Andy Rooney - Stories

'Ask Your Doctor'
'Handy Andy' Hits Home
1923 Earthquake: My Father's Pictures
60 Years of Wisdom and Wit
A B&B At The White House?
A Banner Year For Flags
A Bathtub Battle
A Bathtub Battle For Rooney
A Cut Above
A Day In The Life Of Andy
A Death In The Family
A Disposable Society?
A Disposable Society?
A Hot-Button Issue: Clutter
A Hot-Button Issue: Clutter
A Job For Big Government
A Life Full Of Boxes
A Look At Christmases Past
A Look At The Wacky World Of Awards
A Memorial Day Worth Remembering
A Memorial Day Worth Remembering
A New Meaning To Senior Year
A Peek At The President's Schedule
A Political Aptitude Test
A Pound Of Coffee?
A Pound Of Coffee?
A Preview Of The New Season
A Tribute To Peter Jennings
A Woman President
All Andy Wants For Christmas ...
All Mixed Up
All Mixed Up
All The President's Men And Women
An Illuminating Thought
An Illuminating Thought
Andy And The Airlines
Andy And The Vice Presidency
Andy And The Winter Olympics
Andy Answers His Mail
Andy Answers His Mail
Andy At The Auto Show
Andy Bottles Eau De Rooney
Andy Counts Everything
Andy Declares War on War
Andy Gets A Lot Of Stuff
Andy Gets All Wound Up
Andy Gets An Earful
Andy Gets Down To Business
Andy Goes Back To The Future
Andy Goes To Miami
Andy Goes To The Dogs
Andy Goes To The Movies
Andy Is A Fan
Andy Is Stumped By The Headlines
Andy Knows How To Save
Andy Likes His Tools
Andy Loves Concession Speeches
Andy Loves His Books
Andy Loves His Job
Andy Needs Help
Andy On 'Interesting Junk'
Andy On Heroism
Andy On Man's Best Friend
Andy On The Recession
Andy On The State Of The Union
Andy Opens His Mailbag
Andy Pays Tribute To Mike
Andy Ponders Presidential Names
Andy Ponders The Months
Andy Ponders The Pope's Visit
Andy Rooney and the Gambling Business
Andy Rooney and the Two Piles of Mail
Andy Rooney Asks: "What's Funny?"
Andy Rooney Finds Mistakes!
Andy Rooney Gives and Receives
Andy Rooney Goes Christmas Shopping
Andy Rooney Goes On A Diet
Andy Rooney Goes to the Races
Andy Rooney Is Honored
Andy Rooney Likes Changes in the Weather
Andy Rooney on Gadgets In Our Cars
Andy Rooney on Living Well In New Jersey
Andy Rooney on Presidential Nicknames
Andy Rooney On The Election
Andy Rooney on Too Much Desire
Andy Rooney Reviews The Forbes 400 List
Andy Rooney Saves Everything
Andy Rooney Says "Eat More Bran!"
Andy Rooney Sorts Through His "Good Mail"
Andy Rooney Tackles the Census
Andy Rooney Takes On TV Talk
Andy Rooney Weighs In On Health Care
Andy Rooney's Christmas Mail
Andy Rooney's Daily Pleasure
Andy Rooney's Friend Don Hewitt
Andy Rooney's Homemade Thanksgiving Feast
Andy Rooney's Mailbag
Andy Rooney's Phone Dilemma
Andy Rooney's Phone Dilemma
Andy Rooney's Phone Dilemma
Andy Rooney's Top Ten
Andy Rooney: 'Out Of My Mind'
Andy Rooney: CBS News Anchor?
Andy Rooney: Conserve Our Resources
Andy Rooney: For What It's Worth
Andy Rooney: Happy New Year, Maybe!
Andy Rooney: How To Become A Citizen
Andy Rooney: I'm Not Negative
Andy Rooney: I'm Staying Home
Andy Rooney: It's Graduation Time
Andy Rooney: Keep The Stuff Coming!
Andy Rooney: Make Time Last Longer
Andy Rooney: Memories of Cronkite
Andy Rooney: My Super Weekend
Andy Rooney: Sleeping In America
Andy Rooney: The College Year
Andy Rooney: The King and I
Andy Rooney: We Need More Family Doctors
Andy Rooney: What's In Your Closet?
Andy Rooney: Who Is Lady Gaga?
Andy Thinks About Money
Andy Vs. Rooney
Andy Weighs In On The National Debt
Andy's Advice To The Airlines
Andy's Best Friend
Andy's Commandments
Andy's Favorite Holiday
Andy's Favorite Place
Andy's Geography Lesson
Andy's High Regard For Doctors
Andy's Homage To Newsprint
Andy's Idea of Fun on New Year's Eve
Andy's Inauguration Trivia
Andy's Love For Our National Pastime
Andy's Middle East Primer
Andy's Old Clothes
Andy's Oscar 'Winners'
Andy's Oscar 'Winners'
Andy's Own Private New Orleans
Andy's Personality Quiz
Andy's Solution To Overpopulation
Andy's Take On Outsourcing
Andy's Trip To The Auto Show
Andy's Umbrella Appreciation
Andy's View Of The News
Andy's Views On The News
Andy: Don't Throw It Away!
Andy: Let's Have A Queen
Andy: Thanks For Writing
Annoying Mail
Annoying Mail
Antique Computers? Let's Outlaw That
Are Neckties Out?
As God Told Me ...
Ask Your Doctor
Asking For Forgiveness
Baseball: Color The Sport Green
Best Gift Is No Gift
Big Issues: Politics, God And America
Bring Back The Draft?
Byte-Sized? Not This Laptop
Byte-Sized? Not This Laptop
Calling All 'All Banians'
Changing The Rules
Changing The Rules
Charity Asks; Should You Give?
Christmas Before Thanksgiving
Cleaning Up After The Holidays
Deconstructing The Girl Scout Cookie
Diet Guidelines Get Andy Salty
Don't Demean This Flag!
Don't Do It Alone, Mr. President.
Drink Up!
Eat More Fruit
Enough To Drive One To Rage
Enough To Drive One To Rage
Every Day Is Memorial Day
Ex-President Is Not A Bad Gig
Excerpts: 'Out Of My Mind'
Explosive Progress
Fashion Sense?
Fighting The Ad Game
Fighting The Ad Game
Finding The Bad Guys
First Lady Title Outdated?
Food For Thought
Food For Thought
France's Unpaid Debt
Gas Prices: Who's To Blame?
Get Out The Vote ... If You Care
Getting Down To Work
Getting Wired About Those Wires
Ground Control To Mr. Bush
Happy Birthday Mike
Happy Birthday? Andy Doesn't Think So!
Hard To Open
If I Were Bush's Speechwriter ...
If The Shoe Fits ...
Impressions From Super Bowl 42
In the Mailbag
Invent Some New Inventions
Iraq: The World's Problem
Is It Really A Deal?
It's A Jungle Out There
It's A Zoo Out There
It's Just My Opinion
It's The Medicine That'll Get Ya
Journey To The Center Of The Earth
Joys Of Perusing Foreign News
Junk Or Treasure?
Just Like The Russians
Just Tell Us The Truth
Let's Have A Smart Board
Let's Have A Smart Board
Let's List The Lottery Losers
Let's Vote... On Everything!
Letters To Andy Rooney
Letters, Lots and Lots of Letters
Library Rules To Shelve
Library Rules To Shelve
Lock It Up
Looking Older Happens To Everyone
Making Sense Of Holidays
Making Your Change Count
Medical Ads Irk Rooney
Michael Who?
Missing Ed Bradley
New York, New York
Night, Night , Nightline?
No News Is Good News
Our Darkest Days Are Here
Our Politicians
Patriotism: Too Much Of A Good Thing
Perusing The Christmas Catalogs
Pill Bottle Cotton
Pity The Poor Tourists
Play Ball In Summer, Not Fall
Presidential Price Tag
Presidential Trips Abroad
Presidents On Vacation
Presidents: Best To Worst
Reading The Koran
Reading, Writing, Arithmetic
Remembering Sept. 11
Remembrance Of Things Past
Right Job For The Man
RNC: An Economic Bust?
Rooney On Rations
Rooney On The Presidents He's Met
Rooney Tries To Get Things Straight
Rooney's Bumptious About Bumpers
Rooney's Christmas Catalogs
Rooney: A Comeback For Trains?
Rooney: Advice For Oscar
Rooney: An Idea For CBS News
Rooney: Are Neckties Out?
Rooney: Asking For Money
Rooney: Best Gift Is No Gift
Rooney: Celebrating Our President
Rooney: Don't Be Afraid
Rooney: Don't Buy This For Me
Rooney: Finding a Good Job
Rooney: Global Papal News
Rooney: God's Emissary On Earth
Rooney: How's The Weather?
Rooney: I Am Sorry
Rooney: I'm Going To Sue
Rooney: Is It Really A Deal?
Rooney: Lettering Of The Language
Rooney: Losing Always Hurts
Rooney: Maddening Movie Ads
Rooney: Mail Is Not So Much Fun Now
Rooney: Major League Pay Day
Rooney: Memorial Day
Rooney: Newspapers Are Great!
Rooney: No Place To Hide From Ads
Rooney: No Place To Hide From Ads
Rooney: Please Choose
Rooney: Put Brakes On Gas Prices
Rooney: The Big Sell
Rooney: The Smart Car
Rooney: The Sunday Times Is Big
Rooney: The Trouble With Taxes
Rooney: The Tsunami Effect
Rooney: To Open ... Or Toss?
Rooney: Too Many Weapons?
Rooney: We're All Americans ...
Rooney: What Are We Doing In Iraq?
Rooney: What I Like And Dislike
Rooney: When Did This Become Art?
Rooney: Why I Like Mike
Saddam's Capture: Extra, Extra!
Schiavo Struggle Just Too Painful
Send It To Andy!
Show Me My Money
Showtime At The Super Bowl
So You Want To Be President!
Some Good News About Smoking
Special: Happy 35th Birthday!
Special: Happy 35th Birthday!
Strange New Cars
Sweet Success
Taxes: Have You Paid Your Fair Share?
Terror In New York
The 'Passion' Over A Movie
The 60th Anniversary Of D-Day
The Big Book Business
The Big Book Business
The Cat's Meow
The Curious Battle for Oscar
The Diplomat
The Dumbest President
The Evolution Of Execution
The Important Questions
The Joy Of Kitchen Tools
The Joy Of Kitchen Tools
The Joy Of Kitchen Tools
The Korean Conundrum
The Lettering Of The Language
The New Ingredients
The News of The Day
The Numbers Game
The Smart Car
The True Things In Life
The True Things In Life
Those Darn Talk Shows
Those Maddening Movie Ads
Tired Of The Campaign?
To Box, Or Not To Box?
To Open ... Or Toss?
To Tie Or Not To Tie
To Tie Or Not To Tie
Too Many Weapons?
Tourism: World's Biggest Business
Tracking Down Andy's Lexus
Tracking Down Andy's Lexus
Treasures Saved From VE-Day
Try Tuning This Out
Trying To Make Sense Of The Papers
Two Extraordinary Men
Viewer Discretion Advised
Want To Marry? Take A Test
Wanted: A President Fit For A Coin
We Get Letters...
What A Winter!
What Americans Like
What Andy Does For Fun
What Are They Advertising?
What Have They Done To Milk?
What I Like And Dislike
What Makes A Good President?
What's A Fleeting Expletive?
What's Happening to the Post Office?
What's In A Name?
What's In A Name?
What's In A Name?
What's In A Team Name?
What's In A Word?
What's In Your Bag?
What's In Your Food?
What's In Your Medicine Cabinet?
What's Inside That Package?
What's On Your Plate?
What's The Headline?
What's Your Favorite Season?
Who Says Inflation's Under Control?
Why 9/11 Was So Different
Why Computers Are Screwed Up
Why Do People Hate Martha?
Why Islam Has A Hold On Muslims
Window Dressing At Its Best
Window Dressing At Its Best
Window Dressing At Its Best
Women On The Sidelines