Cannes Film Festival - Stories

'Bad Education' Opens Cannes
'Fahrenheit' Heats Up Cannes
'Matrix Reloaded' Rules At Box Office
'Modern Times' At Cannes?
'Sith' Invites Bush Comparisons
'The Matrix' IS Everywhere
2003: 'Dogville' No Walk In Park
2003: 'Elephant' Is #1 At Cannes
2003: Shades Of Columbine
2004: 'Fahrenheit' Wins At Cannes
2004: Some Like It Hot
2005: 'Sin City' In France
2005: Actor Sasses Cannes Press
2005: Belgian Film Is Tops
2005: Wallace And Gromit Do Cannes
2006 Cannes Film Festival Preview
22 Films Competing
A Peek At Hobbits In Cannes
Afghani ‘Veil’ Lifted
An 'Ugly' Nicholson Turns Heads
Art And Politics At Cannes
At Cannes, Show Will Go On
Bollywood Actress Heads To Cannes
Bollywood Fever Grips Cannes
Can-Can Kicks Off Cannes
Cannes Can For Brad Pitt
Cannes Gets Peek at ‘Gangs’
Cannes Opener Is A Swashbuckler
Cannes, Tarantino, And Almodovar
Caviezel Plays Through At Cannes
Church Attacks Italian Film
Controversy Stalking Cannes?
Croisette Nets Cameron
Cruz Returns In Almodovar's 'Volver'
Deal Making On The High Seas
DON'T USE directors
Double Dose Of Ludivine Sagnier
Familiar Faces At Cannes
Familiar Territory
Filmmakers To Paris: Je T'aime
Gloom Lifts At Cannes
Godard Lashes Out At Hollywood
Golden Palm For 'Eternity'
Grim Tales at Cannes
Hanks Pitches For Cannes Prize
Hayek, Bardem Join Cannes Jury
Here And There On The Riviera
Howard: Don't See My Movie
Hurrah For Hollywood
If It's Spring, It's Time For Cannes
Italian Film Cops 2001Cannes
Jackman Sinks Claws Into 'X-Men'
Jeers For Hollywood
last test
last test
last test 1
London Drama For Woody Allen
Michael Moore Ignites A Firestorm
Minor Role For Brits At Cannes
Mixed Bag Set For Cannes
Newcomers, Eastwood Vie At Cannes
Piracy On Agenda At Cannes
Polanski Nabs Top Cannes Prize
Politics Not A Bedfellow At Cannes
Postcards From Cannes
Protests Greet 'Da Vinci' Debut
Remembering Cary Grant at 100
Ryan, Soderbergh On Cannes Jury
Scorsese To Head Cannes Jury
Starry, Starry Nights
Stars Out All Over Cannes
Stone, Yeoh Join Lynch At Cannes
Stone: 'Platoon's' Message Forgotten
Talking To Woody
The “Darlings” of Cannes
The A?DarlingsA? of Cannes
Time For The Return Of The Musical?
Time Right For Apocalypse?
Time Right For Apocalypse?
Valenti Presses For Piracy Bans
Who Cares About Cannes? Not Me!
who cares question page
who cares quiz answer page
Woody Allen To Open Cannes