World - Stories

27 Dead In South Africa Train Crash
27 Killed, Including US Army Translator, in Iraq
27 Missing in Major New Zealand Mine Blast
27 Missing in Philippines Ferry Crash
28 Dead In Philippine Prison Raid
28 Dead, Including American, in Iraq Hotel Fire
28 Mexican Officials Caught In Drug Sweep
28,000 Killed in Mexican Drug War Since 2006
29 Children Die In Mexico Day Care Fire
29 Die In India Election Violence
29 Killed In Iran Plane Crash
29 Miners Dead after 2nd Blast at NZ Mine
2nd Arrest In Austria U.S. Embassy Plot
2nd Arrest In U.K. Slayings
2nd Blast This Week Kills 3 In Pakistan
2nd Bore Hole Reaches 33 Trapped Chilean Miners
2nd Deadly Bomb Blast Hits Israel
2nd Drone Down Over Iraq
2nd Lawmaker Shot; Kenya "In Flames"
2nd Member Quits Olympic Panel
2nd N. Korea Nuke Plant Possible
2nd Pilot Blames U.S. Crew For Mishap
2nd Storm Slams Philippines, 4 Dead
2nd U.N. Plane Shot Down In Angola
2nd U.S. Sailor's Body Recovered in Afghanistan
3 Acquitted Of Aiding 2005 London Bombers
3 Aid Workers Kidnapped in Mauritania
3 Americans Kidnapped, Released In Nablus
3 Americans Killed in Eastern Afghanistan
3 Americans Killed In Gaza Blast
3 Americans, 4 Brits Kidnapped In Nigeria
3 Arrested for Rocket Attack on Green Zone
3 Arrested For Royal Eavesdropping
3 Arrested In India Train Bombings
3 Arrests In Arkan Slaying
3 Arrests in Theft of Cyprus Leader's Body
3 Blasts Kill 10 In Southern Afghanistan
3 Bodies Pulled From Flattened Italy Dorm
3 British Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan
3 Children Killed In Gaza Shooting
3 Civilian Bodies Found from Afghan Crash
3 Convicted in Plot to Blow Up Airliners
3 Convicted In Trans-Atlantic Plane Plot
3 Dead as Greeks Riot over Spending Cuts
3 Dead In Belgium Day Care Knife Attack
3 Dead In Belgium Day Care Knife Attack
3 Dead in Egypt Cruise Liner Accident
3 Dead In Israel Bombing
3 Dead In Israel Bus Stop Blast
3 Dead In Tel Aviv Cafe Bombing
3 Detained U.S. Hikers to Face Iran Trial
3 Die In Milan Building Explosion
3 Die On Mt. Cook In New Zealand
3 Frenchmen Killed In Saudi Attack
3 Frenchmen Killed In Saudi Attack
3 Guards Stabbed To Death In China
3 Israelis Die In Botched Raid
3 Killed as Small Quake Hits North Haiti
3 Killed In Blast At Turkish Resort
3 Killed in U.S. Copter Crash in Germany
3 Million Muslims In Mecca For Pilgrimage
3 More Aussies Sentenced In Bali
3 More Bus Attacks Around Paris
3 More Dead in Hungary's Red Sludge Flood
3 NATO Troops Killed in Afghan Insurgent Attack
3 Pakistani Soldier Hostages Are Killed
3 Potential Hosts For 2008 Games
3 Pregnant Teens Break Out Of Group Home
3 Saudis Beheaded For Trafficking
3 Slain In Afghanistan
3 Somali Gov't Ministers Killed in Blast
3 Suspects Charged In $92M Heist
3 Suspects In Custody In St. Maarten
3 Tons Of Cyanide-Laced Fish Seized
3 Troops Killed In Afghan Attack
3 U.K. Journalists Kicked Out Of Pakistan
3 U.S. Dead in China Cargo Plane Crash
3 U.S. Hostages, Colombian Pol Are Rescued
3 U.S. Soldiers Killed In Afghanistan
3 U.S. Soldiers Killed in Iraq
3 U.S. Soldiers, 2 Afghans Killed in Bombings
3 U.S. Troops Dead in Afghanistan
3 U.S. Troops Killed in Afghan Ambush
3 U.S. Troops Killed In Afghan Blast
3 U.S. Troops Killed in Afghanistan
3 U.S. Troops Killed in Pakistan Blast
3 U.S., 1 French Dead in Afghanistan
3 Ukraine Cops Guilty In Reporter's Death
3 Westerners Face Saudi Justice
3,000 More Marines Slated For Afghanistan
3,200 Marines Headed To Afghanistan
3,400-Year-Old Statues Unearthed in Egypt
3,500-Year-Old Egyptian Tomb Rediscovered
30 Dead In Ugandan Cattle Raids
30 Militants, 1 Soldier Killed in Pakistan
30 Taliban Killed In Clash With NATO
30,000 Troops Headed For Iraq In 2009
300 Dead In Nigeria Religious Clashes
302 Dead In Iranian Plane Crash
31 Dead after Blasts in Huge Russian Coal Mine
31 Killed On Ho Chi Minh Trail
31 More Batches Of Chinese Milk Tainted
31 Tourists Vanish In Algeria
32 Dead In Colombia Coal Mine Blast
32 Dead In Colombia Mine Disaster
32 Kids Freed After Manila Hostage Crisis
32 Militants Killed In Afghan Violence
32 Reportedly Trapped In China Coal Mine
326 Slain in Nigerian Religious Violence
33 Chinese Miners Still Trapped by Floodwaters
33 Dead In China Hospital Fire
33 Dead In Russian Hospital Blast
33rd Miner Reaches the Surface in Chile
34 Dead In Spain Subway Derailment
34 Killed In Indian Massacre
35 Bodies Found In Gaza Battle Zone
35 Dead In Clash Over Diamonds?
35 Feared Dead In Portugal
36 Dead In Turkey Train Mishap
36 Survive Venezuela Plane Crash
37 Die In Mexico Truck Explosion
37 Feared Dead In Cameroon Boat Accident
37 Suspected Militants Killed In Pakistan
38 Killed In Siberia Mine Blast
39 Dead In China Hospital Fire
39 Indicted In Money Laundering Scheme
39 Killed in 5 Attacks in Pakistan
39-Year AWOL Army Sgt. Surrenders
3rd Mexico Mayor Killed in a Month
3rd Most Wanted Nazi Suspect Dies Before Trial
3rd Turkish Child Dies Of Bird Flu
3rd U.S. G.I. Pleads In Iraq Murder Case
3rd World HIV Strategies Studied
4 al Qaeda Suspects Escape from Iraq Prison
4 American Oil Workers Released In Nigeria
4 Americans among 14 Dead in Nepal Plane Crash
4 Arrested In Turkey Bomb Attack
4 Arrested in U.S. Border Agent's Death
4 Arrests in Mexico Cartel Revenge Slaying
4 Canadian Mounties Gunned Down
4 Cops Killed In Guatemala Prison
4 Dead In Afghan Attacks
4 Dead In Gaza Violence
4 Dead In Honduras Plane Crash
4 Dead In Japan Train Derailment
4 Dead in New Israel, Palestinian Clash
4 Dead in Toxic Sludge Flood in Hungary
4 Dead, 33 Hurt In Tokyo Subway Mishap
4 Decapitated Bodies Found In Mexico
4 Detained in Russian Club Fire; 112 Dead
4 Die In Argentina School Shooting
4 Die In Dominican Helicopter Crash
4 Earthquakes Hit Indonesia In 24 Hours
4 Exits Not Used In Toronto Crash
4 Gazans With Explosives-Laden Horses Dead
4 GIs Hurt In Afghanistan Attack
4 GIs Hurt In Afghanistan Attack
4 Guns Missing from Israeli PM Bodyguard's Bag
4 Human Heads Sent To Mexican Police
4 Indonesia Quakes; Tsunami Not Deadly
4 Israelis Killed In Car Attack
4 Kids Rescued From Haitian School Rubble
4 Killed In Cuba As Ike Heads For Havana
4 Killed In Damascus Gun Battle
4 Killed In Lebanon Courtroom
4 Killed in Missile Attack in Pakistan
4 Marines Face Charges In Japan Rape Case
4 Men Attempt To Row Across The Atlantic
4 More Charged In Madrid Bombs
4 New Arrests In Madrid Bombings
4 Slain In Shooting Rampage
4 Top Qaeda Operatives Believed Dead
4 Tsunami Survivors Found Alive
4 U.S. Contractors Shot Execution-Style
4 U.S. Nationals Killed in Mexico Border City
4 U.S. Soldiers Killed In Afghanistan
4 U.S. Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan
4 U.S. Troops in Iraq Charged with Cruelty
4 U.S. Troops Killed by Afghan Bomb
4 U.S. Troops Killed in Afghan Bombing
4 U.S. Troops Killed In Afghanistan
4 U.S. Troops Killed in Afghanistan
4 U.S. Troops Killed in Afghanistan Blast
4,000 Arrests In Iran Reform Protests
4,000 Iraq Troops Withdrawing Next Month
4-Year-Old, 8 Others, Killed In Gaza
40 Haitian Refugees Feared Dead
40 Killed in Blasts Before Iraq Vote Tally
40 Killed In Pakistan Sectarian Clashes
40 Mexican Prisoners Escape Near Border
40,000 Feared Dead In Iran
40-Year GI Fugitive To Surrender
40-Year GI Fugitive To Surrender
400 Dead Dolphins Found In Zanzibar
400,000 Displaced in China after Quake
41 Killed In Peru Plane Crash
43 Dead in India Landslides
43 Killed In Iranian Plane Crash
43 Shiites Dead in Pakistan Taliban Bomb Attack
44 Dead as Bombs Strike 2 Pakistani Cities
44 Dead as Jamaican Forces Take Drug Lord's Slum
44 Dead In Indonesia Nightclub Fire
45 Dead in Guatemala Mudslides; More Missing
45 Killed In Haiti Insurgency
45 Nations Form Anti-Global Warming Body
46 Treated After Israel Blast
47 Afghans Allegedly Killed By U.S. Strike
47 Killed As Lebanon Battles Militants
48 Dead In Philippines Typhoon
48 Die In Indian Road Accidents
4th Aruba Suspect Appears In Court
4th Hamas Bomb Attack In Just 2 Days
4th Olympic Official Resigns
4th Suspect In British Student Murder
4th Suspect In Italy Slaying Extradited
5 Americans Die In Guatemala Plane Crash
5 Americans Face Life in Pakistan Prison
5 Americans Killed In Thai Plane Crash
5 Arrested In China Slavery Case
5 Bomb Suspects Nabbed In Philippines
5 Cities Make 2012 Olympics Cut
5 Convicted in Australia Terror Plot
5 D.C.-Area Men Held in Pakistan
5 Dead In British Helicopter Crash
5 Dead In Haitian Protest
5 Dead In Pakistan Mosque Bombing
5 Dead, Including Baby, in China Stabbing Spree
5 Die In Afghan Attack
5 Feared Dead In Norway Building Collapse
5 French Tourists Die In Peru Plane Crash
5 Germans Said Killed by U.S. Strike in Pakistan
5 GIs Die In Afghan Chopper Crash
5 Guilty Of Aiding Would-Be London Bombers
5 Hurt In Helicopter Crash In Taiwan
5 Iranian Officials Released by U.S.
5 Israelis Shot In West Bank
5 Killed In Canadian Highway Collapse
5 Killed In Pakistan Attacks
5 Lawmakers Arrested In Darfur Protest
5 Lions Maul Tourist to Death at Zimbabwe Camp
5 Mexican Military Personnel Die in Plane Crash
5 Million Fight Yangtze Flood
5 Minor Blasts Reported In Madrid
5 NATO Troops Killed in Afghanistan
5 Newborns Killed In India Hospital Fire
5 Pakistani Aid Workers Killed in Attack
5 Plead Guilty In Trans-Atlantic Bomb Plot
5 Plunge To Deaths From Ferris Wheel
5 Somalis Drown With Pirate Booty
5 Torch Selves In Tiananmen Square
5 U.S. Men Deny Pakistan Terror Plot
5 U.S. Men Held in Pakistan Allege Torture
5 U.S. Troops Among 50 Dead in Afghanistan
5 U.S. Troops Dead, 2 Missing in Afghanistan
5 U.S. Troops Killed In Afghan Attacks
5 Would-Be Bombers Arrested in Kabul, Police Say
5,000 Evacuated In Western Canada
5,000 May Have Died In Euro Heat
5,000 Parisians Find No Free Cash
5,500 U.N. Observers To Congo
5,960 Civilians Killed In Mogadishu In '07
5.0 Magnitude Canadian Earthquake Felt in U.S.
5.3 Aftershock Rocks China Quake Zone
5.4-Magnitude Quake Shakes Puerto Rico
5.9 Quake Jolts Mexico City
5.9-Magnitude Earthquake Shakes Costa Rica
50 Dead In Japan Train Derailment
50 Detained at National Museum as Looting Feared
50 Die Trying To Sail To Canary Islands
50 Haitians Feared Dead After Boat Fire
500 Missing In Java Ferry Sinking
500 Nigerian Muslims Slain
50K Tons Of U.S. Food For N. Korea
50th Anniversary At Inchon Remembered
51 Bodies Found At Mexico Dumping Ground
51 Dead As Pakistan Suicide Attacks Spread
51 Dead In Egyptian Train Crash
51 Missing In West China Landslide
51 Slaps Await Rapist In India
54 Crushed To Death In Belarus
54 Dead In Indonesia Bus Crash
54K Swiss Holocaust Accounts
55 Afghan Militants Killed, Coalition Says
56 Dead, 36 Missing in China Mine Mishaps
56 Die In Turkish Plane Crash
57 Dead in Indonesia Quake, Many Missing
57 Die In Bahrain Cruise Tragedy
58 Nations Miss Terror Deadline
59 Buried In China Mine Town Landslide
59-Year-Old Gives Birth To Triplets
5th China School Attack Leaves 5 Kids Injured
6 Afghans Beheaded for Talking to Police
6 Americans Lost In Small Plane Crash
6 Americans on Medical Team Slain in Afghanistan
6 Dead After Pakistan Embassy Blast
6 Dead Amid Egypt Election Clashes
6 Dead In Afghan Luxury Hotel Attack
6 French Aid Workers Guilty Of Kidnapping
6 Haiti Orphans Head to New Homes in U.S.
6 Held In Pakistan Church Attack
6 in German Diocese Accused Over Abuse
6 Killed In Afghan Terror Arrest
6 More Kids Killed In Afghanistan
6 Poisoned, Stabbed in Afghanistan Bank Heist
6 Syrians Detained On Flight In Panama
6 Teens Killed after Power Line Falls on Bus