The American Dream - Stories

'The Littlest Defector'
168 Empty Chairs
Wall Street Toes A Flat Line
A Children's Champion
A Collective Hole-In-One
A Doctor's American Dream
A Dream In Newark
A Dream On Ice
A Foot Soldier For Freedom
A Hero Lends A Helping Hand
A One-Man Relief Mission
A Piano Virtuoso At Age 5
A Runner With Heart
A Transplant Trailblazer
An All-Round Champion Cowboy
Avon Calling: On Woman CEO
Bob Johnson's High-Flying Empire
Breaking Tradition
Dedicated To Vets
Education's Fabulous Four
Fast Forward: Campaign 2020
Finding A Place To Call Home
God Squad Teaches Tolerance
Going Pro At 16
Haunted By Illiteracy
Have Mandolin Will Travel
In His Father's Footsteps
J.R. Tate's Uphill Journey
Life Lessons In Mozambique
Making A Difference With Music
Making Dollars And Sense
Making Every Day Christmas
Molding A New Life - With Clay
Mother And Child Reunion
Mother Of The Miracle Mop
Profile Of A Pioneer
Pursuing A Global Dream
Rescue As A Way Of Life
Soccer Mom Scores A Goal
Staring Down Tragedy
Swimming And Making Waves
The American Dream
The Angel Of Rock
The Cold War On Ice
The Doctor Makes House Calls
The Gift That Keeps On Giving
Thousands Fled Cuba For A New Life
Welcoming Africa's Orphans