Breeds Apart - Stories

'Dolittle' Animals Do A Lot
'Free Willy' Star Soon To Be Free
'Garfield Syndrome' Weighs On Pets
'Spokesman-atee' Turns 51
'Wild' Time For Florida Today
33 Horses Shot Dead In Nevada
A 'Truman Show' For Swallows
A Baby Shamu About To Arrive
A Better Black Bear
A Burning Issue For Horses
A Different Kind Of Pet
A Dog Help Dog World
A Dog's Life Worth Millions
A Fish Story With Some Bite
A Grizzly Kiss
A Haven For Sick Pets
A Horse In The House
A Little Dog Wins A Big Event
A Move To Protect The Lynx
A New Breed Of Lawyer
A Plan To Save Dwindling Species
A Pumpkin Fest At The Zoo
A Reprieve For Lab Rats
A Squirrely Sideshow
A Sticky Situation
A Tale Of Doggie Disorders
A Tale Of Tails
A Truly Pacific Place
A Whale..Uh..Puffer Of A Tale
Acupuncture For A Pachyderm
Advocates: Pets Aren't Luggage
Africa Image Gallery
Africa Image Gallery
Allergic To Your Pet?
America's New Tiger Trio
An End To Animal Cruelty In Taiwan?
An Introduction To Murder
An Unconventional Pregnancy
An Unexpected Case Of Heartworm
Animal Chat For First Lady
Animal Kingdom Under Attack
Anti-Cruelty Law Demanded
Attack Of The Swamp Eels!
Baby Buffaloes Roam The Park
Baby Camel At Denver Zoo
Baby Chow Rescued From Deep
Baby Elephant's First Bath
Baby Panda Gets A Name
Baby Panda Goes Public
Baby Tiger Not Ready For Debut
Back From The Brink
Bald Eagle Almost Ready To Fly
Battle Over Northern Goshawk
Beardogs - A Bear's Best Friend
Bears Move To The Burbs
Beating Polar Bear Boredom
Bed Time For Space Chimps
Beware A Buggy Season
Black Cats On Hold In Salem
Blessed Are The Animals
Blue Love?
Boarding Kennels Go Upscale
Bonnie: No Mercy For Strays
Bonobo Image Gallery
Buffalo Roam Wherever They Want
Bunny On Wheels Gets A Home
Can You Bear It?
Candy In A Jam No Longer
Canine Competition: Agility Counts
Canine Saved Online
Caring For Elderly Animals
Cat Ends His Journey
Cat's Bliss Is Roach's Blight
Cat-astrophe Averted
Cat-astrophe For Climbing Kitty
Caught In The Firestorm
Caught On Tape, A Killing Season
Caution: 'Gator Crossing'
Caution: Cranes Crossing
Checking Up On Fido Online
China May Free Captive Pandas
Circus Soccer For The Pros
Cleveland Canine Gets Parking Permit
Cloned Bull Is Second Chance
Coco: The Canine Castaway
Cogburn, The Attack Rooster
Congratulations. It's A Dragon.
Cosmetic Dentistry For A Chimp
Cow Tips One Back In Pub
CPR For Your Pet
Creepy Crawlies Flee The Heat
Crime-Fighting Dog Bites Back
Cub Of A Different Color
Cybersurfers Go Ape Over Koko
D.C. Beavers Gone: For Now
Danger For Vietnam's Elephants
De-listing The Peregrine Falcon
Death of Elephant Questioned
Deer Rescued From Storm Drain
Delta: No Animals In Baggage
Disney Safari Hippo Found Dead
Doctor Of Many Species
Doe, A 'Dear'
Dog Bites Plane
Dog Flea Powder Fatal For Cats
Dog Fur Found In Coat Calamity
Doggie's Heart As Good As New
Dogs and Heat: A Fatal Mix
Dole Honors Stellar Canine
Dolphins: Darling Or Deadly?
Donkey Derby Deemed Delightful
Easter Baah-sket Full Of Babies
El Nino Does Good For Bald Eagles
El Nino Makes Some Muddy Cats
EL Nino's Deadly Legacy
Elephants From Mice?
Elmo: A Serpentine Mystery
Endangered No More?
Fatal Elephant Virus Uncovered
Fearsome Feline Goes Home
Ferrets Make NYC No-Pets List
Firemen Save Pup Stuck In Bucket
Fires Aid Some Florida Wildlife
Flea Products Could Be Deadly
Flying With Fido Poses New Challenge
For Pets, Old Age May Have A Name
Freedom For 'Free Willy'
Giant Squid Takes On New York
Going Ape Over TV
Goose Story Draws Flock To Web
Gorilla Dan: No Girl-illa My Dreams
Gorilla Is 40 And Fabulous
Gorilla To Chat Online
Great Jumpin' Jehoshaphat!!!
Happy Birthday Daisy!
Healing With Horses
Hero Hog Saves Bovine Buddy
Hit-man Hired To Kill Dog
How Now, Big Sow?
How To Help A Choking Animal
Hungry Bear Helps Itself
Hurricane Hounds Ready For Bonnie
I'm Rrrrrready For My Closeup!
Injured Elephant Walks Again
Introduction To Breeds Apart
Is Emu Market For The Birds?
It's A Cat's Life!
It's A Dog's Life!
It's Kosher At The Zoo!!
It's Not Your Father's Bunny
Ivory Sale Appoved Despite Poaching Fears
Just For The Birds
K-9 Cops Get Bulletproof Vests
Keiko Seems As Happy As A Clam
Keiko Swims Toward Freedom
Keiko: To Iceland He Will Go
KLM Squirrel Slaughter Fallout
Leopard with Bunny Playmate
Looking For Trouble
Lucky Clucker Escapes Plucking
Mamie (The Elephant) Paints
Manatees Free But Can They Survive?
Mardi Paws
Maximum Term For Cat Killer
McGwire Madness
Mexican Wolf - Wild Life?
Mink On The Lam
Missy, First Dog To Be Cloned
Money's No Object For Pet Lovers
Monkey Business At The Rodeo
Monkey Offers Helping Hands
Moose On The Loose
More Deaths At Animal Kingdom
Mother & Child
Mourning For Giant Panda
Muzak For The Cat's Meow
NASA Rats: Victims Of Their Cage?
NASA To Probe Shuttle Rat Deaths
National Zoo To Get New Pandas
Nature's Top Gun
New Bird Species Discovered
New Dog Breed For The Allergic
New Hope For Pet Cancer Victims
New Koalas At Portland Zoo
No ' Takin ' This Calf For Granted
No Need To Feed The Animals
Not Just Animals But Stars
Not Quite A Pig In A Poke
Oh, Deer!!
Orphaned Pets Get T.L.C.
Outrage Despite KLM Apology
Overweight Pets Are At Risk
Papa's Making Up For Lost Time
Peregrine Falcons Thrive Online
Peregrine Population Soars
Pet Python Turns On Owner
Pet Treats Recalled
Pets In the Office
Pigging Out In Peace
Plant To Put Whales At Risk?
Poaching On The Rise In Kenya
Pooch Owners Howl At Dog Guide
Poodle's Aria Wins Grand Prize
Pot Belly Pig Controversy
Prophesy On The Farm
Puppy Abandoned...Twice
Puppy: A Stuffed Animal, Not!
Putting Goats On The Payroll
Raccoon: A Dog's Best Friend
Rare Koala Bares His Coat
Record-Breaking Bunny Brood
Reintroducing The Lynx
Rescued Dolphin Dies
Retirement Home For The Birds
Salmonella Killing Songbirds
Saving Siamese Online
Saving The Giant Turtles
School Trip Tests Pet's Loyalty
See You Later, Alligator
Shellfish Lovers: Beware
Site Helps You 'FindFido'
Smallest Pooch Wins Top Honors
Smart Dog Trick
Snag the Dog, Advisers Tell Clinton
Spaniards Won't Throw Goat
Squirrel Feeder Exuberance
Stranded Dolphins Rescued
Study: Hippos, Whales Related
Surrogate-hood For Cranes
Tainted Treats Sicken Owners
Taking Fido On A Trip
The Amazing Diving Dog
The Bonobo: Our Better Side?
The Breeds In Question
The Catch Of Their Lives
The Dalmatian Can Boogie!
The Din Of The Deep
The Fur Flies In Beverly Hills
The Graying Of Fido
The Hummer Bander
The Kitty Litter Capital Of The U.S.
The Life and Times of Edward R. Murrow
The List Of Species
The Maine Lobster Mystery
The Perpetual Pet
The President On Safari
The Price Of Freedom
The Wandering Wallaby
The Wolves Of Denali
This Parrot Sings
Tiny Crab Makes Surprise Visit
Tornado's Other Victims
Treats For Your Furry Friends
Tribe Gets OK To Hunt Whale
Trick Or Treat?
Tropical Bird Flies The Coop
Turkey Saved By Adoption
Twins Step Out
UN Eases Ban on Ivory
Vet Does C-Section On Gorilla
Wanted: 2 Pandas For D.C. Zoo
Warning To Whale Watchers
Weather Slows Monkey Business
Whales Prey On Sea Otters
What's A Girl To Do?
When Your Pet Needs A Dentist
Where Are The Butterflies?
Wild Monkey Holds Kitten Hostage
Wild Ponies Go For A Swim
Wild Sheep Controversy
Willy: Free To Move To Iceland
World's Wild Bears In Trouble
Yosemite: The Bears Are Hungry
Your Pet: Pretty In Pink?
Zoo Focuses On Your World
Zoo Has Humans To Breakfast
Zoo Introduces A Very Tall Baby
Zuri's New Life