The Early Show: Health - Stories

Bird Flu: Too Soon To Panic
Blood Pressure Drugs No Help for Diabetes
Blood-Tears Teen Was Called Possessed
Body Burden
Body Fat: Fact or Fiction?
Bone Drugs May Help Prevent Breast Cancer
Bone Marrow Donor Saves Two Lives
Brain Boot Camp Helps Keep Memory In Shape
Brain Cancer Survivors: Optimism Key
Brain Damage A Path To More Creativity?
Brain Freeze
Brain Swelling Medical Mystery Solved
Bread Industry Biting Back
Breaking Bread the Healthy Way
Breakthrough For Cancer Survivors
Breast Cancer Drug Good Later Than Thought
Breast Cancer In Younger Women
Breast Cancer Vaccine Shows Promising Results
Breast Cancer Video Diary
Breast Cancer: New Hope
Breastfeeding May Cut Breast Cancer Risk
Bridal Gowns Against Breast Cancer
Brittle Bones Seen In Young Women
Bum Dental Rap For Cola?
Bush's Knee Pain
Bye-Bye Back Pain!
Calculating Health On The Web
California Probing Octuplets Case
Call for Earlier Diabetes Screenings
Can Aspirin Fight Cancer?
Can Botox Kill?
Can Exercise Make You Gain Weight?
Can Food Lower Your Cholesterol?
Can Smokers Avoid Heath Risks?
Can You Eat Your Way Back to Health?
Cancer Fight Takes The Stage
Cancer Prevention: Just A Vitamin Away?
Cancer Prevention: Just A Vitamin Away?
Cancer Society: Prostate Test Has Limits
Cancer Warning Labels for Cell Phones?
Carb Craze Takes Turn For Better
Carbon Monoxide, The Killer At Home
Caregiving and Alzheimer's Disease
Catch Cold, Become Obese?
Catnaps May Reboot Your Brain, Aid Memory
CDC Gearing Up for H1N1
CDC Mobilizing To Deal With SARS
CDC: Water Still Main Health Worry
Celebrating Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Celine Dion, Kelly Preston Pregnancies in Focus
Cell Phones in Pockets a Health Risk?
Cell Phones' Radiation Rated
Chasing The Blues Away
Cheerleading Injuries On The Rise
Chemicals in Food Can Make You Fat
Children And Choking Hazards
Chin Implants For Men Latest "In" Thing
Choking Warning Labels for Hot Dogs?
Cholesterol Drug Safe for Healthy People?
Choose Your Fish Carefully
Civilians Bulking Up with Boot Camp
Clearing Up HPV Myths
Clearing Up the Mystery of Adult Acne
Clot Risk Varies Among Birth Control Pills
Clothing Industry Cashes In On Obesity
Clues Sought In Medical Mystery
Coffee a Health Super-Drink?
Coffee May Lower Uterine Cancer Risk, Study Says
Coffee Perk? It May Cut Stroke Risk
Colonoscopy Resources
Colonoscopy: It's Not So Bad!
Combating Heart Disease In Women
Common Cold Cure Coming?
Common Test Done on Newborns Questioned
Comparing Sugar Alternatives
Concussions And Your Children
Concussions Have Big Impact on Kids
Condiments with Hidden Health Benefits
Congress Wants To Give FDA More Muscle
Considering Optional C-Section?
Contact Lens Solution Yanked
Controlling Cravings
Controlling Your Blood Sugar
Cooking Oils That Are Good For You
Coping With "Debt Stress Syndrome"
Coping with Pregnancy Cravings
Could Egg Contamination Have Been Prevented?
Could Flossing Save Your Life?
Couple Finds Joy Of Sextuplets
Cracking A Peanut's Deadly Secrets
Crazy Diets, And Why To Avoid Them
Curbing Fear Of Flying
Custody Battle over "Adopted" Embryos
Customize Your Diet Plan
Cut Half Thanksgiving Calories and Still Enjoy!
Cut Half the Fat from Holiday Treats
Cut the New Year Fat -- and Hangover
Cutting Calories from Condiments
Cyclists Want Your Blood, Organs
Dancing Away Obesity
Dangerous Doses For Children?
Dangers Of Hormone Replacement?
Dangers Of Mixing Some Common Drinks, Meds
Dangers Of Pressure-Treated Wood
Dara Torres Opens Up on Knee Injury
David Hyde Pierce Crusades Vs. Alzheimer's
De-Germing Your House: Words to the Wise
DEA Names "Bath Salts" a Drug of Concern
Deadly Flu Risk For Kids
Dealing With Diabetes
Debunking Fitness Myths
Debunking Myths about Quitting Smoking
Decaffeinate Your Kids
Deciphering Food Additives
DEET: The Bug Spray To Use
Dennis Quaid: Medical Errors Happen "Too Often"
Denny's Fried Cheese Melt Latest Extreme Meal
Detecting The Signs Of Alzheimer's Early
Detection Difficulty with Ovarian Cancer
Diabetes Epidemic Growing
Diabetes, Could You Have It?
Did Doc Implant Own Sperm in Patient?
Did Hospital Kill Teen For His Organs?
Diet Rules You Can Break
Diet Tweaks Can Lead To Big Losses
Diet: Not What, But How Much
Digesting New Food Labels
Diligence Needed To Avoid Diabetes' Worst
DIY Medical Tests: Wise Way to Go?
Do "Detox" Diets Work? Are They Safe?
Do Cancer Screenings, H1N1 Vaccine Work?
Do Crash Diets Really Work?
Do Energy, Sports Drinks Live Up To Hype?
Do Full-Body Scanners Pose Cancer Risk?
Do Kids Take Toll On Marriages?
Do OTC Allergy Remedies Really Help?
Do You Have the Sleepy Gene?
Doc Is In: Answers for Healthy Living
Doc's Prom Promise Fulfilled
Doc: Blame Med Journal for Measles Deaths
Doc: Clinton "Not Out of the Woods"
Docs Unaware of "Choking Game"?
Doctor Downplays New Salmonella Scare
Doctor: 'Head On' No Headache Cure
Doctors Unfit To Read Mammography?
Does Blue Food Dye Prevent Paralysis?
Does Marriage Make You Fat?
Does Spanking Lower Kids' IQ?
Don't Fight Aging ? Embrace It
Don't Fret Over In Vitro Stress
Don't Let "Food Fake-Outs" Sabotage Your Diet
Don't Let the Bedbugs Bite You
Don't Swim Behind A Boat
Donda West's Surgeon Under Investigation
Don?t Count On Stretching
Double Live-Donor Transplant Set
Double-Whammy From Fatty Foods
Doubts Cast On Vitamin Supplements
Downsizing Food Portions
Dr. Jennifer Ashton: New Med Correspondent
Dr. Oz: Diabetes Fight Starts with Belly Fat
Dr. Phil 'Rescuing The Rescuers'
Dr. Phil: Brain Wiring "Huge Factor" in Cheaters
Dr. Phil: No Shrinking Violet
Dreaming Of A Good Night's Sleep?
Dreaming, Napping Can Improve Memory, Study Says
Drop 10 Pounds For Swimsuit Season
Drop The Weight With Your Fingertips
Drug Czar: MJ Death A Wake-Up Call
Drug-Like Beauty Products Draw Concern
Dry Pet Food: Keep It from Getting You Sick
Dustin Hoffman To The Rescue
Early Breast Cancer Detection Helped Jane Fonda
Early Migraine Treatment Urged
Easing Transition To Daylight Time
Easy Metabolism Boosting Tips
Easy Summer Safety Tips
Eat 'N' See
Eat Away At Your Risk of Alzheimer's
Eat More With Fewer Calories
Eat Smarter On and Off the Airplane
Eating Antioxidants for a Better You
Eating Carbs The Healthy Way
Eating Disorders Strike Men, Too
Eating for Your Eyes
Eating Healthy On A Budget
Eating Healthy: Myths And Truths
Eating Tips For Festive Meals
Eating to Prep for Exercise
Eggs Lower in Cholesterol than Thought: Study
Eight Delicious Foods That Help Fight Belly Fat
Elective C-Sections: Risky
Electronic Cigarettes: Are They Safe?
Emotional Plea from H1N1 Victim's Parents
Empowering Kids Who Have Autism
Empowering Teen Girls on Sex, More
Endless, Pure New Blood From Stem Cells?
Energy Drinks Extra Dangerous for Kids: Study
Ephedra's Risk To Young
Erase Varicose Veins With Lasers
Erasing Birthmarks
Essentials for Your Medicine Cabinet
Every Minute Counts With Fitness
Ex-Marine In Raffle For His Life
Exercise Gives The Brain A Workout, Too
Experts: 1 in 3 Breast Cancers Avoidable
Eye On Eye Health
Face Transplant Recipient "Perfect"
Face Transplants: Amazing Progress
Fact & Fiction: Sex After Pregnancy
Family Has Kidneys To Spare
Fast Food "Halo" Hurting Consumers?
Fathers-To-Be Pack On The Pounds, Too
FDA Hopes to "Shake" Hidden Salt in Our Diets
FDA Issues Warning About BPA Exposure
FDA Post-OK Drug Oversight Panned
FDA: No Milk Is Hormone-Free
FDA: Some Supplement Makers Spiking Products
Feds Bite Into Food Safety
Feds Downplay H1N1 Shortfall
Feds: Distribute H1N1 Vaccine at Schools
Feeding Babies
Ferrying To Flu Shots
Fertility Doc Faces Scrutiny
Fewer Cancer Deaths: $73.6 M For Research
Fight Fat With Fiber
Fighting Food Cravings
Fighting Heart Disease On All Fronts
Fighting Heart Disease On All Fronts
Fighting Off Your Fatigue
Find A Good Fit In Exercise
Find A Good Fit In Exercise
Fireworks Are Not For Kids
Fireworks over New "Morning After Pill"?
First Cigarettes, Now Burgers
First Line Of H1N1 Flu Defense?
First Step Toward Lifelong Flu Vaccine?
First-Time Moms: More Are Older
Fish Safe To Eat On Good Friday
Fitness Moves To Get You Started
Fitness Pro Joins "Early Show" Bod Squad
Fitting In Exercise For Busy Moms
Five Not-Bad-For-Grownups Kids' Cereals
Five Ways to Live Longer
Five Ways To Save Now On Healthcare
Flip-Flop Fallacies
Flu Outbreak On The Horizon?
Flu Pandemic Lurking?
Flu Season Weakening?
Flu-Fighting Foods
Flu-Proof Your Winter At Any Age
Food And Your Mood
Food For Your Heart
Food Quiz: How to Avoid Sabotaging Your Diet
Food Safety When Dining Outdoors
Food, The Alternative Medicine
Foods And Meds You Shouldn't Mix
Foods Fortified For Heart Health
Foods Pregnant Women Should Shun
Foods that Get in Prescription Drugs' Way
Foods that Help You Eat Less
Foods to Cure the Winter Blues
Foot Cosmetic Surgery Catching On
Foreclosures-West Nile Virus Link Possible
Four Numbers to Know for Heart Health
Four-Step Cure For Acne
Freaking Out About Your Body? Relax!
Freedom to Eat Healthier This July 4th
Fried Potato Blues
Friendly Fats -- and Fiendish Ones
Fun Food Quiz
Future Visionaries
FYI: H1N1 Facts and Fiction
GBS a Side Effect of H1N1 Vaccine?
Gender Bias in Heart Attack Treatment?
Gene Tests Rate Sudden Cardiac Death Risk
Gene Therapy Helps Blind Boy See
Generics Could Lower Cholesterol, Cost
Genes May Make Men Less Monogamy-Friendly
Germ-Proof Your Kitchen
Germs' Hiding Places
Get Down To Size: Success at a Heavy Price
Get Strong Again After Breast Cancer
Get With The Strength Training Program
Get Your Emergency Kit Ready
Getting a Healthy Heart at Work
Getting Down To Size And Keeping It Off
Getting Sick At The Hospital
Getting The Lead Out
Getting The Right Dose Of Zzzz's
Getting The Right Dose Of Zzzz's
Girl, 7, Gets Heart; Sister Waits For One
Girlie Alcoholic Drinks Troubling
Give Unused Muscles A Break
Go Natural For Nutrition
Good Fish For Good Friday
Good Gossip Good For You, Study Says
Good News For Beer Drinkers
Good Samaritan Saves Boy's Life
Graco In Record Safety Settlement
Granite Countertops A Health Threat?
Grinding Away Stress With Your Teeth?
Growing Danger: Texting While -- Walking
Growing Problem: Women Driving Drunk
Growth Hormones For Kids?
Guide To Women's Mental Health
Guidelines For Water Safety
Gulf Clean-up Workers' Health Concerns
H1N1 & Halloween: How to Keep Kids Safe
H1N1 and Pregnancy: What You Need to Know
H1N1 Changing Social Interactions?
H1N1 Child's Miraculous Recovery
H1N1 Concern Grows as School Time Nears
H1N1 Deaths Underreported?
H1N1 Flu FAQs Answered
H1N1 Flu: A Worst-Case Scenario
H1N1 Mom Dies Without Seeing Daughter
H1N1 Survivor Lives to See Baby Boy
Habits Determine Your Weight Fate
Haitian Baby Isn't Orphan, After All
Harm From Drug Name Mix-Ups "Intolerable"
Harry Smith Colonoscopy to Air Live
Harry Smith's On-Air Colonoscopy
Has Your Baby Been Screened?
Have Bod Like Jennifer Aniston, Or $1M
Have Summer Fun Without Getting Hurt
Having Health Insurance Not Enough
Headaches 101
Health Alarm Over New Hair Straightener
Health Questions Women Need to Ask Their Moms
Health Tracking Goes High-Tech
Healthier Fast Food Breakfasts
Healthier Ice Cream Truck Options
Healthier Ways for Kids to Snack
HealthWatch: Breast Cancer Prevention
Healthy Habits to Prevent Breast Cancer
Healthy Kids' Snacking Made Easier
Healthy, Fun Summer Snacks For Kids
Heart Disease: Hidden Killer
Heart Screenings for All Sixth-Graders?
Heart-Healthy Foods that Taste Good!
Heart-healthy Foods to Help Fight Disease
Heat on Tanning Beds: Feds Mull New Rules
Heavy Drinkers: Smaller Brains?
Heimlich Hero Saves Fellow Fan at Yankee Game
Helmet May Reverse Alzheimer's Symptoms
Help ERs Help You
Help To Erase The Cellulite
Helping A Spouse With A Chronic Illness
Helping Diabetics Enjoy Food
Helping Teens Conquer Obesity
Helping Teens Conquer Obesity
Helping Women Beat Heart Disease
Helping Your Kids Through Allergy Season
Herbs, Spices: Not Only Delicious, but Healthy!
Here's To Good Health In 2006!
Hero Doctor Uses Household Drill On Skull
Hi-Tech Medicine Of Tomorrow
Hi-Tech Workout Clothes
Hidden Holiday Food Allergy Dangers
High Blood Sugar & The "Fat-Fighting 4"
High Price Of Underage Drinking
High Schoolers Unknowingly Taking Steroids