Health - Stories

"Christmas Miracle": Blind Woman Sees
"Cocaine" Pulled From Shelves Nationwide
"Date Rape Drug" Beads Sicken 7 More Kids
"Female Viagra" a Flop, Says FDA Panel
"Female Viagra" Falls Short, FDA Says
"Female Viagra" Nixed by German Company
"Food Police" Slams Chinese Food
"Friendly" Bacteria May Boost Health
"Geezer" Drug Use to Have Ripple Effect
"Hands Only" CPR Enough to Save a Life
"Hi-Tech" becoming "Hi-touch" When Premature Babies Meet the Internet
"Import Alert" For Chinese Seafood Ignored
"Little House" Star Alison Arngrim "Abused"
"Magic Plant" Needs Ecological Protection
"Major Leap" In Medical Cell Research
"My Name Is Winnifred Skinner"
"Polypill" For Heart Passes Big Test
"Popcorn Lung" Patient Ate Two Bags A Day
"Pre-Dementia" On The Rise, Doctors Say
"Pregnancy Pact" School OKs Contraceptives
"Princess Frog" Charm Recalled for Cadmium
"Pulling Out" Rivals Condoms, Study Says
"Raging Hormones" Behind Teen Mood Swings?
"Superbug" Deaths In U.S. May Surpass AIDS
"Superbug" Kills NYC Schoolboy
"Takeout Only" Ordered For Mexico Eateries
"Winter Vomiting Disease" Strikes Tucson
$1 Billion Award In Diet Drug Case
$300M To Target Health Care Imbalances
$400K Award In Wrong-Sperm Case
$5.4M Paid to Settle Drug Cover-up Claims
$500M Pledged To Fight Childhood Obesity
$9 Million For Vioxx Victim
$93,000 Cancer Drug: How Much Is a Life Worth?
$topping Drug-Addicted Babies
'A Bit Of A Hero'
'Abstaining' Teens Still Get STDs
'Alternative' Medicine No More
'Back' To The Drawing Board
'Berlin Heart' Saves Boy's Life
'Black Box' ADHD Drug Warning Rejected
'Blindness' Gene's Vision Of Hope
'Boot Camp' Workouts Popular
'Boy Wonder' Takes on Medicare
'Brown Cloud' Stifles South Asia
'Buttman' Wants To Save Your Lungs
'Change Your Life' by Balancing It Physically
'Cocktail' For AIDS Exposures OK'd
'Da Vinci Diet' Digs Carbs
'Downer' Cows Banned As Food
'Fat Man Walking' Arrives In NYC
'Fat Man Walking' Near Finish Line
'Fat Phobia' Affects Bystanders
'Food Court' Takes On New Meaning
'Frank The Tumor' Is Removed
'Gay Gene' Study Questioned
'Grave' China Bird Flu Situation
'Great Day' For Heart Attack Care
'Growable' Rod Saves Little Legs
'Healthy' Margarine To Hit U.S.
'High Chance' Of Bird Flu In Israel
'It's Just Money'
'Kiddie Cocaine': Behavior Drug Ritalin Abused by Children
'Lemonade' Cancer Crusader Dies
'Light Cigarette' Case To Go Forward
'Little Heroes of Medicine' Teach Experts to Treat Childhood Trauma
'Little Marias' Back In Guatemala
'Magic Bullet' For Weight Loss?
'Mama Bird' Flies High
'Mermaid' Baby Faces Risky Surgery
'Mermaid' Baby Surgery A Success
'Milestone' In Battle Vs. SARS
'Monster Study' Still Stings
'Morning-After' HIV Pills: Godsend or Disaster?
'Morning-After' Pill Slow To Catch On
'Mystery Illness' Vigilance
'Mystery Illness' Virus Found
'Name And Shame' Results In Lawsuit
'Net Dieting Gains In Popularity
'New' Pot Pill For Chemo Patients
'No One' Ready For Bird Flu
'Non-Couch-Potato' Pledge Increases Fitness & Fun
'Normal' Blood Pressure Not So Normal
'On Death' Author Dead At 78
'Only So Much We Can Do'
'Poor Man's Crack'
'Presenteeism' Plagues Firms
'Purple Pill' Going OTC
'Safety' For Drug Addicts
'Serious' E. Coli Outbreak At Taco Bell
'Sick' Ship Cleared To Cruise
'Sick' Ship Docks In New Orleans
'Sick' Ship Leaves Gibraltar
'Strangers' Help Kidney Donor
'Sugar Daddies' Give Teens AIDS
'Super Strep' Defies Drug Treatment
'Super-Aspirin' In Legal Battle
'Super-Aspirin' To Hit Market
'Supersizing' Gene May Help Health
'The Pill' Does Double Duty
'Thinking' Cells Can Regenerate
'Triple Swap' Kidney Transplant
'Virtual' Better Than Actual? Unintrusive Colonoscopies
'West Nile Virus' Confirmed
'Zapping' Cancer
1 Dead, 50+ Sick From Tainted Spinach
1 in 4 Parents Buy Autism-Vaccine Link
1 in 5 Heart Defibrillator Implants Questionable
1 In 5 Medicare Patients Readmitted Fast
1 In 5 Young Adults Has Mental Problem
1 In 50 Babies Victims Of Abuse Or Neglect
1 Million Americans May Have H1N1 Flu
1 Million Chinese-Made Cribs Recalled
1,200 Vets Wrongly Told They Have ALS
1.2 Million Graco High Chairs Recalled
1.5M Kids' Chairs Recalled
1.7M Vets Lack Health Insurance
10 Countries Now Confirm Bird Flu
10,000 H1N1 Cases; Vaccine Plan Weighed
11M Bottles Of Generic Painkiller Recalled
11M Bottles Of Generic Painkiller Recalled
12 Hospitalized in Likely E. Coli Outbreak
12 More Arrests In China Milk Scandal
12-Year-Old AIDS Activist Praised
132M Flu Vaccine Doses Expected For Fall
14 Preemies Given Blood Thinner Overdose
15,000 Arkansas Hens Exposed To Bird Flu
16 Food Companies Agree to Reduce Salt
16 Have Hepatitis In Army Needle Blunder
19 Porn Actors Cleared For Work
19 Sickened In N.J. E. Coli Outbreak
1999 Medical Headlines
1M Lbs. of Ground Beef Recalled for E. Coli
1st Batch of H1N1 Vaccine Is Nasal Spray
1st Flu Shots For Those At Risk
2 Bird Flu Deaths Despite Tamiflu
2 Deaths Possibly Linked to Beef Recall
2 Diabetes Drugs May Lower Blood Sugar
2 Employees Suspended Over Beef Recall
2 Indonesian Children Die Of Bird Flu
2 Infant Deaths Lead to Baby Bed Recall
2 Million Kids Are Pre-Diabetic
2 More Deaths From Tainted Spinach?
2 Soda Makers Eye Benzene Suit Deal
2 States Suspend Smallpox Vaccinations
2.6M More Flu Shots Ready For Jan.
20-Minute HIV Test Approved
2003 Health Care Spending Up 7.8%
21 Million Join New Medicare Plan
21K+ Kids Stay Home In Meningitis Scare
237 Reasons Why People Have Sex
24 Million Americans Have Diabetes
24 New West Nile Cases In Louisiana
250 Cartons Of Lettuce Missing
271M Lbs Of Pharmaceuticals In Our Water
29 Hepatitis Cases Tied to Doctor's Office
2nd Arthritis Drug Under Scrutiny
2nd Baby In Heparin OD Cases Dies
2nd Case Of Bird Flu In France
2nd Implant Maker Pushes Ban Lift
2nd Maker In Silicone Implant Mix
2nd Quit-Smoking Drug Gets FDA's OK
3 Babies, 2 Wombs, 1 Mother
3 Die Of Rabies From Transplant
3 HIV Cases Tied To VA Clinic Mistakes
3-D Brain Scans Tackle Aneurysms
3-D System For Brain Surgery
3.5M Kids Under 5 On Verge Of Going Hungry
30% Of Americans Abuse Alcohol, Study Says
300,000 May Have Hepatitis C
31 At US Capitol Exposed to Anthrax: House of Representatives Adjourns
37 Monkeypox Cases Are Reported
3D X-Rays Better Detect Breast Cancer Risk
3rd Adult Film Star HIV-Positive
3rd Smallpox Vaccine Death Reported
4 More Postal Workers With Suspected Anthrax
4 Polio Cases In Minnesota
4 Transplant Recipients Have AIDS Virus
4-Patient Transplant In Japan
40 Years Later, Boomers Still Getting High
40% Of Medical Malpractice Groundless?
40,000 Drop-Side Cribs Recalled for Safety Risks
40-Pound Tumor Removed From Woman's Hip
400K Cribs Recalled for Suffocation Risk
41 Million Have Pre-Diabetes
46% of H1N1 Patients Not Previously Sick
48 Hours--What You Know May Affect How Well You Doze: Check Your Sleep IQ
48 Hours: Invisible Killers
48Hours: Silent Killers
4th HIV-Positive For Porn Industry
5 Cows From Mad Cow's Herd Found
5 Million Frozen Pizzas Recalled
5 Simultaneous Kidney Transplants Achieved
5 States Sue Government Over Medicare
5 Years after Schiavo, Little Has Changed
5.7 Million Pounds Of Beef Recalled
50% More U.S. Kids Went Hungry In 2007
50,000 Lbs. Of Hot Dogs Recalled
50-50 Chance For Conjoined Twins
500 Tons Of Beef Recalled For E. Coli Fear
5th Porn Performer HIV-Positive
5th W. Nile Death In California
6 Deaths Linked To Tainted Meat In Canada
60,000 Inmates Sexually Abused Every Year
60-90 Minutes Exercise Daily? Bah!
60-Year-Old Woman Gives Birth To Twins
61-Year-Old Gave Birth To Her Grandchild
635,000 Cribs Recalled over Injury Fears
643,000 High Chairs Recalled
66-Year-Old Gives Birth
6M Birds Killed As Flu Precaution
7 Genes Key to Brain Cancer Survival ID'd
7 in Chat Room Get Syphilis
76 Kids Dead of H1N1 Flu as Cases Rise
8 Cases of Mutated H1N1 Flu Virus in China
8 Cases of Mutated H1N1 Flu Virus in China
8-Year-Old N.M. Boy Dies Of Bubonic Plague
800,000 Kids' H1N1 Flu Shots Recalled
9/11 Health Bill Spurs Partisan Finger-Pointing
9/11 Health Registry Weighed
9/11 Rescue Workers' Cancer Link Probed
9/11, Katrina Rescue Dog Dies Of Cancer
97,000 Uninsured Mass. Taxpayers Get Fined
JAMA To Name New Editor
Journal Editor Forced Out
A 'Magic Bullet' For Cancer
A 'Simple' Test For Newborns
A 'Smart Bomb' That Cures
A Bad Fall For Allergic Kids
A Band To Ease Queasiness
A Bartender's Worst Nightmare
A Better Breast Cancer Drug
A Better Breast Cancer Drug
A Better Hepatitis Treatment?
A Better Way To Track Cancer
A Black Mark For The Red Cross
A Blindness Breakthrough?
A Blow For Merck At Vioxx Trial
A Bone Transplant Pioneer
A Boost For The Heart
A Breakthrough On Baldness
A Bristling Toothbrush Caveat
A Business of Growth and Greed
A Call For Suicide Prevention
A Chance To Speak Again
A Cobbled Path To Better Health
A Comeback For Hypertension?
A Cool Place to Workout When Summer Gets Hot
A Crisis With Home Care
A Cuppa' A Day?
A Cure for Rheumatoid Arthritis?
A Day At A Time For Sextuplets' Parents
A Delay But No Shortage in This Winter's Flu Vaccine
A Diet To Stop Aging
A Dollop Of Depression May Be A Plus
A Downside To Viagra?
A False Sense Of Security
A Family's Fight to Save Their Son With Batten's Disease
A Faster Acting Viagra?
A First: Scientists Rebuild Bladders
A Fishy Solution For Alzheimer's
A Food Guide Kids Can Love
A Funny Gait May Mean Back Pain
A Gene Cure For Hemophilia?
A Gene That Feels Your Pain
A Genetic Link To Depression
A Genetically Screened Baby Saved the Life of His Sister
A Good Alternative?
A Good Breakfast Can Actually Help You Lose Weight
A Good Night's Sleep Just A Dream For Many
A Guide To U.S. Nursing Homes
A Gum Disease Preventative?
A Health Care Disgrace?
A Healthful Slice
A Heart Attack That Heals
A Hidden Danger Of Hospital Care
A High-Tech Surgery Lesson
A Hot Source of Relief For Pain Sufferers
A Jolt Of Relief
A Jolt Of Relief
A Killer Invades The Club Scene
A Kinder, Gentler Cigarette?
A Less Risky Prenatal Test?
A Lesson On Diesel School Buses
A Lesson On School Safety
A Life And Death Race
A Life And Death Struggle
A Life-Saving Anniversary
A Look Back: The AIDS Anniversary
A Marine's Heartbreaking Decision
A Miraculous Recovery
A Modern Survival Kit for Emergencies
A Mother Accused
A Murder A Minute
A New Age Fertility Aid?
A New Birth Control Patch--Convenient and Effective
A New Book Offers Advice for Problem Drinkers
A New Campaign For Frist
A New Cure For Hangovers
A New Generation Of Vaccines
A New Heart Disease Detector?
A New Look At Birth Defects
A New Marker May Identify Persons at Risk for Heart Disease
A New Medical Device Revolutionizing the Detection of Internal Bleeding
A New Method of Monitoring Diabetes
A New Name and Package for Prozac for Treating Severe PMS Symptoms
A New Prescription for Britain's NHS
A New Recipe For Food Pyramid
A New Screening Tool for Oral Cancer
A New Treatment For MS?
A New Treatment For Scoliosis
A New Trend in Organ Donation?
A New Trend In Paranoid Delusions
A New View Of The Mentally Ill
A New View On Skin Cancer
A New Way To Count Calories
A New Way To Fight Bacteria
A New Way To Kick The Habit?
A Pharmacist's Dilemma
A Pill To Ease Shyness?
A Plea For Stem Cell Research
A Plea To Couch Potatoes
A Pneumonia Shot For Babies
A Popular Painkiller Under Scrutiny
A Possible New Cancer Test
A Presidential Fitness Test For Grown-Ups
A Promising New Treatment for MS
A Quick Viagra Fix
A Quiet Night Turns Busy
A Rare Genetic Disease and a Family's Race Against Time to Find a Cure
A Shot To Combat Cholesterol
A Sick Man's Best Friend
A Simple Blood Test May Be An Alternative To Traditional Allergy Testing
A Slower Pace To Fitness
A South African Boy's Battle Against AIDS and His Government
A Stealth Surgeon General?
A Stroke Treatment With Bite
A Swede Deal On Maternity Benefits
A Toast To Health, With Ale?
A Vaccine For Cavities
A Vaccine for Cocaine Addicts?
A Vaccine For Drug Users
A Very Healthy Romance
A Warning On Herbal Remedies
A Warning On Vitamin A
A Waste Of Time?
A Weighty Issue
A Worm's Fountain Of Youth
AA Is Just A Click Away
AARP: Drug Price Hikes Slow
Abandoned Pools A Desert Danger
Abestos Linked To Larynx Cancer
Abnormal Protein Affects The Heart
Abortion And Miranda … Again
Abortion Clinics Fight Kansas AG
Abortion Doc Accused of Harming More Patients
Abortion Foes Win A Round In Health Overhaul
Abortion Pill Check-Up
Abortion Pill Culprit In Death?
Abortion Pill Culprit In Death?
Abortion Pill Deaths Baffle Docs
Abortion Pill Decision Near
Abortion Pill Found Effective
Abortion Rate Figures Mixed
Abortion Training Ordered For NYC Docs
Abortion-List Grab Battle Heats Up
Abstinence-Only Program Delayed Teen Sex
Abuse Of Cold Medicines High Among Young
Abuse of Painkiller Oxycontin Rampant & Spreading
Accountability Plagues Bush AIDS Program
Accutane Registry To Start Next Week
Accutane Warnings Not Getting Through to Many Women
Accutane: Controversial Wonder Drug
Active Aging Means Longer Life
Active Aging Means Longer Life
Active Kids Becoming Couch Potato Teens
Active Seniors Demand Surgery
Activity Crucial for Reagan Recovery
Acupuncture Helps Ease Arthritis
Ad War Over Sleep Aids Predicted
ADA Gives OK To Chewing Gum
Adapting To A Hot Workout
ADD Drug Loses FDA Approval
Additional Erbitux Benefits Seen
Additive A Health Boon? Hot Dog!
ADHD And Brain Size Connection
ADHD Costly In Adult Work Time
ADHD draft
ADHD/Narcolepsy Drug Recalled
Admin. Proposes Nearly $4B Medicaid Cuts
Ads Rapped In Child Obesity Fight
Adult Stem Cell Research Leaving Embryos Behind
Adult Use Of ADHD Drugs Up
Adults Can Grow Brain Cells
Adults Eating Less Fruit, Not Enough Veggies
Adults With Kids Less Suicidal
Advances In Medicine
Advice on Finding Legitimate Stem Cell Clinics
Aerobics With Attitude
Aerobics: Aging Gracefully
Aetna Settles With 700,000 Doctors
Affordable Infertility Treatment
Afghan Cholera Epidemic Feared
Afghan, Iraq Vets Flood VA System
Afghanistan Confirms Deadly Bird Flu
Afghans Give Opium To Frozen Kids
Afghans Wage Cholera Fight
Afghans Warned On Cholera Outbreak
Africa Faces AIDS Orphan Crisis
Africa Needs More Than AIDS Drugs
Africa On Brink Of Polio Outbreak
Africa's War Over AIDS
African AIDS Activist Speaks Out
African Famine To Last For Decades
Africans Irate Over U.S. AIDS Drug
After 4 Days As Oldest Person, She Dies
After Further Review, Vytorin Gets FDA OK
Against Cloning: One Researcher's View
Age Doesn't Mean Frailty
Age May Play Role In SARS Deaths
Aged Brains Renewed By Genes
Aged Cancer Patients Lack Painkillers
Ageism Is Pervasive In Health Care?
Agent Orange Relief Sought
Agent Orange Still Attacking
Agent Orange Vets Win Round
Agent Orange, Leukemia Linked
Aging Boomers Face Doctor Shortage
Aging Czar an Old Hand on Senior Issues
Aging With Grace - And Technology
Ah-Choo! Pollen Blankets The Southeast
AHA: Women, HRT, and Heart Disease
AIDS #1 Health Threat To Kids
AIDS Battle Has Many Fronts
AIDS Becoming Youth Epidemic
AIDS Care Misses Some Groups
AIDS Care Varies By State
AIDS Cases On The Rise
AIDS Creating Global 'Orphans Crisis'
AIDS Death Rate On The Rise
AIDS Delegates Differ On Condoms
AIDS Drug Approved For Tests
AIDS Drug Boom Could Hurt Progress
AIDS Drug Delivery To Be Hastened
AIDS Drug Trial Sparks Static
AIDS Drugs Bad For Heart?
AIDS Drugs Show Prevention Promise
AIDS Drugs Tested On Foster Kids
AIDS Epidemic Growing In India
AIDS Experts Huddle On Prevention Strategy
AIDS Fight Trumps Politics, Gossip
AIDS Fund Faces Shortfall
AIDS Gets A Kick From Cocaine
AIDS Group Sues Pfizer Over Viagra Ads
AIDS Hindering Africa Food Output
AIDS In Africa Worse Than War
AIDS In China Hits Million Mark
AIDS List Mistakenly Mass E-Mailed
AIDS No Longer A Top 10 Killer
AIDS Panel Tied To Probed Agency
AIDS Patients to Obama: Send Funds South
AIDS Prevention Gives Short Shrift To Gays
AIDS Prevention in Africa
AIDS Price Tag Soaring In Asia
AIDS Racial Gap Widens
AIDS Research May Suffer From Bad Economy
AIDS Running Rampant In Russia
AIDS Scare Shuts Down Porn Films
AIDS Shot For Monkeys Shows Promise
AIDS Spreading At Alarming Rate
AIDS Strikes Poor Young Women
AIDS Summit At Epidemic Ground Zero
AIDS Threatens Century's Progess
AIDS Threats Spur New Tactics
AIDS Up Sharply In China
AIDS Vaccine Fails In Thailand
AIDS Vaccine Fails, Yet Yields Hope
AIDS Vaccine Gets Mixed Reviews
AIDS Vaccine Hits 'Super' Snag
AIDS Vaccine Results Show Modest Success
AIDS Vaccine Tested Across Globe
AIDS Vaccine Tested In Africa
AIDS Vaccine Tested On Humans
AIDS Vaccine To Be Tested
AIDS Vaccine Trial Scaled Back
AIDS Vaccine Trial Underway
AIDS: Africa's Deadly Scourge
AIDS: Deadly Ignorance
AIDS: Millions Face 'Destruction'
AIDS: The Constant Battle
AIDSvax Test Under Way
Ailing Elephant Gets Acupuncture
Ailing Kennedy Seeks Health Care Overhaul
Air Bags Get Sophisticated
Air Pollution in Womb Linked to Low IQ
Air Pollution Worries Parents
Air Pollution's Global Toll
Air Pollution: Bad For Your Heart
Air War: In-Flight Exercise
Airborne Cold Remedy Settles Suit For $30M
Airline Caterer Flunks Federal Inspection
Airline Food High In Fat
Airline Meningitis Scare
Ala. Doctor Confirmed as Surgeon General
Alabama Joins List Of West Nile States
Alarm Over Parkinson's Drugs
Alarm Sounded on Kids' Lack of Vitamin D
Alarm Sounded Over Exhausted Doctors
Alarming Increase In Child Asthma