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'Fat Cancers' Also Hitting Developing Nations
'King's Speech' Earns Praise From Kids Who Stutter
2 Haitian Children Die From Cholera In DomRep
3 Americans Share 2009 Nobel Medicine Prize
5 Americans: How Health Care Law Affects Them
8 Fla. Nurses Sentenced For Medicare Fraud
Alzheimer's Advances Show Need For Better Drugs
Americans Smoke Less, More Obese
Americans' Salt Intake Needs Cut, Panel Says
AP Poll: Third Of Parents Oppose Swine Flu Vaccine
Are US Doctors Overtesting, Overtreating?
Bigger Savings Seen From Limiting Medical Lawsuits
Bristol-Myers Gets EU Approval For Diabetes Drug
Burger, Shake, Fries ? And A McWorkout?
Calif. Doc Who Hailed Herbal Cancer Cure Arrested
CDC: Fewer Schools Selling Candy, Soda
China Limits Smoking In Films, TV Shows
Chip Measures Breast Estrogen With Just A Poke
Community Clinics Have Key Role In Health Reform
Day Care Next Frontier In Fighting Kids' Obesity
Diet Soda Tied To Stroke Risk, But Reasons Unclear
DNA Tests Could Reveal Unknown Proof Of Incest
Drug May Slow Growth Of Early Prostate Cancer
Elephants Blamed For TB Outbreak At Tenn. Refuge
EPA To Limit Rocket Fuel Chemical In Tap Water
Fame Doesn't Protect Movie Stars From Stroke Risk
FDA Approves First 3-D Mammography Device
FDA Panel Backs Schering-Plough Cancer Drug
FDA Sees No Safety Issues With Pfizer HIV Drug
FDA To Study Negative Effects Of Lasik Eye Surgery
Fetal Surgery Better For Kids With Spine Defect
Government Finds Higher Autism Figure: 1 In 100
Half Of Addicts Quit After 6 Months Of Treatment
Health Care Overhaul Could Raise Medicare Rx Costs
HIV Patients Out Of Drugs, Harassed In Ukraine
How Cancer Victims Can Double Survival
How Health Care Overhaul Could Change Medicare
INSIDE WASHINGTON: GOP Raising Money From Docs
Jackson's Hospital Has "Raised the Dead"
JK Rowling Donates $15.4 Million For MS
Jury Orders Glaxo To Pay $2.5M In Paxil Case
Laughing Gas Returning As Option For Laboring Moms
Low-Fat Or Low-Carb? It Depends
Minn. Town Gets Healthy, Adds Longevity, Together
More Attention, Better Treatment For Concussions
More Candor Urged In Care Of Dying Cancer Patients
New Laws Mean Old PCs No Longer `Trash'
New Test May Help Guide Prostate Cancer Treatment
New US Law Helps Ill Students Keep Health Coverage
Number Of Dengue Cases In Brazil State Doubles
NY Health Officials Launch Condom Finder Phone App
Ohio Wife, Husband Both Battling Breast Cancer
Pediatrics Report Details Risks From Energy Drinks
Planned Parenthood To Retrain In Reporting Risks
Predicting Your Health: It's in the Genome
Report: Unsafe Abortions Kill 70,000 Annually
Researchers Criticize AIDS Spending, Stigma
Rite Aid Alters Flu-shot Policy For Pregnant Women
Robotic Prostate Surgery May Mean Big Trade-off
San Francisco High Schoolers Hold HIV-testing Day
Scientists Grow A Rat Lung In The Laboratory
Scientists Say Test Could Predict Menopause
Sebelius: Americans Must Get Swine Flu Vaccination
Seniors Lobby Challenges Health Insurance Report
Severe Drought Threatens Millions In Somalia
Sickest Swine Flu Cases In Canada, Mexico Detailed
Some Breast Cancer Patients Can Skip Node Surgery
Some Breast Cancer Patients Can Skip Node Surgery
Spanish Hospital Claims 1st Full-Face Transplant
Stroke Rehab Doesn't Have To Be High-tech To Help
Strokes Are Rising Fast Among Young, Middle-aged
Strokes Are Rising Fast Among Young, Middle-aged
Studies: Some Nursing Home Elderly Get Futile Care
Study: 2 Million Babies And Mothers Die At Birth
Study: Doctors Missing Strokes In Kids With Anemia
Study: Doctors Order Tests Out Of Fear Of Lawsuits
Study: Eating More Fiber Could Mean Longer Life
Study: Eating More Fiber Could Mean Longer Life
Study: Fit People Have Longer Sex Lives
Study: Global Obesity Rates Double Since 1980
Study: Global Obesity Rates Double Since 1980
Study: Harmful Medical Devices Get OK Too Easily
Study: Harmful Medical Devices Get OK Too Easily
Study: Heart Risk Higher for Short People
Surrounded By Doctors, Obama Pitches Overhaul
Swine Flu And Kids: Heed Warning Signs, MDs Say
Swine Flu Put Many Hospitalized Patients Into ICU
Swine Flu Vaccine Arriving, But Don't Line Up Yet
Test Gets Almost 1 In 5 Syphilis Cases Wrong
Texas Begins $3 Billion Quest To Cure Cancer
Tiny, Toxic Mushrooms Kill Hundreds In China
U.S. Obesity Rate High, But Stops Rising
UK Court Mulls Sterilizing Mentally Disabled Woman
UK Scientists Create New Test For Mad Cow Disease
UN Health Agency Sounds Alarm On Alcohol Abuse
US Has No Good System To Track Medical Implants
US Submariners Learn To Live Without Smokes
US, Other Nations Stop Counting Pandemic Flu Cases
Vaccine-like Shots Help Fight Cocaine Addiction
Web Tool Helps Advise When Flu Needs A Doctor
Where You Live Drives Wait For Liver Transplants
Youth Push For Louder Conversation About Suicide
Zimbabwe Launches Valentine's Day Blood Drive