Strange - Stories

Strippers Protest Ohio Church Protesting Them
Surf And Turf: Dead Cow Washes Up On Seattle Shore
Suspect In His 70s Robs Bank In San Diego
Swamp to Sandwich: Gators Sliced and Diced
Swiss Village: Pay Up or We'll Kill Your Dog
T. Rex Still Looking For Home After Vegas Auction
Tallest Man Meets Largest Gingerbread Man
Taser Fails To Slow Roaming Alaska Moose
Teen Allegedly Assaults Family After Phone Taken
Tenn. Church Burns After Members Throw Punches
Texas Man Found Asleep In Closet With A Dead Man
Texas Woman Burned during Pecan Pie Fight
Thief Takes 11 Cases Of Beer In Just Two Trips
Thieves Frequently Nab "Mullet Place" Sign
Thieves Thwarted By TV Too Big for Getaway Car
This Valentine's Gift Might Bug Your Sweetheart
Thousands of Red-Winged Blackbirds Fall Dead
Threats Keep Ariz. Eatery's Lion Tacos Off Menu
Toke Me Elmo? Dad Stashes Pot in Son's Elmo Pack
Topless Club Owner: Gingrich Group Rescinded Award
Tough College Exams? Fido Will Help With That
Tough Owl Wrecks Pickup Truck, But Survives Crash
Trapped Dog Saved! Newspaper Runs Only Good News
TV Stars Charged Over Rat Risotto
Two-Headed Calf Eats with Both Heads
U.S. Army Accidentally Grows Marijuana
UK Scouts' Royal Kidnap Game Raises Eyebrows
Ukraine Croc Eats Phone, Dials Down Appetite
Unhappy Meal: Cops Respond to French Fries Fight
Unicyclist Seeks $3M over NYC Sidewalk Summons
US Restaurant to Offer African Lion Tacos
Using Pot to Pay for School?
Valentine's Paper Hearts Re-appear In Vt. Capital
Vampires Vow Till Death Do Us Part At Ohio Wedding
Vanity Plate on Getaway Car IDs Robbery Suspect
Vending Machine Made Me Attack Mom, Man Says
Veteran Had Wrong Testicle Removed
Vets Sew Wounded Kitty's Face Back On
Video: Aerocar Still Flying (And Driving)
Vt. Scrap-Wood Dino Posing Modern-Day Problem
Vt. Woman Crowned Nation's Top Grocery Bagger
Wallet Lost in 1941 Returned to WWII Vet in Utah
Wash. Potato Official Going on Spud-Only Diet
Watermelon Fetches $6K In Tokyo Auction
Widow Who Kept Corpses May Get Them Back
Wife: NY Mayor Placed Large Cockroach On My Face
Wis. Women Accused Of Receiving Opium In The Mail
Woman Brings Fake $10,000 Bill to Mass. Bank
Woman Calls 911 to Force Boyfriend to Propose
Woman Calls Police To Report Theft Of Pot Plants
Woman Charged in McNuggets Attack
Woman Drove Around with Dead Body for Months
Woman Eats Ex-Husband's Goldfish
Woman Falls 23 Stories, Lands on Taxi, Survives
Woman Fined $100 for Throwing Newspaper in Trash
Woman Fined For Letting 12-year-old Drive
Woman Found In Fla. Home Under 8 Feet Of Trash
Woman Gives Birth while Driving to Hospital
Woman In Philippines Cracks Okla. Case
Woman Lived with Corpses of Husband, Twin
Woman Mistakenly Uses Glue Instead Of Eye Drops
Woman Severely Burned in Apparent Acid Attack
Woman Uses Virgin Mary Shrine as Bank
Woman Who Poisoned Margarita Gets 23 Years
Woman Wins Sears Tower Race For 6th Time
Woman, 74, Busted for Pouring Mayo in Book Drop
Woman, 88, Fights off Attacker with "Vital" Kick
Women Try to Bring Corpse Onto Plane
Worshippers Ill after Gulping Snail Slime
Would-Be Burglars Foiled By Billiard Balls
Would-be US Bank Robber Foiled: 'We're Closing'
Wyoming Man Beats Record for Piercings
Yanks' Bug Spray Among MLB Auction Items
Zedonk! (It's A Donkey-Zebra Hybrid Baby)