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'Pocket Pets' Salmonella Risk
'Should I Medicate My Child?'
'The New Normal' In Disease
7 Months Old? Potty Train Her!
A Day At A Time For Sextuplets' Parents
A Different Bill And Hill
A Look At Bottled Water
A Look At TB And Its Symptoms
A Need For Love In The Times Of AIDS
A Recovery Worthy Of Superman
A Workshop In Lovemaking
Acne Drug Not For Pregnant Women
Acne: Not Just A Teen-age Problem
Addicted To Pain Killers?
Adjust Car Headrest For Safety
Advances In Human Cloning
Alzheimer's Disease Battle
Ambien May Prompt Sleep-Eating
America's Eating Habits
American Women Are Getting Fatter
Anorexia Stripped Bare
Antibiotics Overused For Ear Infections?
Antidepressants During Pregnancy
Asbestos: Unseen Parks Danger?
Asthma? Tips To Breath Easier
Baby Dillon Doing Well
Baby Fat Not Always Easy To Shed
Bad Breath Battle
Baghdad: Unsafe For Red Cross?
Baring All For Breast Cancer
Battling MS, Step By Step
Best Bet Defenses Against Bugs
Best Cities For Women
Beware Of Junk Food Marketeers
Birth Control Patch Users Warned
Blackout's Emotional Toll
Bracing For The Flu Season
Breast Cancer Drug Breakthrough
Breathe A Little Easier
Calcium And Osteoporosis
Calcium, Vitamin D Assumptions Shaken
Check Your Blood Pressure At Home
Cheerleading Injuries Increasing
Clinton Targets Childhood Obesity
Containing SARS
Coping With Anniversary Anxiety
Coping With Holiday Stress
Cracking Down On Organic Labels
Criticism From Christopher Reeve
Cutting Out Surgical Mix-Ups
Dana Reeve: 'Big Sigh Of Relief'
Danger On The Kiddie Menu
Dawn Of A New Diet Pill?
Deadly Dose Of Daycare
Delaying Teen Sex
Diagnosis: ADHD Not Airhead Girls
Diet Pill May Help Obese Teens
Does The Cure Give You A Pain?
Don't Just Endure Menopause
Early Tests Crucial For Glaucoma
FDA: Accutane Users Must Register
Finding More Uses For Botox
Food For The Heart
Foods To Beat Bad Breath...
For Schlubs In Love, Persistence Pays
Fun - And Safety - In The Sun
Functional Beverages
Genome Map In SimpleTerms
Germany: A Way Station For Wounded
Get The Flu Shot
Get The Flu Shot
Get Your Skin Ready For The Summer
Getting Emotions Back On Track
Giving Birth To 2 Sets Of Twins
Go, Slow And Whoa Foods
Health Insurance And Your Child
Health Insurance And Your Child
Health Insurance And Your Child
Healthwatch: Fact Or Myth
Heart-healthy Foods to Help Fight Disease
Help For Alzheimer's Caregivers
Hope For Chronic Fatigue Sufferers
Hope For Obese Teens?
How Fit Are You? Get A Stress Test
How To Break Health Rules
HSA: Health Care Solution, Or Problem?
If It's Old, Throw It Out
Is Irradiated Meat Really Safe?
Is Your Man Going Through Menopause?
It Pays To Take Your Vitamins
It's Men's Health Week
Kate Walsh: Abstinence-Only "Not Working"
Laughter: The Key To Control Stress
Live To Be A Centenarian
Long-Term Relief From Allergies?
Man Donates Liver To Ex-Wife
Managing Your Medications
MDs To HRT Patients: Don't Panic
Minimizing The Misery Of Allergies
Mirror Mirror
Mystery Surrounding Cloned Baby
New Cold Drug Might Not Be As Effective
New Cold Drug Might Not Be As Effective
New Cold Drug Might Not Be As Effective
New Drug Helps Cope With Chronic Fatigue
New Pill To Skip Menstruation
North Carolina Hit Hard By Flu
Obesity Surgery Not Enough
Opening Your Eyes To LASIK
Overcome Dieting Pitfalls
Overmedicating Kids?
Picking A Medicare Drug Plan
Planned Parenthood Fights For Privacy
Politics And Illness
Pregnancy And Asthma: A Fresh Look
Pregnancy And Asthma: A Fresh Look
Premature Birth Rates Rapidly Rising
Problems With Plastics?
Prostate Cancer Awareness Month
Protecting Your Children From Obesity
Quest In Alzheimer's Detection
Raped By One's Obstetrician?
Rare Operation Saves Two Babies
Red Cross Needs Money And People
Red Flag Over Teflon
Reeve Pushes Ahead
Reeve Tributes Keep Pouring In
Reeve: No Fear Of Fifty
Ritalin In Your Child's Backpack?
Second Chance For Hormone Therapy
Should The Implant Ban Be Lifted?
Siblings' Heart Disease Ups Risk
Signs Of A Divorce Ahead?
Smoking Has Hidden Dangers
Some Fat Is Just 'Toxic'
Sorting Out Supplements Study
Stay Fit And Travel For Free
Stealing Your Own Vitality
Study Says Aspirin Has A Gender Gap
Study Shows Coffee OK For Heart
Study: Pets Halt Allergies In Infants
Study: Weight Loss, Carbs May Mix
Suggested H2O Intake In Question
Summer Danger: E. Coli
Sweeter Than Sugar
Tackling Teen Smoking
Talking To Kids About Abortion
Tasty, Healthy School Lunches
TB Carrier Jailed
The Latest On Birth Control
The Scoop On Detox Diets
The War On Anxiety
The World Of Medicine In 2004
This Story Is No Longer Available
Time To Get A Checkup
Timing Key To Headache Relief
Tipper Gore On Mental Health
Treating Birthmarks
Unique Heart Transplant For Boy, 5
Utah Backs Off Forced Chemo
Venom Myths?
Watch Out For Diet Pitfalls
Wealthy Closing Obesity Gap
West Nile Virus In Blood Supply?
What Is Your Calcium Intake?
What To Do About Migraines?
Wheat Bread With No Wheat
When "Senior Moments" Begin
Where Did I Leave The Keys?