The Early Show: Health - Stories

"Ask It Early": You Ask, Ashton Answers
"Ask It Early:" Vitamins and Weight Loss
"Baby Blues" Not Just Post-Partum
"Baby Lakshmi" Goes Home
"Bigger" Reality TV Better?
"Brain Food" For Kids
"Caffeine Intoxication" Cases On Rise
"Cell Phone Elbow": New Sign Of Times
"Cookie Diets" May Crumble Over Long Haul
"Crazy" Cures For Some Common Ailments
"Designer Babies" Ethical?
"Designer Waters": Worth It?
"Dirt Is Good" For Kids, Expert Insists
"Dr. Ro" On Board for "Down2Size"
"Early Intervention: Cardiac Arrest"
"Extraordinary Hope" From New Cancer Drugs
"Fascinating" Possible Cancer Treatment
"Godfather of Fitness" Going Strong at 95
"Good" Cholesterol May Reduce Alzheimer's Risk
"Hazardous" Health Insurance
"Head-Bangers" Risk Brain, Neck Injuries
"Legal Steroid" Prevalent In High Schools
"Miracle Baby" Born In Britain
"Miracle" Baby Survives Off Life Support
"Miracle" Baby Survives Two-Pound Tumor
"Parachute" May Help Some Heart Patients
"Pink" Products: Dual-Purpose!
"Pregorexia" Inspired By Thin Celebs?
"Saturday Slim-Down": 3 Viewers Trying It
"Sex And The City" Linked To DUIs?
"Shocking" Reasons to Go Organic
"Shrinking Parties" Speed Up Therapy
"Silent" Heart Attacks Now More Common
"Smart Choices" Food Label Misleading?
"Smoking Smarties" Has Parents Fuming
"Stand Up 2 Cancer" Effort Raises $100M
"Super Acne" Is Super Difficult To Treat
"Super" Lice, Simply Treated
"Superfoods" for Women
"Superfoods" To The Rescue!
"Superfruit" A Day Keep The Doctor Away?
"Superkid," 3, Moves Furniture, Weights
"Survivor" Ethan Zohn Stands Up to Cancer
"Survivor," "Bachelorette" to Race in Marathon
"This Beautiful Gene"
"Viagra for Women"?
"Webnosis" the Wave of the Future?
"Wimp Factor" at Work in Men's Illnesses?
‘Women Are Not Small Men’
'Cupping' Takes The Pain Away
'Get Tied To The Cause'
'High' Blood Pressure Gets Lowered
'It's Just Money'
'Power Foods' For Your Health
'Salt In Your Sock'
'So What Can I Eat?'
'Super Foods'
'Superbugs' Could 'Dwarf' AIDS, Flu
'The Dirty Dozen' Food Supplements
'Winter Bug' Hits G.I. Tracts Hard
'Winter Bug' Hits GI Tracts Hard
1 In 8 Babies Is Premature
1st U.S. Face Transplant Patient's Message
411 On Medications
5 Drugs Kids Steal Most Often From Parents
Early Show Goes Pink
A Boy Or Girl? Learn Gender Sooner
A Call For More Newborn Screening
A Closer Look at Harry Smith's H1N1
A Drug-Resistant Bacteria Breakthrough?
A Little Middle, Little By Little
A Look At Alzheimer's
A Look At Gestational Diabetes
A Look At Pvt. Lynch's Health
A Look Inside Harry's Colonoscopy
A Mother's Love Finds Marrow Donor
A Musical Link To Epilepsy
A New Front In War On AIDS
A Prescription For 'Peace Of Mind'
A Step Closer To The Male Pill
A Stroke -- in Your Twenties?
A Twinkie Tax?
A Warning To Atkins Dieters
ABCs of Backpack Safety
Acai Berries: Really a Super-Food?
Acetaminophen May Double Asthma Risk in Kids
Add Some Spark to Your Sex Life
Added Info To Food Labels
Addiction Hits Home For Bono Mack
ADHD Drug Abuse Among Teens Rising
ADHD Meds May Hike Kids' Heart Risks
Adopted Grandkids Need Heart Transplants
Adult Acne Treatments Go High Tech
Affairs Of The Heart
Alarm Bells Over Vitamin D Levels in Kids
Alcohol And Energy Drinks: A Dangerous Mix
Alcoholism Definition Becoming Fuzzier
All About Addiction
All But Decapitated, Boy, 9, Recovers
Allergies: Year-Round For Many
Allergy-Proof Your Yard
Alternative Fix For Varicose Veins
Alternative To Hysterectomies?
Alternatives to Insulin for Diabetics?
Alternatives to Mammograms
Alternatives To Treating Menopause
Alzheimer's Staggering Effects
Alzheimers At 46?
American Family Affected By SARS
An Aspirin A Day Seems To Help Women, Too
An Avoidable Killer
An Electronic Eye On Hard Knocks
An M.D. Attacks Terrorism
An Over-The-Counter High
Angels With Wings
Ann Richards' Latest Battle
Anorexia Stripped Bare
Anorexia Victim's Suicide Sparks Lawsuit
Another Face Of Alcoholism
Another Reason To Quit Smoking
Anthrax Mystery Still Unsolved
Anti-Aging Skin Treatments That May Work
Anti-Snoring Devices Fail Test
Antidepressants Useless In Many Cases?
Are Americans Consuming Too Much Salt?
Are Curvier Women Smarter?
Are Pharmacists Right To Choose?
Are Twitter, Facebook Health Hazards?
Are You Getting Enough Vitamin D?
Are You in the Job Stress "Red Zone"?
Are You Showering in Dangerous Germs?
Are You Using Enough Sunscreen?
Are You Working Out Efficiently?
Aromatherapy Effectiveness Questioned
Artificial Heart Never Skipped A Beat
Artificial Heart Still Beating
Artificial Sperm and Eggs?
Artificial Sweetener Wars Heat Up
As Economy Falls, Egg Donations Rise
Ashton Pain Leads to Kidney Stones Lesson
Ashton Answering Your Questions
Ashton on Pregnancy Bumps in the Road
Ashton's "Body Scoop for Girls"
Aspartame's Safety Questioned Again
Aspirin No Colon Cancer Panacea
Aspirin: New Weapon in Colon Cancer Fight?
Athletes' Sudden Cardiac Arrest Addressed
Atkins Diet Makes PMS Worse?
Autism Treatment Cost Help On Horizon?
Autism Treatments Lagging Awareness
Autistic Teen Accused Of Killing Mom
Avoiding Asthma's Dangers
Avoiding Back Pain As We Age
Avoiding H1N1 While Traveling
Avoiding Heartburn on Holidays or Anytime
Avoiding Holiday Hangovers
Avoiding Holiday Hazards At Home
Avoiding The Dreaded Hangover
Avoiding The Holiday Pounds
Awareness A Key Tool Vs. Breast Cancer
Back From The Dead
Back Pain Myths Debunked
Bacteria Found in Many Fountain Sodas
Baldness Drug Fights Cancer?
Banana Diet "Recipe For Disaster" For Most
Battle Over Breastfeeding Ads
Battling The Blues Of Winter
Be Your Own Skin Cancer Detective
Beat The Heat
Beating Bad Breath
Beating Prostate Cancer
Beauty Salon Can Save Your Life
Beauty, Sleep Link Found by Researchers
Bedbugs: How to Counter Their Comeback
Bedbugs: One Man's Horror Story
Bedbugs: What You Need to Know
Beer A Health Booster?
Behind Bird Flu Fears
Being Well Cared For Later In Life
Benefits For Returning Vets?
Best Fitness DVDs For New Year
Best Medical Books To Have At Home
Best Memory Boosters For Women
Best Of The Bad Holiday Food Choices
Best Of Worst -- July 4th Foods
Best Of Worst Thanksgiving Fare For You
Best Places to Store Your Vitamins
Best Sleep Positions To Rid Aches, Pains
Best Ways To Make A Baby
Best Ways To Prevent Back Pain
Best, Worst Cities For Men, Women
Better Health: Little Things Count
Better Health: Little Things Count
Beware Effects Of Acid On Teeth
Beware Of Hidden Sugar
Beware Overusing Dietary Supplements
Beware These Dietary Supplements
Big Breakfasts May Pack Pounds on You: Study
Big Changes Ahead In Food Labels
Big Games May Up Fans' Heart Risk
Billboard Plea For A New Liver
Bird Flu: Too Soon To Panic