World - Stories

11 Dead In South American Quake
11 Dead, 500 Wounded in Thailand Clashes
11 Detained in 3-Nation European Terror Sweep
11 Europeans Kidnapped In Egypt
11 Found Slain At Drug Safe House
11 Get Death Sentence for Iraq Attacks
11 Injured At Tom Cruise Film Shoot
11 Killed By Blast Near Russian Bus
11 More Dead in East Timor Violence
11 Pirate Suspects Headed for U.S.
11 Somalis in U.S. Court on Piracy Charges
111-Year-Old Cited As World's Oldest Man
115 Miners Rescued from Flooded China Mine
117 Feared Dead In Nigerian Crash
117 Hospitalized after Drinking Holy Water
11th Russian Spy Ring Suspect Arrested, Released
12 American Victims Of Terrorism
12 Americans Die In Chile Bus Crash
12 Americans Killed In Kenya Crash
12 Dead In Algerian Car Bomb Attacks
12 Dead In Hurricane Ivan's Wake
12 Dead In U.S. Consulate Attack
12 Dead, 20 Wounded In Afghan Blast
12 Decapitated Bodies Found In Mexico
12 Die In Montreal Plane Crash
12 Die In S. Africa Immigration Attacks
12 Killed When Spanish Train Hits Partiers
12 Killed, Dozens Hurt in Bus Crash in Germany
12 Million AIDS Orphans
12 Poisoned in Berlin Group Therapy, 2 Die
12 Slaughtered, Tongues Cut Out in Nigeria
12 Suspects, 2 Soldiers Die in Mexico Gunbattle
12 Tourists Wounded In Maldives Bomb Blast
12-Baby Pregnancy a Farce, Doc Says
12-Year-Old In Abortion Flap
120 MPH Winds Batter Bermuda
121 Killed In Greece Crash
127 Dead In Pakistani Train Crash
12th Avalanche Victim Found
12th Century Biblical Fresco Unveiled
13 Arrested In Paris Suburb Riots
13 Arrests Ordered In Alleged CIA Case
13 Bullet-Riddled Bodies Found in Iraq
13 Dead in Massacre at Ciudad Juarez Party
13 Dead In Mexico Border Shootout
13 Die In Blast At Historic Indian Mosque
13 Die In Philippines Bombing
13 Injured in Hong Kong Chopper Crash
13 Killed In Indonesia Riots
13 Killed In Italy Plane Crash
13 Killed in Papua New Guinea Plane Crash
13 Killed On Queen Mary 2
13 Students Slain in Mexico Drug Attack
13-Year-Old Reaches Top of Mt. Everest
130 Kidnapped Pakistani Troops Released
130 Missing Pakistani Troops' Fate Unclear
130 Survive "Miracle" Colombian Plane Crash
130-Year-Old Woman? Expert Casts Doubt
134 Dead In Dominican Prison Fire
14 Children Die In Afghan School Bombing
14 Dead At Colombian Inauguration
14 Dead In Saudi Shootout
14 Feared Dead In Estonia Crash
14 Headless Bodies Found in Acapulco
14 Killed As Tornado Hits China Coast
14 Palestinians Killed In Gaza Raid
14 Terror Suspects Arrested In Spain
14-Year-Old Sails Atlantic Solo
145 Dead In India Temple Stampede
148 Perish In Egyptian Plane Crash
15 Afghan Employees Of U.S. Company Killed
15 Brits Heading Home From Iran
15 Brits Heading Home From Iran
15 Confirmed Dead in Philippines Hotel Fire
15 Dead In Israeli Bus Mishap
15 Dead In Nigeria Cartoon Protest
15 Dead In Philippine Jail Assault
15 Dead, 50 Wounded In Gaza Strip
15 Killed in Mexican Car Wash Massacre
15 Killed In Pakistan Courtroom Bombing
15 More Indonesian Ferry Survivors Found
15 New Suspects in Hamas Hit Squad Slaying
15 Saudis Face Flogging for Mingling at Party
15 Years Since Tiananmen Bloodshed
15,000 More To Go To Iraq, Afghanistan
150 Injured In Hungarian Protests
150 Killed by Central American Tropical Storm
150 Killed In Baghdad Suicide Blasts
150K Seek Refuge from Latest Pakistani Floods
153 Killed In Madrid Plane Crash
155 Died In Austrian Tunnel Disaster
155 Feared Dead In Brazilian Jet Crash
156 Dead, 1000s Arrested in China Riots
158 Killed in Air India Express Crash
15th Rink Collapse Victim Found
16 Afghan Cops Killed in 2 Attacks
16 Dead In Hunt For Key Afghan Insurgent
16 Dead In Israel Bus Bombs
16 Dead In Pakistan Mosque Blast
16 Dead In Yemen Riots
16 Feared Dead In North Sea Chopper Crash
16 Killed By Suicide Bomb In Afghanistan
16 killed In Pakistan Courthouse Bombing
16 Missing In N. Atlantic Helicopter Crash
16 Police Killed In China Border Attack
16 Police Killed In China Border Attack
16 Wounded By Soldier Firing "Blanks"
16-Foot Python Eats Family Dog
16-Year-Old Says He Murdered 12 In Brazil
160 Missing In Sinkings
160,000 Evacuated In Valley Near China Dam
166 Die In India, Bangladesh Floods
167 Rescued From South African Gold Mine
168 Killed in Iran Plane Crash
17 Christians Guilty In Indonesia Deaths
17 Dead In Guatemalan Mudslide
17 Dead In Hong Kong Tour Bus Crash
17 Dead In Palestinian Factional Fighting
17 Die In Venezuela Military Copter Crash
17 Feared Dead In Congo Aid Plane Crash
17 Fishermen Missing as Storms Batter Vietnam
17 Inmates Killed in Mexican Prison Riot
17 Killed By Afghan Market Blast
17 More Soldiers Killed In Tribal Pakistan
17-Puppy Litter will be German Ridgeback's Last
17-Yr-Old Charged In N. Ireland Cop Murder
18 Die as Panic Hits German Techno Festival
18 Children Killed in School Collapse in India
18 Civilians Killed By Israeli Shells
18 Die In Panama Bus Explosion
18 Injured In Madrid Blast
18 Killed In Bomb Attack On Lebanon Bus
18 Killed In Mexico Plane Crash
18 Trapped Ukrainian Sailors Feared Dead
18 Women, Girls Killed in Karachi Stampede
180 Million Unemployed Worldwide
189 Nations Agree to Nuke Disarmament Plan
18th Century U.K. Warship Wreck Found
19 Countries to Skip Nobel Peace Prize Party
19 Dead In Mexico Massacre
19 Die In Tuvalu Dormitory Blaze
19 Girls Killed In Uganda School Fire
19 Hostages Holed Up In Egyptian Desert
19 Killed In Mexico Massacre
191 Dead In Cyclone Aila's Wake
192 Dead In Uganda Rebel Attack
1959 Conviction Still Haunts Gay Brit
1963 Letter Suggests Pope Knew of Abuse
1970-85 Famine Blamed On Pollution
1999: Top World Stories
1M Protest China Attack Threat
1st Atlantic Hurricane Becomes Category 3
1st Tropical Storm Soaks C. America
1st Tropical Storm Soaks C. America
1st UK Couple Registers Gay Union
1st Witness In Slobo Defense
2 American Journalists Missing In Lebanon
2 Americans Killed in Afghanistan Copter Crash
2 Americans, Brit Win Nobel in Economics
2 Arrested In Case Of Missing British Girl
2 Arrested In Case Of Missing British Girl
2 Arrested in Plot to Kill Kim Jong Il Mentor
2 Arrested in Togo Soccer Team Attack
2 Arrests In Beating Of CBS Newsmen
2 Arrests In Embassy Bombings
2 Arrests in Massive Israeli Forest Fire
2 Australian Miners Found After 6 Days
2 Blackwater Guards among CIA Base Victims
2 Bodies Found In Colombia Crash
2 Bodies From Air France Jet Found
2 British Soldiers Ambushed in N. Ireland
2 Cameramen Hurt In Israeli Airstrike
2 Catholic Bishops Question Priest Celibacy
2 CBS Newsmen Beaten In Caribbean
2 Children Killed Amid Pakistan Unrest
2 Climbers Saved From K2; 11 Feared Dead
2 Cubans Dead In Botched Hijack
2 Days of Food Stretched for Weeks in Chile Mine
2 Days, 2 Letter Bombs In U.K.
2 Days, 2 Suicide Bombs In Kabul
2 Dead As Shiites, Sunnis Clash In Lebanon
2 Dead In Pakistan Bomb Attack
2 Dead, 83 Injured in Moscow Runway Crash
2 Dead, Hundreds Hurt In Chile Quake
2 Die in Chile Mine Accident, Weeks after Rescue
2 East Timor Militiamen Killed
2 Explosions Rock Market In North Pakistan
2 Female Sailors Slain At U.S. Base
2 Fox News Journalists Released
2 Fox News Reporters Kidnapped In Gaza
2 French Agents Kidnapped in Somalia
2 French Students Stabbed, Burned In UK
2 GIs Slain In Afghanistan
2 Gitmo Detainees To Resettle in Ireland
2 Gored On Day 2 At Running Of The Bulls
2 Greek Cops Held Over Teen's Death
2 Hamas Die In Training Camp Glitch
2 Held For Attempted Blackmail Of Royal
2 Indicted In Embassy Bombing
2 Israeli Soldiers Shot Along Gaza Strip
2 Israelis Killed In Gaza Shooting
2 Israelis Killed On Holiday Eve
2 Jailed American Hikers in Iran Ill, Moms Say
2 Journalists Kidnapped In Colombia
2 Killed in Afghan Anti-Quran Burning Protest
2 Killed In Islamabad Suicide Bombing
2 Killed on Second Day of Egypt Protests
2 Komodo Dragons Kill Man In Indonesia
2 Marines Killed in Afghan Bomb Blast
2 Marines Killed In Afghanistan
2 Million Muslims Gather In Mecca
2 Million Muslims Gather In Mecca
2 Miners Dead after Ecuador Tunnel Collapse
2 More Arrests In Bhutto Murder Plot
2 More London Locations Eyed For Radiation
2 Murdered In Colombia Crash
2 Navy Fighter Jets Crash In Persian Gulf
2 of 3 U.K. Hostages in Iraq Likely Dead
2 Package Bombs Strike Embassies in Rome
2 Pulled From Collapsed Building In Turkey
2 Red Cross Workers Killed In Sri Lanka
2 Red Cross Workers Released In Gaza
2 Relatives Shot Dead at Iranian Execution
2 Sentenced To Death In China Milk Scandal
2 Serbs Acquitted in Killing of Americans
2 Serbs Convicted of Burning Muslims Alive
2 Ships Hijacked Off Somali Coast
2 Somali Journalists Killed In Mogadishu
2 Spanish Police Killed in Mallorca Blast
2 Still Missing In Rink Collapse
2 Still Missing In Switzerland
2 Suicide Bombers Kill Scores in Pakistan
2 Suspected Taliban Blow Selves Up
2 Teens Charged in Facebook Gang Rape Case
2 Tongan Royals Killed In Calif. Crash
2 Trapped Chinese Miners Dig To Freedom
2 U.S. Among 7 Troops Dead in Afghanistan
2 U.S. GIs Killed In Afghanistan
2 U.S. Killed by Bomb in Afghanistan
2 U.S. Killed by Bomb in Afghanistan
2 U.S. Marines Killed in Afghan Fighting
2 U.S. Navy Personnel Missing in Afghanistan
2 U.S. Sailors Die After Falling From Sub
2 U.S. Sailors Found Dead In Ghana
2 U.S. Soldiers Die In Afghanistan
2 U.S. Soldiers Killed in Afghan Blast
2 U.S. Soldiers Killed In Afghanistan
2 U.S. Soldiers Killed in Iraq Blast
2 U.S. Troops Killed by Afghan Policeman
2 U.S. Troops Killed in Afghan Blast
2 U.S. Troops Killed in Afghanistan Blast
2 U.S. Troops Killed in Philippines Blast
2 Women Killed In U.S. Embassy Carjacking
2,000 Arrests Before Exiled Leader Returns
2,000 Die in China Floods
2,000 Italian Women Tell Berlusconi 'Enough'
2,000 Stranded for Hours in Channel Tunnel
2,000-Year-Old Coins Unearthed in Egypt
2,360 Suspects In Global Child Porn Bust
2-Year-Old Served Margarita In Sippy Cup
2.7M Gallons Of Oil Spill Off South Korea
20 "Love Parade" Deaths Probed in Germany
20 Bodies Found In Northern Mexico Mass Grave
20 Dead In Cable Car Crash
20 Die In Rebel Attack
20 Haitians Found Dead In Sea Near Bahamas
20 Killed After Somalia Militant Attack
20 Killed In Afghan Mosque Bombing
20 Killed In Mecca Hostel Collapse
20 More Dead In Indonesia Riots
20 Sailors Rescued Near Marshall Isl.
20 Thought Dead In Pacific Plane Crash
20 Years After Tiananmen, China Defiant
20 Years Later, Ethiopia Faces New Famine
20 Years Of Vatican Controversy
20% of Afghan Election Ballots Deemed Fraudulent
20,000 Brains Pinched In Britain
20,000 Evacuated near Philippines Volcano
200 Charged With Kosovo Crimes
200 Dead In Tanzania Train Wreck
200 Dead, 88,000 Flee China Floods
200 Feared Buried in Brazil Mudslides
200 Killed, Missing In North Korea Floods
200 Missiles, Just In Case
200 Missing In Sierra Leone Boat Mishap
2001 More Dangerous For Reporters
2002: Safer Year For Journalists
2004 A Deadly Year For Reporters
2005 Worst For Extreme Weather
2006 Had Fewest Air Crashes In 43 Years
2006 Sets Global Tourism Record
2008 Somali Pirate Haul: $150M + Benefits
200th Anniversary Of U.K. Slave Trade Ban
2010 a Record Year for Pirate Hijackings
2012 Olympics Pose Daunting Security Risk
2012 Olympics: London Calling
2016 Olympic Race Too Close to Call
2016 Olympics' First Event - Lobbying
21 Dead Babies Found on Riverbank in China
21 Dead In Indonesian Jet Blaze
21 Dead In Mexico After Train Hits Bus
21 Dead in Mexico Gang Shootout Near U.S. Border
21 Dead in Torrential Venezuela Rains
21 Die In Pakistan Military Crash
21 Police Hurt In Paris Suburb Riot
22 Dead In Kosovo Ethnic Clashes
22 Dead In S. Africa Immigration Violence
22 Exposed At Korea Nuke Plant
22 More NATO Trucks Torched in Pakistan
222 Dead In Iran Earthquake
229 Dead In Swissair Crash
23 Americans Convicted in Italy-CIA Case
23 Children Die In Korea Fire
23 Die in Vietnam Tropical Storm Flooding
23 Filipino Soldiers Killed in Clashes
23 Killed In Gaza Clashes
23 Perish In Russian Nursing Home Fire
23 Perish In Russian Nursing Home Fire
23 Seals Clubbed to Death in New Zealand
23 Suspected Afghan Insurgents Killed
23 U.S. Troops Killed in Afghanistan this Month
232 Child Soldiers Released In Congo
24 Dead In Philippines Fire
24 Dead In Venezuela Crash
24 Die In Indonesia Clashes
24 Die In UN Copter Crash
24 Russian Tanks In Chechen Town
24 Slain In Kashmir Massacre
240 Lives Claimed by Philippines Flooding
244 Dead In Hajj Stampede
245 Confirmed Dead In Iran Quake
25 Arrested In $118M Paris Jewel Heist
25 Arrested In Yemen Embassy Attack Probe
25 Arrests In Egypt Terror Hunt
25 Dead In China Bar Fire
25 Dead In Pakistan Election Rally Bombing
25 Die In Brazil Prison Arson Attack
25 Hurt In Bull Run
25 Killed in Pakistan Suicide Attack
25 NATO Supply Trucks Torched in Pakistan
25 Years Ago: Hostages In Iran
25 Years Ago: Hostages In Iran
25,000-Year-Old Cave Paintings?
25th Suicide at France Telecom Since 2008
26 Afghan Militants Killed
26 Chilean Prisoners Burn To Death
26 Dead In China Bar Fire
26 Dead In China Bar Fire
26 Dead In Japan Typhoon
26 Die in China Mine Accident
26 Die In Fiery French Alps Bus Crash
26 Die In India Building Collapse
260 Rescued From Taiwan Mudslide
27 Dead In Afghan Attacks
27 Dead In Pakistan Wedding Tragedy