The Early Show: Melinda Murphy - Stories

'Best Seat In The House'
'Dress' Kevin. Please!
'How Clean Is Your House?'
'Mother Proof' Car Reviews
'Operation Santa Claus'
'Sweethearts' Secrets Revealed
9/11 Victims Look At War
911 Victims On War With Iraq
A Match Made On the Web?
A 2-Year-Old's Driving Ambition
A Day In The Life Of A Mascot
A Good Fit For Saving Money
A Hot Chocolate Sommelier?
A House Built For Ghosts
A Look At Fertility Retreats
A Mom Who Rocks!
A Rather Unusual Marital Burden
A Sweet Job
Addicted To Embezzling?
Addicted To Stealing
Air Guitar Supremacy
America's Worst Hurricanes
Anorexia Fight Moves To Web
Anorexics Denied Insurance Coverage
Antidepressants-Pregnancy Dilemma
At 88, LaLanne's Gym-Dandy
Beware Of Moving Scams
Born To Be A Clown
Bringing God To The Front
Carillon Rings Bell For Murphy
Caroling With Kenny G
Cause Of Baby Death: Shaking
Cereal Feeder Claims Campuses
Charming A Lot Of Rattlers
Church Message: Be Yourself
Clogging With Champions
Crystal Meth's Weight Loss Dangers
Deaf Cheerleaders Get Noticed
Dreams of Castles Made of Sand
Everything Coming Up Roses
Exotic Expensive Cars
Fairy Tale In Minneapolis
Fake Eyelashes, Real Demand
From Retired, To Super Bowl
From Retired, To Super Bowl
Gastric Bypass Surgery Gone Bad
Genetic Link To Anorexia?
Going Back Again
Handy Grandma Happy To Help
Happiness 101
Harking Back To Houdini
Help Wanted: Lego Builders
Hiked Train, Bus Ride Fear Factor?
Holiday Fruitcake
Hope High On Menu At Virginia Cafe
How To Score A Sponsored Wedding
Iraqi-Americans Fear Backlash
Iraqis' Time To Sing And Dance
Keeping Creole Cuisine Alive
Kids Chose Potter Over Movies
King Of The Thrones
Learning Freeskiing
Learning To Love Music
Letterman Returns To 'Late Show'
Lobstering: The Maine Event
Lonestar: Playground Kaboom
Mad Cow Disease In New Jersey?
Making Friends At A New School
May The Biggest Pumpkin Win!
Mom Has Fun As 'Reyna Terror'
Mom Rocks: Tina Knowles
Mom Shuffles Kids And Cards
Mowing The Lawn In Luxury
Near-Tragedy Turned To Big Bucks
New Sport Making Waves
Nothing Scary About Bat World
Picking The Christmas Tree
Picking The Perfect Tree
Pie Ladies Make A Difference
Pie Ladies Make A Difference
Prodigy, 4, Plays One Mean Trumpet
Rations That Are Actually Tasty
Riding The Top Thrill Dragster
Riding Waves Of Opulence
Robots Bring School To Sick Kids
Rock, Paper, Scissors A Sport?
RVs: All The Comfort On The Road
Sea- Worthy Fred Astaires
Story No Longer Available
Sweet Medicine For Alzheimer's
Take Summer Off And Get Paid
Taking Off In A New Direction
Taking Snow Sculpting Seriously
Targeting Phony Pharmaceuticals
Teaching Poor Kids How To Succeed
Teens Cover The War From Afar
The Best Brew In The World
The Heart Of A Champion
The Heart Of A Champion
The Life Of Identical Triplets...
The Ship's Ship
They Do MoreThan Clown Around
Thin After Surgery And Still Sad
Trend Report: Chocolate Is Hot
Turning A Vision Into A Business
USDA Diet Guidelines Practical?
Veggie Oil As Gas Substitute
Waking Up To Drowsy-Driving Danger
Want A Great Tree? Ask Big John!
What A Mother!
When In Trouble, Call Butterball
When Tots Want Sexy Clothes
When Wax Figure Really Isn?t
Whoa Mama!
With Safety CD, Girl Saves Mom