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'Miracle' Hawaiian: Damien's Already A Saint
2 Convicted In Germany Of Supporting Terror Group
2 Suspects In Custody In Swedish Helicopter Heist
3 Americans Share 2009 Nobel Medicine Prize
3 Germans Acquitted Of Aiding Illegal Migration
44-year French Probe Into Disappearance Resurfaces
5 Norwegians Decide Peace Prize Winner
A List Of US Winners Of The Nobel Peace Prize
A Look At Women Who Have Won Nobel Prizes
Across Europe, The Embattled Left Loses Its Clout
Africa Bishops Speak Of Obama In Religious Terms
African Aid Pioneer Aengus Finucane Dies In Dublin
Albania Wants Remains Of Mother Teresa, King
Amazing Video: Stunt Plane Crash
Analysis: Turkey Gets Tough On Israel
Anne Frank Museum Launches YouTube Channel
AP Newsbreak: Nobel Jury Defends Obama Decision
Armenia President Explains Turkey Ties To Diaspora
Baby Born In Germany To Woman In Coma
Belgium, Honolulu Bishop Celebrate 'leper Priest'
Berlin Police Search Suspected Extremists' Homes
Big Dino Prints Found In Jurassic Park In France
Britain's Blair Seen As EU Presidential Material
Britain's Brown To Repay $19,000 Expense Claims
British Premier Brown Confronts Belfast Deadlock
Caravaggio Painting To Be Restored In Public
Climate-change Protesters Scale UK Parliament
Clinton Says Iran Must Show Action On Nuke Program
Clinton Says Iran Must Show Action On Nuke Program
Comments On Irish 'yes' To Lisbon Treaty
Common Misconceptions About The Nobel Peace Prize
Common Misconceptions About The Nobel Peace Prize
Congo Forest Protector Shares Alternative Nobel
Czech President Last Obstacle For EU Reform Treaty
Danish Military Chief Resigns Amid Book Scandal
Daughter Of Ahmadinejad Adviser Seeks Asylum
Dole Withdraws Lawsuit Against Swedish Filmmaker
Economics This Year's Last Nobel Prize Award
Eiffel Tower Lit Up With Colors Of Turkish Flag
EU, US Officials To Meet With Bosnia Leaders
Excerpts From 2009 Nobel Medicine Prize
Excerpts From 2009 Nobel Physics Prize
Excerpts From Nobel Chemistry Prize Citation
Expenses Scandal Forces Out Irish Parliament Chief
Facts About Next Week's Nobel Prize Announcements
Farm Protests Over Milk Prices Yields No Result
Former Guantanamo Detainee Arrives In Belgium
France Calls For Plan To Improve Language Teaching
French Author: New Info On Ben Barka Disappearance
French Culture Minister Under Fire Over Book
French Physicist Questioned As Terror Suspect
G-7 Finance Ministers Warn Of Fragile Recovery
Gately Of Irish Boy Band Boyzone Dies In Mallorca
German Artist Poses 1,250 Nazi Garden Gnomes
German Book Fair Head Defends Choice Of China
German Magazine Swaps Thin Models For Real Women
German Winners Of The Nobel Literature Prize
Germany Marks 19th Anniversary Of Reunification
Giant Marionettes Celebrate Unified Berlin
Glance At 2009 Nobel Prize Winners
Google To Launch Google Editions Platform
Greece's Kokosalaki Serves Up Elegant Draping
Greece's New Leader Is A Low-key Veteran Pol
Greek Socialist Government Sworn In
Gypsy Laborer Faces Execution In Belarus
Holocaust Memorial Unveiled In Romania
How The Greek General Election Works
Hungary Pageant For Surgically Enhanced Beauties
IRA Splinter Group To Renounce Violence In Ireland
Iraqi Shoe Thrower In Switzerland To Rest: Lawyer
Ireland's 2-party Government Strikes Fragile Deal
Israeli Woman Potential Nobel Chemistry Winner
Italian Lamborghini Cop Car On Display In Holland
Key Conservative Political Gains Around Europe
List Of Greece's New Socialist Government
List Of Recent Nobel Prize In Chemistry Winners
Lithuania Resumes IRA Dissident Trial
Lloyd Webber Makes New Phantom Set At Coney Island
Look At UN Sanctions On Iran For Nuclear Program
Love Between German And Pole Survives Iron Curtain
Madonna Accepts Damages From British Newspaper
Man Jailed For One Of UK's Biggest Cash Robberies
Man Sets Off Explosion At Italian Army Barracks
McDonald's To Become Mona Lisa's New Neighbor
Milan Police Arrest 2 In Barracks Attack
Mussolini Paid Well As British Agent In WWI
Nasty, Or Nice? New Mood Among UK's Conservatives
Negligence Factor In Russian Power Plant Accident
Nobel Prizes 2009: A Record Year For Women
Nobel Winner Wrote About Repression In Romania
Nobel Winners Cited For Ongoing Or Recent Work
Norway Decorates WWII Hero With Top Military Honor
Obama's Nobel Peace Prize Triumph Hailed By Many
Police Break Up Anti-IMF Protest In Istanbul
Polish Anti-corruption Chief Faces Charges
Polish President Ratifies EU Reform Treaty
Pope Proclaims 5 New Saints
Pope To Visit Rome Synagogue In January
Pro-Kremlin Party Sweeps Moscow Elections
Questions And Answers About Obama's Nobel Surprise
Rally Held In Rome To Defend Press Freedom
Recent Winners Of The Nobel Prize In Medicine
Recent Winners Of The Nobel Prize In Physics
Record Euro1.06 Billion EU Fine For Intel
Reinhard Mohn, Who Built Up Bertelsmann, Dead
Report: Politkovskaya Killer Identified
Review Criticizes UK Lawmaker's Arrest Over Leak
Romanian Government Falls In Confidence Vote
Russia: US Fight Against Afghan Drugs Insufficient
Russian Crime Boss Ivankov Dies In Hospital
Russian Gays Ask Clinton For Support
Russian Governor OK's Petersburg Skyscraper
Russian President Congratulates Obama On Nobel
Russian President: Economy Sank More Than Forecast
Singer Luis Aguile Has Died
Slain Russian Activist's Children Ask For Justice
Small Bomb Explodes Near Greek PM
Some Facts About The Nobel Peace Prize
Spain Says 36-man Crew On Hijacked Boat Safe
Spanish Boat Attacked By Pirates In Indian Ocean
Spanish PM To Meet Obama At White House
Swedes Deny Owning Pirate Bay In Dutch Court
Swiss Writer Chessex, 75, Dies
Telescopes, Galileo Texts On View At Vatican
Thousands Of Romanian Workers Protest Low Wages
Timetable For Remaining Nobel Prize Announcements
Top Russian General Challenges US On Missiles
Travel Experts Mull Ecotourism Threats
Twitter Users Undermine Attempt To Gag UK Media
Twitter Users Undermine Attempt To Gag UK Media
UK Plans Cutback On Public Sector Salary Increases
UK Postal Workers Deciding Whether To Strike
UK Supermarket Pulls Ad From Fox News Over Beck
UK: Pakistan Nuclear Sites Not Under Terror Threat
Ukraine Holds Naval Exercises In Crimea
UN Chief: Pakistan Attack A 'heinous Crime'
UN Rights Body Approves US-Egypt Free Speech Text
UN: Agriculture Investment Must Increase 5-fold
UN: Russia Must Adapt To Shrinking Population
UNESCO: Drought Forces 100,000 Iraqis From Homes
US Lead In Danger? Nobels Tell A Different Story
US, EU Meet With Bosnians In Talks Dubbed Dayton 2
Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Leader Edelman Dies At 90
Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Leader Edelman Dies At 90
What Happens To EU With `yes' Vote And `no' Vote
Windy City Blown Away In 2016 Olympic Voting
Winners Of The Nobel Economics Prize
Works Of Herta Mueller