Supreme Court - Stories

"Don't Ask" Opponents Take Case to Supreme Court
"Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Challenge Rejected
$80M Tobacco Verdict Extinguished
'Combatant' Padilla Sues Again
7 Days: Tell Or Jail For Reporters
A Victor-y For David Over Goliath
A Chorus Of 'No's
A New Remedy For Rx Relief?
A Shift In The Scales Of Justice?
Abortion And Miranda … Again
Abortion Opinion Has More Graphic Language
Abortion Protests Back On Docket
Affirmative Action Debate Renewed
Affirmative Action On High Court Agenda
Affirmative Action: The Fallout
Ali Al-Marri Gets His Day In Court
Alito 'Respects' Roe V. Wade
Alito Appears Headed For Confirmation
Alito Defended Government Wiretaps
Alito Denies Conflict In 2002 Case
Alito Hearings In Homestretch
Alito Key As Court Revisits Abortion
Alito Nomination Vote Put Off A Week
Alito Poised For Confirmation
Alito Pushed For Abortion Limits
Alito Questioning Begins Today
Alito Steps Carefully Before Senators
Alito To Be Asked About War Powers
Alito Wraps Up Senate Testimony
Alito: 'Open Mind' On Abortion
Alito: Personal Views Not A Factor
Alito: Quiet-Mannered Conservative
All Eyes On The Supreme Court
All Roads Lead To Arbitration
Ambitious Agenda For High Court
American Bar Association Praises Sotomayor
Anna Nicole, Bush On Same Side
Antitrust Ruling Goes Against Investors
Apartheid Victims' U.S. Lawsuit To Proceed
Assisted Suicide Debate Not Over?
Atheists To Get High Court Hearing
Attorney General: Gitmo Trials To Go Ahead
Back To The Drawing Board
Bar Association Backs Alito
Benefits Can Be Taken To Pay Loans
Benefits Can Be Used To Pay Loans
Big Court Win For Cigarette Makers
Big Tobacco Gets Big Win In High Court
Big Tobacco Wins In Court
Buckle Up Fight Goes To Supreme Court
Bush Loyalist Is Court Pick
Bush Pick Wins GOP Praise
Bush Stands By Miers Nomination
Bush Taps Roberts To Head Court
Bush Taps Roberts To Head Court
Bush Withdraws Miers Nomination
Bush Won't Release Miers' Records
Business As Usual
Busy Monday For Highest Court
Campus Military Recruiting Law Upheld
Cancer Fear Is Grounds For Lawsuits
Challenge To Megan's Law Under Review
Chief Justice John Roberts Suffers Seizure
Chief Justice Rehnquist Dead At 80
Chief Justice Rehnquist Dies At 80
Chief Justice Rehnquist Dies At 80
Chief Justice Roberts Leaves Hospital
Child Porn Ruling Angers Ashcroft
Civil Rights Groups Oppose Alito
Confirmation Battle Looms
Court Affirms Affirmative Action
Court Allows States To Throw The Book
Court Backs Campaign $ Ban
Court Backs Campaign Finance Law
Court Backs Oregon's Assisted Suicides
Court Cans Cop Cussing Case
Court Considers Commandments
Court Deadlocks On Agent Orange
Court Declines 'Roe' Challenge
Court Ducks 'In God We Trust' Case
Court Ends Al-Marri's Detention Challenge
Court Ends Juvenile Death Penalty
Court Eyes Illegal Aliens And ID Theft
Court Eyes Lost Nichols Papers
Court Eyes Military Recruiting Law
Court Fight Over L.A.'s Red Lights
Court Gives Drug Users Heave-Ho
Court Grants Disney Fairy Tale Ending
Court Grants Power Of Choice
Court Hangs Up On Telemarketers
Court Hears Age Bias Layoff Case
Court Hears Campus Recruiting Case
Court Hears Challenge To Child Porn Ban
Court Hears Disabled Case
Court Looks At Making The Grade
Court Nixes Strict Campaign $$ Limits
Court Nominee Heads To The Hill
Court OKs Lethal Injection Challenges
Court Overrules FCC License Seizure
Court Passes On Death Row Legal Aid
Court Passes On Pardon Power
Court Passes On Prayer, Potatoes
Court Passes On Same-Sex Fight Over Child
Court Puts Onus On Journalists
Court Re-enters Abortion Debate
Court Rejects Death Row Appeals
Court Rejects Parents Suing Hamas Backer
Court Reviews Redistricting
Court Says Ginsburg's Cancer Hasn't Spread
Court Sides With Cops On High-Speed Chase
Court Sides With Death Row Inmate
Court Sides With Telecoms, Autistic Child
Court Spares Retarded Killer
Court Takes On Corporate Privacy
Court Takes On Union Dues Case
Court Takes Swing At Golfers' Case
Court To Creditors: Hands Off IRAs
Court To Decide School Drug Testing
Court To Hear Execution Age Case
Court To Hear Global Warming Case
Court To Hear Stolen Nazi Art Case
Court To Hear Texans' HMO Suits
Court To Look At Passenger Searches
Court To Look At Texas Voting Map
Court To Rule On Executing Child Rapists
Court To Rule On Internet Copyright
Court To Rule On Property Seizures
Court To Settle Autopsy Pics Fight
Court To Wade Into Religious Ed Fray
Court Tosses Man's Death Sentence
Court Turns Down Abortion Case
Court Upholds Clinic Law
Court Upholds Detaining Of Legal Aliens
Court Upholds Family Leave Rights
Court Victory For Campaign Reform
Court Voids Law Banning Animal Cruelty Videos
Court Weighs Drugging Defendants
Court Weighs English-Only Law
Court Weighs Religious Studies Aid
Court Will Review Cross Burning Ban
Court Won't Hear Commandments Case
Court Won't Review Teen Executions
Court Won't Stop Inmate's Abortion
Court: $82.6M Award in SUV Rollover Stands
Court: Cities Can Seize Homes
Court: Convicts Have No Right To Test DNA
Court: Cop Search OK Even If Arrest Isn't
Court: Discuss Parole In Death Cases
Court: Drug Suspects On The Clock
Court: Gitmo Judges Must Get All Evidence
Court: Judges Can't Dole Out Death
Court: Law Shields Whistleblowers
Court: N.C. District Not Based On Race
Court: No-Knock OK In Emergencies
Court: States Can Redraw Political Map
Cuffs OK, Even For Minor Offenses
Death Penalty On Court's Docket
Death Penalty To Get Broader Review
Death Penalty Under The Microscope
Debating Police Searches
Democrats Get Last Shot At Roberts
Democrats Vow Tough Fight On Alito
Dems Accuse Alito Of Inconsistencies
Dems Eye Alito Role In 2002 Case
Dems May Delay Alito Committee Vote
Dems Tread Lightly On Roberts
Dems Want More Roberts Documents
Disabilities Act Rollback
Disability Vs Seniority
Disabled Win Big Civil Rights Case
Divided High Court Weighs Lethal Injection
Drug Maker Liability Suit Hits High Court
Drug Tests For Students Upheld
End To Juvenile Executions Urged
Enron Accountant Conviction Nixed
EPA Gets OK To Overrule States
Executing The Retarded Unconstitutional
Execution To Be First Since Penalty Upheld
Exxon Valdez Damages Could Be Reduced
Fellow Jurists To Testify For Alito
Few Get Surgery For Grim Pancreatic Cancer
Filibuster Of Roberts Unlikely
Filibuster Of Roberts Unlikely
Final Opinion: Second Opinions OK
Flier Can't Sue after Jailed over Gun in Luggage
Foreign Felons Can Own Guns In US
Foreign Nations Open To U.S. Suits
Free Speech And Porn Before High Court
Free Speech Cases Top Supreme Court's Docket
Frist Challenges Dems On Alito
From Grimy Gym To Supreme Court
Get A Move On, Would You?
Ginsburg Has Health Scare on Airplane
Ginsburg: Supreme Court Needs More Women
Graduation Prayers OK'd
Green Light For Smoking Lawsuit
Guantanamo Detainees Lose Court Appeal
Gun-Plagued Cities Decry Handgun Ruling
Guns And Porn Top Court Agenda
Guns, Rum And The Cheers Guys
Halliburton Drops Appeal in Iraq Rape Case
Has DC's Handgun Ban Prevented Bloodshed?
Hey, That's Mine!
High Court Approves Indiana Voter ID Law
High Court Axes 'Stop And Sniff' Law
High Court Blocks Gitmo Tribunals
High Court Bolsters Anti-Pollution Program
High Court Busy As Term Ends
High Court Clashes Over Voting Rights Case
High Court Considers Racial Diversity
High Court Debates Child Porn
High Court Declines Rep. Jefferson Case
High Court Divided On Whales Vs. Sonar
High Court Ducks Major Abortion Ruling
High Court Eases Crack Sentence Guidelines
High Court Eases Crack Sentence Guidelines
High Court Eases Limits On Political Ads
High Court Entering Marijuana Fray
High Court Examines HMO Rules
High Court Explores Search And Seizure
High Court Grounds Broom Rider
High Court Hears "Bong Hits" Case
High Court Hears Abortion Case
High Court Hears Abortion Case
High Court Hears Disability Case
High Court Hears Disability Case
High Court Hears Mail Case
High Court Hears Sex Discrimination Case
High Court Hints It Will Side With Tobacco
High Court Jumps Into Abortion Debate
High Court Keeps Phone Lines Open
High Court Limits Race In School Choice
High Court Limits Right To Sue Employers
High Court Limits Searches ? Sort Of
High Court Looks At Online Porn
High Court Narrows Disabilities Act
High Court Nixes Louisiana Death Sentence
High Court OKs Fast Track For Border Fence
High Court OKs Hallucinogenic Tea
High Court OKs Oklahoma Execution
High Court Passes On Abortion Privacy
High Court Picks Its Battles
High Court Ponders Execution For Rapists
High Court Ponders Online Porn
High Court Pores Over Wine Case
High Court Rebukes Bush On Auto Emissions
High Court Refines Miranda, OKs Somali Suit
High Court Refuses Abortion Clinic Case
High Court Refuses Automakers, Sirhan
High Court Refuses Redskins Name Complaint
High Court Rejects Congressman's Appeal
High Court Rejects Experimental Drug Case
High Court Rejects Microsoft Appeal
High Court Rejects Nazi Guard's Appeal
High Court Rejects Sodomy Law
High Court Reprieve For Texas Man
High Court Revisits Suicide Debate
High Court Revisits Suicide Debate
High Court Rules Against New York Times
High Court Rules For Akron Suburb
High Court Rules State Inmates Can Sue
High Court Scorns Porn Law
High Court Sides With Cops, HMOs
High Court Sides With Meatpackers
High Court Sides With Workers In 2 Cases
High Court Slams Sentencing Rules
High Court Spares Lives Of Child Rapists
High Court Stands Pat On Pledge
High Court Stops Inmate's Abortion
High Court Strikes Down Sentencing Law
High Court Strikes Down Welfare Gag
High Court Takes On File Sharing
High Court Takes Up Age Discrimination
High Court Tightens Whistle-Blower Rules
High Court To Hear Execution Challenge
High Court to Hear Plea From Gitmo Uighurs
High Court To Review Terror Trials
High Court To Review Terror Trials
High Court To Review Voter I.D. Law
High Court To Rule In HMO Fight
High Court To Rule In Sex Offender Case
High Court To Tackle FCC Profanity Case
High Court Turns Away Microsoft
High Court Turns Away Microsoft
High Court Turns Down Ga. Death Row Inmate
High Court Turns Down Ga. Death Row Inmate
High Court Upholds "Material Support" Terror Law
High Court Upholds Ban On Some Abortions
High Court Upholds Child Porn Promo Ban
High Court Upholds Cross-Burning Ban
High Court Upholds Lethal Injections
High Court Victory For Anna Nicole
High Court Wades into Arizona Immigration Debate
High Court Wary Of Striking Voter ID Law
High Court Weighs Death For Child Rapists
High Court Weighs Kids' Anti-Smoking Law
High Court Weighs Pollution Cases
High Court Will Review Gitmo Cases
High Court Win For Abortion Protesters
High Court Won't Hear Church-State Cases
High Court Won't Revisit Child Rape Case
High Court Won't Rush Gitmo Case
High Court: 1964 KKK Slay Case Can Stand
High Court: Not This Year
High Court: Oklahoma Can Try Nichols
High Times At New Montreal Cafe
Hole-In-One For Disabled Golfer
How Long Is Too Long To Sue For Arrest?
How Much Is Too Much In Court?
Inmate In Court Case Gets Abortion
International Death Penalty Debate
It's Crack Moms Vs. A Public Hospital
Jail Next Stop For 2 Journalists?
John Roberts' Opening Statement
Judge Roberts' Paper Trail
Justice Anthony Kennedy Hospitalized
Justice Ginsburg Has Pancreatic Cancer
Justice In The Balance
Justice Kennedy Pleads For More Pay
Justice Kennedy: Senators Focus on Short-Term
Justice O'Connor Retires
Justice Rehnquist Hospitalized
Justice Roberts Takes The Bench
Justice Scalia Gives Obscene Gesture?
Justice Stevens: I'll Retire in Obama's Term
Justices May Be Open To Vouchers
Justices Shy Away From Sex Toys
Justices Take New Look At Web Porn
Justices Won't Expand Execution Review
Lawyer's Insult Not Appeal-ing
Lawyer: Rosa Parks Has Dementia
Leahy: Roberts' Views 'Radical'
Legal Victory For 'Da Vinci Code' Author
Libraries Lose On Porn Filtering
Listen, But Don't Look
Local Smog Rules Up In Smoke
Low-Key Choice For Hot Seat Job
Major Supreme Court Decisions Due
Marijuana Fight Back To High Court?