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Common Oral Health Issues
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Diets Disappoint In Long Run
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Drink Beer Or Wine And Be Sharper?
Drink To Your Health!
Easy Metabolism Boosting Tips
Eating Raw For Healthy Living
Employers Play Dr. Mom to Control H1N1
Exercise May Not Up Knee Arthritis Risk
Experts: Sitting Too Much Could Be Deadly
FDA Balks At Cheerios' Health Claims
Feed Your Family on $10 a Day!
Finance And Fitness Go Hand And Hand
First Over-The-Counter Diet Pill Gets OK
Five Foods That Are No Longer Taboo
Food Ads on Nickelodeon Slammed in Report
Food Safety 101
Food, The Alternative Medicine
Foods And Meds You Shouldn't Mix
Foods to Cure the Winter Blues
General Mills Cuts Sugar in Kids' Cereal
Get A Bikini-Worthy Body
Get To A Healthy Weight Before Pregnancy
Getting The Right Dose Of Zzzz's
Gluten-Free Doesn't Mean Flavor-Free
Got a Headache? Try Working Out
Grinding Away Stress With Your Teeth?
Guide To Healthy Oral Care
H1N1 & Halloween: How to Keep Kids Safe
H1N1 Kills 11 Kids in Week
H1N1: A Parents' Guide
Hangover Headache Help
Healthy Habits to Prevent Breast Cancer
Healthy School Lunches Get A Passing Grade
Home Workouts With Little Gear
How Clean Is Your Kid's Cafeteria?
How Longest-Living Among Us Do It
How To Get A Heart-Healthy Kitchen
How To Keep Safe In A Fire
How To Tell If You Smell
Infant Danger Disguised As Cold
Is That Extra Piece Of Cake Worth It?
Is Your Chicken Dinner Safe?
Keeping Kids Safe In Winter Months
Kids' Cereals Packing Some Nutrition Punch
Living Near Freeways May Harm Kids' Lungs
Living On Edge, With Food Allergies
Loneliness May Up Alzheimer's Risk
Losing That Stubborn Tummy Fat
Making A Home Green, Healthier, & $$-Saver
Maximizing Your Freezer Space
Medical Tests For Good Health
Medicare Part D Enrollment Window Closing
Medicine, The Art
Microwaving Sponges Might Not Kill Germs
Minn. Town Gets Health Makeover
Nail Products Have Tough Time Going Green
Navigating The Hospital
New Lawsuit Could Take Bite Out Of Crocs
New Reason To Take Folic Acid?
Nix Nuts from Your Cooking and Baking
No Getting Around It: Calories Count
No More Diets!
On-The-Job Naps May Help Heart
One School's Fight Against Obesity
Oprah Health Claims Unhealthy?
Poll: Stress Squeezes 4 In 10 Americans
Portion Control Made Easy
Pouring Caution On Energy Drinks
Pregnancy And Asthma: A Fresh Look
Quick Fixes to Add Years to Your Life!
Quick, Healthy, Hearty Kids' Breakfasts
Quiet Winter Health Threat
Recipes for the Lactose-Intolerant
Save Green As You Go Green!
Secret Everyday "Agers"
Shining Light On Great Sunscreen Debate
Shopping For Better Nutrition
Should You Be Getting More Vitamin D?
Simple Tips to Boost Your Brainpower
Sleep Deprivation May Impair Memory
Snow Shoveling Safely
Some Therapies May Cut Pregnancy Chances
Squeezing Truth Out of Juice Myths
Starve A Fever, Feed A Cold? Or Reverse?
Steering Clear Of Type 2 Diabetes
Step Aside, Cholesterol
Study: Low-Carb Diets Make Dieters Cranky
Study: Many Kids Not Getting Their Zs
Study: Many Kids Not Getting Their Zzzzs
Study: Olive Oil May Prevent Ulcers
Super-Healthy Eating, on a Shoestring
Suzanne Sommers' 8 Steps To Wellness
Switching to Smokeless Tobacco No Cure
The Scoop On Frozen Yogurt
The Skinny on Yogurt and Your Health
This Ring? It's An Insulin Patch
Timing of Kids' Flu Shots: Tricky, Vital
To Stay Trim, Keep Moving!
Too Little Sleep May Mean Too Fat Kids
Toying With Halloween Handouts
Tune-up During Sleep May Boost Memory
Understanding Your Bill
Weighing In on Success
What It Takes To Be The Best
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Youths Spend 7+ Hours/Day Consuming Media