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Arthritis Cost U.S. $128 Billion In 2003
Arthritis Cost U.S. $128 Billion In 2003
Arthritis Costs: $128 Billion And Growing
Arthritis Creams: Brief Relief
Arthritis Drug Fears
Arthritis Drug Vioxx Recalled
Arthritis Drug Vioxx Recalled
Arthritis Drugs and Heart Attacks
Arthritis Drugs Under Microscope
Arthritis Drugs Under Review
Arthritis Drugs Under Scrutiny
Arthritis Knee Surgery Doesn't Work
Arthritis Pills May Prevent Cancer
Arthritis Relief Without Pain
Arthritis Relief Without Strings
Arthritis Treatment for Dogs
Arthritis, Bacteria, and Devious Cells
Article Wildcard In Vioxx Retrial
Artificial Disc May Reduce Back Pain
Artificial Heart Patient Dies
Artificial Heart Recipient Celebrates 30-Day Milestone
Artificial Heart Recipient Dies At Age 52
Artificial Heart Recipient Doing Better Than Expected
Artificial Heart Recipient Steps Into Spotlight
Artificial Human Skin Debuts
Artificial Joints, Real Money
Artificial Skin Best Hope For R.I. Victims
Artificial-Heart Patient Doing Well
As Aid Flows, African Nations Cut Health Budgets
As Economy Sags, Faces Do Too, Doctors Say
As Home Births Rise, Midwives Reborn
Asbestos Deaths Soar Since '60s
Asbestos Lawsuits Contagious
Asbestos Victims' Kin Win Case
Asia Aims To Clip Bird Flu Spread
Asia Bird Flu Death Toll Now Seven
Asia Bird Flu Turns Deadly
Asia Jittery Over Bird Flu
Asia's Bird Flu Death Toll Rises
Asian Nations Lag In War On AIDS
Asians On A Different Obesity Scale
Aspirin Better Than Blood Thinners
Aspirin Effects Reversed For Women
Aspirin May Cut Breast Cancer Risk
Aspirin May Cut Colon Cancer Death Risk
Aspirin May Cut Colon Cancer Deaths by 1/3
Aspirin May Lower Hodgkin's Risk
Aspirin Nixed As Colon Cancer Preventive
Aspirin's Heart Benefits Bottled Up
Aspirin's Impact May Vary
Assisted Suicide Group "Glad" for Trial
Assisted Suicide Guidelines in the UK
Assisted Suicide Loses Support
Assisted Suicide Ring Exposes Rift
Asst. Principal Is First NYC H1N1 Death
Asthma 'Drug of Choice' Best in Tandem, Dangerous Alone
Asthma Aid Won't Help Smokers
Asthma In Kids Leveling Off
Asthma Inhalers To Go Green
Asthma Rates Climbing Fast
Asthma Rates Up Among Ground Zero Workers
Asthma Treatment Does Not Stunt a Child's Growth
Asthma, PTSD Linger for NYC 9/11 Survivors
At Least 18 Die In Costa Rica Fire
At-Home Colon Cancer Screening
At-Home Psychiatric Gene Tests Stir Debate
Athletes Testify In Doping Probe
Atkins Beats Other Diets, But Not By Much
Atkins Diet Debate Atkins Diet Debate ? One More Time
Atkins Study Surprises Doctors
Atkins Wins Diet Plan Faceoff
Atkins, NY Mayor In Fat Feud
Atlantic City Tells Smokers To Butt Out
Aussie Moms-To-Be To Cash In?
Australia May Outlaw Cigarette Pack Art
Australia OKs Sex Change For Teen
Autism Cases Rise Despite Vaccine Change
Autism Doctor Investigated In Britain
Autism Help Effective But Unfair?
Autism In U.S. More Prevalent Than Thought
Autism, Mercury Link Disputed
Autism, Older Parents Link Detailed
Autism-Vaccine Link Gets Day In Court
Autism-Vaccine Link Rejected by Appeals Court
Autistic Boy Dies After Treatment
Auto Headrests Better Than Ever
Automated Medicine
Autopsy For Botched Transplant Teen
Autopsy Links Cop's Death To 9/11 Dust
Autopsy Planned For Newborn Given Heparin
Avandia Maker Hid Risks for Years, Probe Finds
Average ER Wait Time Increases To 1 Hour
Avian Flu Outbreak Spreads
Avoid Overeating as You Enjoy the Holidays
Avoiding Fatal Pregnancies
Avoiding The Super Bowl Slump
Azerbaijan: 3 Dead From Bird Flu
B. Clinton Inks Deal for Cheaper HIV Drugs
B.E.A.T. Arthritis
Babies Get Head Start On Toilet Training
Babies' Gender A Seasonal Gift
Babies' Sleep Positioners Dangerous, Gov't Warns
Babies' Sleep Positioners Dangerous, Gov't Warns
Baby Aspirin Therapy
Baby Bassinet Scare Prompts Warning
Baby Bath Seat Safety
Baby Boomers Going Blind?
Baby Born After Ovary Transplant
Baby Born To Brain-Dead Woman
Baby Bottle Chemical Concerns Repeated
Baby Bust: U.S. Births Drop 2% in 2008
Baby Car Seats Recalled
Baby Carrying Two Fetuses Dies
Baby Cereal Recalled Over Choking Hazard
Baby Food Recalled over Botulism Risk
Baby Formula Maker Admits Error
Baby Formula Tied To Obesity
Baby Makes Surprise Arrival At 37,000 Feet
Baby Mortality Rate Up In Caucasus
Baby Noor 'A Real Delight'
Baby Noor Leaves U.S. Hospital
Baby Noor Released From Hospital
Baby Pool Toys Recalled: Drowning Hazard
Baby Products Study Raises Safety Concerns
Baby Rashes Prompt Clothing Warning
Baby Receives New Heart
Baby Revives in Coffin, Later Dies; MDs Charged
Baby Swim Lessons Focus On Safety
Baby Trashed After Botched Abortion
Back In His Mother's Arms
Back In Iran, Twins Mourned
Back On The Job
Back Pain Doesn't Have to Be a Pain
Back Patients See The Light
Back To Court In Coma Case
Back to Work From Vacation Stress
Back-Friendly Backpacks for Kids
Back-To-School Bad Backs
Back-to-School Jitters or Separation Anxiety?
Backlash Over Lobotomy Nobel
Backstreet Boy Howie D. Raises Lupus Awareness
Backyard Fireworks Injuries On Rise
Bacteria Alert At Spring Break Beaches
Bacteria Can Gang Up On You
Bacteria Found In Orange Juice
Bacteria Linked To Sudden Baby Deaths
Bacteria Outbreak In L.A. Hospital
Bacteria That Won't Die
Bad Allergy Season
Bad Back? Time, Not Treatment, May Be Best Cure
Bad Cholesterol: Never Too Low
Bad Doctors Go Unchecked in Some HMOs
Bad Food, Diet Top Health Risks
Bad Habits Can Age You by 12 Years, Study Shows
Bad Medicine Too Much To Swallow?
Bad News About Teen Smoking
Bad News For Male Mountain Bikers
Bad News For Pets With 'Pox
Bad News, Good News On Pregnancy
Bad Nutrition Can Weaken Nations
Bad Teeth A Genetic Flaw?
Badly Burned Man Awaits Rare Face Transplant
Baffling Rise In Childhood Autism
Bag Balm Becomes Popular "Problem Salver"
Bail Denied Pharmacist Accused of Diluting Drugs
Bald Men Eat Free
Baldness: Causes and Cures
Ballpark Bugs ' Flying Ants
Ban On Bread Chemical Urged
Ban on Ingredient in Cough Medicines and Diet Drugs
Ban Sought On Some Painkillers
Banked Blood Can Lose Effectiveness
Banking Umbilical Cord Blood
Bankruptcy On Atkins' Plate
Banned Drug May Fight Cancer
Banning Smoking at Work--Is It Discrimination?
Bar Codes On Medicines?
Bartering For Hospital Care
Baseball Issues Ephedra Warning
Baseball Legend Pushes For Glaucoma Awareness
Baseball Team Treats Moms-to-be Like MVPs
Baseball To Test For Steroids
Baseball Widow Sues Ephedra Maker
Basketball Great Shares Magic Through a Decade of Survival
Bathing Patients Curbs Hospital Infections
Battle For Access To Young Stomachs
Battle Over Trans Fats Heads West
Battling A Blood Shortage
Battling A Brain Tumor
Battling A Campus Killer
Battling Blindness In Premature Babies
Battling Chronic Daily Headaches
Battling Ebola And Hostility
Battling Health Insurance Fraud
Battling Obesity: Into the Belly of the Beast
Bausch & Lomb On Lens Solution Probe
Bausch & Lomb Removes Lens Solution
Bayer Sold HIV-Risky Meds
Bayer Sued By Hemophiliacs
BB Guns: Mom Was Right
Beat Goes On For Artificial Heart
Bed Bug Battle Main Focus of Pest Convention
Bed Rest Isn't A Cure-All
Bedbugs Are Back: No Laughing Matter
Bedbugs Make A Comeback
Bedbugs Take A Bite Out Of Big Apple
Bedside Manner Based On Gender?
Beef Blamed for 28 Sick in 3 W. States
Beef Recall Expanded Nationwide
Beef Recall Puts Topps Out Of Business
Beef Recalls Extends Across East Coast
Beefing About Meat Safety
Beijing About-Face On Taiwan SARS
Beijing Gets Clean Bill On SARS
Beijing Hospitals Swamped By SARS
Beijing Mayor Sacked In SARS Scandal
Beijing Schools Stay Shuttered By SARS
Beijing Shuts Down Schools For SARS
Beijing's SARS Recordkeeping Panned
Being Jobless May Be Good For You
Belgium Is Healthiest Nation
Belts Tighten Over Stomach Surgery
Beneficial Fat Cell Hormone
Benefit Boost For Ground Zero Workers
Benefits Of A Stroll In The Park
Benefits Of Folic Acid
Best H1N1 Remedy: Vaccinate Kids, Parents
Best Hospitals 2006
Better Artificial Limbs Restore Amputee's Normal Function
Better Baby Protection
Better Deal From VA Than Medicare
Better News For Beach Bums
Better Sex Through Dieting
Better Sex Through Gender Equality?
Betty Ford: Bearing The Pink Ribbon
Beware Of Dog Flu
Beware Of Hidden Fats In Food
Beware Of Hidden Fats In Food
Beware Of Hidden Fats In Food
Bi? Study Says More Women Try It
Bid Stalls to Ban Smoking at Calif. Parks