patience
Boston Pushes For Canada Rx Drugs
Boston Scientific Halts Defibrillator Sale
Boston To Buy Drugs From Canada
Botched Surgeries Blamed On Addicted Docs
Botched Transplant Teen Dies
Botox Eyed In Botulism Poisoning
Botox Maker to Pay $600M to Settle Federal Probe
Botox Stops Excessive Sweating
Bottled Water Impure Too, Study Finds
Bottled Water: Boon Or Bane?
Botulism Investigation Closes Food Plant
Botulism-Tainted Food Still In Stores
Bounced Babies: They Got Rhythm
Bowel Drug Back On Market
Bowel Drug Back On Market
Bowflex Equipment Recalled
Boy Attacked by Shark Improves
Boy Denied Inhaler Before Death
Boy Infected By Father's Army Vaccine
Boy Or Girl? Could It Be Your Call?
Boy With Cancer Refuses Chemotherapy
Bracing for Your Child's Orthodontic Care
Brain Abnormalities Not That Uncommon
Brain Disease Exposure Scare
Brain Disease Often Misdiagnosed
Brain Enzyme A Fat-Fighting Tool?
Brain Injury Linked To Traumatic Stress
Brain Maturity May Lag In Kids With ADHD
Brain Pacemakers Tested For Depression
Brain Scans Show PTSD Not Just Mental
Brain Stem Defect Behind Infant Deaths?
Brain Surgery MRI
Brain Tumor Drug Approved
Brain Waves A Key To Autism Language Woes
Brain-Damaged Firefighter Talks
Brain-Dead Woman's Baby Fight
Brainpower The Best Medicine?
Brains Hard-Wired to Fail New Year Resolutions
Brainstorming On Universal Health Care
Brave New Chips
Brazil Health Minister Urges More Sex, Dancing
Brazil Overrides Patent For AIDS Drug
Brazil Puts Condom Dispensers In Schools
Brazil's Drug Copying Industry
Breakfast Sandwich Is A Whopper
Breaking Cocaine's Deadly Grip
Breaking Point
Breakthrough May Point To AIDS Vaccine
Breakthroughs In Facial Hair Treatments
Breast Biopsy Alternative
breast cancer
Breast Cancer Chemo Predictor
Breast Cancer Confusion
Breast Cancer Cure Challenged
Breast Cancer Drop Brings Relief
Breast Cancer Drug Approved
Breast Cancer Drug Approved
Breast Cancer Drug Breakthrough
Breast Cancer Drug Offers Hope
Breast Cancer Drug Test Halted
Breast Cancer Drug Tests Look Good
Breast Cancer Drugs Working
Breast Cancer Gene Tests Can Prove False
Breast Cancer Genes Not Worsened by Lifestyle
Breast Cancer Link To Puberty?
Breast Cancer Myth Debunked
Breast Cancer Risk Halts HRT Study
Breast Cancer Risk Test To Be Updated
Breast Cancer Screening
Breast Cancer Survivor Roundtable
Breast Cancer, Part 1:Computer-Aided Mammography
Breast Cancer-Fat Link Debunked
Breast Feeding Rates Too Low
Breast Feeding Reduces Cancer Risk
Breast Implant Ban Gets 2nd Look
Breast Implants Debate Rages On
Breast Implants May Be Linked to Rare Cancer
Breast Milk Kills Skin Warts
Breast Milk Likely Culprit In Infant W. Nile
Breast Repairs With Stem Cells
Breast-Feeding Brouhaha
Breast-Feeding For Preemies
Bright Lights Dim Depression
Brightening a Less-Than-Brilliant Smile
Bring On The Spaghetti!
Bringing Healthcare Back Home
Brit Docs: Tax Breaks For Exercise
Brit Parents Wary Of Vaccine
Britain Approves Human Embryo Cloning
Britain OKs Embryo Cloning
Britain Opens Stem Cell Bank
Britain Proposes Tough Smoking Ban
Briton Dies Of Mad Cow Disease
Brits Turning To Experimental Cancer Drugs
Broccoli Fights Stomach Cancer
Broken Heart Syndrome Is Real
Brown Bagging Lunch for Health's Sake
Brown Cloud over Retirement
Bubbling Crude But No Millionaires
Buckle Up That Bike Helmet, Feds Say
Buckle Up, Van Passengers!
Buckling Up Baby
Buckling Up During Pregnancy
Budget 'Botox' Paralyzes Four
Budget Woes Cut Health Care For Illegals
Budget Woes Force State Medicaid Cuts
Budget Woes Mean Many Won't Have HIV Drugs
Bullish On Beef
Bulls' Gala Has AMA Smoking
Buoyant Brain Can Keep Doctor Away
Burger King Health Makeover For Kids' Menu
Burgers, Fries May Worsen Asthma, Study Finds
Burlington, Vt. In Tip-Top Shape
Burn Prevention And Care
Burn Victim Gets 2 New Hands in 18-Hour Surgery
Burn Victims Have New Hope
Bush & Gore Pitch Healthcare Plans to Missouri Voters
Bush 'Fine' After Smallpox Shot
Bush Backs Stem Cell Bank
Bush Boosts Rapid HIV Test
Bush Brothers Agree On Schiavo
Bush Creates Import Safety Panel
Bush Favors Dual Smallpox Plans
Bush Names AIDS Czar
Bush Offers Compromise on Stem Cell Controversy
Bush Outlines Flu Remedies
Bush Outlines Flu Remedies
Bush Outlines Flu Remedies
Bush Plans Nursing Home Reforms
Bush Prepares To Approve Bird Flu Plan
Bush Proposes Pharmacy Discount Cards for Seniors
Bush Seeks $30B To Fight AIDS In Africa
Bush Signs $15B AIDS Bill
Bush Signs SARS Quarantine Order
Bush Threatens Medicare Veto
Bush Threatens Veto on Key Patients' Rights Issue
Bush To America: Get Off Your ...
Bush To Pelosi: Kids' Health Veto Coming
Bush To Press Flu Vaccine Makers
Bush To Reveal Bird Flu Strategy
Bush To Undergo MRI On Knees
Bush Veto Foreseen On Child Health Bill
Bush Vetoes Medicare Improvement Bill
Bush's Drug Plan Offers More Choices: But Who Pays?
Bush's Stem Cell Decision: Are There Enough Existing Lines for Significant Research?
Bush: Bird Flu Is 'Global Threat'
Bush: We Will Turn The Tide Against AIDS
Busier Nurses, Riskier Hospitals?
Businesses Need to Help Contain Swine Flu
Businesses Need to Help Contain Swine Flu
Butcher Your Meat and Eat it Too
Butchering Likely To Blame
Buying The Fountain Of Youth
By Faith Alone
BYO Tools To Nail Salons
Bypass Better Than Stents, New Study Says
C-Section Debate Is Back
C-section Rate Climbs In U.S.
C-Sections At An All-Time High
C-Sections Still Popular
Cabinet Push For Kids Health
Cabinet Push For Kids Health
Caesarean Births On The Rise
Cal-Maine Adds 800,000 Dozen Eggs to Recall
Calcium Spells Relief For PMS
Calcium: How Much Is Enough?
Calculating Your BMI
Calif. Ballot Battle On Stem Cells
Calif. Bans Trans Fats From Restaurants
Calif. Confirms 3rd W. Nile Death
Calif. Groups Push Hefty Cig Tax
Calif. Ignores $1M Fine Of Health Insurer
Calif. Labels Secondhand Smoke Toxic
Calif. Man Contracts West Nile
Calif. Meat Company Recalls Beef
Calif. Moves Closer To Health Care Reform
Calif. OKs HMO Liability Law
Calif. Pot Vote Draws Strange Bedfellows
Calif. Sets up Prescription Drug Database
Calif. Weighs Chemical Ban In Baby Items
Calif., Here It Comes: West Nile
Calif.: Firing Medical Marijuana Users OK
California Bans Plastic Toy Chemical
California Cookie Caper
California Could Legalize Pot in November
California On Alert For West Nile
California's Bikini-Busting Diet
California's Mercury Problem
California's Mercury Problem
Call For Federal Flab Fighters
Calling 32,000 Middle-Aged Men
Calorie Counting Ads Hit NYC Subways
Calorie Postings Not Swaying NYC Eaters?
Calorie Postings Not Swaying NYC Eaters?
Cambodian Moms-to-be Chew Tobacco when Ill
Cambridge Opens Stem Cell Center
Camera Gives 'Sight' To Blind
Campaign To Teach Drug Savvy
Campus Insecurity: A Date with Death
Campus Insecurity: A Deadly Haze
Can An Herb Curb Binge Drinking?
Can Anyone Hold a Patent over Human Genes?
Can Brain Surgery Lead to Mad Cow Disease?
Can Childhood Heart Repairs Wear Out?
Can Clinical Trials Help You?
Can Coffee Fight Skin Cancer?
Can Curry Fight Cystic Fibrosis?
Can Dems Really Help the "Uninsurables"?
Can Ecstasy Aid Cancer Patients?
Can Ergonomics Be Legislated?
Can Exercise Cool Off Hot Flashes?
Can Flies Hold Their Liquor?
Can Folic Acid Slow Brain Drain?
Can Foot-and-Mouth Disease Spread to the US?
Can Germ-Killer Slay Genetic Disease?
Can I Have That Chef To Go?
Can Kim Kardashian Save This Boy's Life?
Can Mad Cow Disease Reach Our Shores?
Can Mad Cow Disease Reach Our Shores? (Part 3)
Can Mad Cow Disease Reach Our Shores?: Part 2
Can Menopause Be Delayed?
Can Microwaved Popcorn Ruin Your Lungs?
Can NYC Judge Fix Medical Malpractice Mess?
Can Peanut Allergy Be Cured By Peanuts?
Can People Be Bribed into Healthier Habits?
Can Small Soda Tax Nip Obesity? Fat Chance
Can Small Steps Cut The Fat?
Can Smallpox Vaccine Fight Cancer?
Can Sunshine Help Prevent Cancer?
Can Teen Beauty Sheryl Wolfe's Death Save Lives?
Can These Underwear Save Your Life?
Can This Man Keep Your Baby Quiet?
Can Tylenol Protect The Heart?
Can Unhealthy Food Hijack Your Brain?
Can Viagra Help Women?
Can You Be Bored to Death? ? Sort of
Can You Sleep Off Fat?
Canada Beef Producers Sue U.S.
Canada Confirms Mad Cow Positive
Canada Confirms New Mad Cow Case
Canada Finds Another Case Of Mad Cow
Canada May Allow Vioxx
Canada May Block Web Drug Exports
Canada OKs Medical Marijuana
Canada Orders ADHD Drug Off Market
Canada Rx Crackdown Not Easy
Canada To Test Marijuana Program
Canada Wants Bulk Drug Export Ban
Canada's SARS Struggles Continue
Canada: Enough Drugs To Share?
Canadian Beef Imports Postponed
Canadian Health Care In Crisis
Canadian Teen Receives 4 New Organs
Canadians Sat On Mad Cow Sample
Canceled Cancer Patient Awarded $9 Million
Cancer A Scourge To Third World
Cancer Alert: Bread And French Fries
Cancer And Race
Cancer Beauty Lessons: Look Good, Feel Good
Cancer Biomarker Project Launches
Cancer Cases Expected To Double
Cancer Cluster Confirmed In Pa. Region
Cancer Concern At Breakfast Table
Cancer Danger In Cosmetics
Cancer Deaths Continue To Drop
Cancer Deaths Decrease
Cancer Deaths Drop In U.S.
Cancer Docs Warn Staff Of Cell Phone Risks
Cancer Drug Aces Its Tests
Cancer Drug Cures Mice Paralysis
Cancer Drug Fast-Tracked To Patients
Cancer Drug Gets OK For Wider Use
Cancer Drug Isolates Its Target
Cancer Drug May Help Your Heart
Cancer Drug May Pose Heart Danger
Cancer Drug No Fertility Treatment
Cancer Drug Provides New Hope
Cancer Drug Studies Deaths Decline
Cancer Drug Tames Arthritis, Too
Cancer Drug Trial Green-Lighted
Cancer Drug Trials Announced
Cancer Flag May Fight Tumors
Cancer Found in Young 9/11 Cops
Cancer from CT Screenings?
Cancer Group's Recipes For Success
Cancer Linked To Gulf War Fires
Cancer May Be Next Wave Of 9/11 Illnesses
Cancer Myth Often Prevents Surgery
Cancer Now No. 1 Killer In U.S.
Cancer Pain Management Guidelines Issued
Cancer Patient Asks To End Life
Cancer Patients Still Suffering in Diluted-Drug Case
Cancer Risk For Obese Older Women
Cancer Society: Prostate Test Has Limits
Cancer Sufferers' Medicare Doubts
Cancer Survival Tied To Tumor Size
Cancer Survivor Rides for Roses
Cancer Survivor's Miracle Baby
Cancer Symptom Drug Surprises Docs
Cancer Treatment Vindication
Cancer Vaccine Encouraging
Cancer Vaccine Shows Promise
Cancer Warning On Donor Organs
Cancer-Causing Food Agent Studied
Cancer-Killing Cells Zap Melanoma
Cancerous Lesion Removed From President Clinton's Back
Candy Gets A Low-Carb Makeover
Candy In A Can
Candy-Flavored Meth Targets New Users
Canned Meat Recall Expanded
Car Cuisine
Car Seat Instructions Too Hard To Read
Car Seats Risky for Small Babies
Carbs Welcome In School Lunch Line
Carcinogenic Deodorant Myth Refuted
Cardiac Death Seems Hereditary
Caregivers and Alzheimer's Patients Travel a Hard Road
Caregivers Pay A Price
Caregivers Play Essential Role in Alzheimer's Battle
Caring for an Elderly Parent
Caring for Dry Skin in the Winter
Caring For Elderly Parents
Caring for the Elderly From the Home
Carotid-Clearing Stent Approved
Carpal: Surgery Better Than Splints
Cartilage Replacement Surgery
Cartoid Ultrasounds
Cash For Chunkers?
Cash, Connections Can Get a Kidney in NYC
Cat Shelters Overflow During Summer
Catching A Silent Killer
Catching Lung Cancer
Catching Skin Cancer Early
Cautious Pap Smear Diagnoses
CBS News, TIME Partner For Brain Series
CDC 'Ticked' At Lyme Disease Rise
CDC Apathy On College HIV Charged
CDC Chief: Smallpox Still A Threat
CDC Chief: Smallpox Still A Threat
CDC Distances Itself from Flu Gloom
CDC Expands Measles Warning
CDC Gets First Female Director
CDC Implements Flu Action Plan
CDC Looking At TB Traveler's Father-In-Law
CDC Panel: All Kids Should Get Flu Shots
CDC Raises H1N1 Flu Death Toll to 4,000
CDC Raises Salmonella Cases To 383
CDC Ramps Up Bioterror Alert System
CDC Ramps Up Bioterror Alert System
CDC Seeks to Clear Up Anthrax Confusion
CDC Sees Spike in Mumps Outbreak
CDC To Study Mysterious Skin Condition
CDC Warns About Measles Outbreaks
CDC Warns Against W. Nile Mix-Up
CDC Warns Swine Flu Deaths Likely In U.S.
CDC: "Nothing Typical" about 2009 Flu
CDC: 1 In 4 Teen Girls Took HPV Vaccine
CDC: 1 in 6 Americans Have Had H1N1 Flu
CDC: 1 in 8 Swim Pools Closed, Many Too Dirty
CDC: 1/3 of Adults Could Have Diabetes by 2050
CDC: 15 US Deaths Tied to Rare Tropical Fungus
CDC: Being Fat Is Not Good
CDC: Bird Flu Could Spark Epidemic
CDC: Climate Change Will Up Health Risks
CDC: E. Coli Food Poisonings Fell in 2009
CDC: Flu Continues To Decline
CDC: Flu Drugs Don't Work
CDC: Flu Season Picks Up, Widespread in 5 States
CDC: Food Poisoning Hits 1 In 4 Americans
CDC: Frogs Source of Salmonella Outbreak
CDC: Gonorrhea Leveling Off
CDC: H1N1 Caseload Easing around U.S.
CDC: H1N1 Flu Toll Expected to Keep Rising
CDC: H1N1 Flu Vaccine Outlook Improving
CDC: H1N1 Sickened 57M Americans
CDC: H1N1 Vaccine Behind Schedule
CDC: Health Threat Prep Improved
CDC: Kids' Deaths from H1N1 Jump to 114
CDC: Kids' Movies Show Safer Messages
CDC: Life Expectancy up, Racial Gap Closes
CDC: MRI, Other Scans Have Tripled
CDC: Number Of Uninsured Adults Rises
CDC: Older Kids May Have Greater H1N1 Risk
CDC: Peanut Butter Is Salmonella Source
CDC: Salmonella Outbreak Seems To Be Over
CDC: Skip Your Flu Shot, Please
CDC: Smallpox Shots For Monkeypox