Investigative Round-Up - Blogs

Transport Costs Could Alter World Trade
Treasure: Somali Pirates Snag $3.2M Ransom
Trial Begins in Rape of Iraqi Girl, Slaying of Her Family
Trial Lawyers Sidestep Malpractice Curbs With Blitz in Congress
Trial of CIA, Italian Agents Provides Rare Look At Intelligence Work
Trinidad &Tobago Link in UK Credit Card Scam
Troopergate Could Dog Palin On Campaign
Truck in Utah Leaked Toxic Waste From Duct-Taped Hose
Trying To Get Off The UN's Terrorist List Described as 'Kafkaesque'
Tuareg Raid Mali Town Near Qaeda Hideout - Source
Tunisians Dismiss Al-Zawahiri's Justifications For Killing Civilians
Turbulence Eyed In Turkish Jet Crash
Turkey Detains 45 Al Qaeda Suspects - Anatolian
Turkey Investigates Al Qaeda Link
Turkey Probes Deaths Of 27 Babies At Hospital
Turkey's Opposition Calls On PM To Clarify Fraud Claims
Turkey: Syrian Man Arrested Over 'Obama Murder Plot'
Turkish Generals Held As Plotters
Turkish Military Breaks Silence Over New Plot Story
Turkish Police Detain 26 More In Coup Probe
Turks Detain 4 In U.S. Consulate Attack
Tutu Wraps Up Investigation Of Gaza Deaths
TV Anchor's Brutal Beating Puzzles Cops
Twisted Plot: Did Cemetery Workers Dump Bodies to Resell Gravesites?
Two Americans Among Dead In India Siege
Two Businessmen Are Charged in Sale of Military Parts to Iran
Two Held In Global PC Fraud Probe
Two IB Men Trailing Al Qaeda Shot Dead
Two Journalists Shot In Pakistan Attack
Two Richardson Aides Are Focus of Probe
Two Small Bombs Explode In Spain's Basque Region
Two U.S. Soldiers Killed by Gunman, but Details Are Disputed
Two Unmanned Georgian Spy Drones 'Shot Down' over Abkhazia
Tzipi Livni: Terrorist-Hunter Secret Of Woman Tipped To Lead Israel
U..S Military: No. 2 Al Qaeda In Iraq Leader Killed
U.K. 'must check' U.S. Torture Denial
U.K. Accused Of Musharraf Exit Deal
U.K. Arrests in Tamil Tigers Probe
U.K. Companies Linked To Iraqi Reconstruction Fraud Inquiry
U.K. Concedes New Basra Death Probe
U.K. Cops To Probe G20 Protest Death
U.K. FSA Said To Open Probe Into Shorting Of Banks
U.K. Ignored Warning On Bogus Students
U.K. Looks To Crack Down On Prostitution
U.K. Military Investigating 2003 Iraq Abuse Claim
U.K. Police to Probe Arrest of Conservative Lawmaker
U.K. Starts Criminal Investigation Of AIG Unit
U.K. Terror Suspect's Wife Convicted
U.K.'s Iraq Inquiry To Ask Ex-PM Blair To Testify
U.N. Agency Eyes Web Anonymity Controls
U.N. Aid Official Seized in Somalia
U.N. Call For S Lanka Video Probe
U.N. Call For Sri Lanka War Probe
U.N. Cites Evidence That U.S. Attack In Afghanistan Killed 90 Civilians
U.N. Denies Cover-Up in D.R. Congo Smuggling Allegations
U.N. Experts Get Threats in Inquiry Into Somalia
U.N. Investigation of Hariri Assassination Has its New Head
U.N. Official Calls for Review of American Raids
U.N. Probe Urged Over Iraqi Inmates
U.N. Report Accuses Israeli Military Of Negligence In Gaza War
U.N. Rights Chief Wants Investigation of Gaza Abuses
U.N. Team Arrives for BB?s Murder Probe
U.N. to Launch Bhutto Death Investigation
U.N. Warns Of Opium, Coca Glut
U.N.: Afghan Civilian Deaths Up 40%
U.S Roadmap To Dry Aqim Financial Resources In Algeria
U.S. Eyes A 'Grand' Afghan Bargain
U.S. 'Dangerously Vulnerable' To WMD
U.S. Agencies Faulted In Mexico Gunrunning
U.S. Agents Scrutinize Texas Firm
U.S. Aid Worker Assassinated In Pakistan
U.S. Air Strike in Tribal Area of Pakistan Kills 9
U.S. Air Strike Wiped Out Afghan Wedding Party, Inquiry Finds
U.S. Analyst Depicts Al Qaeda As Secure In Pakistan And More Potent Than Last Year
U.S. And NATO Forces Kill 13 Afghans In Strikes Said To Be Mistakes
U.S. Anti-Kidnap Expert Abducted In Mexico
U.S. Armenian Group Faces Investigation
U.S. Army Admits Iraqi Civilians Killed
U.S. Assists Mexico In Plane Crash Probe
U.S. Auction-Rate Investigation Picks Up Steam
U.S. Banks Drawn Into Bernard Madoff Scandal Amid Fear Of More Victims
U.S. Can?t Trace Foreign Visitors on Expired Visas
U.S. Charges 6 With Smuggling Elephant IvoryTthrough Kennedy Airport
U.S. Charges Two Britons In Nigeria Bribery Probe
U.S. Cites 175 Arrests Of Traffickers In Drug Ring
U.S. Cites 175 Arrests Of Traffickers In Drug Ring
U.S. Citizens Caught Up In Immigration Sweeps
U.S. Confirms High-Voltage Cable Antitrust Probe
U.S. Contractors Freed In Iraq Murder
U.S. Couple Almost Adopted Stolen Guatemalan Baby
U.S. Cracks Down On Corporate Bribes: Report
U.S. Cyberspying Fears Hang Over Beijing Olympics
U.S. Dad Gets Girls Back From Georgia
U.S. Deaths in Iraq War Reach 4,000; Green Zone Is Shelled
U.S. Deploys More Than 43,000 Unfit For Combat
U.S. did not warn of impending missile strike, Pakistan says
U.S. Diplomat Caught Up In Cuban Funds Scandal
U.S. Disputes Afghan Raid Death Toll
U.S. Engineer Indicted On Iran Dealings
U.S. Environmental Agency Silences Employees On Climate Change
U.S. Extends Its Inquiry of Offshore Tax Fraud
U.S. Facing Second Wave Of 9/11 Attacks
U.S. Fights Information War With Taliban
U.S. Fitness Centre Shooter wrote About Plans for Attack on Website
U.S. For Probe Into Bangladesh Mutineers' Deaths
U.S. Fraud Probe Hits Latin American Banks
U.S. Fundraiser Talansky To Begin Deposition In Olmert Case Today
U.S. GI Unraveled Before Iraq Clinic Slay
U.S. Government Intensifies Mortgage Investigation
U.S. Has New Details On Afghan Casualties
U.S. Helps Remove Uranium From Iraq
U.S. Helps Thailand Rub Out Fake Passports
U.S. Holding 500 Youths Prisoner In Iraq
U.S. Hones Intelligence Skills
U.S. Identifies Tainted Heparin in 11 Countries
U.S. Indicts Russian on Four Terrorism Charges
U.S. Inquiry For 'Torture' Deportee
U.S. Intelligence Group Dismisses Report of Al-Qaeda WMD Tape
U.S. Investigation Of Chicago Police Torture Widens To Include Colleagues Of Jon Burge
U.S. Invites Pakistan, Afghanistan To Take Part In Airstrike Investigation
U.S. Issues Scathing Report on Immigrant Who Died in Detention
U.S. Jury Convicts Liberian Dictator's Son
U.S. Lawmakers Want Details Of Anthrax Investigation
U.S. Madoff Probe Looks at London Office
U.S. May Rethink Talking To Taliban
U.S. Memo Approved Harsh Interrogations
U.S. Military Admits Errors In Air Strikes That Killed Scores Of Afghan Civilians
U.S. Military Chief Visits Zamboanga After Blast
U.S. Military Identifies Soldier Who Killed Five
U.S. Military Kills 22 Militants In Afghanistan
U.S. Military Personnel Were Split on Past Interrogations, Report Says
U.S. Military Recruits More Ex-Cons
U.S. Military Secretly Sending Foreign Fighters To Home Nations
U.S. Millionaire Admits Giving Cash to Olmert
U.S. Nabs Death Squad Chief In Baghdad
U.S. Nuke Missile Silo Fire Went Unnoticed
U.S. Officers Killed Blindfolded Iraqis, Statements Say
U.S. Official: 3 Pirates Killed In Gunfight Off Somalia's Coast
U.S. Official: No Civilians Killed In Syrian Raid
U.S. Officials Differ on Bin Laden Intel
U.S. Officials Investigate Suspected Terror Recruitment In Minnesota
U.S. Officials Still Quiet On Suicide Of Yemeni Guantanamo Detainee
U.S. Oilfield Deaths Skyrocket With Demand
U.S. Panel Warns Of Chinese Espionage
U.S. Peppers Cleared In Salmonella Study
U.S. Plot to Nail Iran Backfires
U.S. Police Think Money Manager Planned To Vanish
U.S. Probe Finds 20 To 30 Civilians May Have Been Killed In Afghanistan Battle
U.S. Probes Afghan Reconstruction Abuses
U.S. Probes Cable Pricing Ahead Of Switch To Digital
U.S. Prosecutor Goes to Iraq to Work on Blackwater Case
U.S. Raids New Orleans Agency In Scandal Over A Housing Cleanup Program
U.S. Recruit Reveals How Qaeda Trains Foreigners
U.S. Rejected Aid for Israeli Raid on Iranian Nuclear Site
U.S. Releases Al-Jazeera Cameraman
U.S. Research Center Mistreats Chimps: Humane Society
U.S. Revokes Visa Of Pakistan Rights Defender
U.S. Sanctions Those Tied To Pakistani Scientist
U.S. Says Hussein Spy Agency and Iraqi-American Arranged ?02 Trip by Lawmakers
U.S. Says Israel-Iran Story False
U.S. Says Syria Must Not Hinder IAEA Nuclear Probe
U.S. Senate Panel To Sets Goals For CIA Probe
U.S. Soldier Acquitted In "Fragging" Trial
U.S. Soldier Missing Near Mexico Border
U.S. State Dept Revokes Visas of Erap, Others in Espionage Case
U.S. Steps Up Effort on Digital Defenses
U.S. Steps Up Prosecution For Arms Sales To Iran
U.S. Strike Aided Bin Laden-Taliban Ties?
U.S. Strike Kills 6 Iraqi Sunni Volunteers: Military Says Attack Is Under Investigation
U.S. Student Accused Of "Satanic" Slaying
U.S. Supply Convoy Hijacked In Pakistan
U.S. Targets Sanctions At Accused German Terrorists
U.S. to Expand Collection of Crime Suspects' DNA
U.S. To Fund Pro-American Publicity In Iraqi Media
U.S. To Plug Border 'loophole': Open Seas
U.S. to Release AP Photographer Jailed in Iraq
U.S. To Reopen Deportation Case
U.S. to Stop Green Card Denials for Dissidents
U.S. To Take North Korea Off Rogue States List And Lift Sanctions
U.S. to Unveil Court Rulings Against Nazis
U.S. Tracking Citizens' Border Crossings
U.S. Treasury Freezes Assets Of Islamic Foundation
U.S. Troops Erred in Fight With Taliban That Killed Dozens of Civilians
U.S. Trustee Names Examiner To Probe Lehman
U.S. Unit Secretly in Pakistan Lends Ally Support
U.S. Uses Bullets Ill-Suited For New Ways Of War
U.S. Virgin Islands Cooperating With Stanford Probe
U.S. Warns Of Al Qaeda Threat In Sudan
U.S. Warns Of Possible Attacks At Afghan Celebration
U.S. Watchdog Reopens Investigation Into How Officials Handled Arar Case
U.S. Watchdog Says Billions Of U.S. Aid Wasted In Iraq
U.S., Brazilian Investigations Disagree On Air Crash
U.S.-Built Bridge Is Windfall ? For Illegal Afghan Drug Trade
U.S.: Al Qaeda Rebuilding in Pakistan
U.S.: Militants Using Chemical Weapons
U.S.: Syria Raid Killed Al Qaeda Leader
UAE: Zirconium Dealer Busted
UBS Said to Pay $780 Million to Settle U.S. Tax Investigation
Uganda: Al Qaeda Suspects Held
UK Banks Accused Of Boycotting Cuba
UK Downturn Could Help Fuel Terrorism: Memo
UK Guantanamo Inmate Wins Ruling
UK Is Weak On Tackling White Collar Crime And Short Sellers, Says HBOS Chairman
UK Official: Terror Threat Growing
UK Should Not Rule Out Reopening Al Yamamah Investigation, Says OECD
UK's Gordon Brown To Testify Before Iraq Inquiry
Ukraine: Lawmakers To Probe Weapons To Georgia
UN Calls For Investigation Into Nepal Disappearances
UN Envoy's Ties To Pakistani Are Questioned
UN Finds New Clues In Hariri Case
UN Nuclear Team To Inspect Bombed Syria Desert Site
UN Says 'Network' Killed Hariri
UN Says Darfur Dead May Be 300,000;Sudan Denies
UN says Russia downed Georgian Drone
UN Staff Grounded After Gun Goes off in Plane
UN: Pakistani Charity Was Terrorist Front
Uncle Of Missing Vt. Girl Arrested
Undercover City Detective Finds Hints Of Danger Among Mosques
Unidentified Players Remain In Insider-Trading Case
Uninsured Pay $30 Billion For Health Care: Study
Unique Investigative Agency Tackles NYC Corruption
Unsafe Bus Operators Change Names, Keep Trucking
Up To 70 Taliban Killed In Afghan Strike: local official
US Adds Al-Qaeda-Linked Somali Militants to Terror List
US Anti-Kidnap Expert Followed Abductors Willingly
US Court Jails 'Agent of China'
US Envoy Calls For Investigation Into Kenya Military, But No Plans To Cut Aid
US Moves Towards Engaging Iran
US Offers Pakistan Government $7bn in Non-Military Aid to Fight Terrorism
US Sailor Found Dead in Bahrain, Investigation Ongoing
US Vessel 'Shoots At Suez Boat'
US/PAKISTAN: Mystery Behind Aafia Siddiqi's 'Arrest' Deepens
USC Stays Silent About NCAA Investigation
USC Stays Silent About NCAA Investigation
Use Of Potentially Harmful Chemicals Kept Secret Under Law
Utah AG Considers Antitrust Probe
Utah AG Defends BCS Antitrust Investigation
Utah Got Burned In Weapons Screw-Up
Vaccine Refusals Fuel Measles Outbreak
Vaccine Skeptics Vs. Your Kids
Vatican Security Worries Over bin Laden Tape
Vatican Security Worries Over bin Laden Tape
Vatican To Probe Catholic Order
Venezuela Bombs Drugs Airstrips
Venezuela Denounces U.S. After Airspace Violation
Venezuela Offered Aid to Colombian Rebels
Venezuela Rebuffs US On Hezbollah Aid
Venezuela Says 4 Suspected Terrorists Detained
Venezuela Still Aids Colombia Rebels, New Material Shows
Venezuelan Found Guilty in Argentine Suitcase Scandal
Verdict Reached In Fort Dix Terror Plot
Veterans Who May Have Been Exposed To Infectious Body Fluids Prepare To File Claims Against VA
Video Appears To Show Hostage Killing In Pakistan
Video Calls For Defeat Of 'Rome' In Canadian Terror Case
Video of California Police Shooting Spurs Investigation
Video Of Olympic Rehearsal Leaked
Video Shows Another BART Cop Hitting Passenger
Vienna Awash In Speculation That Ex-Mayor Was Spy
Vietnam Journalist Jailed For Exposing Scandal
Violations Reported At 94% Of Nursing Homes
Visa Says U.S. Antitrust Agency Starts Fourth Probe
Voice Of Taliban On VOA Probed
Voice Seeking Answers For Parents About A School Collapse Is Silenced
Waging Internal War
Wall Street Tax Dodge
Warning Came Too Late In L.A. Train Wreck
Warning On Qaeda?s New Female Recruits
Warrant Reveals Details About Death Of Pregnant Soldier
Warring Monks Threaten Destruction Of The Church Of The Holy Sepulchre
Was Lockerbie Suspect Working For U.S.?
Was The CIA Wrong (Again)?
Washington?s Newest Gravy Train: High-Speed Rail
Waste, Fraud Plague Iraq Reconstruction
Watchdog Seeks Federal Investigation Of Mccain Donations
Weak Food Inspection Protocol Revealed
Weakened Warriors: When Soldiers Get Combat Fatigue
Wealthy Countries 'Allowing Corruption To Go Unchecked'
Well-Known Criminal Arrested In Italy Again
WellCare To Pay $80M In Deal To End Medicaid Probe
West Links Drug War Aid to Iranian Nuclear Impasse
West Point CTC Relase More Al-Qaeda In Iraq Records
What Happened to Those Bad Bank Assets? So Far, Nothing
What Is Woodward's 'Secret Weapon' In Iraq?
When Peacekeepers Prey on Children
When Spies Don?t Play Well With Their Allies
Where Did The Government Get $85 Billion?
Where in the World Is R. Allen Stanford?
Where's Bin Laden? Science May Hold The Answer
Whistleblower Tackles Russian Police Corruption
White House Influence Is Cited in Corruption Trial
White House Says Syria 'Must Come Clean' About Nuclear Work
Who Is The Yemeni Islamic Jihad Group?
Why Has the US Dropped 9/11 Charges?
Why Some Terrorists Make the Choice to Leave al Qaeda
Why Won?t FTC Name Suspected Scammers?
Wider scope of Backlog in L.A. County sheriff's DNA Testing Is Revealed
Widespread Problems Found At Fulton 911
Wife of Cleric Abu Omar testifies at U.S. Spies' Trial In Italy
Wife of Disappeared Iranian General Claims He?s Imprisoned in Israel, Provides No Proof
Windows Worm Numbers 'Skyrocket'
With Other Nations Refusing Detainees' Return, 'We Are Stuck' With Guantanamo, Gates Says
Women Trained To Tackle Al Qaeda's Female Suicide Bombers
Worker: I Saw Rat Roasting In Peanut Plant
World Nuke Agency Weighing U.S.-India Agreement
World Watch: Afghan Detainees Allege U.S. Prison Abuse
Would-Be Suicide Bomber Talks
Yahoo/Google Deal Under Investigation
Year After Utah Mine Collapse, Many Failures Clear
Yemen 'Arrests Senior Al Qaeda Man'
Yemen Arrests Most Wanted Al Qaeda Terrorist
Yemen Breaks Up Qaeda Cell: Report
Yemen Details Al Qaeda Crackdown
Yemen Halves Jail Term Of U.S.-Sought Qaeda Suspect
Yemen Hands Over Four Al-Qaeda Suspects to Saudi: Report
Yemen Raids Al Qaeda Hide-Out; 1 Arrested
Yemen Says Israel-Linked 'Terrorist' Cell Dismantled
Yemen Says It Killed a Qaeda Leader
Yemen Tribesmen 'Kidnap German'
Yemen Website Says "Dangerous" Al Qaeda Member Arrested
Yemen: Field Commander Of Al Qaeda Military Operations In The Arabian Peninsula Turns Himself In
Yemeni Air Strike Kills 30, Targets Home Of Cleric Linked To Ft. Hood Attack
Yemeni Describes CIA Secret Jails
Yet Another Scandal For 'India's Enron'
Yet More Suspects In Salmonella Probe
Zakiur Rehman Lakhvi, 'Mumbai Mastermind', Among 12 Arrested In Pakistani Raids
Zimbabwe Detains Opposition Official
Zimbabwe Girls Trade Sex For Food
Zimbabwe Official Charged With Treason
?Army Majors Arrested For Collaborating With Terrorists?
?Exponential Rise? In Mortgage Fraud Seen By FBI
?No-Risk? Insurance at F.D.I.C.
?U.S. Spy? Killed
?08 Rivals Have Ties To Loan Giants