CourtWatch - Stories

"Scooter" Libby Faces The Music
"The Value Of A Single Human Being"
'Enemy Combatant' In Legal Limbo
'Not Yet' To Anti-War Lawsuit
20-Year Deal For Lindh
2004's Legal Hits & Misses
50 Years Later: A Promise Not Kept
9/11 Trial: Don't Expect Another Nuremberg
Andrew Cohen On 'Tyco II'
A Big Week for Old Grudges
A Cheesy Way To Pick A Justice
A Dark Day In Court
A Dent In The Armor
A Flood Of 9/11 Legal Questions
A Fool For A Client?
A Less-Than-Zero Day In Laci Case
A Letter On The Law In 2006
A Letter On The Law In 2006
A Merciful End To A Bad Idea
A Mixed Cocktail of Law and Fact
A Nation Looks For Candor At Justice
A New Death Penalty Paradigm
A Padilla Preview?
A Secret Trial For Moussaoui?
A Shaky Start But A Fine Finish
A Sliding Scale Of Justice
A Step Closer To The End
A Supreme Court Term For The Ages?
A Tale of Two Nations
A Trial Of Past And Present
A Trial To Dwarf Oklahoma City
A Very Shaky Case Succeeds
A Way Out Of The Gitmo Mess
A Whale Of A Tame Term
A Win For Affirmative Action
Advice For Michael Jackson
Agony And Equity
Alice In Waterboard-Land
All Quiet On The Detainee Front
All The Pretty Words
Alleged Bush Assassin Abu Ali
Alphonse And Gaston Justice
Amateur Hour
American Taliban Due In Court
American Taliban Gets Lawyered Up
An Anti-OJ Legal Story
An End, But Not Necessarily A Start
Analysis: End Game For Kobe Case?
Andersen Witnesses Feel The Heat
Annals Of Corruption: Lightning "Rod"
Annals Of CourtWatch: Why I Love My Job
Annals Of Greed: Too Good To Be True
Annals Of Impeachment: Oust Bybee?
Annals Of Repudiation
Annals of Torture: End Of The Story?
Another Brick In The Wall
Another Day At The Office
Another Day, Another Ruling
Another Terror Legend Who Wasn?t
Applying Yates To Laney
Arkansas Justice
Arrrggh!!! Pirates (And The Law)
Ashcroft's Mixed Legacy
At The Supreme Court It's Kennedy's World
Back To The Drawing Board
Bad Day For Martha And The Feds
Bad Evidence
Bad News For Civil Liberties
Ballot Battle Recalls Bush, Gore
Battle Of The Branches
Battle Rolls On ... And On ... And On
Battle Supreme In Washington
Better Late Than Never
Between Hammer And Anvil
Bibles, Jurors Don't Mix
Big Battles Yet To Come
Big Obstacles For McVeigh
Blake's Hollywood Ending
Blame It On Moses
Boiling Down Martha's Jury
Boiling Down Martha's Jury
Bryant Judge To Lawyers: Duh
Buffalo Six's Day In Court
Bury My Chance At Supreme Court
Bush Blew It
Bush Hits Trifecta With Roberts
Bush To Dems: Boo!
Bush To Dems: Boo!
Bush's GAO Playbook
Calling Chief Justice Rehnquist
Campaign Finance Law A 'Baby Step'
Can Jackson Get Fair Trial?
Candid Cameras
Carruth: A Confounding Compromise
Cart, Anyone?
Case Heats Up Global Warming Debate
Catching Up On The MP3 Catch-22
Cause And Effect
Change Agent Hasn't Much Changed Law
Changing Of The Guard
Chief Justice To Jackals: Nuts
Church Charges Face Legal Hurdles
CIA Tapes: Will New AG Do The Right Thing?
Circling The Rubber-Tired Wagons
Civil Liberties -- Post-9/11
Clemens Faces Game Of Legal Dodge Ball
Close To The Vest
Closing Arguments In The Libby Trial
Cohen Analysis: SCOTUS Defers
Colo. Hits New Lows With Kobe Case
Completely Different Versions
Congress Cops Out
Congress Finally Wakes Up
Constitution, Schmonstitution
Cops Shared In DUI Debacle
Corporate Crime Colossus
Court Countdown For Elian
Court KOs Punch-Card Delay
Court Sends Bush War Power Setback
Court Term: A Study In Contrasts
Courtroom Tips For The War On Terror
Courtwatch: POWs And The Law
Crocodile Tears
Crossing Jordan
Death Be Not Proud
Death Beckons John Muhammad
Death For Derailer? No Way
Death May Not Be Prosecution's Aim
Death Penalty Is Different
Deciphering The Commandment Case
Deja Vu All Over Again For Nichols
Democracy Demands Wisdom
Different Strokes, Different Folks
Different Strokes, Different Folks
Diplomacy As Theater
Disguise And Resent
Doctor No-Know
Don't Just Blame Boulder Prosecutors
Don't Rush To Judgment On Duke Case
Don?t Cry For John Yoo
Down The Middle
Down To Business For Kobe Case
Down To Wire In Jackson Case
Dress Rehearsal For Teen Sniper Case
Electoral Quagmire-In-Waiting?
Elian's Options
Enemies At The Gate
Enough Blame To Go Around
Enron Closing Arguments: Sneak Peek
Enron Defendants Face An Angry Houston
Enron's Snakes Finally Snared
Enron: Where The Market Met The Law
Equal Justice, Unequal Results
Every Juror A Victim?
Everything But The Kitchen Sink
Evil Is As Evil Does
Ex-Ray Of Light For Jackson
Examining The Layers Of Law
Expert Didn't Blow State's Case
Extraordinary Rendition
Fair Trial For Terrorist?
Fancy Footwork In Sniper Case
Fear And Sense
Feds Counterattack In Lindh Case
Feds Hit A Trifecta
Feds Lay Down For Rudolph
Feds Need Torture Commission Now
Feds Swimming Upriver On Moussaoui
Feds Want To Keep Torture A Secret
Feds Win Big On Citizens' Rights
Feds Winning Terror Court Battles
Final Padilla Pitch Fails
Fire And Ice At Yates Trial
Firings Firestorm Won't Die Down Soon
Footnotes May Finesse Gun Laws
For 9/11 Lies, Must He Die?
For Barry Bonds, Time To Play Defense
Four Questions For John G. Roberts
Four Strikes, You?re Out
Four Words, Six Seconds
From Coal To Conflict Of Interest
From Tallahassee To Trenton
Full Court Press
Full-Court Press In Kobe Case
Garbage In, Garbage Out
Gay Marriage Amendment Fast Facts
Gay Marriage: Until Order, Chaos
Gentlemen, Start Your Engines
Getting In The First Punch
Getting Ugly Early On Election Law
Gitmo Fate Mired In Fuzzy Math
Gitmo's Second Verse Same As The First
Gitmo: An Early Test Of Obama?s Pragmatism
Go Ahead And Bet The Ranch
Go Ask Alberto
Going Through The Courts
Gonzo'll Never Work in This Town Again
Good Job By Hockey Dad Jury
Good Riddance, Peterson Trial
Gov't Prosecutors Taking 'Mulligans'?
Government's Battle Of The Branches
Guessing Game: Who Will Replace Souter?
Guiding Bryant, Moussaoui Cases
Half Victory For Accused Terrorist
Harriet Miers Is No John Roberts
Hearing Highlights Kobe Case Flaws
Heavy Weight On Jury's Shoulders
Heavy Weight On Jury's Shoulders
Here We Go Again
Hey, Senate: Judge Thyself
High Court Debate: Terror Powers
High Court Ducks Hot Potato Case
High Court Eyes Sodomy, Racial Quotas
High Court Revisits Death Penalty
High Court's Quiet Bombshell
High Court: Same As It Ever Was?
High Noon For The 2nd Amendment?
High Noon In Pajamas
High Stakes For Kobe & His Accuser
His Story ? And He's Sticking To It
Ho Hum Hamdan
Houston Mom's Competency On Trial
How Not To Fix Law School
How The Kobe Case Should End
How To Write An Effective Torture Memo
Inherit The Sticker
Ins And Outs Of The Libby Defense
Inside The Mind Of The Supreme Court
Inside The Mind Of The Yates Jury
Interrogation: The Past, Present & Future
Is A Special Prosecutor On Deck?
Is Moussaoui Small Fry?
Is Vice President's Office Above The Law?
It Ain't Necessarily So
It's About Us, Not Him
It's Just Not Worth It
It's Not Just Saddam On Trial
Jackson Accuser's Poor Performance
Jackson Case: Go To The Video!
Jackson Catches Break From Ex
Jackson Defense Kept It Simple
Jackson Lawyers Feud
Jackson Prosecutors Trip
Jackson's Celeb Witnesses List
Jackson, Predator Or Prey?
Jackson: Predator Or Prey?
Jeff Of Arc
Johnnie Walker (Lindh), Still On The Rocks
JonBenet Killing Is Far From Solved
Judge Backs Feds In Gitmo Dispute
Jury of Judges Still Out On Gay Marriage
Jury's Out On Terror Trials
Justice Delayed, Not Denied
Justice Gone Bad In Tulia, Texas
Justice In A Time Of Terror
Justice In A Time Of Terror
Justice's Past May Be Its Future
Justices Get Tough On Crime
Justices Narrow Disability Law
Justifying The Patriot Act
Kenny Loves Billy, Antonin and Sandra
Kobe Bryant Rape Trial Q & A
Kobe Case's Mental Health Issues
Kobe Case: Good Riddance
Kobe Hearing: Ugly Day In Court
Kobe Kinetics
Kobe Loses, Cops Do Too
Lady Justice Rises
Last Shot At Jackson Jury
Law And Justice In Mississippi
Lawsuit Hell For Airlines?
Lawyers Win Access To Padilla
Lawyers, Guns And History
Lay's Defense Is As Big As Texas
Leahy Postpones Holder Hearing A Week
Legal Legs Under Clinton Scandal?
Legal Year In Review
Less Hysteria, More Perspective
Life (And A Lifetime) After The Massacre
Life And Death
Lights, (No) Camera, Action!
Lindh Lawyers To Square Off
Lindh Layers Are Peeling Away
Lindh: In His Own Words
Litigating The War On Terror
Looking At Terror Law
Loosening The Beltway
Made in America: Corporate Gall
Made in Mexico: A New Death Penalty Debate
Made In The U.S.A.
Major Terror Ring Or 'Al Qaeda Lite'?
Making The Best Of Moussaoui Mess
Making The Same Mistakes
Malice in Neverland
Malvo Loses Big
Malvo Trial Over Before It Starts?
Married In Massachusetts
Marshalling Forces
Martha Judge Got Last Word
Martha Lawyer Steals The Show
Martha Trial: Fretful Time
Martha Trial: No Drama From Diva
Martha Trial: Plum Pudding Paradox
Martha Trial: Recipe For Disaster
Martha's Dilemma
Martha's Forgotten Co-Defendant
Martha: An Admirable Loon
McCain Sings Same Old GOP Song On Justices
McCain Takes Gitmo Ruling Personally
McVeigh's Last Hope Dashed
Merry Christmas, Lee Boyd Malvo
Michael Mukasey's Magic Words
Microsoft's Trial Balloon
Miranda: The Right to Know?
Monkey See, Monkey Do
More Hazards And Headaches
More Ritual Than Result
More Than Meets The Eye?
Moussaoui Jury Hits The Mark
Moussaoui Means Mayhem For System
Moussaoui on Trial: Preview
Moussaoui On Trial: Preview
Moussaoui Plays A Different Role
Moussaoui's Antics Cloud Plea Decision
Moussaoui's Casserole Of Guilt
Moussaoui's Courtroom Commotion
Moussaoui's Plea Creates Uncertainty
Moussaoui: The Fork In The Road
Mr. Cherry Meet Mr. Skakel
Mr. Hamdan, We're Ready For Your Closeup
Muddy Waters Still Run Deep For Gonzales
Muhammad Faces The Mountain
Muhammad: 'Dead Man Walking'
Mukasey Should Balk At Pitcher Probe
Mukasey To Congress: You Say It First
Murder, She Wrote
No Dice For Microsoft
No Excuses Now For Nifong In Duke Case
No Jail, But Lots At Stake For Andersen
No Mercy For Libby
No Middle Ground
No Smiles For A Thousand Miles
No Verify, No Trust
Not Ha-Ha Funny
Not Looking Good For Gore
Not So Hot To Trot
Not The '20th Hijacker'
Not The End Of The Affair
Not Your Father?s Court
Noted Civil Rights Activist Dies
Now It's McVeigh's Call
Nowhere To Go But Up
Nowhere To Hide For Gonzales
Obama And Terror Law: More Of The Same?
Obama, The Supreme Court And DOJ
Off To The Races!
Off To The Races!
OKC 10 Years Later
Oklahoma City Bombing Vs. Sept. 11
On Terror Anniversary, Time Again To Mourn
Once Bitten, Twice Shy
Once More Into the Breach
One Less Candidate For Attorney General
One Nation, Under Law
Only McVeigh Can Stop The Litigation
Opportunities Squandered Since 9/11
Original Sin: Scalia Unplugged
Orwellian Guantanamo
Over Before It Starts
Padilla Case Shows Abuse Of Power
Padilla Jury Will Judge Feds, Too
Padilla Trial Won't Be Worth The Wait
Painting The Face Of Terror
Passenger Rights Not Cleared For Take-Off
Passing The Potato
Peeved Homeowner? Take Action!
Perfect Timing For A Tribunal
Peterson Verdict: Now What?
Phone Forensics In The Padilla Case
Photos Complicate Lindh Prosecution
Plea Deal Coming In Wen Ho Lee Case?
Pledged To Waste
Post 9/11 Law: An Unfinished Journey
Powell's No Prosecutor
Prejudice, What Prejudice?
Presidential Power, Tested
Presumed Guilty
Pretrial Tactics In Terror Case
Preview: Kobe's Day In Court
Prosecuting Martha
Prosecution Rests, Uneasily
Prosecutors Keep It Simple
Punishing Good Journalists
Putting 'Guide' Back In Guidelines
Putting Mouths In Gear Before Brains
Q&A On The U.S. v. Moussaoui
Questions For The Candidates
Quick Verdict A Favor To Nichols?
Racketeering Charges In Sniper Case?
Rape Ruling Not Anti-Women
Rating The Jackson Closers
Rationality Within Irrationality
Rebuttal Lacks Bite
Recount Redux?
Rehnquist's Punch Line Overlooked
Republicans Put Heat On Gonzales
Reversal Of Fortune
Rightward Ho!
RIP: Watergate Legal Giants
Robert Blake's Fate
Roberts' Rope-A-Dope
Rudolph: Sniper Case Deja Vu?
Running Out Of Time, Options
Russell Yates: The Man In The Middle
Sam I Am
Same Planet, Different World
Same-Sex Marriage In NY
Sandra's Day On Court Ends
Sanity In The Yates Case
Save Gitmo!
Say Hello To The House Of Lords
Scalia's Temper Rises Again
Schiavo Ruling No Surprise
Scott Peterson In The Afterworld
Second Amendment: Unlocked And Loaded
Seeing Patterns In Jackson Case
Sentencing Day For John Walker Lindh
Sex And Death In Texas
Shock And Law: The Year In Review
Shoe Bomber's Guilty Plea
Should Malvo's Confession Be Tossed?
Signing Statements: Virtues And Vices
Skakel Trial Could Be A Sizzler
Skilling's Shiny, Happy Enron Defense
Slim And None
Smoke Signals From Washington
Sniper Legal Tug-Of-War
Sniper, Laci Cases: By The Book
So Far, So Good For Lindh Prosecutors
So You Want To Be A Kobe Juror?
Sodomy Ruling's Ripple Effect
Soft-Money Spin, And Other Issues
Someone Had To Do It
Sound And Fury In Ramsey Case
Souter Will Leave A City He Never Liked
Splitting The Baby
Steep Legal Hurdle In Skakel Case
Step By Step: Fields Of Battle
Still Waters Run Deep At Court
Strange Days In Court
Stretching The Law
Sudden Passion, My Foot!
Supreme Court Preview
Supreme Court Preview
Supreme Court to GOP: Fuhgeddaboudit
Supreme Court Won?t Rush Same-Sex Ruling
Supreme Sorrow
Swift Justice? Not So Fast
Sympathy for the Devil?
Taking The Time To Do It Right
Tale Of Two Killer Moms
Talking Himself To Death