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Clinton And Obama Take Time To Talk Faith
Clinton Apologizes To Black Voters
Clinton Back On The Stump
Clinton Backer Pleads Guilty
Clinton Backer To Plead Guilty
Clinton Backers Try To Look Past Concerns
Clinton Backs Out Of Event With Palin
Clinton Backs Presidential Redux
Clinton Boosts His Pal Al
Clinton Calls For Gas Tax Vote
Clinton Calls For Healtier Diet
Clinton Calls for Stronger U.S.-India Ties
Clinton Calls For Universal Health Care
Clinton Camp Nixes Drop-Out Talk
Clinton Camp Opposes Mich. Delegate Plan
Clinton Camp Reports Record Fundraising
Clinton Camp: Obama Team Peddling Photos
Clinton Campaign Unveils First TV Ad
Clinton Campaigns With Warren Buffett
Clinton Case 'Far From Over'
Clinton Cashes In
Clinton Challenger Hanging In
Clinton Challenges Obama In Dem Face-Off
Clinton Charity Draws Eclectic Donors
Clinton Cites Robert Kennedy Assassination
Clinton Clashes With Fox Newsman
Clinton Compares Herself To Rocky
Clinton Courts Black Voters
Clinton Courts Hispanics
Clinton Cozies Up To Labor
Clinton Criticizes Obama Over Gas Tax Plan
Clinton Criticizes Press
Clinton Cruises To West Virginia Win
Clinton Cuts Trip Short Over Haiti Crisis
Clinton Defends Clemency
Clinton Defends Rich Pardon
Clinton Denounces Aide's Obama Remark
Clinton Dials For Votes
Clinton Digs In; Romney Takes Foes' Digs
Clinton Discusses Iraq War With Young Vets
Clinton Does His Part In California
Clinton Donor Pleads Guilty
Clinton Drops Rodham
Clinton Drops Unlikely Names On The Trail
Clinton Emotional At Yale Homecoming
Clinton Emphasizes Shared Prosperity
Clinton Ends White House Bid
Clinton Expected To Release Her Delegates
Clinton Fans Line Up At Stores
Clinton Finds Emotion On The Trail
Clinton Focused On Women This Week
Clinton Fund Raiser To Testify
Clinton Fundraiser Charged with Fraud
Clinton Gets Cameo In Clark Ad
Clinton Gets Campaign Link To Latinos
Clinton Gets GOP Wedding Gift
Clinton Gets Tough On Guns
Clinton Gifts Called 'Disturbing'
Clinton Gives Clue On Social Security Plan
Clinton Gives Up Fugitive's Donations
Clinton Goes To Bat For Davis
Clinton Group Got Millions From Overseas
Clinton Hails Obama As "America's Future"
Clinton Has Most Cash In The Bank
Clinton Heads West For Gov. Davis
Clinton Hints At Joint Ticket With Obama
Clinton Hits The Road
Clinton Hits The Trail For Kerry
Clinton In Turkey; Obama Next To Go
Clinton Invites Donors To Obama Meeting
Clinton Keeps Spotlight On Disputed Votes
Clinton Kicks Off European Tour
Clinton Lauds Rural Initiatives
Clinton Leads The Pack In Fundraising
Clinton Lends Kerry A Hand
Clinton Lent Her Campaign $6.4 Million
Clinton Library Gets Go-Ahead
Clinton Loaned Campaign $5M
Clinton Looks Forward After Pa. Victory
Clinton Looks To Loyalists For Staff
Clinton Makes Final Appeal To Iowa Voters
Clinton Makes Surprise Trip to Afghanistan
Clinton Memoir Setting Records
Clinton Mocks Obama's Global Experience
Clinton Nominee: I'm Sorry
Clinton Nudged GOP Defector
Clinton Offers Rx For Ailing Democrats
Clinton Offers Rx For Ailing Democrats
Clinton Office Deal Sealed
Clinton Officially Launches '08 Bid
Clinton Officials Slam ABC 9/11 Series
Clinton OKs Pay Hikes
Clinton On Clinton III
Clinton On Track For State Department Nod
Clinton Open To VP Nod
Clinton Ordered To Pay $91K
Clinton Outlines Anti-Crime Plan
Clinton Overwhelmingly Wins Puerto Rico
Clinton Packing It In
Clinton Pal Cops A Plea
Clinton Pardon Under Fire
Clinton Pardons Panned In Report
Clinton Parries Iraq Questions In N.H.
Clinton Passes The Torch
Clinton Pitches Health Plan
Clinton Plan Focuses On Low-Income Kids
Clinton Plays Captain Cash
Clinton Pleads For Test Ban
Clinton Ponders Campaign's Future
Clinton Portraits Join The Greats
Clinton Pounces On "Mission Accomplished"
Clinton Praises Bush On Immigration
Clinton Presses On, Stumps Coast To Coast
Clinton Promises Universal Health Care
Clinton Promotes Global Warming Plan
Clinton Proposes $5,000 "Baby Bonds"
Clinton Proposes Pre-K Access For All Kids
Clinton Pushes Obama Message In Asia
Clinton Queried In Campaign Probe
Clinton Quits Supreme Court Bar
Clinton Rains On Dubya's Parade
Clinton Raises $35 Million In February
Clinton Rallies For Nuke Pact
Clinton Raps On Recount
Clinton Real Estate Flap, Take Two
Clinton Regrets Rich Pardon
Clinton Releases New Ad In South Carolina
Clinton Replaces Campaign Manager
Clinton Resilience Could Benefit Hillary
Clinton Resists Call To Reveal Tax Returns
Clinton Responds To Campaign Critics
Clinton Returns To The Senate
Clinton Says Aides Can Tell All
Clinton Says Obama Rash On Foreign Policy
Clinton Says Only She Can End Iraq War
Clinton Says She Won't Run Again
Clinton Says She's "Driven" To Get Results
Clinton Says TV Career Unlikely
Clinton Seals Budget Deal
Clinton Seeks To Turn Obama Superdelegates
Clinton Sees Families of Detained Hikers
Clinton Shifts Focus From Obama To Bush
Clinton Signs Record Book Deal
Clinton Slams McCain On Farm Bill
Clinton Slept On The Couch
Clinton Sorry To See Quayle Go
Clinton Speaks Out On Tax Cut
Clinton Stays Confident On The Trail
Clinton Stays In The Shadows
Clinton Steps Back
Clinton Steps Up Attack On Obama
Clinton Still Irked By Richardson's Move
Clinton Still Trying To Pay Campaign Debt
Clinton Supports Michigan Revote Proposal
Clinton Surges In Iowa
Clinton Tackles College Costs
Clinton Takes Heat Over "Hippie Museum"
Clinton Takes Plan On Road
Clinton Takes Shot At Bush Win
Clinton Talks About N.H. Hostage Ordeal
Clinton Talks to China About WikiLeaks Release
Clinton Taps 2 Envoys To World Hot Spots
Clinton Targets Abuse Of Elderly
Clinton Targets Proposals For Hawaii
Clinton Tells Democrats: "Never Give Up"
Clinton Tightens Toxin Rules
Clinton To Accept Secretary Of State Job
Clinton To Bush: Clean Up Your Mess
Clinton To Campaign For Kerry
Clinton To End Campaign, Back Obama
Clinton To Get Roll Call At Dem Convention
Clinton To Headline Convention's 2nd Night
Clinton To Help Gore
Clinton To Hit The Trail
Clinton to Iran: Offer To Talk Has Limits
Clinton to Iran: Return Hikers ASAP
Clinton To Mark Birthday With Fundraiser
Clinton to Obama: There's No Nominee Yet
Clinton To Offer Sweeping Health Care Plan
Clinton To Return $850K In Hsu Donations
Clinton Told To Slam Obama's Roots
Clinton Tough On Tax Cuts
Clinton Touts Foreign Policy Experience
Clinton Touts Health Care Plan To 5 Voters
Clinton Touts Plan To Stop Foreclosures
Clinton Unbowed By Third-Place Finish
Clinton Under Oath Again
Clinton Unveils Democratic Plan
Clinton Urges Bush To Get U.N. Backing
Clinton Urges Closer NATO Ties to Russia
Clinton Urges Gay Tolerance
Clinton Visits Florida Ahead Of Primary
Clinton Voices Opposition To Colombia Deal
Clinton Volunteer Quits Over Obama E-Mail
Clinton Vows To Keep Fighting
Clinton Vows To Reverse Bush On Stem Cells
Clinton Vows Veto Of Marriage Tax Relief
Clinton Waives Executive Privilege
Clinton Warms To Secretary Of State Job
Clinton Warns Bush On Attacking Iran
Clinton Will Spill The Beans
Clinton Wins Endorsement From Spielberg
Clinton Wins Key Union Endorsement
Clinton Wins Nevada Democratic Caucuses
Clinton Wins New Mexico Democratic Caucus
Clinton Wins Night's Biggest Prize
Clinton Wins Uncontested Fla. Dem Primary
Clinton Won't Meet With Senators
Clinton Won't Release Tax Returns Soon
Clinton Would Extend Same-Sex Benefits
Clinton Writes Off $13.1 Mil Campaign Loan
Clinton's $20M Debt Could Cause Headaches
Clinton's 'Late Show' Sales Job
Clinton's A Hit In Hollywood
Clinton's California Fan Club
Clinton's Campaign Embraces Gender
Clinton's Chinatown Connections Examined
Clinton's Confirmation Opening Statement
Clinton's Contentious Week
Clinton's Cookbook Rises
Clinton's Final Shining Moment
Clinton's Greatest Seduction?
Clinton's Hot In Harlem
Clinton's Latest Bridge
Clinton's Master Plan
Clinton's Oslo Trip A First
Clinton's Path To Victory Slipping Away
Clinton's Proud Of His Library
Clinton's Public Humiliation
Clinton's Rx Remedy
Clinton's Rx: Road Trip!
Clinton's Scarlet Legacy
Clinton's Top Mich. Rival? "Uncommitted"
Clinton, Congress Make Progress
Clinton, Dean Win Primaries
Clinton, Economy At Center Of GOP Debate
Clinton, Giuliani Top Picks For Costumes
Clinton, GOP Keep Store Open
Clinton, Gore Together Again
Clinton, Huckabee Ark. Papers Unreleased
Clinton, McCain Win In New Hampshire
Clinton, McCain Win In New Hampshire
Clinton, Obama Agree To Bury Racial Spat
Clinton, Obama Battle Fatigue On The Trail
Clinton, Obama Both Claim Lead In Votes
Clinton, Obama Both Raised $100M In 2007
Clinton, Obama Collide In Tense Debate
Clinton, Obama Court Black Voters In Selma
Clinton, Obama Debate, But Play Nice
Clinton, Obama In Battle For Indiana, N.C.
Clinton, Obama Keep Sparring After Debate
Clinton, Obama Make Pa. Closing Arguments
Clinton, Obama Neck And Neck In N.H. Poll
Clinton, Obama Seek Unity At Convention
Clinton, Obama Slug It Out In Ohio
Clinton, Obama Spar Over Health Care
Clinton, Obama Split Key Primaries
Clinton, Obama Still Deadlocked In N.M.
Clinton, Obama Stress The Economy
Clinton, Obama Take Heat At AFL-CIO Forum
Clinton, Obama Trade Barbs Over Donor
Clinton, Obama Trade Negative Attacks
Clinton, Romney Are Wealthiest Candidates
Clinton-Era Docs Shed More Light on Kagan
Clinton-Obama Race Spurs Party Switches
Clinton-Obama: Ships Passing In The Night
Clinton: "I'm Just Getting Warmed Up"
Clinton: "No Way. No How. No McCain"
Clinton: "Right-Wing Conspiracy" Is Real
Clinton: "This Campaign Goes On!"
Clinton: "Tide Is Turning" After Pa. Win
Clinton: 'I Was In The Doghouse'
Clinton: Bush Should Skip Olympic Ceremony
Clinton: Dems Face Apathy, Anger in November
Clinton: Election Won't Change Foreign Policy
Clinton: Extend Unpaid Family Leave
Clinton: Focus On Education
Clinton: How To Stamp Out Terror
Clinton: I'll Veto GOP Tax Cut
Clinton: I'm Secretary of State, Not Bill
Clinton: Insure Kids' Health
Clinton: Invest In Internet And Research
Clinton: Israel Needs to Act on Peace
Clinton: Israeli West Bank Growth Must End
Clinton: Just Joking!
Clinton: Midterms Won't Repeat `94 Losses
Clinton: New Sanctions On Iran Needed
Clinton: No Baby Bonds, But $1K For 401(K)
Clinton: No On Illegal Immigrants Licenses
Clinton: Obama "Irresponsible" And "Naive"
Clinton: Obama "Whining" About Debate
Clinton: Reports of My Demise Premature
Clinton: Senate Story 'Crazy'
Clinton: Time To Re-Evaluate NAFTA
Clinton: U.S. Fueling Mexican Drug Wars
Clinton: Use "Smart Power" In Diplomacy
Clinton: Use Diplomacy First With Iran
Clinton: We Don't Need Moderators
Clinton: Wright "Offensive And Outrageous"
Clinton: Yemeni Extremists a Global Threat
Clintons Agree On Gay Policy
Clintons And Obama
Clintons Buy D.C. Dream House
Clintons Cast Their Votes
Clintons Cleared On Whitewater
Clintons Close To Home?
Clintons Earned $500G in 1998
Clintons Get House, Criticism
Clintons In NY State Of Mind
Clintons Leading Kerry $$ Drive
Clintons Liquidate Controversial Stocks
Clintons Owe $4M In Legal Fees
Clintons Pay Off Legal Bills
Clintons Purchase N.Y. Home
Clintons Seek Fed $$ For Legal Fees
Clintons Shop For Mortgage
Clintons, Obama Urge Primary Patience
Clintons: $109M In Income Since 2000
Clock Ticking for Dems on Health Care
Cloning Ban Hopes Downsized
Cloning Battle Heats Up
Clooney Brings Darfur To The White House
Close As Ever
Close Call For George W.
Close Call In Congress