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$3 Billion Battle Over Fighter Jet Engine Heats Up
'Egypt Is Free' Chants Tahrir After Mubarak Quits
2 Nobel Winners May Shape Financial Crisis Debate
400-year-old Law Books Headed Back To Germany
6 Members Of Supreme Court Attend Catholic Mass
Abortion Foes Win A Round In Health Overhaul
Afghan War Options: Beating Al-Qaida Key Yardstick
Aide: Baucus Named Girlfriend For Fed Post
Airlines Ordered To Test, Disinfect Onboard Water
Airport Screeners Gaining Limited Union Rights
All On The Right, GOP Hopefuls Seek Separation
An Optimistic Outlook Fuels Obama's New Budget
An Optimistic Outlook Fuels Obama's New Budget
Analysis: Chicago's Loss Is A Blow To Obama, Too
Analysis: Mubarak Misses Chance For Dignified Exit
Analysis: Obama Budget Lays Down Opening Bid
Analysis: Obama Hoping For Reagan-like Rebound
Analysis: Obama Telling Mubarak: Time To Go
Analysis: Political Gamble In GOP Budget-cutting
Analysis: US Leery Of Direct Talks With NKorea
Analysis: Vitriol, Invective At The Speed Of Light
Analysis: Welcome, GOP Says To Tea Party
Anti-Mubarak Activists Pour Into Tahrir Square
AP ENTERPRISE: No Decision Soon In Armstrong Probe
AP Exclusive: Fearful Russian Lawmaker Flees To US
AP Exclusive: Fearful Russian Lawmaker Flees To US
AP IMPACT: Obama's Travels Carry A Touch Of Blue
AP Interview: Orszag Says Economy Still Needs Help
AP Interview: White House Amps Up Push On Climate
AP NewsBreak: Congress To Look Into Vikings Case
AP Poll: Only Half Of People Want Swine Flu Shots
AP Source: Clapper Says Al-Qaida Top Threat
AP Source: Obama To Seek Changes In Pell Grants
AP Sources: Clinton To Name New Af-Pak Envoy
AP Sources: House GOP Looks For Deeper Budget Cuts
AP Sources: Pakistan Likely To Release US Diplomat
AP Sources: Repubs To Restrict US Enviro Agency
AP Sources: US Sees Progress In Yemen
AP Top News At 1:50 P.m. EST
APNewsBreak: Veterans Say Rape Cases Mishandled
Are Companies Excluding Jobless From Applying?
As Democrats' Message Lags, GOP Awaits Huge Wins
Axelrod: Afghanistan Plan Deeper Than Troop Surge
Beau Biden Makes Progress After Stroke
Beer From Super Bowl States Heads Up Obama's Party
Biden Calls Mubarak Resignation 'pivotal Moment'
Biden Heads To Poland, Romania, Czech Republic
Biden's Son Says He's Inclined To Make Senate Run
Biden: 'Less Bad Is Not Our Measure Of Success'
Big Police Depts Back Anti-terror Citizen Watch
Big Recall Of Baby Monitors After 2 Deaths
Bigger Savings Seen From Limiting Medical Lawsuits
Bill Would Counter Supreme Court Age Bias Ruling
Boehner Says Facts Show Obama A Christian, Citizen
Boehner Sees Wide-open Field For GOP In 2012
Boehner: Lee's Resignation Was His Own Choice
Budget Director Calls Steep Budget Cuts Necessary
By One Measure, Federal Taxes Lowest Since 1950
Cabinet Secretaries Say Reevaluation Makes Sense
Calif. GOP Candidate On Record Spending Spree
Can 2012 GOP Hopefuls Deliver On Big Promises?
Can Nuke Power Save Climate Bill?
CAPITAL CULTURE: In A Word, They Are Obama's Faves
CAPITAL CULTURE: Modern Art Hits 1600 Pa. Ave.
Carter Mideast Aide Sees Still Another Chance
Carter: Obama's Nobel 'bold Statement' Of Support
Census Estimates Show Big Gains For US Minorities
Chaos In Cairo As Mubarak Backers, Opponents Clash
Chicago Loss Means Hard Times Ahead For USOC
CIA: If Caught, Bin Laden Would Be Sent To Gitmo
Clemens Due In Court To Plan For Pettitte On Stand
Climate Plan Sends Air Of Unease Across Rust Belt
Clinton Basks In Diplomatic Victory
Clinton Expresses Support For Iranian Protesters
Clinton Says Nobel A Recognition Of Obama's Vision
Clinton Says US Diplomats Face Greater Challenges
Clinton Talks To Mubarak; US Envoy Busy In Mideast
Clinton To Visit Britain, Ireland, Russia
Clinton, Obama Argue About Health Care
Clinton: Critical Time For American Leadership
Clinton: Government Violence In Guinea Criminal
Clinton: Mideast Civic Leaders Must Seize Moment
Clinton: Midterms Won't Repeat `94 Losses
College Tuition Costs Climbing Again This Fall
Congress Readies Iran Sanctions If Diplomacy Fails
Congress Set To Act To Keep Abuse Photos Hidden
Congressman's Husband Exults: 'Gabby Survives'
Court Nixes Case Of Fired Deputy Who Ran Vs. Boss
Court Refuses To Get Involved In Church Dispute
Court Won't Force Ill. To Have 'Choose Life' Plate
Cybersecurity Starts At Home And In The Office
Daley: Olympic Loss Won't Harm Chicago's Future
Day Care Next Frontier In Fighting Kids' Obesity
Defense Leaders Warn Of Impact Of Big Budget Cuts
Dem Leader Faces Tough Job In Crafting Health Bill
Democrats Hope Medicare Checks In The Mail Help
Detained Immigrants Could Be Categorized By Risk
Developing Test To Warn Smokers Of Cancer Danger
DOJ: Nearly 500 Arrests in Mortgage Fraud Probe
DOL Seeks Exemption For Chrysler Health Care Plan
Egypt Faces Uncertain Future After Mubarak
Egypt Regime Offers New Concessions To Opposition
Egypt VP Meets Opposition, Offers New Concessions
Egypt VP Meets Opposition, Offers New Concessions
Egypt VP Meets Opposition, Offers New Concessions
Egypt's Brotherhood To Hold Talks With Government
Egypt's Mubarak Holds Meeting With Economy Team
Egypt: Protesters Defiant Despite Government Moves
Egyptian Carpenter At US Embassy Shot To Death
Egyptian Labor Unrest Grows After Uprising
Embassy Worker In Baghdad Convicted Of $250K Theft
Energy Budget Calls For Cuts In Several Programs
Entrenched Chicago Mayor Gives No Sign Of Leaving
EPA To Limit Rocket Fuel Chemical In Tap Water
EPA To Review Health Risk From Popular Weed Killer
Ex-congressional Aide Guilty For World Series Trip
Executives Urge Lawmakers To Pass Climate Bill
Expert: Pakistan Building 4th Plutonium Reactor
Experts Reject Calls For US To Cut Aid To Egypt
Explaining Math Anxiety in Girls
F-35 Engine Battle Breaks Out On GOP Spending Bill
FAA Manager Criticizes New Safety Program
FACT CHECK: Health Insurers Cherry-pick Facts
Father Of Palin's Grandson To Pose For Playgirl
Feds Settle Case Of Woman Fired Over Facebook Site
Feds: No Ban On Air Shipments Of Lithium Batteries
Feingold Faces Unexpectedly Tough Race
Few Are Charged Over Threats Against US Officials
Fired Up? The Grass-roots Health Care Battle
Firms Seek To Keep Global Warming Data Secret
First Lady Says Laughter Is Best For Marital Unity
Fla. Sen. Candidate Rubio: Ariz. Law OK
For GOP, Tea Party Candidates Help And Hurt
Frank Says D.C. Gay Rights March Misses Mark
From Baghdad To Boston, Biden Re-redefining VP Job
Gates Says Pentagon Will Settle For Smaller Budget
Gates: US Has 'interest' In Keeping Troops In Iraq
Gen. Petraeus Treated For Prostate Cancer
Gibbs: Important US-Egypt Relationship Will Remain
Glitches Nag New Air Traffic Control Computers
GOP Bill Would Cancel Rural Air Service Subsidies
GOP Chairman Scoffs At Obama Winning Peace Prize
GOP Demands Probe Into Obama Fundraising
GOP Divided Over Obama Response To Egypt
GOP Holds Up NJ Governor's Record As A Model
GOP Holds Up NJ Governor's Record As A Model
GOP Invites Business To Vent About Regulations
GOP Leader Expects House To Block Health Spending
GOP Leader Expects House To Block Health Spending
GOP Member Shoots Target With Fla. Rep's Initials
GOP Mocks Obama Budget, House Weighs Spending Cuts
GOP Senators Reject Tax Cuts for Middle Class
GOP Uses ACORN To Fight Bank Redlining Law
GOP, Even Some Liberals, Dismiss Obama Peace Prize
Gore Calls Obama's Nobel Prize Win Well Deserved
Gov't Projects Lower Winter Heating Costs
Gov't: Initial Probe Finds No New Toyota Issues
Gov't: Over 60 Percent Of Kids Exposed To Violence
Gov. Pawlenty Headlining Iowa GOP Event Next Month
Government In New Dispute With Tobacco Companies
Govt Defends Union Rights For Airport Screeners
Greenspan: Jobless Rate Likely To Pass 10 Percent
Hatch Says His Goals Are Not Unlike Tea Party's
Health Care Fraud No Longer A Faceless Crime
Health Care Fraud: Not A Faceless Crime Any Longer
Health Care Overhaul Could Raise Medicare Rx Costs
Health Care Small Biz Tax Cut Elusive
Heavy Lifting for Obama at Jobs Forum
High Court Won't Review Oil Royalties Case
Holder Worried About Lawmakers' Gitmo Objections
House Cuts Its Own Budget By 5 Percent
House Easily Approves Defense Policy Bill
House Extends Key Provisions Of Patriot Act
House GOP Unveils $61B Spending Cut Plan
House Passes Bill To Toughen Pilot Training Rules
House Republicans Go Easy On Cuts For Congress
House Republicans Move To Slash Domestic Programs
House Tells Committees To Hunt For Harmful Rules
House-Senate Panel Offers Plan For Gitmo Detainees
How Cheney Survived 5 Heart Attacks
Huckabee: America Enslaved To Saudi Oil
IG: IRS Not Stopping Billions Improper Tax Credits
Impatient, Obama Sharply Questions Mubarak Pledge
Impatient, Obama Sharply Questions Mubarak Pledge
Impatient, Obama Sharply Questions Mubarak Pledge
In A Reversal, More Blacks Moving Back To South
In A Skeptical Age, Obama Is Government's Face
In NH, Tea Party Mixes A Strange Political Brew
INSIDE WASHINGTON: GOP Raising Money From Docs
INSIDE WASHINGTON: Obama Moving Slowly On Judges
INSIDE WASHINGTON: Oversight Lacking On War Costs
Insurers Escalate Criticism Of Health Overhaul
Insurers Say Coverage Penalty Has To Have Bite
Intel Chief's No. 2 Likely To Get Senate Approval
Interest Groups Battle To Deflect Health Taxes
Internet Fraud Dollars Doubled in `09
Iraq Refugees In US Scrutinized For Al-Qaida Links
Iraq Vets At Treatment Plant Asked To Get Exam
IRS Reduces Penalties If Tax Cheats Come Clean
J-Lo Invited To Obama's Super Bowl Party
J-Lo Invited To Obama's Super Bowl Party
Jimmy Carter's Grandson Wins Ga. Senate Seat
Job Losses Mar Recovery, Create Woes For Dems
Joe Biden The Political Workhorse For Obama
Joe Miller Tries to Stop Election Certification
Journalists Attacked By Mobs, Detained In Cairo
Judge Says Jail For Bush Whistle-blower Protector
Karzai Staunchly Defends Afghan Election Balloting
Key Events In Barack Obama's Life And Career
La. Senate Debate: Vitter Mum on "Sin" Question
Labor Board Flexes Muscle, To Chagrin Of Business
Lawmaker Cusses Out Fellow Missourian In House
Lawmaker Questions NBA's Dealings With Greek Team
Lawmakers Oppose Federal Bailout For States
Lawmakers Play Hoops With Obama At White House
Lawmakers Warn Administration Of Cuts In Iraq Aid
Lawyer: Musharraf Accused In Bhutto Death
Lee, Scandalized, Fell In A Washington Flash
Limited Benefits Of US Ties To Egypt's Military
McCain Says The Time For Mubarak To Leave Has Come
McCain Strategist Defends Palin As 2008 VP Choice
McCain: Al-Qaida, Taliban Must Be Seen As Partners
McCain: Dems Haven't Heard End Of Debate
McCain: Terrorists Will Come To U.S.
McCaskill Denies Concerns About DNC In St. Louis
Medical Premiums Could Still Be A 'heavy Lift'
Miner Gives Thanks For Surviving Disaster In Chile
Moon Crashing Probes Complete Major Milestone
More Candor Urged In Care Of Dying Cancer Patients
Mr. Geithner, Wall Street Is On Line 1 (again)
Mrs. Obama: Super Bowl Food Indulgence OK
Mubarak's Men Key To US Reform Hopes In Egypt
Nasdaq Hackers Target Service For Corporate Boards
Navy To Honor Civil Rights Martyr Medgar Evers
NC House Votes To Favor Health Overhaul Challenge
New Car Points Way for Driving While Blind
New Obama Spokesman Carney Steps Into Spotlight
New Suspects Behind Bee Population Collapse
New Tax Break For Health Care Gets Mixed Review
No. 2 Republican Keeps Mum About Ensign Probe
Northern Border May Be More Secure Than Depicted
NTSB To Review Crash Of Organ Transplant Plane
NY Rep. Lee Resigns After Shirtless Photo Story
NY Rep. Lee Resigns After Shirtless Photo Surfaces
O'Donnell Nonprofit Failed To File
Obama Adviser Says No Climate Change Law This Year
Obama And Business Community Seek To Ease Tensions
Obama Budget Resurrects Rejected Tax Increases
Obama Budget: Some Cuts, Not The Slashes GOP Asks
Obama Calls For $250 Payments To Seniors
Obama Calls Parents Of US Agent Killed In Mexico
Obama Challenges Mubarak: Consider Your Legacy
Obama Defends His New Budget Of 'tough Choices'
Obama Defends His New Budget Of 'tough Choices'
Obama Discusses Faith At National Prayer Breakfast
Obama EPA Releases Bush-era Global Warming Finding
Obama Extends Hawaii Vacation
Obama Hosts Super Bowl Bash With Mixed Feelings
Obama Lauds Medal Of Freedom Recipients
Obama Likens Budget To Family Pocketbook Choices
Obama Official Says New Budget Won't Be Pain-free
Obama Official Says New Budget Won't Be Pain-free
Obama Picks Openly Gay Lawyer For Ambassadorship
Obama Praises Gandhi On Anniversary Of His Birth
Obama Promotes Plan For Near Universal Wireless
Obama Promotes Plans For Wireless Expansion
Obama Raises Stakes In Pakistani Standoff
Obama Raises Stakes In Pakistani Standoff
Obama Says Egypt Not Going Back To Way It Was
Obama Says Egypt Won't Be The Same Country
Obama Says Lower Costs Aren't Seen In Health Care
Obama Says Peace In Egypt Is In His Prayers
Obama Says People Who Hate Him Don't Know Him
Obama Says People Who Hate Him Don't Know Him
Obama Says White House, CEOs Must Work Together
Obama Seeks $83.4 Billion For Wars
Obama Sends Congress $3.73 Trillion Budget
Obama Sharpens Jobs Element Of Energy Pitch
Obama Spending Plan Highlights Political Divide
Obama Starts Drive For Medical Malpractice Reforms
Obama Tells Black Dads To Engage Children
Obama To CEOs: Ask What You Can Do For America
Obama To Offer Solutions For Housing Finance
Obama To Send South Korea Trade Deal To Congress
Obama Uses Personal Touch For Chicago Olympics Bid
Obama Victory As House Kills Pricey Jet Fighter
Obama's Budget Director: 'Tough Choices' In Store
Obama's Daughters Excited About Dad's Nobel Prize
Obama's Health Care Budget: ER Visit But No Cure
Obama, Democrats Court Women On Health Overhaul
Obama, GOP Budget Hawks Win On Jet Engine
Obama, Liberals Split On Security And Media Issues
Obama, McCain Break Ice in Oval Office Meeting
Obama: Egyptian Military Has Acted Responsibly
Obama: Mubarak Must Listen To Egyptian People
Obama: Mubarak's Resignation Starts Transition
Obama: Spending Cuts, But At Expense Of Future
Obama: US 'making Real Progress' Fighting Terror
Obama: World Witnessing History Unfold In Egypt
Obamas Celebrate Anniversary With Dinner Out
Official Says US In Intense Negotiations With Iran
Official: 100 Foreign Agencies Test US Networks
Official: Taliban Better Financed Than Al-Qaida
Official: US To Expand Yemeni Military Training
Ousted UN Official Stands By Election Complaint
Pakistani Prosecutors Accuse Musharraf
Palin Blasts Administration's Handling Of Egypt
Palin: America Out Of Step With Reagan's Values
Pawlenty: Obama Projecting Weakness To World
Pelosi: 'I'm In My Place' As Speaker, Thanks
Pentagon Chiefs: Don't Cut US Defense Too Deeply
Plea Agreement Could Shed Light On Arms Trade
Political Ads Surpass 2006 Levels
Political Favor Could Tarnish Schwarzenegger's Rep
Political Fight Over Guantanamo Won't Die
Pricey Jet Engine Tests Budget Cutters' Resolve
Pricey Jet Engine Tests Budget Cutters' Resolve
PROMISES, PROMISES: 'Widows' Tax' Lingers
Proposals To Create Jobs Add Up To Second Stimulus
Read The Health Bill! Not As Easy As You Think
Report: La Nina Still Going, But Weaker
Report: Women Should Be Allowed in Combat
Republicans Out Front Of Obama On Regulations
Republicans: Halt Taxpayer Aid For Fannie, Freddie
Republicans: Report On Financial Crisis Was Biased
Romney Pessimistic About Mideast Summit
Rumsfeld Memoir: Few Regrets From Wartime Leader
Rural Air Subsidies Test Resolve To Cut Spending
Russians Praise, GOP Mocks, Obama's Peace Prize
Santorum Weighs 2012 Presidential Bid
Scouring The Government To Save Some Loose Change
Sea Census Hopes to Find More Weird Fish
Sebelius: Americans Must Get Swine Flu Vaccination
Sen. Hatch: Kagan Should Sit Out Health Care Case
Senate Dems Seek Higher Doctor Payments
Senate GOP Leader Says He Would Back Troop Request
Senate GOP Shifts Ad Money Out Of Florida
Senate GOP, Democrats Fight For Financial Edge
Senate Republicans Lose Vote On Health Law
Senate Would Criminalize Laser Targeting Of Planes
Senate Would Criminalize Laser Targeting Of Planes
Senate: Punish Misusers Of Body Scanner Images
Senators Criticize FBI, Army In Fort Hood Tragedy
Senators Urge Baseball To Ban Smokeless Tobacco
Sharron Angle Wins Nevada GOP Senate Primary
Snowe: Health Care Bill A 'good Place To Start'
Solar Power Outshining Colorado's Gas Industry
Somalia's President Says Terrorism Growing There
Sotomayor Won't Sell NY Apartment In This Economy
Sources: Tim Kaine To Become DNC Chairman
SPIN METER: Abortion Wars Break Out In Congress
SPIN METER: Abortion Wars Break Out In Congress
SPIN METER: Not Much Savings From Stimulus Money
SPIN METER: Not Much Savings From Stimulus Money
Spy Chiefs Defend Mideast Work But Miss Egypt Call
State Budgets Get Adrenaline Shot From Clunkers
State Department Begins Tweeting In Arabic
Statue Of Helen Keller To Be Installed In Capitol