Strange - Stories

"Catwoman" Wanted in NYC Robberies
"Deadliest Catch" Bank Rob Suspect Caught
"Dumb And Dumber" Catch A Break
"Gothic Kitten" Woman Convicted of Cruelty
"Leprechaun" on Lam in Colorado
"Magic Pythons" Married in Cambodia for Luck
"Marinating" Cat Found by Cops in Car Trunk
"Moss Man" Attempts Rock Museum Break-In
"Moss Man" Burglary Suspect: It Was a Mix-Up
"Reggie" The Gator Finally Nabbed In L.A.
"Secret Santas" Dole Out $100 Handshakes in N.C.
"Zombies" Invade NYC during Morning Rush
$350K Home Bulldozed to Avoid Foreclosure
$500 KFC Chicken Reward for Colonel's Head
$500K Winner Hits Jackpot Twice on Same Machine
'Body' On Top Of Building Likely A Moose Carcass
'I'm Robbing You, Sir': 'Polite' Robber Arrested
'Sully' Among 18 Finalists In Top Mustache Contest
1,725-pound Pumpkin Takes The Prize In Ohio
1,810-Pound Wis. Pumpkin Named World's Heaviest
10-10-10: Vegas Chapels Busy on Symmetrical Date
19 Bears Rescued From Bear Bile Farm
22-Inch Man: I've Grown into Record Book
2nd Alligator This Month Spotted in Chicago
4-Pound Chihuahua Survives Owl Attack
5,200 Australians Bare All for Photo Shoot
65 Pounds of Pot, Gift Wrapped With Bows, Seized
67 Sheep Dead in Germany Train Collision
77 Cats Seized From Calif. Couple's Home
95 Snakes Found In Burst Bag At Malaysia Airport
About 400 Car Tires Found Slashed in Broward Co.
Adultery Illegal in Minnesota (for Women)
Alleged Burglar Cuts Hair, Fries Chicken
Anna Nicole Smith Subject Of Provocative New Opera
Antics in the Animal Kingdom
Ariz. Man Accused Of Putting Porn In TV Broadcast
Ark. Officer Forced To Use Stun Gun On Brother
Arkansas Couple Welcomes 17th Child
Artist Has Digital Camera Implanted In Head
Assault Suspect Claims to be Vampire
Aussie Packers Fan Returns To US For Super Bowl
Aussie Team Sets Record for Relay in High Heels
Authorities Charge Man Accused In 'polite' Robbery
Award-Winning Psychic Girlfriend Lie Unoriginal
Bag Full of Snakes on a Plane to Abu Dhabi
Bag Handler Gets Trapped in Plane's Cargo Hold
Bear Cub Survives Heady Ordeal
Bikini-clad Woman Accused of Carjacking
Billy The Kid To Be Pardoned, 130 Years Later?
Binary Baby Born 1-11-11 at 1:11
Biting Pupil Pried From Ohio Teacher's Arm
Body Odor Complaint Gets Store Worker Punched
Body of Missing Woman Found in Clutter of Home
Body Reportedly Drops from Sky in South Jersey
Boobquake Puts Cleric's Theory to the Test
Boy Bumps into "TNT Shell" With Lawn Mower
Boy Hands Out Grandparent's Cash On Bus
Boy Rescued after Tongue Gets Stuck on a Pole
Boy, 4, Caught Downing Beer, Wearing Dress
Brazil Elects Non-Metaphorical Clown to Congress
Breast Milk Cheese Mom: Bon Appe-teat!
Bride Surprises Groom with Airport Wedding
Butt-Dialing Leads to SWAT Intervention
Cabbie Arrested for Extorting $3.30 Tip
Candidate Puts Rivals' Names On Tombstones In Yard
Capital One Sued for Billing Woman $286M
Cards From "Heaven" Have Dead Man Talking
Case Of Snake Head In Broccoli Stumps Cops
Cat Stowaway Makes It Home Again
Cat Survives After Being Shot In Head With Arrow
Catfight!: Ga. Woman, 86, Charged With Cat Theft
Cell Phone Deflects Bullet at Atlanta Night Club
Cheetah Escape Baffles Mo. Zoo Officials
Child Prodigy, 13, Claims UConn Age Bias
Chili Sauce Lands German Teens in Hospital
Chinese Crested Named World's Ugliest Dog
Clerk Foils Robbery with Bag of Empanadas
Clerk: Show Me The Gun And I'll Show You The Money
Clinton, Giuliani Top Picks For Costumes
Clown-costume Suspects Charged In Mexico Heist
Colo. Firefighters Battle Flames, Bedbugs
Colorado Cops Nab Nude Burglar
Confused "Superhero" Arrested in Wash. Motorhome
Conn. Company's Stuffed Germ Toys Catching On
Conn. Man Asks Cops About Growing Pot, Is Arrested
Cops Find Suspect Neck-Deep in Manure
Cops: 2 Tried to Sell Wooden Blocks as Laptops
Cops: Bike Thieves Wore Gorilla, Chicken Suits
Cops: Man Slashes Father with Samurai Sword
Cops: Man Torched House Over Late Dinner
Cops: Mass. Couple Beat Man At KFC Over Slow Order
Cops: Mass. Man Shoots Neighbor In Leaf-dump Fight
Cops: Pa. Woman Hides Pot in Dirty Diaper
Cops: Priest Shoplifted Butter, Sofa Cover
Cops: Woman Made Up Carjacking To Cover Up Sex
Cops: Woman Poisoned Lover with Margarita
Cops: Woman Posed as Doctor to Do Breast Exams
Corpse Wheeled To Store To Cash Check
Couple Makes Up Headache To Hide Gun Wound
Couple Sued over "Ugly" IKEA Kitchen
Court Delayed When Flu-masked Inmate Spooks Lawyer
Cow Rammed with Truck to Stop Attack on Rancher
Cowboy Cited After Horse Wanders Away From Bar
Crack Cocaine Found in Boston Preschooler's Shoe
Croc Makes Bad Call, Swallows Tourist's Phone
Czech Doctors Left 12" Tool in Patient
D.C. Mayor-Elect's Wallet Stolen
Dallas Police Seek Pudgy Naked Backyard Dancer
Dance Troupe Causes Terror Scare at NY Tunnel
Dashing through the Snow: 250 Santas Hit Slopes
Dating Web Site Kicks Out "Fatties"
Daycare Finds Pot Stashed in Baby's Diaper Bag
Dead Deer In Clown Suit Left On Iowa Porch
Dead Teen's Classmates Discover His Brain in Jar
Deadly Jellyfish Stings "Best Job" Winner
Defibrillator Saves Man Who Was Shot In The Chest
Dessert Storm: Pentagon's 26-Page Brownie Recipe
Detroit Man Gets 2 Yrs For Swiping Car On 1st Date
Disruptive Child Booted From Class to Get $350K
Do Ghosts Haunt Gettysburg 150 Years Later?
Doc's New Years Deal Includes New Breasts
Dog Adopts Tiger Cubs At Kan. Zoo
Dog Jumps On Sliding Door To Alert Family To Fire
Dog Shoots Hunter
Dog, Cat Honored For Saving Masters
Domestic Dispute Leads To 4-foot Gator In NY Home
Drake University's "D+" Logo Earns Failing Grade
Drinkers Invite Croc Into Australia Pub
Drinking to Keep Warm Defense Works in DUI Case
Driver's Dog Helps Deputy Make Drug Bust
Driver: Snakes In My Pants Made Me Crash
Driving Test Too Stressful? Dutch Have an Answer
Drug Dialing? Suspect Calls "Crime Stoppers"
Drug Suspect Tries to Gnaw Off Fingerprints
Drunk Woman Calls 911, Says She's Driving
DUI Suspect Pulls Over, Mistaking Sign for Cops
Euro Crash: Motorists Steal Spilled Coins
Ex-Aide to Duchess of York Escapes Prison
Ex-LA Mortuary Worker Guilty of Faking Funeral
Exposure Law Protects Topless Transgender Men
Fake Bomb Threat to Catch a Flight?
Fake Shark Devours Surfer In Latest Statue Prank
Famed S. African Smoking Chimp Takes Last Puff
Farmer Proves Love Stinks With Valentine
Farmer Says 600 Pounds of Trout Stolen From Pond
Faux-Lex Funeral: 7,000 Fake Rolexes Steamrolled
Fearful Or Greedy About Stocks? This Might Help
Feds: Food Stamps Swapped For Viagra, Booze, Porn
Filet-o-Fish Delay Earns Worker a McSmack
Filipinos Fete Year Of Rabbit With Golden Cakes
Fla. Dealer Offers Free AK-47 for Truck Buyers
Fla. Man Back In Jail Just Days After 2-year Stint
Fla. Man Denies Cocaine Found in Buttocks is His
Floor Collapses During Ohio 'ghost Walk'
Florida's Strange Lessons of 2010
Fox Mauls 2 Baby Girls in London Home
Free Honeymoons In Malaysia To Rescue Marriages
Frogs Still Causing Traffic Jams in Greece
Funeral Homes Sued Over Brain in Bag
Gaza Zoo Draws Crowds With Zebra-colored Donkeys
German Artist Poses 1,250 Nazi Garden Gnomes
German Dad Castrates Daughter's Older Boyfriend
Giraffes In A Boat? 8 Taken To Kenyan Island
Girl With 'Illegal' Lemonade Stand Earns $1,838
Golfer's Off-Target Swing Sparks 12-Acre Fire
Got Mullets? Zoo Promotes Endangered Hairstyle
Gothic Kitten Seller Wants to Groom Pets Again
Grandma Accused Of Shopflifting With Child
Grandma's Ashes Mistakenly Sold at Yard Sale
Guam Turns Away Spider-Infested Cargo Ship
Gunman Prays with Clerk During Robbery
Half Naked Bridal Burglar Found Guilty
Hey, Taxi! Take Me To Arizona
Hitler Film Reveals India's Nazi Fascination
Hole-in-the-floor Ashtray Apparently Leads To Fire
Holy Auto Theft! Batmobile "Replica" Stolen
Homeless Man's Hot Tub Emergency: No Cocoa
Hong Kong Apartment Sells For Whopping $57 Million
Hot Chocolate Used As A Weapon in Robbery
Hundreds Go Pants-Less for NYC Subway Ride
Hundreds of Santas Swarm Through London
Hundreds Strip For No-pants Subway Ride
Hungary Pageant For Surgically Enhanced Beauties
Hungary's 84-year-old Burglar Strikes Again
Hungry Minn. Pilots Fly In For Lunch
Hunter Shoots Bear Being Photographed Near Highway
Ice Cream Man Busted For Selling Pot
Idaho Governor: Accidental Wedding Crasher
Ind. Police: Woman Texts About Robbery Opportunity
Indy 500 Driver Gets Speeding Ticket Before Race
Inmate Sues Man He's Convicted of Burglarizing
Inmate Tries Daring Escape With Newspaper, Raisins
Inspectors Shut Down Girl's Lemonade Stand
Inspectors Shut Down Girl's Lemonade Stand
Intruder Warded off by Non-Alcoholic Beer
Is There a Wrong Way to Kill a Bear?
It's A Bee Market! Worker Bees Swarm Wall Street
Jell-Uh-Oh! Big Rig Spills Its Pudding in Iowa
Jobless Grad Sues NYC College
Joe Namath's Dog Declared Dangerous
Jonathan Franzen's Glasses Held for $100K Ransom
Judge Removed Over Cell Phone Jailing
Judge Sees Skype as Solution to Custody Battle
Jumpy Clerks Toss Cash At Man Before He Demands It
Just In Time: NC Couple Claims $1M Lottery Prize
Karaoke Singer Attacked for Performance
Katrina Kitty Finds His Way Home After 5 Years
Kitty Hiccup Named Drag-Queen of Queens
Ky. Burglary Suspect Falls through Ceiling
L.A. Church Starts Dog Service
L.A. Coroner Aims to Revive Gift Shop Sales
La. Police: Pickle Smell Might Lead To Thieves
La. Woman Accused Of Biting Boyfriend's Tongue
Lamb's Head Turns Up in Ohio Ikea Store
Law To Protect German Kids' Right To Noise
Lee Harvey Oswald's Coffin Sells for $87,469
Leech Helps Cops Crack 8-Year-Old Robbery
Lion Meat Burgers Draw Protests to Restaurant
Lions Kill Rare White Tiger at Czech Zoo
Longest Kiss In History: 46-hour Thai Smooch
Longest Snake Living in Captivity Dies in Zoo
Lord Jesus Christ (His Real Name) Hit by Car
Madoff Mask A Natural For Halloween
Maine Biologists Nab Owl Taking Heads Off Chickens
Maine Couple Wins Wife-carrying Championship
Man Accused Of Putting Beer In Infant's Bottle
Man Attends His Own Funeral in Brazil
Man Bites Man in Fight over Dogs
Man Busted at Airport, Lizards in Pants
Man Buys Fake Pot, Gripes to Cops It's "Nasty"
Man Claims Invention Protects Privacy at Airport
Man Crashes Car Through Garage Wall
Man Crosses English Channel on Helium Balloons
Man Drops Wet Toilet Paper on School from Plane
Man Falls from Car on Highway; Car Keeps Going
Man Finds 10 Teeth In New Wallet
Man Finds Dead Mouse in Loaf of Bread
Man Fleeing Cops Jumps Fence Into Prison
Man Flies To Idaho ? In Lawn Chair
Man Gets 30 Years for Snake-Related Child Porn
Man in Breathalyzer Costume Gets DUI
Man Makes Puppy Drink Vodka, Goes to Jail
Man on All-Potato Diet Sick of Potatoes
Man Receives Wrong Lotto Ticket (A Winner)
Man Reenacts "Frogger," Gets Hit by Car
Man Shot by Father-in-Law Twice in 5 Years
Man Shot in Head, But Only Notices 5 Years Later
Man Strips at Va. Airport to Protest Screening
Man to Spend Christmas in Jail For Next 5 Years
Man Turns Betting Parlor Trash Into Cash
Man Uses Crossword Puzzle To Propose
Man Walks From Texas To Wash. With 12-foot Cross
Man Watches on iPhone as Home is Burglarized
Man Wins $2M Lottery Just Months after $1M Win
Man Wins Lottery Prize During Embezzlement Case
Man, 78, Rides Roller Coaster 90 Times in 1 Day
Man, 81, Finishes Race After Borrowing A Catheter
Man, 84, Survives Desert Ordeal Over 5 Days
Manhattan Soup Kitchen Serves Caviar
Marauding Monkey Makes Jail Break in Japan
Marijuana Provider Arrested Naked
Marijuana Rains Down in East Texas
Mass. Woman's Message In Bottle Turns Up In France
Mayan Elder Tired of 2012 Queries
Md. Cop Pulls Gun on Haunted House Actor
Md. Driving Lesson Ends With Minivan In Bedroom
Md. Suspect's Phone Found At Scene Of Burglary
Men Hold Up Pizza Makers, Flee With Wrong Dough
Men in Drag Celebrate Saints in Big Easy
Message in a Bottle Found Across the Atlantic
Mich. 'Robin Hood' Banker Gets Year In Prison
Mich. Dog Survives Botched Euthanasia Attempt
Microwaved Squid Stench Sickens Nevadans
Mini-Moo: 33-inch English Cow World's Smallest
Mini-skirted Russians Urge Better Snow Removal
Minn. Bar to Roast Bear for Packers-Bears Game
Mo. Family Holiday Photo Lands In Czech Ad
Mom Calls Cops on Shoplifting Daughter
Mom Gives Birth to 1 Twin in 2010, 1 in 2011
Motorized La-Z-Boy Up for Auction
Naked Burglar Breaks Into Home, Cooks And Showers
Naked Mailman Returned to Sender in Wis.
Naked Man Caught on Camera in Miss. Cemetery
Name and Shame Library Porn Viewers, Pol Says
Nazi Group Adopts Colorado Highway
NC Man In Jail A Week For Mistaken Identity
ND Team Exposed To Raccoon Pulled From Tournament
ND Woman's 7-foot-long Dog Could Be Record Holder
Neb. Woman Accused Of Throwing Dog At Officer
Nepal Teen to Stand Tall as World's Shortest Man
Nevada Feline Crowned World's Longest Cat
Newest Greece Crisis: "Carpet of Frogs"
Newlyweds' Bed Rigged to Twitter Sex
Newspaper's UFO Prank Causes Mayhem in Jordan
No Joke: Ex-mayor's Name Too Funny For Ind. Center
No More Debating in Your Underwear in Colo. Town
No Touching! CA Prison Bans Hugging, Kissing
Norway Newsreader Quits in Live Radio Broadcast
Norwegians Nab Smuggler Wearing Reptiles
Nude Man Accused Of Pounding On Cars On A Highway
Nudists Seek Younger Following
Nuns Put Rare Honus Wagner Card up for Auction
Nursing Students Kicked out for Placenta Photos
Nut Job: Thieves End Up With, Literally, Peanuts
NYC Bees Turn Red from Too Much Cherry Juice
NYC May Consider Fine For Pigeon-Feeding
NYC's 'Skinniest' House Sells For $2.1M
NYC's 'Skinniest' House Sells For $2.1M
Obama Admits He Scoops First Dog's Poop
Ohio Jurors Want To Pay Man They Quickly Acquitted
Ohio Man Proposes To Girlfriend With Bus Ad
Ooh La What? U.K. Woman Develops French Accent
Opossum Resuscitation Brings Drunk Charges
Oregon Man Gets Probation For Stabbing Fish
Oscar The Cat Predicts Patients' Deaths
Owner Of Dead Kitten Offered Air Fare Plus $50
Pa. City Shames Owners Of Blighted Property
Pa. Man Sleeps Through House Fire, Survives
Pa. Shop Owner Sells Himself $1.8M Lotto Ticket
Pa. Steelworkers Told To Work During Super Bowl
Painting Chimp Draws Hordes to Rio Zoo
Pair Toss Coins, Cones Over Wrong Size Fries
Passenger Strips Naked on Chicago-to-NYC Flight
Pee in the Shower (For the Environment)
Pelican Forces Bugatti into Salt Marsh
PepsiCo IPhone App Draws Fire For Stereotyping
Peter Frampton Furious At Obama Sign Theft
Playboy's Newest Cover Girl: Marge Simpson
Police Capture Escaped Zebra in Atlanta
Police Nab Man Dressed As Ninja, Waving Nunchucks
Police Officer Fired for Egging Home
Police Say Newlyweds Robbed Chapel After Wedding
Police: Dogs Fed on Owner's Body
Police: Homeless Man Steals, Crashes Plane
Police: Karaoke Singer Attacked Over Performance
Police: Man Killed Wife's Dog After Fight
Police: Man Used Bombs to Clear Snow
Police: Naked Woman Steals Louisiana Cab
Police: Pa. Man Nabbed For DUI Used Brother's ID
Police: Pa. Man Robs Bank A Day After Jail Release
Police: Pa. Woman Put Stolen Check In Church Plate
Princess Diana Hair Jam Hits London Art Exhibit
Psychic Girlfriend Lie Named 2010's Best
Pumpkin Squashes Competition In Calif. Weigh-off
Puppet Cleavage Too Racy for Colo. City
Radioactive Rabbit Found in Washington State
Rare "Panda Cow" Born in Northern Colorado
Rat Delays Alaska Airlines Flight Out Of Seattle
Rat Eaten on Show Costs Station $2,600
Recipe Calls for "Freshly Ground Black People"
Red Cross Raffles Amish Buggy to Blood Donors
Red Sox Rookies In Drag
Repo Man Allegedly Tries To Get Cops To Do His Job
Rescued Cow, 'Molly B,' Arrives At New Mont. Home
Restaurateur's Sentence: Deliver Pizza to Poor
Rich Swiss Speeder Gets $290K Fine
Risque Ads: Live It Up In Ky.'s 'Possibility City'
Romanian Witches Use Spells to Protest New Taxes
Russia: Pilot Tries to Ask Directions, Crashes
Rutgers to Boorish Students: Be Civil
Saggy Pants Foolish But Legal, NYC Judge Rules
Salmon and Bacon Flavored Vodkas on the Rise
Salvation Army Kettles Strike Gold in Indiana
Scientists Find 'Devil Toad' Fossil
Sea Lion Steers Patrol Fireboat
Sewage Stink Forces Ohio School To Dismiss Early
Sheep Truck Overturns; Dozens Clog N.J. Highway
Shockingly, Toxic Waste Candy Bars Deemed Unsafe
Singapore Polo Team's Trunks "Inappropriate"
Skinny Dipper Causes Scene At Japan Palace
Sleepwalking Man Likely Shot Self in Knee
Smelly Bus Riders May Take a Bath in Fines
Snake Missing For A Month Found On Boston Subway
So, You Think You Had A Tough Week?
Someone Swipes Giant Cactus Statue From NM Library
Spiders Found In Oregon Boy's Ear
Steeler-Styled Van Used to Serve Warrants in Pa.
Stray Peacock Beaten At NYC Burger King