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Alcohol + Caffeine, A New Rx?
Alcohol + Hormones = Cancer Danger
Alcohol Abuse Up, Alcoholism Down
Alcohol And Tylenol Don't Mix
Alcohol Ignites Sports Fans
Alcohol May Affect Women's Brains More
Alcohol More Harmful than Heroin: U.K. Study
Alcohol, Tobacco Worse Than Illegal Drugs?
Alcohol: Getting To The Heart Of It
Alcoholic Energy Drinks Get FDA Ultimatum
Alcoholic Energy Drinks Under Fire
Alcoholism Burdens Irish Hospitals
Alcoholism Drugs Gain Popularity
Alcoholism-Depression Gene ID'd
Aleve Newest Drug Linked To Risk
Alfalfa Sprouts Recall: 23 Sick With Salmonella
Alfalfa-Linked Salmonella Spreads to 16 States
All Killer Flu Samples Found
All Prozac, All The Time
Alleged E. Coli Scallions Grown In Calif.
Allergic Lose A Desert Haven
Allergic Reactions On The Rise?
Allergy Alert
Allergy Kit Recalled
Allergy Season Hits Hard This Year
Allergy Season Starts Early
Allergy Shots Help Asthmatics
Allergy Sufferers Find Relief
Alternate Cancer Medicines Found Helpful
Alternate Health Care Solution: Gift Cards
Alternative Cancer Care
Alternative Medicine
Alternative Medicines May Be Dangerous for Kids
Alternative Therapy For Women
Alzheimer Research Veers From Stem
Alzheimer Treatments Show Promise
Alzheimer's 'Buddies'
Alzheimer's Advances Show Need For Better Drugs
Alzheimer's Brain Tangles Offer Clue to Decline
Alzheimer's Could More Than Triple
Alzheimer's Cure May Be Coming
Alzheimer's Disease
Alzheimer's Disease and the Environment
Alzheimer's Disease Update
Alzheimer's Drug Faces U.S. Hurdle
Alzheimer's Drug Nears U.S. Market
Alzheimer's Drug Trial Criticized
Alzheimer's Drugs Double Death Risk
Alzheimer's Gene Therapy Success
Alzheimer's Help From Cholesterol Drug?
Alzheimer's Linked To Diabetes
Alzheimer's Marker May Be In Spinal Fluid
Alzheimer's May Be Tied To Diet
Alzheimer's Patients Sue U.K. For Drugs
Alzheimer's Patients To Quadruple By 2050
Alzheimer's Rate Booms As Boomers Age
Alzheimer's Starts At Young Age
Alzheimer's Takes Its Toll On Caregivers Too
Alzheimer's Vaccine Shows Promise
Alzheimer's: A Disease of Our Time, Part 1
Alzheimer's: A Disease of Our Time, Part 3
Alzheimer's: A Disease of Our Time, Part II
AMA Backs Anti-Euthanasia Bill
AMA Backs Break For Bleary-Eyed Docs
AMA Pans Naming Best ?Party Schools?
AMA Supports Doctors' Unions
AMA Targets Nicotine
AMA: Beware Anti-Aging Remedies
AMA: Cloning OK, But Docs Can Pass
AMA: Get A Yearly Mammogram
AMA: Repeal "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"
Amber On Road To Recovery
America Takes Precautions Against Foot-and-Mouth Disease
America The Blue
America The Medicated
America The Unhealthy
America's 50 Best Hospitals
America's Best and Worst Hospitals
American Girth: From Fat To Worse
American Women Are Getting Fatter
Americans Are BIGGER Than Ever
Americans Are Obsessed with Fast Food: The Dark Side of the All-American Meal
Americans Are Still Getting Fatter
Americans Aren't Moving
Americans Don't Eat Healthy
Americans Eat Themselves To Death
Americans Getting Taller, Fatter
Americans Losing Sleep: Part One
Americans Losing Sleep: Part Two
Americans Prefer Food Made In U.S.
Americans Sticking With Carbs
Americans Talk Sex, Condoms in New Survey
Americans Urged To Avoid Mexican Jalapenos
Americans' Lead, Chem Levels Drop
Americans' Salt Intake Needs Cut, Panel Says
Amish Foods Scrutinized For Safety
Amnesia Blocks Past ? And Future
Amphetamine Use On Rise In Asia, Mideast
An Alternative To Amnio
An Alternative To Heart Surgery
An Artificial Heart Capable of Replacing the Real Heart?
An Early Warning Sign of Alzheimer's
An Egg A Day Is OK!
An Enzyme That Kills Anthrax?
An Insidious Mold
An Instant Family Worth The Wait
An Obesity Paradox
An Unhealthy Millennium?
Ancient Bug May Reduce AIDS Deaths
Ancient Drug Trade Unearthed
Ancrod: A Venomous New Treatment for Stroke
And Now, This Message
And The Fattest State Is ...
Aneurysms May Have Genetic Link
Anger Hurts The Heart, Cardiologist Says
Angioplasties Are Worth The Wait
Angioplasty 1st After Heart Attack
Angiotensin Receptor Blockers Linked to Cancer
Angry People Destined To Smoke?
Animal Disease Research Debate Heats Up
Annan: AIDS Crisis Accelerating
Annual MRIs Urged Against Breast Cancer
Anorexia May Cause Emphysema
Another Cruise Marred By Illness
Another Fatal Transplant Error?
Another FDA Whistleblower Speaks
Another Huge Recall Of Chinese-Made Toys
Another Mad Cow?
Another New Breast Cancer Drug
Another Reason To Be Thin
Another Reason To Eat Chocolate
Another SARS Death In Toronto
Another Septuplet Birth: What Are the Risks?
Another Vote For Mammograms
Another Warning On HRT
Anthrax Alarms Bring New Meaning to 'Checking the Mail'
Anthrax Attacks Cast Long Shadow
Anthrax Bug Blocks Immune System
Anthrax Cases May Be Linked
Anthrax Death Toll Rises
Anthrax Drug Cipro: Can Other Antibiotics Do the Job?
Anthrax Fear Factor--No Laughing Matter
Anthrax Found in More Cities
Anthrax in the House Raises Anxiety
Anthrax Investigation Making Very Slow Progress
Anthrax Kills 6 Heroin Addicts in Scotland
Anthrax Outbreak Killing Cattle
Anthrax Primer
Anthrax Scare May Lead to Antibiotic Misuse and More Problems
Anthrax Spread Baffles Investigators
Anthrax Spread Becomes Even More Puzzling
Anthrax Spreads as Officials Work to Ease Fears
Anthrax Spreads to CBS News: Feds Offer $1 Million Reward For Information
Anthrax Survivor: One Woman's Startling Story
Anthrax Threat Spreads to White House: Officials Say No Cause for Alarm
Anthrax Vaccine A Danger?
Anthrax Vaccine Going To Civilians
Anthrax Vaccine Manufacturer
Anthrax Vaccine Stockpile Planned
Anthrax Vaccine Under Debate
Anthrax Vaccine? Officials and Experts Weigh Risk Against Need
Anthrax Worker Wasn't Wearing Gloves
Anthrax Worries Gone Global
Anti-AIDS Gel Halves Infection Risk, Study Finds
Anti-Atkins, High-Carb Diet Tested
Anti-Binge Forces Tap 'Beer' Ad
Anti-Cholesterol Drug Ban Sought
Anti-Cholesterol Drug Bombs In Tests
Anti-Cholesterol Drugs Do The Job
Anti-Cigarette Ads Up In Smoke?
Anti-Depressant Drug Not For Kids
Anti-Depressant Works For Kids
Anti-Diarrhea Vaccines Could Save Lives
Anti-Doping Agency: Viagra OK For Athletes
Anti-drug Campaign Expands
Anti-HIV Gel Gives Women New Hope
Anti-HIV Vaginal Gel In Works
Anti-Meat Group Takes Hot Dogs to Court
Anti-Smoking Ad Fund Snuff Out?
Anti-Smoking Ad Fund Snuff Out?
Anti-Smoking Ads On DVDs Urged
Anti-Smoking Campaigns Work
Anti-Smoking Drug Evaluated
Anti-Smoking Shot Helps Some Smokers Quit
Antibacterial Soaps Cause Concern
Antibiotic May Relieve Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Antibiotic To Carry Strong Warning
Antibiotic-Breast Cancer Link Seen
Antibiotics And Heart Disease
Antibiotics in Treating Lyme Disease: Helpful or Useless?
Antidepressant Danger For Kids?
Antidepressant Warnings Weighed
Antidepressants Up Suicide Risk In Young
Antidepressants-Suicide Risk
Antiquated Process Delays H1N1 Vaccines
Anxiety Drug Helps Sick Kids
Anxiety Expert Advises on How to Deal With Anthrax Worries
Anxiety Over Cost Of New AIDS Drug
Anxiety Over Medicare Benzo Ban
AP Fact Check: No "Death Panel" In Bill
AP: Millions Spent On Unapproved Medicines
AP: School Drinking Water Unsafe
Appeals Court Upholds Tobacco Ruling
Appendix May Have A Purpose After All
Apple A Day To Breathe Easier
Apples, Pears And Young Hearts
Are Adult Drugs Safe for Children?
Are Aluminum Bats Lethal Little League Weapons?
Are Car Seats Safe?
Are Cigarettes More Hazardous Than Ever?
Are Common Fears About Anthrax Realistic?
Are CT Scans Worth The Cancer Risk?
Are Ecstasy And Acid Making A Comeback?
Are Feeding Tubes Over-Prescribed?
Are Flu Shots Safe For Kids?
Are Full-Body Scans A Scam?
Are Functional Foods Extra Nutritious?
Are Girls Hitting Puberty Too Soon?
Are Menu Calorie Listings Accurate?
Are Patients Getting The Right Drugs?
Are School Lunches Weapons of Mass Destruction?
Are Snoozers Losers?
Are Snoozers Losers?
Are Sports Snacks Beneficial?
Are These Drugs Right For You?
Are Today's Students Too Self-Centered?
Are Toxins at Air Force Base To Blame for Lou Gehrig's Cases?
Are We Ready for a Bioterrorist Attack?
Are You A Perfectionist Parent?
Are You Drinking Enough Water?
Are Your Children Getting Burned?
Are Your Kids Getting Burned?
Ariz. Conjoined Twins Die during Heart Surgery
Ariz. Cuts Transplant Coverage; Two Patients Die
Arizona TB Patient Faces Felony Charges
Arkansas Rethinks Child Obesity Reports
Arm Yourself With A Flu Shot
Armstrong Pleads For Cancer Research
Army Agrees To Do More For PTSD
Army Announces Steps To Improve Vets' Care
Army Nurse Suspected Of Hepatitis Spread
Army Putting $17 Million toward Suicide Research
Army Uses Extreme Sports to Help Veterans
Arnold Offers Plan To Cover Uninsured
Arnold Takes Aim At Junk Food
Arrests In China Over Deadly Baby Formula
Arrests In Fake Baby Formula Case
Arsenic Root Of George's Madness?
Artery Disease Linked To Stress
Arthritis Cost U.S. $128 Billion In 2003