Consumer Alert - Stories

'Muggings' Via Technology
'Payday' Borrowers Beware
A Woman's Best Friend
An Identity Theft Nightmare
An Insurance Nightmare
Baby Gender Selection Kits A Sham?
Bankrupt In Biloxi
Be Cautious Of Enticing TV Car Ads
Best To Wait For That Tax Refund
Beware Cyber Hijackers
Beware Living Trust Scams
Beware Money-For-College Scam
Beware Of Tsunami Scams
Beware Of Tsunami Scams
Beware Web Hitchhikers
Big Banks, Bad Loans
Bill Dispute? Suing Not An Option
Bird Flu Infecting Common Sense
Biting Back At Bogus Bug Cures
Blind Faith Can Be Costly
Bum Leases Hit Small Businesses
Bushmeat: Dinner Or Deadly Disease
Car Dealers & The 'Mark-Up' Scam
Car History Reports Fall Short
Cashier's Checks Used In Web Scams
Cell Phone Hell
Check Floating Days Thing Of Past
Club Cards Hold Consumer Habits
Conniving Credit Counselors
Consumer Alert: Costly Tax Advice
Consumer Credit Abyss
Consumers Beef Over Meat Prices
Cracking Down On Diploma Mills
Customers Pay For Lost Cell Calls
Danger In The Pool
Danger Lurking Under The Backyard?
Dangers Of Imported Shrimp
Debit Danger At The Fuel Pump
Don't Bank On A Safe Mortgage
Dream Home Lost Over $120 Bill
Firestone Putting Rescue Rigs At Risk?
Firestone Tires Under Fire Again
Fixed Rates Not So Stable
Food Wrapping Under Scrutiny
Fraud Protection Tips
Free Credit Reports To Fight Fraud
Free Quarter? Don't Bank On It
Fuel Wars
Get-Rich-Quick Plan A Scam?
Gift Cards: Beware The Hidden Fees
Grocery Club Cards: Real Savings?
Hazardous Counterfeit Products
Heating Costs Expected To Spike
Hidden Danger In The Backyard
Hidden Price Of Web Coupons
High Cost Of Malpractice Insurance
High Price Of Death
Home Equity Loan Dangers
Hybrid Gas Mileage Falls Short
Insurance To Rescue? Maybe Not ...
Internet Scammers Go 'Phishing'
Investing In Death
Is Your Psychotherapist Qualified?
Jailhouse Jingles Can Cost You $$
Job Scammers Pocket Thousands
Keeping Kids Off Adult ATVs
Kids And ATVs: A Deadly Mix
Knock-Off Sales A Terror Threat?
Legal Aid Gone Wrong?
Loan Scam Targets Seniors' Homes
Mechanics Threatened By New Cars
Medical Spa Makeovers Gone Wrong
New Company Cuts HMO Red Tape
New Medicare Rx Plan Checklist
New Twist On Car Theft: Cloning
New Twist On Old Fraud Scheme
NYC Fuming Over Web Cig Sales
Once Again, Milk Is A Cash Cow
Online Cons Rig Phony Auctions
Orkin Bugged By Lawsuits
Payday Lenders Or Loan Sharks?
Pension Scam Dupes Military Vets
Phony Fish At The Market
Pressed By Cost Of Dry Cleaning?
Private Info For All World To See
Pulling Out The Wrong Job Card
Radio Transmitter Credit Cards
Raising Cows The Old-Fashioned Way
Rebuilt Wrecks: Deadly Road Hazard
Recycled Bank Accounts
Retirees Rooked By Annuities
Safety Glass: Anything But?
Saving Money On Fuel This Winter
Scam Artists Target Online Checks
Senior Sleuths Bust The Bad Guys
Seniors' Savings Put Out Of Reach
Shut The Cell Up!
So Many Plans, So Little Time
Sugar-Coating Cereal Ads
Sunny Days For Solar Panels
Telemarketers Eye Cell Phones
Tenants Target Rent Blacklist
The New Age Of Net Savings
The Trouble With Customer Service
Tile Spray Recalled
Time-Share Scam Preys On Elderly
Too Old To Live Alone?
Toxic Household Dust?
Trucks Catch Fire, Not Attention
War Scammers Launch Major Assault
What's Hiding In Home Contracts
When Debt Collectors Go Too Far
When Good Tires Go Bad
Will 911 Come When You Call?
Will DirecTV Sue You Next?
Wrinkle Fighter Brings Frowns