World - Stories

6 U.S. Troops Dead in Afghanistan
6 U.S. Troops Killed on Eve of Afghan Vote
6 UK Divers Rescued In Mexico
6 World Powers OK Pact On Iran Nukes
6.1-Magnitude Quake Kills 22 In China
6.2 Earthquake Rattles Philippines
6.9 Earthquake Kills 67 in China
6.9 Quake Rocks Japan
6.9-Magnitude Earthquake Shakes Southern Taiwan
60 Dead In Afghan Quake
60 Missing As Ecuador Volcano Erupts
60 Taliban Dead After Afghan Boat Sinks
600 Missing in Devastating Brazil Floods
603-Pound Thai Woman Leaves Home After 3 Years
61 Dead In China Plane Crash
61 Sailors Missing Off Chinese Coast
62 Afghan Insurgents, 45 Civilians Dead
62 Dead, 111 Hurt in Pakistan Suicide Attack
63-Year-Old Everest Climber Dies
64 Dead In Uganda Bomb Attacks During World Cup
64 Die On Train In India
65 Die In Truck Accident In Guinea
65 Rescued From Lift At Ski Resort
65 Years Later, Marines Land on Iwo Jima
65M Girls Missing Out On School
69 Die When Boat Capsizes Off Djibouti
69 Killed in Series of Iraq Blasts
7 Arrested In Karzai Assassination Plot
7 Bodies Found in Mexico Linked to Cartels
7 Dead as Latest Typhoon Hits Philippines
7 Dead In Guatemala Prison Raid
7 Dead, 25 Missing after Typhoon Hits Taiwan
7 Dead, 26 Injured In Russia Plane Crash
7 Detained For Arson In Greek Fires
7 Die In Canada Cargo Plane Crash
7 Fans Killed at Kenya Soccer Match
7 GIs Die In Afghan Explosion
7 Gored In Running Of The Bulls In Spain
7 Guilty In Death Of 58 Migrants
7 Hurt As French Job Protests Surge
7 Killed In Mexico Grenade Attack
7 Killed In Pakistan Attack On Cricketers
7 Killed In Tijuana Gang Shootout
7 Killed In Tokyo Stabbing Spree
7 Killed, 20 Hurt in Puerto Rico Shooting
7 Marathons In 7 Days
7 Mexican Police Killed in Ciudad Juarez
7 Million Pounds Of Beach Trash Collected
7 Nabbed In $50M Irish Bank Heist
7 Reportedly Killed In Iran Demos
7 U.S. Soldiers Die In Iraq Chopper Crash
7 U.S. Troops Killed in Afghanistan Fighting
7 U.S. Troops, 1 Civilian Killed in Afghanistan
7,000 Marines Join Fight In Afghanistan
7.0 Mag. Earthquake Jars Indonesia
7.1-Mag. Quake Strikes Off Solomon Islands
7.2 Earthquake Jolts California-Mexico Border
7.2 Japan Quake Leaves At Least 6 Dead
7.3 Quake Triggers Small Tsunami on Anniversary
7.5-Magnitude Quake Hits off Indonesia
7.5-Magnitude Quake Hits Peru
7.7 Magnitude Quake Shakes Indonesia
7.7-Magnitude Quake Hits Russia
70 Dead in Congo's 2nd Weekend Boat Capsizing
70 Feared Dead in Colombia Coal Mine Explosion
70 Iranian Professors Reportedly Detained
70 Percent Of Afghanistan Still Lawless
70 Reportedly Killed in Pakistan Clashes
70 Years On, UK Honors Battle of Britain's "Few"
700,000 Protest Turkey's Pro-Islamic Gov't
700-Pound Man Forklifted For A Day Out
70K Forced to Flee Indonesia's Volcano Merapi
74 Dead, 114 Injured In China Mine Blast
74 Die In Ethiopian Oil Field Raid
747 Crosses Ocean Minus An Engine
75 Die in Bangladesh Ferry Accident
75 Die In Indonesia Resort Flood
75 Killed In Turkish Air Crash
750+ Feared Dead In Senegal Disaster
76 Killed in Series of Blasts in Baghdad
8 Accused Of Sri Lanka Terror Support
8 American Tourists Killed In Egypt Bus Crash
8 Americans Dead in Fierce Afghan Battles
8 Americans Killed In Mexico Bus Crash
8 Arrested In Tunisia Blast
8 Arrests In Madrid Train Bombing
8 Baptists Freed by Haiti Arrive in Miami
8 Dead In Fierce Mideast Fighting
8 Dead In Kenya Building Collapse
8 GIs Killed as Afghan Strategy Debated
8 Gored By Bulls At Pamplona
8 Haitians Die, 44 Missing In Boat Blaze
8 Kids Stabbed to Death at Chinese School
8 Killed at Bar on Mexico-Texas Border
8 Killed By Tropical Storm Alpha
8 Killed in Million-Dollar Baghdad Heist
8 of 10 Americans Free from Haiti Jail
8 Pakistani Women Freed On Bail
8 South Koreans Die in Suspected Group Suicides
8 Trapped In Flooded Cave Rescued
8 U.S. Civilians Killed in Afghan Bombing
8 U.S. Troops Dead in Afghan Bomb Attacks
8 U.S. Troops Killed In Afghan Crash
8 U.S. Troops Killed In Afghan Crash
8 U.S. Troops Killed in Afghanistan Attacks
8 Wounded In Blast At Cairo Tourist Area
8,000 Congolese Refugees Flee To Uganda
8,000 Miles In A Row Boat
8-Year-Old "Mini Monet" a New Star in Art World
8.0 Quake Rattles Japan
80 Afghan Schoolgirls Fall Ill - Poison?
84 Children Perish In India Fire
84 Kids Buried In Turkey Quake Debris
84-Year-Old Woman Pulled from Rubble
85,000 Iraqis killed from 2004 - 2008
86 Dead In Russian Crash
86 Deaths Blamed on Toxic Indian Moonshine
88-Year-Old Ex-Nazi Hitman Convicted
9 Afghan Civilians Killed In NATO Strike
9 Billion Earthlings By 2300
9 Bodies Found Dumped In Tijuana
9 Bodies Found On N. Korean Sub
9 Charged In Laotian Overthrow Plot
9 Climbers Feared Dead In K-2 Avalanche
9 Dead As Pakistan Forces Battle Militants
9 Dead As Soldiers Fire On Myanmar Protest
9 Dead In Liberia Street Battles
9 Foreign Hostages Found Dead In Yemen
9 Killed In U.S. Military Crash
9 Months At Sea For Mexican Fishermen
9 More London Bomb Arrests
9 More London Bomb Arrests
9 Slain At Finnish School After Web Threat
9 Somali Pirate Suspects Plead Not Guilty
9 Tons Of Cocaine Seized
9 U.S. Troops Feared Dead In Crash
9 U.S. Troops Killed In Afghan Attack
9 U.S. Troops Killed in Afghan Copter Crash
9 U.S. Troops Killed In Bold Afghan Attack
9/11 Suspects Lose Latest Court Battle
90 Dead In Indonesian Plane Crash
90 May Be Dead in Ethiopian Airlines Crash
90-Year-Old Charged With Nazi-Era Murders
93-Year-Old Nazi Convicted
94 Dead In India Bus Tragedy
94% Vote 'Yes' To Mubarak
95 Children Killed, Afghan Official Says
96-Year-Old Grad Student: All-Nighters Key
99 Invitations To The Queen's Party
Not The Friendly Skies
Toy Gun Control?
Very Organized Crime
A 'Symbolic' Election
A 400-Year-Old Murder Mystery, 'CSI' Style
A 50-Second Warning Before Crash
A Bird? A Plane? No, The Mayor!
A Bird? A Plane? No, The Mayor!
A Bleak Winter In Russia
A Bloody Message To Washington
A Bond Forged By Bombs
A Boon For Russia?
A Breakthrough On Kosovo?
A Bush Ally With A French Accent?
A Call For Violence Against The U.S.
A Calmer Iraq Takes on Smoking
A Car Driven By A Princess
A Casualty Of War
A Catalogue Of Serb Atrocities
A Celebration Fit For A Queen
A Celebration Fit For A Queen
A Changing Of The Guard
A Cheerless Christmas In Bethlehem
A Choke Hold, Or Good Security?
A Christmas Tall Tale
A Christmas Tree Lit In Bosnia
A Claim For The Cole
A Clash Of Symbols In Mideast
A Comeback For Deadly Cult?
A Concerned Israel Allows Egypt Sinai Troops
A Cop In Murder City
A Costly Taste Of Windsor Cake
A Crack In Taiwan's Armor
A Daring Rescue At Sea
A Day To Remember
A Deadly Year For Journalists
A Developing Standoff With Iraq
A Difficult Ramadan
A Dissident's Steadfast Fight
A Doomsday Debate
A Few Miles From Prosperity
A Final Farewell
A Final Farewell To Boris Yeltsin
A Flock Of Cardinals
A Fragile Mideast Peace Pact
A Fresh Warning To The Serbs
A Friendly India-Pakistan Battle
A Future Barrier For Concorde
A Gaggle Of Gastronauts And Gluttons
A Gamble For Peace
A Gandhi Steps Aside In India?
A Garden In Diana's Honor
A German Giant Topples
A Global Day of Grief
A Global Rally
A Great Day For Scotland
A Grim Search
A Hamas Founder's Son: I was Israeli Agent
A Historic Election In Brazil
A Historic Event
A Holy Roar At The Vatican
A Home Wrecker ... Literally
A Humble Putin Takes The Blame
A Jinx At The South Pole?
A Journalist Reflects On Mozambique
A Lame Duck Summit?
A Legacy Considered
A Living Nightmare
A Major Escalation?
A Major Setback For Iran's Press
A Medical Crisis In Cuba
A Merrier Christmas In Bethlehem
A Million French March Against Le Pen
A Minute Of Silence
A More Robust Castro Meets With Chavez
A Mother's Plea to Iran: Free the Hikers
A Move Toward Peace In Ireland
A Myriad Of May Day Celebrations
A Naked Plea For Rain
A New Constitution For Afghanistan
A New Era In Argentina
A New Generation Of Leaders
A New Nation? Peaceful Vote in South Sudan
A New Solo 'Round-The-World Sailing Record
A Nice End To Failed Escape
A Not-So-Festive Ramadan Ends
A Not-So-Short Walk In Hindu Kush
A Nuclear Arms Deal?
A Party Fit For A Queen
A Peek Inside World's Bedrooms
A Peek Into Picasso's Heart
A Peruvian Black Market in Human Fat?
A Piano Tuner's Cuban Holiday
A Pound Of Flesh
A Pub By Any Other Name...
A Rare Bloom
A Rare Kind of Courage
A Real-Life Lassie Comes Home
A Really Big Plane
A Rebuke For Fidel
A Remedy For Road Rage?
A Rocky Royal Vacation
A Rogue Spy's Cyber-Revenge
A Sad Homecoming For Americans
A Safer Sarcophagus
A Scary Moment On A Warm Day
A Second Chance For Olympic Reputation
A Separate Peace In Belfast
A Setback For "Milkshake Murder" Convict
A Setback For Iran's Moderates
A Shocking Game Of Nazis Vs. Jews
A Shotgun Summit
A Small Overture From Iraq
A Stain Upon Anwar's Defense
A Step Towards Peace
A Stern Warning To The Serbs
A Student Leader Remembers
A Summit Shrouded In Doubt
A Survivor Speaks
A Tale Of Two Warships: Concern Over China
A Terrorist Among Us?
A Test For Peru's Leader
A Threat To Pilgrim Heritage
A Tragedy They Can't Believe
A View From Bottom Of Loch Ness
A Walk On The Wild Side
A War Hero Takes Command
A War Of Attrition In Lebanon
A War Of Attrition With Iraq
A Warning From Colombian Rebels
A Warning to Anti-Taliban Groups
A Whopper Of A Sale
A Year Later, Maddie McCann Still Missing
Abandoned Baby Whale Only Has Days To Live
ABBA Tribute Band: We Played For Putin
Abbas Aide in Sex Tape Scandal Under Fire
Abbas Announces Cease-Fire In Gaza
Abbas Asks U.S. to Step Into Settlement Dispute
Abbas Calls For New Dialogue With Hamas
Abbas Calls For Overthrow Of Hamas
Abbas Calls For Palestinian Elections
Abbas Calls Israel 'Zionist Enemy'
Abbas Declares Victory
Abbas Delays Referendum Plan
Abbas Gains Key Palestinian Backer
Abbas Gives Hamas Statehood Ultimatum
Abbas Invited, Cabbie Rescued
Abbas Invokes Arafat
Abbas Orders Crackdown
Abbas Orders Hamas Arrests
Abbas Preps For Sunday Elections
Abbas Quits Arafat's Fatah Group
Abbas Quits, But Is He Out?
Abbas Renews Peace Commitment
Abbas Sacks Top Cops After Attacks
Abbas Seeks Early Palestinian Elections
Abbas Steps Up Pressure On Hamas
Abbas Talks To Hamas
Abbas Tapped To Replace Arafat
Abbas To Get Tough On Militants
Abbas to Israel: Choose Peace over Settlements
Abbas To Israel: Let's Talk
Abbas Urges Rocket-Fire Halt
Abbas Wants Schedule From U.S.
Abbas' Win Creates Mideast Hopes
Abbas, Olmert Work Towards Joint Vision
Abbas: Active U.S. Mediation Key to Peace Talks
Abbas: No Force Against Militants
Abbas: No Quick Decision on Fate of Peace Talks
Abbas: Peace through Negotiations the Only Way
Abbas: Qaeda Is In Gaza, West Bank
Abbas: Settlements Block Mideast Peace Deal
Abbas: Stop Attacks on Israel
Abducted Turkish Sailor: Pirate Shot Me
Abducted U.S. Major Moved To Germany
Abducted Workers Said Back In U.S.
Abdullah Installed As Saudi King
Abdullah May Pull Out of Afghan Runoff
Abdulmutallab Had Passport, Dutch Say
Abdulmutallab Lonely, Web Postings Suggest
Abdulmutallab Shocks Family, Friends
Abdulmutallab Was on U.K. Watch List
Abdulmutallab's Missing Months in Yemen
Aboard The Plane, An Ordeal
Aborted Bin Laden Attack?
Abortion Big Issue In Italy Elections
Abortion Doc Stabbed In Vancouver
Abortion Pill Restrictions Proposed
About 45 Killed in Haiti for Using Voodoo
About-Face On Condom Use
Abu Ghraib Reopens: New Name, Fake Flowers
Abu Nidal Held By Egypt
Abu Sayyaf Blamed For Philippines Blast
Abu Sayyaf Eyed In Dept. Store Blast
Abuse Allegation In Afghanistan
Abuse Allegation In Afghanistan
Abuse Photos Blair's Woe Too
Abuse-Tainted Cardinal Leads Mass
Accident At German Air Show Kills 1, Injures 38
Accident At Japanese Nuke Plant
Accident at Russia Power Plant Kills 10
Accident Exposes Mideast Anxiety
Accident Halts Live German TV Game Show
Accidents Kill 800,000 Kids Every Year
Accord Signed To Release Nazi Files
Accounting Scandal Ripples Overseas
Accusations Fly, Diplomats Fly Home
Accused 9/11 Leader: "I Make Up Stories"
Accused 9/11 Pilot Can Claim Compensation
Accused Bali Bomber Walks Free
Accused Child Rapist Agrees To Extradition
Accused Daughter Rapist Arraigned In U.S.
Accused Deserter In Japan Hospital
Accused Deserter Leaves N. Korea
Accused Deserter May See Lawyer
Accused Deserter Not Seriously Ill
Accused Drug Smuggler Spared Death
Accused Mass Murderer Defiant At Trial
Accused Mexican Drug Lord Sent To U.S.
Accused Russian Spy a "Practiced Deceiver"
Accused Spies Freed from Russia Land in U.S.
Accused War Criminal Pleads Not Guilty
Accused WWII Nazi Camp Guard: I Am a Victim
Aceh Rebels Give Up Arms
Acid-Hit Pakistani Wife Decries Tradition
Acne Jokes Allegedly Sparked Murder
Acquittal For Khmer Rouge Vet
Acquittal In Murder Case Of Kremlin Critic
Acquittals In Cable Car Disaster
Acrobatic Thai Protester Escapes Cops' Barricade
Across Mideast, Thousands Protest Israel
Across the Pond, Irish Praise Hero Abroad
Active Gays Unwanted As Priests
Activist American Priest Killed In Kenya
Activist Boards Japanese Whaling Vessel
Activist Seized For Ripping China On Abuse
Activist: U.S. Missionary Held in N. Korea
Activists Hurl Acid at Japanese Whalers
Activists Steamed Over Privatized Water
Activists To Host Easter Bomb Hunt
Activists Win Palestine Primaries
Activists, Hunters Spar Over Seal Hunt
Activists: Albino Family Dismembered in Burundi
Activists: Live Animals Freezing in Nativity
Activity At Suspected N. Korean Site
Ad Man Quits After Sexist Speech
Adieu To 'Reclining Nude'
Adm. Mike Mullen: Risk of War Rising in Koreas
Adm. Mullen: Pakistan Nukes Secure But?
Admiral: Aid Chaos U.N.'s Problem
Admiral: China Sub Event Not Dangerous
Admitted Nazi Hit Man Faces Murder Charges
Adopted Boy Sent Back to Russia: Was He Abused?
Adult Wars, Child Soldiers
Adventurer Rescued 75 Miles Short Of Goal
Aeromexico Flight Diverted, Passenger Arrested
AeroMexico Hijacker: God Made Me Do It
AeroMexico Plane Hijacked in Mexico City
Affair Is Focus Of Brazil Murders
Affidavit: Van der Sloot Lied about Natalee
Afghan Abuse Evidence Destroyed?
Afghan Ambush Sparks U.S. Airstrikes
Afghan Army Struggles With Ethnic Divisions
Afghan Assassination Sparks Clash
Afghan Attacks Blamed On Al Qaeda
Afghan Avalanche Death Toll Soars to 157
Afghan Ballot Boxes Were Stuffed
Afghan Ballot Count Complete
Afghan Blast Injures Peacekeepers
Afghan Blast Kills 2 Coalition Soldiers
Afghan Blast Kills 2 U.S. Troops
Afghan Blast Kills 3; German Hostage On TV
Afghan Blast Kills Dutch Commander's Son
Afghan Blast: Accident Or Attack?
Afghan Blasts Target NATO
Afghan Bomb Attack Prompts U.S. Backlash
Afghan Bomb Kills 4 U.S. Troops
Afghan Bomb Kills NATO Soldier, Wounds 2
Afghan Bomb Kills U.S. Service Member
Afghan Bombing Targets U.S. Firm
Afghan Boy's U.S. Surgery A Success
Afghan Buddha Statues' Impact In Asia
Afghan Buddhas No More
Afghan Candidate Dead, 3 GIs Hurt
Afghan Candidates Boycott Election
Afghan Car Bomb Kills 3
Afghan Challenger Drops Out of Election
Afghan Chopper Crash Kills Airman
Afghan Christian Convert May Be Freed
Afghan Christian Could Face Death
Afghan Christian Expected To Be Freed
Afghan Christian Released From Jail
Afghan Christian Released From Jail
Afghan Civilian Death Toll Jumps 25%
Afghan Civilian Deaths Rise Sharply, U.N. Says
Afghan Civilian Deaths up 24 Percent
Afghan Civilian Deaths Up 62%, U.N. Says
Afghan Civilians Killed in NATO Airstrike
Afghan Clashes Kill 30 Taliban Militants
Afghan Commission: Civilian Deaths Up 6% in 2010
Afghan Constitution Stalemate
Afghan Constitution Stalemate
Afghan Convert Arrives In Italy
Afghan Cop Kills 6 U.S. Troops, Officials Say
Afghan Cops Die In Shootout With US Guards
Afghan Cops: More U.S. Troops Won't Help
Afghan Copter Crash Kills 1 American, 3 Aussies
Afghan Corruption Could Derail Troop Surge
Afghan Corruption Prosecutor: I Was Forced Out
Afghan Crash Killed All On Board
Afghan Deaths Disputed
Afghan Deaths Spur Aid Group Halt
Afghan Donkey Bomb Attack Foiled
Afghan Drug Kingpin Nabbed In N.Y.
Afghan Election Commission Orders Recounts
Afghan Election Hampered by Fear, Disenchantment
Afghan Election Recount Begins
Afghan Election to Test Government Reforms
Afghan Election Workers Begin Vote Count
Afghan Elections Tentatively Set
Afghan Farmers Shift To Mint, Melons
Afghan Fatalities Rise; Deadlier Than Iraq
Afghan Fighting, Bomb Attacks Continue
Afghan Forces Retake Town From Taliban
Afghan Fraud Panel Tosses Some Ballots
Afghan Gov't "Shocked" by Leak of War Documents
Afghan Group: Scores Of Civilians Killed
Afghan Group: U.S. Killed 34 Civilians
Afghan History Threatened by Chinese Mine
Afghan Hostages Phone Home
Afghan IED Attack Kills 4 U.S. Troops
Afghan Insurgents Clash With Police
Afghan Interpreter Kills 2 U.S. Troops
Afghan Jirga Debates Constitution
Afghan Leader Escapes Attack
Afghan Leader Postpones Elections
Afghan Leader to Ban Security Contractors
Afghan Leader Tries New Tack
Afghan Leader: Don't Forget Us
Afghan Leaders: Pakistan Behind Bloodshed
Afghan Locals: 25 Killed in NATO Air Strike
Afghan Militants Attack Air Field, 8 Killed
Afghan Militants Carrying U.S. Weapons?
Afghan Militants Kill 3 Aid Workers
Afghan Mineral Wealth May Top $3T, Official Says
Afghan Minister Dodges Shooting
Afghan Minister Escapes Gunmen
Afghan Minister: WikiLeaks Hurt U.S.-Afghan Ties
Afghan Negotiator: Taliban "Want to Talk"
Afghan Official Denies Iran Arming Taliban
Afghan Official Says U.S. Strike Kills 22
Afghan Officials Toss Votes Due to Fraud
Afghan Officials: Taliban Capture Villages
Afghan Operation Kills 30 Taliban Militants
Afghan Parliament Marks Milestone
Afghan Passenger Jet Crashes Carrying 44
Afghan Passenger Jet Is Missing
Afghan Peace Breakthrough?
Afghan Peace Conference Jolted by Taliban Attack
Afghan Police Find Headless Body
Afghan Police Flee Taliban Stronghold
Afghan Police Raided
Afghan Politician Dodges Assassination
Afghan Pres. Skips Country's 1st TV Debate
Afghan Pres. Wants More NATO Help
Afghan President Registers For Re-Election
Afghan President Undeterred
Afghan Prison Riot Ends With 6 Dead
Afghan Prison Riots Resume
Afghan Protests Left 15 Dead
Afghan Quake Sparks Floods
Afghan Quran Protest Turns Deadly
Afghan Rebels Kill Police, Cleric
Afghan Rebels Step Up Attacks
Afghan Refugees Fleeing Pakistan War Zone
Afghan Reintegration Program Lures 900 Militants
Afghan Reporter To Die For Insulting Islam
Afghan Rivals Drop Vote Boycott
Afghan Roadside Bomb Kills 4 U.S. Marines
Afghan Roadside Bombs Killing More U.S. Troops
Afghan Runoff Election Likely, Envoy Says
Afghan Security Chiefs Ousted Over Jirga Attack
Afghan Soldier Kills 2 U.S. Troops
Afghan Suicide Blast Hits U.S. Troops
Afghan Suicide Blast Kills Dozens
Afghan Suicide Bomber Injures 5 Americans
Afghan Suicide Bomber Kills 2 Americans
Afghan Suicide Bombing Kills 3, Injures 35
Afghan Surge Next President's Problem
Afghan Survives Death Sentence
Afghan Taliban Execute Couple For Eloping
Afghan Teacher Beheaded
Afghan Threat: We'll Finish Her
Afghan TV Stations Defy Ban On Soap Operas
Afghan U.S. Chopper Crash Kills One
Afghan U.S. Chopper Crash Kills One
Afghan Victims of Violence Speak Out
Afghan Video Shows UN Hostages
Afghan Violence Claims 100th U.K. Soldier
Afghan Violence Kills 10
Afghan Vote Fraud Probe Marred By Setbacks
Afghan Vote Fraud: 1.3M Ballots Tossed
Afghan VP Calls For Spraying Of Poppies
Afghan VP Candidate Survives Bomb
Afghan War Enters Year 10 as Air Strike Kills 8
Afghan War Review Cements Withdrawal Plan
Afghan War Will Remake Region
Afghan Warlord Seeks Talks with U.S., NATO
Afghan Weapons Blast Kills 28
Afghan Women Still Not Free
Afghan, Iraq Abuse Probes Linked
Afghanistan Angry At Sanctions
Afghanistan Attacks Kill 11 Cops, 1 U.S. Troop
Afghanistan Avalanche Kills Dozens
Afghanistan Backs Pakistani Militant Talks
Afghanistan Blast Kills 3 U.S. Soldiers
Afghanistan Bomb Blast Kills 3 NATO Troops
Afghanistan Bombs Kill 13, Including 2 Troops
Afghanistan Celebrates Independence Day
Afghanistan Crash Wreckage Found
Afghanistan Fails U.S. Drug Test
Afghanistan Hunkers Down
Afghanistan Militants Behead 6 Police Officers
Afghanistan Opium Seizures Jump 924%
Afghanistan Pins Bombings On Foreigners
Afghanistan Races to Prepare for Runoff
Afghanistan Readies For Key Vote
Afghanistan Runoff Election Called Off
Afghanistan Sanctions Furor
Afghanistan Says No To Opium
Afghanistan Seeks Foreign Aid "Realignment"
Afghanistan Shuts Down 2 Security Firms
Afghanistan Suicide Blast Kills 5 U.S. Troops
Afghanistan To Join U.S. Strategic Review
Afghanistan To Ratify Constitution
Afghanistan Violence Heats Up
Afghanistan's Abyss
Afghanistan, Iraq Among Most Corrupt
Afghanistan: 'Unrelenting Battle'
Afghanistan: 3 Americans Dead as Violence Surges
Afghanistan: Bin Laden Safe
Afghanistan: Hijack Homecoming
Afghanistan: Inside Kamdesh Base Attacks
Afghanistan: New Terror & Tactics
Afghanistan: Taliban Clash Leaves 49 Dead
Afghanistan: U.S. Bombing Kills 37
Afghanistan: U.S. Goes On Offense
Afghanistan: U.S.-Led Strikes Kill Dozens
Afghans Agree On New Constitution
Afghans Blame British for Taliban Imposter
Afghans Brave Violence To Vote
Afghans Choose A Legislature
Afghans Choose A Legislature
Afghans Condemning Raid Block U.S. Convoy
Afghans Describe 'Freelance' Abuse
Afghans Enraged Over Alleged Civilian Deaths
Afghans Face Deadly Threats as Vote Nears
Afghans Face Death Over Quran Translation
Afghans Flee Town Ahead of NATO Offensive
Afghans Get Constitution Draft
Afghans Had Advance Intel on U.N. Attack
Afghans Hit By 2nd Deadly Suicide Blast
Afghans Mull War Crimes Court
Afghans Optimistic On Kidnappings
Afghans Prepare To Count Votes
Afghans Protest Fla. Church's Plan to Burn Quran
Afghans Say Attack Kills Civilians
Afghans say NATO Strike Killed 4 Troops
Afghans Say U.S. Raid Based On Faulty Tip
Afghans Squabble Over Constitution
Afghans Struggle Over Islam's Role
Afghans Tout Opium Crackdown
Afghans Turn to Twitter During Election
Afghans Unveil New Anti-Corruption Squad
Afghans Urged To Defy Threats
Afghans Wage Hunger Strike In Ireland
Afghans Working For U.S. Military Executed