Harry Smith Reporting - Stories

"Elders" Seek Alternatives To War
"Flashpoint" Will Open Your Eyes
"Friendly Fire" Fatalities
"How To Talk To Girls"
"Idol" An Exercise In Humiliation
"March Madness" Lives Up To Its Name
"Shoecide" Attack
"Sopranos" Fails To Hit High Note
"Temperature" Triggers Seizures
"They Shoot Horses, Don't They?"
"They Shoot Horses, Don't They?"
"What Was It Like To Fight In A War?"
$700 Billion, How Fair Is It?
'A Christmas Story'
'Desperate Networks'
'It's All Bureaucracy'
'Let Me Finish'
'One' Campaign To End Poverty
'Stay The Course' Is Going Nowhere
'War On Terror' Remake?
1,000 Executions
2008 Race Already Heating Up
300 Million Americans
9/11 Justice -- Or Revenge -- At Any Cost
A Beaver From The Block
A Big Decision
A Big Night For CBS
A Big Race With No Candidates
A Bite Of Heaven
A Bleak Situation
A Blessing Amidst Tragedy
A Breath Of Fresh Air
A Brilliant Leader
A Bungled Investigation
A Candid And Unguarded Remark
A Case Of World Cup Fever
A Champion Of The Ordinary Man
A Chance Encounter In New York
A Chat With Barack Obama
A Christmas Surprise
A City Frozen In Time
A Cold Day In Hades
A Day To Remember George Washington
A Death In The Family
A Difficult Transition
A Disturbing Crash
A Far-Out Home Improvement Project
A Favorite Bookstore Moves
A Glorious Distraction
A Good Kind Of Exploitation
A Great Communicator
A Great Guitarist
A Growing Travesty
A Growing Travesty
A Guilty Pleasure
A Lesson On Not Getting Caught
A Light At The End Of The Tunnel
A Look At 'African-American Lives'
A Mighty Triumph
A Mother's Incurable Courage
A Mountain Of Debt
A New 'TV Marriage'
A Night At The Movies, Adults Only
A Party That Has Lost Its Way
A Perfect Game
A Political Earthquake
A Record Snowstorm
A Return To 'Rockefeller Republicans'?
A Route 66 Fix
A Stain On The Yellow Jersey
A Test Of Faith
A Tough Place To Be A Journalist
A Tragic Loss Of Innocence
A Victory For The Little Guy
A Walk Through Selma
A Window Of Understanding
A Woman To Be Reckoned With
A-Rod On The Couch
Above Poverty Line, Below Health Coverage
Accidents Happen
Accidents? Or Accidents Waiting To Happen
After 27 Years, Still A Heavenly Stairway
After Zarqawi's Death, What's Next?
Agflation Is Causing Crisis
Ah, Those Texas Cheerleaders
Ahmadinejad: Making Fools Of Us All
Aid Finally Allowed Into Myanmar
Alan Greenspan And Cell Phones
Alda Looks For Life's Meaning In New Book
Ambien's Strange Side Effects
America's House Of Cards Has Fallen
America's Love Affair With Trucks
American Malaise
Americans Cutting Back
Americans Need To Know About The Stimulus
Americans Quietly Biased Against Muslims
An Encouraging Sign
Another Bailout? Harry Smith Cries Uncle
Another Bloody Week In Iraq
Are We Winning The War On Terror?
Are You Insane?
Are Your Ready For Some Video Gaming?
Armistice, It's Veterans Day
At The Pleasure Of The President
Autism Can't Be Ignored
Awaiting Remorse
Back To School
Back To The Future
Back To Work In The Big Apple
Bad News Brewin', Draft Beer Legislation!
Bad News On The Gulf
Bad Words
Baghdad Bombers Strike Again
Bail Or Bust?
Bailout In Hand, Banks Betray Americans
Banning Tag At Recess Is Dumb
Battered Bridges
Beating Summer Movie Blues
Beautiful Pix As Shuttle Takes Off
Beavers Are Back In The Big Apple
Belief In What?
Bet On The Locals
Bet On The Locals
Better Gas Mileage = More Jobs?
Beware Of The Food Police
Big Brother Is Listening
Big Bucks For Beckham
Big Wow Factor In Olympic Opener
Bigger Fish To Fry
Bike Riding In The Big City
Billy Graham, Through The Years
Bird Lovers Are Confused
Black Coaches Are Super Bowl First
Bleak Weather Is A Metaphor For Our Times
Bloodshed And Broadway
Bo Can't Be The Boss Of The Obamas
Bring Back The Telephone Operator
British Journalist Manhandled In Beijing
Brush Up On "Movie Speak" For The Oscars
Bundles V. A La Carte Cable TV
Burning Calories While Saving Cash
Bush's Game Of 'Gotcha'
Bush's Sinking Approval Ratings
Bush's Vacation Alarms Supporters
Calling All Jazz Fans
Can Oprah Help Obama In Iowa?
Can Rudy Win?
Captain's Heroism A Beacon For Americans
Caught In The Mile-High Club
Caution: 2008 May Be Hazardous
Cease-Fire Is A Good First Step
Celebrating Independence Day
Change Coming To NASCAR
Changing Attitudes About Nuclear Power
Chavez, Putin Make Their Own Democracy
Chavez, Putin Make Their Own Democracy
Chavez, Putin Make Their Own Democracy
Check Your Calendars
Checking Out The Stars
China Censor's Joey Cheek's Campaign
Christmas Lights And Music
Climate Change Means Up In Flames
Climb Every Mountain
Clinton, Snipers, And The Power Of Words
College Sticker Shock
Colonoscopies Save Lives
Comfort In The Traditions Of Faith
Coming Home For Thanksgiving
Condi's Got Her Hands Full
Conserving Energy
Conspiracies Galore
Coping With Cancer
Correcting A Mistake
Countries Behaving Badly
Craig's Second Thoughts Won't Matter
Cut Me A Piece Of The Pie
Dad's Back From Iraq
Dangerous Dogs
Daschle Does The Right Thing
Deadly Campaign For Freedom
Delaying Pilots' Final Descent
Democrats Have Venom In Their Voices
Detriot Wants Some Bailout Crumbs
Diagnosis: Canadian Snow Rage
Digesting The Debate
Dining At The Political Debate Buffet
Discontent With Iraq War Growing
Dishonoring A Hero
Do We Still Need Unions?
Does Concern Apply?
Dog Days Of August
Donating Blood For Gasoline
Don?t Let Bad Lenders Off
Down With Negative Campaign Ads
Dr. King Would See Progress And Problems
Dream Big And Dare To Fail
Earning A Graduate Degree From Sgt. Pepper
Earth Day Reflection
Earth?s Warming Warning
Eatin' A Little Crow
Eating Our Way Into Bankruptcy
Economic Confessions
Economic Opportunity Worth The Risk
Economy Of Beltway Bubble Vs. Real America
Edge Of A Cultural Shift?
ElBaradei: Right About Iraq, Now Iran
Election A Hot Conservation Topic
Eminent Domain: Good Or Bad?
Enemies Among Us
Eternal Student Or Kegger Lover?
Euro Cup Is About More Than Soccer
Evening Newscasts Still Pack A Punch
Excessive Executive Bucks
Exploring Unfortunate Names Like Tim Burr
Fat Battle Is More Than Just Superficial
FCC Fines, Indecency And CBS
FEMA Takes Another Hit
FEMA's Press Briefing Without The Press
Fewer Cars, Less Traffic
Fifteen Months Not Enough?
Filibuster Battle Avoided, For Now
Five Years Later
Flag Day
Flood Rescue Volunteers Are Inspirational
Floyd Landis' Amazing Journey
Fond Memories Of Sir Edmund Hillary
For A Little Blood In Islamabad
Foraging In The Fridge
Ford Poised To Ride Out Recession
Forefathers Strived To Make Unique Nation
Forget The Social Contract
Forty Years: Remembering MLK Jr.
Gates Falls On Sword For Weapons Cuts
George Carlin Got It
Get More Spies
Getting Ready For Hurricane Season
Getting Ready For Hurricane Season
Giants Upset Patriots In Super Game
Giuliani And Robertson: Strange Bedfellows
Giuliani's Family Values
Give Fighting Forces A Fighting Chance
Give Peace A Chance
Global Warming At The Australian Open
Global Warming: What Global Warming?
Glory, Glory, Hallelujah
Good Time To Have Money
Goodbye 'Cousin Brucie'
Goodbye To Another Great Airline
Goodbye, Taurus
Gordon Parks: A Remarkable Man
Gossip Is Good
Gov. Blanco Is Another Katrina Casualty
Government Subsidies For Pollution?
Government Unaccountability
Greed, Hubris Led Up To Lehman's Fall
Grim Reminder In Iraq
Hal Riney Leaves A Legacy In Advertising
Halloween Goes Way Back
Handover Hopes In Iraq Look Bleak
Happy Fourth Of July, America!
Harry Goes To The Oscars
Harry Has A Dream
Harry Smith Examines The Palin Effect
Harry Smith Star-Struck By Michael Phelps
Harry Smith's New Passion
Harry's Christmas Wish
Harry's In 'Jeopardy'
Hate In America
Have We Hit Rock Bottom?
He Says He's Sorry?But Is He?
He's Baaaaack!
Headlines Erupt Over "Miley's Shame"
Heady Times For Democrats
Healing Old Wounds
Heartache Is All In Your Head
Heeding The Cry Of Bali Ha'i
High Gas Costs Hit Home
High Praise For The President
Hillary And Newt Go Public
Hillary Clinton Is Booked ? Twice
Hillary Clinton's Valedictory
Hillary Has Met Her Match
Hillary Lives
Hillary On Fire
Hindsight Is 20/20
Hold The Applause
Holiday Overload
Holiday Travel Blues
Holidays Should Celebrate Pluralism
Hollywood?s Shiny New Political Star
Homework And Harriet Miers
Honor And Truth
Honoring Fallen Heroes
Honoring Martin Luther King Jr.
Hope Flourishes In Ireland
How Much Can We Ask Of Them?
How Our Economy Rewards Failure
How Safe Is The U.S. From Terror?
How To Get Consensus On The Stimulus Plan
How To Read The Iraq Situation
How War Brought 9 Women Together
Huckabee?s Past A Campaign Breaker?
Hudson "Miracle" Survivors Reflect
I Love The New York Yankees
I Told You So!
If The Economy Is War, Who Is The Enemy?
Immigration Key To GOP
In Praise Of The First Lady's Garden
In The Home Stretch, Bush Opens Up
Indiana Folks' Pain At The Pump
Inflation ... What Inflation?
Injustice After Katrina
Instant Polling On Obama's Speech
Insurgency In Iraq
Into The Wild
Invasion Of The Talent Shows
Investing Or Gambling?
Investing With Due Diligence
iPhone Revolution
Iran's President Is Wrong
Iran's War Of Words
Iraq After Saddam
Iraq Forging Its Own Backbone
Iraq Is More Than A Numbers Game
Iraq Might Have A Chance After All
Iraq Spending Bill Is An Embarrassment
Iraq Surprise
Iraq Surprise
Iraq War Vets Suffering Stress
Iraq: A Bonfire Of Our Vanity?
Iraq: A Safe Haven For Terrorists
Iraqis Strive For Normalcy
Ireland And St. Patrick's Day
Ireland's Rich Past, Present
Is 60 The New 40?
Is America Tired Of The Iraq War?
Is Consumer Confidence Dropping?
Is Now The Time For More Troops?
Is Sarah Palin Untouchable?
Is The Economy Getting Close To Bottom?
Is The Sailing Too Smooth For Columbus?
Is There A Doctor In The House?
It Isn't Over Yet
It's A Leap Year So Wait Your Turn, March
It's About Time To Change Course
It's All About The Trucks Again
It's Coming
It's Only A Name, Isn't It?
It's Simple Don't Be Late Next Time
It's Worth A Shot
It?s Much Worse Than It Looks On TV
Iwo Jima Movie 'Terribly Realistic'
Jay Leno At 10?
Jenna Bush's Charm And Fire
John Edwards Tries Again
Johnny Mac And The Mac
Journalism May Be Hazardous To Your Health
Just A Coincidence
Justice Served, Better Late Than Never
Kansas City Confidential
Katrina Follow-Up
Katrina Stonewalling
Katrina Victims: Don't Forget Us
Katrina Was Bad, But Worse Is Coming
Keeping A New Year's Resolution
Keeping Promises To The Troops
Kids Must Learn To Lay Off The Juice
Lance Armstrong Cleared Of Doping
Lance Armstrong Cleared Of Doping
Last Goodbyes To Ed Bradley
Lawmakers Flyin' High
Learning About McCain?s Roots
Less Poison, More Pennies
Lessons From The Greatest Generation
Lessons Learned From High Oil Costs
Let The Games (Cough) Begin
Let's Go Already
Let's Play Ball
Lethal Weapons
Libby And The Land Of Liers
Lightning In A Bottle
Little Healing From Katrina
Living Ain't Easy In Alaska
Living Smaller And Cheaper
Low-Flying Plane An Inexcusable Farce
Madam Secretary
Made In China
Madoff's Scheme
Main Street?s Shaky Financial Feelings
Mandatory Ethics Classes
Manufactured Spinach
Market Gets Boost From Toxic Asset Plan
Martha's Coming Back Strong
Maya Angelou's Enduring Optimism
Maybe Non-Voters Are Right
McCain and Obama Heading East Together?
McCain And Obama Play Alley Ball
McCain And Torture
McCain Better Suited To Deal With Economy?
McCain Campaign Ain't Dead Yet
Medicare: It Can Make You Sick
Meeting The New Junior Miss
Meeting The Royals
Memo To Rich Guys In Davos
Memorial Day, 2005
Men Are Definitely From Mars
Middle East Fighting Not New
Middle Of The Road Midterms
Mike Huckabee On The Campaign
Military Safety 101
Minimum Wage Isn't Enough
Mitt Romney Stays Alive
MLK Day: Is America Changed?
Mockery: An Effective Weapon?
Moms Say, Show Me The Money
Money Can't Buy Optimism
More Bad News From Iraq
More Mayhem In Iraq
More Than A Photo Op
Moving Forward Can Be Costly
Moving Forward Can Be Costly
Mr. Bloomberg Goes To Washington?
NASA's Journey To The Past
Nature Vs. The Celebrity Trial
Nature's Global Warming Warning
NBA Gets A Dressing-Down
Never Too Old To Rock 'n' Roll
New Year's Resolutions For Us All
New York Yankee Fantasy Baseball
News Biz: Shock Trumps Substance
News On Climate Change Still Dreary
Next Stop, Michigan
No Al Qaeda Link? Now They Tell Us
No Consensus On Curbing Climate Change
No Cue Cards Please, Mr. President
No Lifeboats For The Little Guys
No More 'Stay The Course'
No More Sense Of Sanctuary
No Second Chances
North Korea: Deal Or No Deal?
Not A Question Of Patriotism
Not A Question Of Red Or Blue
Not A Secret Formula
Not So Super Super Bowl Commercials
Not The Kind Of Debate America Wanted
Not Your Father's Car Battery
Not Your Parents' Campaign
Note To Candidates: You'd Better Deliver
Note To The FDA
Now They Tell Us
Numbers Don't Lie
O.J. Simpson Wins Again
Obama Cautious In Virginia
Obama Is Losing His Heat
Obama Thinks On His Feet About Iran
Obama's Confederacy Of Brilliance
Obama, Tread Carefully
Obama?s Opportunity
Oil Company Profits
Oil Owns Us
Oil: Not Worth What We?re Paying For It
Old Me And Ohm Me
On Mr. Bush & The Energy Bill
On Wall Street, "The Pigs Get Slaughtered"
One Awesome Dude
One Family's Service And Sacrifice
One More View Of The Surge
One Shaken Cabbie
One Week In, Obama Embodies Change
One Woman Stands Out In Hostage Situation
Oprah And Dave's Talk Fest
Oprah Paves ?The Road? To Stardom
Osama's Driver & Fairness
Our Economy: Taking Us Back To The Future
Our Gas-Guzzling Nation
Our World Spins Well Beyond Super Tuesday
Palestinian Election's Impact
Palin's Make Up Artist Paid Big $$$
Pelosi Needs To Clean House
Persona Non Grata
Personal Space In Public Places
Peter Jennings Remembered
Petraeus Hands Off To Odierno