The Early Show: Health - Stories

Holidays Without Cheer
Hollywood's Dangerous Weight-Loss Secret
Holy Grail Of Cancer Research?
Home Safety Checklist
Hopkins Tops 'Best Hospitals' List
Hormone Therapy Questions
Household Products' Hidden Hazards
How Americans Eat Today
How Clean Is Your Kid's Cafeteria?
How Clean Is Your Pre-Washed Salad?
How Do You Feed A Giant?
How Fit Is Your Fitness Knowledge?
How Flesh-Eating Bacteria Ravage the Body
How Giffords Survived Being Shot in the Brain
How Good Is Your Salad?
How H1N1 Can Kill
How Long Do Hand Sanitizers Really Work?
How Long Foods In Fridge Stay Safe To Eat
How Long Foods Stay Fresh In Fridge
How Risky Is A Live Liver Transplant?
How Small Changes Can Yield Big Weight Loss
How To "Buckle Down" On Belly Fat
How to Avoid Packing on Holiday Pounds
How to Avoid Sunburn Boosters
How to Avoid the Seasonal Blues
How to Cut Your Wait Time at the Doctor's Office
How to Ease Your Computer Eye Strain
How to Face Teen Depression
How to Fast-Track Your Holiday Diet
How to Fight Off Seasonal Allergies
How to Fight Seasonal Flu
How To Get A Heart-Healthy Kitchen
How to Get Control of Your Health
How To Get Swimsuit Sexy By Memorial Day
How to Handle Extreme Heat
How To Keep A Great Smile For Life
How to Keep Bugs Off This Summer
How to Keep Kids Safe, Well While Abroad
How To Keep Tension At Bay
How to Live to 100
How To Lower Kids' Allergy Odds
How to Make Your Filthy Kitchen Healthy
How To Prevent Back Pain
How To Protect Yourself From Swine Flu
How To Reach The Child Who Smokes
How to Really Get Fit in 2010
How to Solve Menu Dilemmas
How To Tell If It's Laci
How To Tell If You Smell
How To Train Baby To Fall Asleep
How You Can Become Smarter
HPV Vaccine Linked To Teen's Paralysis?
Hubby Wanted -- For Health Care
Hypnosis, No Anesthetic, For Man's Surgery
Hysterectomies: Your Questions Answered
Illegal Steroids Still for Sale
Implant, Belt May Help Fight Obesity
Important, Common First-Aid Mistakes
Improve Brain Health And Life
Improve Driving With Surgery
Improving Life With MS
In 'Pursuit Of Healthiness'
In Hurricane Season, Safety First
In Lean Times, Fast Food Industry Cuts Fat
Inside Colonoscopy Screenings
Inside Mind Of Mass Murderer
Is "Sex" Making Young Men Anxious?
Is 12 Too Young to Start Dating?
Is Breast Cancer Preventable?
Is Buying Breast Milk Safe?
Is Coffee Ruining Your Figure?
Is Gastric Bypass Enough?
Is In Vitro Fertilization Being Overused?
Is It A Cold? Or Is It Flu?
Is Keeping Wisdom Teeth Wise?
Is Lack Of Sleep Affecting Our Troops?
Is Lack Of Sleep Affecting Our Troops?
Is Manipulating Menstrual Cycle Safe?
Is Sex Addiction Real?
Is That Extra Piece Of Cake Worth It?
Is The Economy Making Us Fat?
Is The Pool Clean?
Is There A Better Drug For You?
Is There Enough H1N1 Vaccine To Go Around?
Is Your Chicken Dinner Safe?
Is Your Kitchen Keeping You Fat?
Is Your Skin Ready for Winter Weather?
Jack Lalanne Recovering after Surgery
Jenny McCarthy Tackles Autism Head-On
Job Stress Can Nearly Double Women's Heart Risk
John Ritter Legacy Lives in "Ritter Rules"
Johns Hopkins Named Nation's Top Hospital
Journey From Paralysis
Junk Food That Could Be Good For You!
Keep Bugs Away Chemically or Naturally?
Keeping Kids Above Water
Keeping Kids Out Of Harm's Way
Keeping Kids Safe At The Dentist
Keeping Off The Weight
Keeping Pace Vs. Bulimia
Keeping Seniors From Falling
Keeping Weight Off In Office Jobs
Keeping Your Brain Sharp
Kellogg's Immunity Claims Draw Fire
Kids And Antidepressants? Be Wary
Kids At Risk When Driver Is Drunk
Kids Kicking Cancer
Kids Targeted In Fight Vs. Obesity
Kids With Cancer Have Prom, Too
Kids with H1N1 Camp Out at Hospital
Kids' Cereals Packing Some Nutrition Punch
Kids' Cereals Packing Some Nutrition Punch
Kids' Sport Drink Under Fire
Killed For Kindness
Know Your Health Numbers
L.A. Temblor Shook Up Navy M.D. / TV Star
Laptops May Hurt Male Fertility, Study Suggests
Largest Mass Kidney Donor Swap Ever
Latest Trend For Dieters: Delivered Meals
Lawyers: Others From Phelps Party Arrested
Lead Lurks In Unexpected Places
Leeza Gibbons Vs. Alzheimer's
Less Is More For Ear Infections
Less Sleep Could Mean Less Sex
Life With A New Face
Life With A New Face
Lightning Myths Debunked
Lipitor Counterfeits Abound
Liposuction Leaves Woman Brain Dead
Liposuction Now No. 1 Plastic Surgery in U.S.
Little-Known Breast Cancer Risk Factor
Living With A Bipolar Child
Living With Anorexia
Looking For A Younger Face
Lorenzo's Oil Of Life
Lose Weight -- in the Drive-Thru?
Lose Weight Or Die?
Lose Weight with Fast Food
Losing Pounds, Saving Your Life
Love Addiction: Tough to Kick
Low-Carb Backlash?
Low-Carb Products Any Good?
Lunchtime Liposuction!
Lyme Disease Primer
M.D. Cheats Death, Stands Up To Own Cancer
Make Healthy Breakfasts -- for a Buck
Make Over Your Treadmill Workout
Making Sense Of New Food Labels
Making The Best Bad Food Choices
Making the Switch to Healthier Foods
Mammogram Guidelines Explained
Mammogram Parties Draw Crowds
Mammogram Rate Declining, Study Suggests
Mammograms' Usefulness Limited, Study Indicates
Mammography Debate Puzzles Many
Man Is Six-Months Pregnant
Many Overweight Teens Don't Think They Are
Many Too Tired for Sex, Study Says
Marital Bickering May Help Heart Health
Married Couples Part Beds To Keep Peace
Marrow Donor Drive
Marrow Transplant: Gift Of Life
Massive Recalls on Baby Floats and Cribs
McEnroe Raising Prostate Cancer Awareness
McEwen To Other Stroke Survivors: Forge On
Meat Substitutes Put To Taste Test
Med Mistakes Blamed in 200K Deaths a Year
Medical Concerns Mount After Quake
Medical Debt Huge Bankruptcy Culprit
Medical Gift Cards Bring Well Wishes
Medical Help In The Desert
Medical Mystery: Woman Dying for Diagnosis
Medicare Part D Enrollment Window Closing
Medicine Cabinet Must-Haves
Meditation As Medication
Memory Boosters
Meningitis: Silent Killer
Mercury Dangers For Unborn
Methamphetamine: The Choice Drug
Mid-Summer Skin Cancer Alert
Migraine Treatment May Depend on Age, Study Says
Migraine Triggers And Fighters
Migraine, Or Sinus Headache?
Milestone In Quest For Med Miracle
Minimize Winter Health Hazards -- Some Unlikely
Miracle Marrow Recipient 'Normal' Now
Mix-Up "Big Danger" In Sect's DNA Tests
Mold: Tips To Prevent and Cope
Mom Makes "Miracle" H1N1 Recovery
Mom Pushes For More School Nurses
Mom: Marijuana Helps My Son's Autism
Moms Get "Scoop" on Girls' Health
Monster Movie Making People Sick
Mood Foods Can Help Lift Your Spirits
More Than Moody
More Women Selling Their Eggs
Mrs. Edwards Kept News To Herself
Multi-Limbed Girl's Surgeon Proud
N.Y. Firm Eyed In Pistachio Recall Probe
Nancy Brinker's Cancer Fight
National Alcohol Screening Day
Natural Treatments for Common Ailments
Navigating Medical Emergencies
New Alarm Bells Over Food Safety System
New Concern Over Kids' Cough, Cold Meds
New Device Gives Hope To Paralyzed
New Device May Prevent Heart Attacks
New Drug May Slow Breast Cancer
New Era Near For Fetal Screening?
New Guidelines for Alzheimer's Disease
New Help For Clogged Arteries
New Hope for Melanoma Patients?
New Hope For Prostate Cancer?
New In-Vitro Treatment Shuns Shots
New Mix In Battle Vs. Underage Drinking
New Pill For Weight Loss?
New Relief For Back Pain
New Scrutiny For Omega-3 Eggs
New Surgery For Rare Heart Cases
New Surgery Puts Obesity Under Wrap
New Tax Rule Cuts Medical Costs
New Test Could Count Down Fertility Years
New Use For Old Health Tool
New Web Site Rates Hundreds Of Sunscreens
New Weight Loss Math Makes Task More Daunting
New Year's "Crave Busters"
No More Excuses for Not Losing Weight
No Quick Fix For Losing Weight
No Sweat
Non-Lipo Love-Handle Reducers OK'd by FDA
Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer Cases Jump
Nordic Walking Catching On
Normal Aging or Alzheimer's Disease?
Nutritionist Joins "Down2Size" Bod Squad
Obesity a "True Epidemic of Our Times"
Obesity Can Further Complicate H1N1
Obesity Nears Smoking As Cancer-Causer
Octuplets Mom Got $168G In Disability
Octuplets Mom Has 6 Other Kids
Octuplets' Birth Doctor Probed
Octuplets' Family Filed For Bankruptcy
Octuplets' Grandma Disses Daughter
Octuplets' Grandma On Plastic Surgery Talk
Octuplets' Grandma, Mom Patch Things Up
Octuplets' Grandma: Daughter's M.D. Lied
Octuplets' Mom "Obsessed" With Having Kids
Octuplets' Mom Hires An Agent
Oh, Your Aching Back!
Old Wives' Tales: Fact Or Fiction?
Older Drivers Pose Greater Risks?
One Boy's Hoop Dreams Inspire Others
One Child's Weight Loss Journey
One Child's Weight Loss Journey
Online Medical "Visits": Good Idea?
Online Pharmacies: Dangerous Prescription?
Oprah Health Claims Unhealthy?
Oprah Reveals Thyroid Trouble
Organ Donor's Sister's Special Wedding
Osteoporosis Drug Helps Heal Broken Bones
Ovary Transplants: Wave Of Future?
Over 40? Expert Says Get Annual Mammogram
Over-the-Counter Steroids?
Overmedication May Be Bad News
Overuse Of Pain Reliever On Rise
Overweight Teens: Parents At Fault?
Owing Her Health to "Fran Vans"
Pancreatic Cancer Vaccine Progress Reported
Panel Pans Prostate Checks For Men Over 75
Paralyzed Girl Learning To Walk
Parental Stress and Child Asthma
Parents Conceive To Save Child
Penny-Wise And Health Foolish Fast Foods
Penny-Wise And Health Foolish Fast Foods
Perks of Five-Hour Energy Put to Test
Personalities Can Affect Sleep Woes
Picking A Good Nursing Home?
Pillow Talk
Pioneering Surgery For Rare Skin Disease
Plastic Sugery A Help To Job Hunters?
Plastic Surgery Gets Nipped And Tucked
Play It Safe With Fireworks
Playboy Mansion Partygoers Sought in Probe
Politics And Illness
Poll: Baby Boomers Confident About Sex
Poll: Women Would Give Up Sex to Not Gain Weight
Pomegranate Ranked Healthiest Fruit Juice
Portion Control Made Easy
Portion Control Made Easy
Possible Big Advance Against Brain Cancer
Possible Fertility Drug-Cancer Link Found
Post-Katrina Health Risks Growing
Postpartum Depression: Preventable?
Pouring Caution On Energy Drinks
Pre-natal Tests? When News Is Bad
Pregnancy Myths Exposed
Pregnancy Workouts for Every Stage
Pregnant Cancer Survivor Risks Recurrence
Prepare Yourself For Allergy Season
Prescription For Kids' Depression
Preventing "Summer Brain Drain" in Kids
Preventing Motion Sickness
Preventing Poisonings At Home
Preventing Those Ugly Scars
Prince Harry Reportedly Snorted Vodka
Problematic Pools
Profits To Fight Breast Cancer
Progress Vs. Serious Pregnancy Ailment
Prospective Parents and Genetic Testing
Prostate Cancer Vaccine On Its Way?
Protect Yourself From Drug Errors
Protecting Kids from H1N1 at Camp
Protecting Skin With "Edible Sunscreen"
Protein: Getting It Right
Pump Gives New Hope To Heart Patients
Purchasing Perfect Pillows
Put Sex Back in Your Marriage
Put Some Resolve in Your New Year's Resolution
Questions about Early Breast Cancer Diagnosis
Racing To Keep Disease At Bay
Raising Heart-Healthy Kids
Rapid Relief for Heartburn Sufferers?
Rare Double Pregnancy Surprises All
Rating The Best Diets
Re-Evaluating The X-Ray
Reach Your Diet, Fitness Goals -- Finally!
Recipe For Fighting Food Allergies
Recognizing Signs Of Alzheimer's
Red Cross Tries To Reach POWs
Red Cross: Iraqi Damage And Casualties
Red Meat May Mislead
Reducing Stress, Helping Your Heart
Remedies Sought For Surgical Leftovers
Repairing Heart Defects
Repeat Caesarean? Not So Fast
Report: Chickens Getting Dirtier
Research Defines New Eating Disorder
Resolving To Stick To Resolutions
Retail Clinic Route Best Low-Cost Care?
Rethinking an Aspirin-a-Day
Rip Currents: Big Danger Beneath Beach Waves
Rising Risk Of Pre-Term Birth
Robotic Arms Mend Robelot's Heart
Robotic Device Gives "A Leg Up" On Walking
Rodriguez, Bidens Help In Fight Vs. Cancer
Ronald McDonald Slims Down
Rx To Avoid Rip-Off Pharmacies
Sabotaging Your Child's Diet?
Safe Way to Work Out Outdoors in Sweltering Heat
Safety Concerns Linger for H1N1 Vaccine
Safety Key in Child's Bath Time
Safety Of Medicated Heart Stents Debated
Safety of Three Diet Drugs in Question
Salmonella Death Toll May Be Up To 7
Salmonella Outbreak "Not Over Yet"
Salt Can Sneak Up On You
San Diego Measles Outbreak Growing
Sarah's Story
Savage Defends Remarks Questioning Autism
Saving On Prescription Drugs
Saving On Prescription Drugs
Scaring Kids Straight, Off Methadone
School Athlete Deaths Preventable?
Scobee Letter Inspires Children To Heal
Screen Skin For Cancer
Screening For Prostate Cancer?
Sealed With A Kiss
Seasonal Cholesterol
Seasonings That Help Your Health
Second Opinions Online
Secrets To "Super-Healing"
Senator Shares Story Of Son's Suicide
Setting Headaches Apart
Severe Headache Triggers
Sex Addiction: As Real As Any Other
Sex Good for Men's Hearts, Study Shows
Sex in the Recession
Sexy Sanitizers Help Combat H1N1 in Style
Shake Off Your Post-Holiday Blues
Shedding Your "Healthy Halo"
Shingles' Impact on Adults
Shining Light On Great Sunscreen Debate
Shop Around for Prescription Savings
Shopping For Better Nutrition
Should C-Section Moms Choose VBAC Instead?
Should Fliers Fear H1N1?
Should Movies With Cigarettes Be Rated R?
Should Teen Girls Have A "Plan B?"
Should Women Eat While Giving Birth?
Shy Beyond Words
Sick This Holiday Season?
Significant Find in Battle against Baldness
Signs of Aging: How to Stop Time in Its Tracks
Single And Less Stressed?
Single And Less Stressed?
Six Tips to Curb Thanksgiving Calorie Intake
Size Matters: How Male, Female Brains Compare
Skinny Jeans A Health Risk?
Skinny On Losing Weight Sans Hunger
Slash Your Salt Intake, Feds Urge
Sleep On It
Sleep Problems= Life Troubles?
Sleep Tips, As We Age
Sleep Your Way To The Top
Sleep-Deprived Teens' Disturbing Thoughts
Slenderize Me
Smoking Baby Still Smoking, on Tape
Smoking: The President's Problem, Too
Sneak Workouts into Holiday Hustle and Bustle
Soap Star In Real-Life Cancer Battle
Soap Stars Rally For Kids
SoCal Smoke Could Worsen Breathing Woes
Sodas Get Run For Your Money
Some Colleges Using H1N1 Isolation Dorms
Some Swim Diapers Dirtying Up Pool Water?
Sorting Through Supplements
Speak Up During Check-Ups
Special Care For R. I. Burn Victims
Spice Up Your Diet -- And Your Health
Spoon Size Could Affect Your Health
Spotting And Treating Asthma
Spring Allergies: New Approaches
Spring Cleaning Indoor Air
Squeezing Truth Out of Juice Myths
Standard Early Breast Cancer Surgery Needless?
Standby Plan For Smallpox
Start On Way To Baldness Gene Therapy?
Start Saying Goodbye To Belly Fat
Staying Safe -- In The Hospital
Staying Sharp As We Age
Staying Sharp As We Age
Staying Sharp As We Age
Staying Slim As You Get Older
Stem Cells For Heart Self-Repair?
Stem Cells May Be Her Only Hope
Steps Toward A Healthier Life
Steroids: Not Just A Guy Thing
Strange, Yet True: Home Health Remedies
Stressed? Try These Snacks
Stretch Marks Getting Under Your Skin?
Study Could Reignite Hormone Therapy Debate
Study Pans Ovarian Cancer Screening Usefulness
Study: Ear Thermometer Ineffective
Study: "Female Viagra" Flibanserin Works
Study: 1-Hour Workouts Needed to Fight Fat
Study: Acupuncture Good For Aching Backs
Study: ADHD Being Missed In Many Kids
Study: Change Lifestyle, Cut Cancer Risk
Study: Early Fetal Testing May Be Safe
Study: ESP May Be Real
Study: Exercise Helps Keep Seniors Sharp
Study: Exercise Less, but Harder
Study: Fat Men, Skinny Women Make More Money
Study: Girls Getting Hooked Earlier
Study: Leave Ear Infections Alone
Study: Low-Carb Diets Make Dieters Cranky
Study: Low-Fat Diet Big Letdown
Study: Mammograms Big Help for Women Aged 40-49
Study: Many Kids Not Getting Their Zzzzs
Study: Many Kids Not Getting Their Zzzzs
Study: Most Having Minor Stroke Don't Know It
Study: Poor Shoes May Haunt Your Later
Study: Preschoolers Get Depressed, Too
Study: Preventive Cancer Surgeries Save Lives
Study: Sleep Apnea Can Be Deadly
Study: Some Low-Carb Diets Up Cancer, Death Risk
Study: Thin Girls Have Higher Breast Cancer Risk
Study: Vitamin D May Prevent Some Cancers
Study: Winter "Coat" Helps Flu Flourish
Study: Women Get More Wrinkles Than Men
Study: You Are What Mom Eats
Substitute Your Way To Healthier Eating
Suffering A Miscarriage
Summer Camp, Safety and Your Child
Summer Drinks That Won't Weigh You Down
Summer Health Myths Debunked
Sun Safety
Sunderland Puts Focus on Kids Trying for Records
Sunscreen Dos and Don'ts for Summer
Super Bowl Snacks Aren't Free
Super Fruits And Other Health Food Trends
Superstar Teeth, The Safe Way
Surf's Up For Breast Cancer Patient
Surgeries Outside Hospitals Rising
Surgery For Epilepsy
Surgery For Infant Twins Joined At Stomach
Surgery In Four Places At Once
Surgery May Prevent "Lazy Eye" Blindness
Surgery Separates Conjoined Twins
Surprise On Folic Acid, Vitamin B
Surprising Kids Killer: Methadone
Surprising Stroke Findings
Survey Finds Women Need More Sleep
Survey: Few Know Stroke Symptoms
Survey: Nurses Most Dependent on Coffee at Work
Surviving Cancer with a Smile
Surviving Everest-Like Cold
Sweating Out Risk Of Cancer?
Sweeter Than Sugar
Sweeter Than Sugar
Swine Flu Questions Answered
Switch Your Sleep Cycle Smoothly
Switched Before Birth
Tackling Sports Injuries
Tainted Tomatoes: Alternatives To Turn To
Taking Control Of Your Health
Taking Its Toll: Alzheimer's Disease
Talking To Kids About War
Tamiflu for Kids in Short Supply
Taxing Your Vanity
Technology Brings Sight To The Blind
Ted Kennedy's Battle with Brain Cancer
Teen Boredom, Destructive Behavior
Teen Coffee Consumption Causes Concern
Teen Cries Tears of Blood
Teen Girls Drinking More Alcohol
Teen Pregnancy Resumes Rise In U.S.
Teen Slims Down With Gastric Bypass
Teens Pay Price For Lack Of Sleep
Tell-Tale Symptoms Of Sinusitis
Ten Healthiest Fast Food Chains
Ten-Year-Old Bravely Battles Breast Cancer
Tenth Baby Dies from Whooping Cough in Calif.
Test Your Holiday Health Knowledge
Thanks To The Kindness Of Strangers
The "New Face Of Stroke"
The ABC's Of Choosing The Best MD
The Agony Of The Feet
The Battle Of The Sweeteners
The Best Pregnancy Tests
The Biting Season
The Body's Little-Known Signs of Stress
The Curse Of The Night Owl
The Dairy Diet?
The Dangers Of Flip-Flops ... In Footwear!
The Demise Of Dating
The Downside Of Prescription Drugs
The Good And Bad Of Cholesterol
The Good Carbohydrates
The Health Perks of Coffee
The Heart Truth: Women At Risk
The Long Climb Back From Anorexia
The Lowdown On Low-Carbs
The Lunch Dilemma
The Most Deadly Forms Of Melanoma
The Pain Of Obesity For Kids
The Pill Turns 50
The Real Skinny On Nutrition Myths
The Self Challenge
The Skinny On "Manorexia"
The Skinny on Yogurt and Your Health
The Time To Toss Toothbrushes
The Truth About Coffee
The Truth About Summer Germs
The Truth Behind "Sell-By" Dates On Foods
The Wedding Diet for Brides-to-Be
The Wrist As A Route To The Heart
The Year Ahead In Medicine
Thin People Can Be Fat
Time To Rebuild The Food Pyramid?
Timing Is Everything
Timing Counts, For Health Habits
Timing of Kids' Flu Shots: Tricky, Vital
Tips for Avoiding Holiday Back Pain
Tips To Stay Fit On The Beach This Summer
Tips To Survive In Dangerous Rip Currents
To Avoid Arthritis, Start When Young
To Walk Or Run? That Is The Question
Toddler Saves Grandma By Calling 911
Too Many Hysterectomies?
Too Young for Botox?
Tooth Brushing 101 ? For Grownups
Tooth Whiteners: Something For Everyone
Top "Don'ts" for Dealing with H1N1
Top Docs Debate Elective C-Sections
Top Health Resolutions You Should Make...
Top Over-The-Counter Remedies
Tot Born With 8 Limbs Stands
Tot's Kiss Leaves Mom At Hearing Loss