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Ryan Jenkins: From "Very Kind" TV Contestant to Jasmine Fiore's Killer?
Ryan Seacrest Stalked by Army Reservist, Say Police
Ryan Seacrest's Alleged Stalker Chidi Benjamin Uzomah Jr. Ordered To Stand Trial
Ryan Seacrest?s Stalker Behind Bars
Sahel Kazemi and Steve McNair Final Texts Show Worries of Love and Money
Sahel Kazemi Photos: Exclusive Never-Before-Seen Pictures of Steve McNair's Lover
Sailor Charged with Murdering Gay Sailor Commits Suicide
Saints Parade: Three Shot in French Quarter Hours Before Saints Go Marching
Salvador Cabanas Shot in Head in Mexico City Bar; Soccer Star Clinging to Life
Salvation Army Major Philip Wise Murdered on Christmas Eve Over Red Kettle Money
Samantha Bell Is Dead Wrong, Joe Stack is No Hero Says Crash Victim's Family
Samantha Bell Says Father Joe Stack Was a Hero For Crashing Plane into IRS Building
Samantha Broadhead, 11, and Boyfriend, 15, Try to Burn Mom Alive Over Cigarettes?
San Jose Police Become Cyborgs, Mount Cameras on Cops' Heads
Sandra Bullock Battles Porn Star Janine Lindemulder for Child Custody
Sandra Bullock Custody Battle (Photos) with Porn Star Janine Lindemulder
Sandra Bullock, Jesse James Lose Latest Round in Custody Battle with Porn Star Janine Lindemulder
Santa Attacked! Drunk Teen Yanked off Santa's Beard Outside Pacers Game, Say Cops
Santa Claus Robs Nashville Bank, Getaway Doesn't Include Sleigh
Sarah Foxwell, Missing Maryland Girl, Found Dead in Woods on Christmas
Sarah Palin Almost Gets Tomato in Face, but Jeremy Olson Has Terrible Aim
Saturday @10: A 48 Hours Exclusive
Saved By Debt: Bill Collector Saves Woman Held Hostage
Schmeared: Traffic Ticket Cop Gets Nasty Bagel Surprise, Hint Body Hair Involved
School Bus Murder: 16-Year-Old Girl Solicited Dad's Death
Scott Lee Cohen: I Didn't Know Girlfriend Was Prostitute, Didn't Attack Her with Knife
Scott Ritter, Former U.N. Weapons Inspector, Busted in Teen Sex Sting
Scott Roeder Admits Killing Kansas Abortion Doctor George Tiller; Says He Has No Regrets
Scott Roeder Guilty of Murdering Abortion Doctor George Tiller
Scott Roeder's Defense: I Killed Abortion Doctor George Tiller to Protect "Preborn Children"
Sea of Hate? Sailor Charged with Killing Gay Sailor
Sea of Red White and Blue as Thousands Honor Four Slain Wash. Cops
Sean Sutton Arrested: Former Oklahoma State Basketball Coach Hit With Drug Charges
Search for Annie Le Suspect: Killing Not Random, Say Police
Search for Missing 7-Year-Old Patrick Alford Grows Dangerous; New York Police Open Fire
Search for Missing 7-Year-Old Somer Thompson Leads to Body in Landfill
Search for Morgan Harrington Shifts to Search for Her Killer
Search for Stacy Peterson Goes On
Search for Susan Powell: Husband Josh Powell Lawyers Up But Says He is Cooperating
Search for Yale Student Annie Le: Body Found Stuffed in Laboratory Wall
Seattle Bus Tunnel Beating: 15-Year-Old Girl Viciously Attacked, Guards Watched
SeaWorld Trainer Killed by Tillikum the Whale
SeaWorld Trainer Killed: Dawn Brancheau Killed by "Dangerous" Whale
SeaWorld Trainer Killed: PETA Says "It Will Happen Again"
Secret Tape: Marilyn Monroe Smokes Pot, Sniffs Armpit, Costs Collector $275K
Secret Tapes Show Letterman Suspect Robert "Joe" Halderman Sought to Mask Blackmail, Says DA
Self-Help Guru James Arthur Ray "Frustrated and Confused" Over Angel Valley Sweat Lodge Deaths
Self-Help Guru James Arthur Ray in Crosshairs of Angel Valley Sweat Lodge Homicide Investigation
Self-Proclaimed YouTube Killer Indicted for Hoax
Semi-Naked and Semi-Automatic: Cops Busted for Busty Stunt
Sentencing Delayed for Ermina Errico, Mom Who Killed Daughter with Anorexia
Sept. 11 Heroes Pull Haitians from Rubble; New York City Cops and Firefighters Lead Rescue Teams
Serena Williams Outburst: U.S. Open Tirade Brings Record $82K Fine, Two Years Probation
Serena Williams Outburst: Will She Face More Serious Charges?
Serial Cat Killer on the Prowl? Prosecutors Say Sean Lynde Tortured, Murdered Girlfriend's Cats
Serial Prank Caller Convinces Man To Drive Truck Into Hotel Lobby
Sex Abuse Scare at Obama Kids' School: Sidwell Friends Teacher Robert Peterson Charged, Dismissed
Sex Bondage and Murder?
Sex Offender and Wife Arrested in Jaycee Lee Dugard Disappearance
Sex Offender John Albert Gardner III Pleads Not Guilty to Murdering Chelsea King, Missing Teen
Sex Offender Ordained As Minister; Pastor Says He's Been Healed by Jesus
Sex Offenders Using Social Networking Sites to Hunt? Not if Calif. Has Anything to Say About It
Sex Slave Horror: Teen Stepson Enslaved for Six Years
Sex, Murder, And Craigslist Again
Sexting Hell: Man Posing as Girl on Facebook Blackmails Boys into Sex
Sexy Mannequins Too Hot for Arizona? Used Car Dealer Could Get Busted
Sexy Santaland Puts a New Twist on Holiday Cheer
Shamsiddin Abdur-Raheem Tells Police He Threw 3-Month-Old Daughter Off Bridge
Shaniya Davis Asphyxiation: 5-Year-Old Raped, Strangled by Mario Andrette McNeill, Say Police
Shaniya Davis Autopsy Under Way, Police Hope to Learn How 5-Year-Old Died
Shaniya Davis Dad Defends Giving Girl to Mom Now Charged with Selling Her as Sex Slave
Shaniya Davis Found Dead; Mother Turned Little Girl Into Sex Slave, Say Police
Shaniya Davis Funeral Video: Father Bradley Lockhart Said God "Did This for a Reason"
Shaniya Davis Grandmother: My Daughter, Antoinette Davis, "Did Not Harm Her Kids"
Shaniya Davis Missing: Mother Arrested for Human Trafficking, Putting Daughter in "Sexual Servitude"
Shaniya Davis Murder Case: 20 Investigators Still Working Details of North Carolina Tragedy
Shaniya Davis Not Found: Cops Fear Missing Child is Dead, Search Focuses on Body
Shaniya Davis Vigil: Tearful Father Bradley Lockhart Prays, "She's Right There With You"
Shaniya Davis' Aunt Says Mother, Antoinette Davis, was "Neglectful" Before Child's Murder
Shaniya Davis' Little Body Found Near Deer Carcasses in Trash
Shaniya Davis, Fallen "Angel" Remembered In Pictures
Shaniya Davis: Missing 5-Year-Old Seen in Horrifying Hotel Video
Shannon Dedrick Found Alive Under Babysitter Susan Elizabeth Baker's Bed, Say Cops
Shaquille O'Neal So Moved by Shaniya Davis Murder, He Paid for 5-Year-Old's Funeral
Share Music? You Might Owe the Record Industry $1 Million
Shark Attack Florida: Veteran Surfer Stephen Schafer Killed in Atlantic Attack Experts Call Rare
Sharks Stuffed With Cocaine
Sheriff Shaquille O'Neal: Cavs Center to be Special Deputy?
Sheriff: Help Me Catch Somer Thompson's Killer
SHOCK: Revealing Photos Of Mental Patient Investigated
Shocking Photos: First Look Inside Phillip Garrido's Disgusting Home
Shooter's Son: I Wish Dad Died Instead
Shotgun Wedding! Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen Bodyguard Shot at Paparazzi, Says Suit
Sigma Gamma Rho Hazing Arrests: 6 Sisters Accused of Paddling Pledges' Butts, Denying Food
Six Died Violently at Anthony Sowell's Cleveland Home, Say Police
Six-Year-Old Boy Begged His Killers "Please Don't Do This!" Says Prosecutor
Six-Year-Old Sent to Principal's Office Gets Mouth Taped Shut
Skinny-Dipping Girls Go Crazy on Cop
Skull in Bucket Found in Anthony Sowell's Home, Say Cleveland Cops
Sky Blu of Rap Group LMFAO: Mitt Romney Attacked Me First!
Slain BYU Student Brooke Wilberger's Body Found
Slain Fla. Family: First He Took Their Money, Then He Took Their Lives
Sleazy Rider: Naked Motorcyclist Charged with Drunk Driving
Smart, Happy, Upbeat, Dead: N.C. Student Shot by Police
Snoop Dogg Producer Demetrius "Shawty Redd" Stewart Charged with Murder
Snowball Fight Gun Video: D.C. Cop Draws Gun at Snowball Fight
Snowball Fight Gun Video: DC Police Chief Slams Veteran Cop Who Gives Up Gun and Badge
So Who Won the Game? Women Run Topless, Toilet Ablaze, Rubber Bullets Fired
So You Think You Can Dance...In Jail
Soap Opera Star Turned Drama Teacher Busted for Sex with Student
Socialite Gigi Jordan May Have Killed Son, Attempted Suicide, in Posh N.Y. Peninsula Hotel
Somber Sendoff for 7-Year-Old Somer Thompson, Florida Girl Who Vanished After School
Somer Thompson Body Likely Found, Says Florida Sheriff
Somer Thompson Funeral: Little Girl Laid to Rest as Sky Fills with Purple
Somer Thompson Murder: Mom Warned a Year Before 7-Year-Old's Abduction (Photos)
Somer Thompson Murder: Person of Interest Jarred Harrell Arrested with Child Porno
Somer Thompson Pictures: Her Mother Vows Justice, A Community Vows Never to Forget
Somer Thompson Vanished After School, Seven-Year-Old Girl Missing in Orange Park, Fla.
Somer Thompson's Mom to Killer: "We're Coming For You"
Somer Thompson's Mom Wants Daughter's Killer "To Die"; Diena Thompson Says She Blames Herself
Sorry Grandma! Funeral Home Cremates Wrong Body, Grieving Family Gets Casket Surprise
Soulja Boy Arrested (Pictures) in Georgia After Running from Police
Source: Chimp Owner Sandra Herold Won't Face Charges for Rampage that Tore Charla Nash's Face Off
South Carolina Town Terrorized by Serial Killer
South Carolina's Joe Wilson to Obama "You Lie": Is it a Crime?
Spare the Rod, Spoil the Child ...Or He'll Shoot You
Spencer Tunick's Naked Art Draws Love Down Under, Arrests in America
Spilled Milk Slaying Case Turns Sour
Stabbed UConn Player Jasper Howard Named Unborn Child the Night Before He Was Killed
Stalker Asks Jewel "Who Will Save Your Soul?"
State Asks That Arizona Boy Be Returned To Custody
Stephanie Birkitt (Photo) Secret Diary at Center of Letterman Sex Extortion, Say Cops
Steve Huff: Did a Good Deed Lead Pastor Jonathan Ayers to his Death?
Steve Huff: The Preacher and the Porn Star, the Tragic Story of Felicia Tang Lee (Photos)
Sticky Situation: Women Seek Revenge on Cheater With Crazy Glue
Sticky the Cat Recovering From Duct Tape Bodysuit
Sticky the Cat: Teen Charged for Duct-Taped Cat-astrophe
Stiffed: California 'Hooter Girls' Say Jobs Left Them Bare
Still No Verdict For "Crockefeller" But Cali May Want Him For Murder
Stolen Wallet Returned 27 Years Later
Stop the Music: Life Sentence for Stealing CDs
Strange Bedfellows: Hate Crimes Up Against God and Gays
Strip Club Sues Seventh Grade Stripper
Stripped Of Their Rights, Young Nude Dancers Fight Back
Stripper Lied, Duke Boys Cleared, Now Coach Can Sue
Student Emily Sander, AKA Porn Model Zoey Zane, Gets Justice; Killer Israel Mireles Convicted
Study: Great White Sharks Stalk Prey Like Serial Killers
Stunning Video: Pharmacist Fights Back
Stunning Video: Wild-West Toledo Shootout Caught on Tape
Stupid Criminals: 911 For A Cheeseburger/ Drunk Driving On A Bulldozer
Sugar Rush... to Prison? Study Says Lots of Candy Could Lead to Violence
Suit: Blackwater Put Prostitute on Payroll and Gave Taxpayers the Bill
Suit: Funeral Homes Sent Mother's Brain to Family in a Bag
Suit: Lower Merion School District Allegedly Spied on Students Through Webcams
Super Bowl Star Plaxico Burress Testifies
Super Bowl Star Plays to Grand Jury: Plaxico Burress "Truly Remorseful"
Superman Returns: Battle Royale Two!
Supreme Court Says Teen Strip Search Illegal
Supreme Court To Convicts: No Constitutional Right to DNA
Surgery Tech Kristen Parker Gets 30 Years For Infecting 36 Patients with Hepatitis C
Susan Atkins Death Peaceful Compared With Sharon Tate's
Susan Finkelstein Offered Sex for World Series Tickets, Say Cops
Susan Finkelstein Pics: Did She Really Offer Sex for World Series Tickets?
Susan Finkelstein Sex for Series? Lawyer Says Tickets Were For Husband, Client Did Nothing Wrong
Susan Finkelstein, "Sex for Series" Wife, Says She's Happily Married (Pics)
Susan Finkelstein, Woman Accused of Offering Sex for Tickets, May Go to World Series After All
Susan Klebold Essay in O Magazine: Columbine Killer's Mom "Haunted by the Horror" Son Caused
Susan Powell, Utah Mom Still Missing, as Police Want to Question Husband Again
Suspect Says American Soldier?s Murder Was Justified
Suspect Slashed Reggae Star with Sword, But Did Not Cut the Deputy
Suspect's 911 Call For Help Leads To His Arrest
Sweat Lodge Death Investigation Turns to Self-Help Guru James Arthur Ray
Sweat Lodge Deaths: Victim's Daughter Wants James Arthur Ray "Behind Bars"
Sweat Lodge Guru James Arthur Ray Ignored Broken Bones, More, Leading Up To 3 Deaths, Say Court Docs
Sweat Lodge Guru James Arthur Ray: From Poor Childhood to Self-Help Millionaire
Sweat Lodge Hero? Victim May Have Saved Woman Before Dying, Says Participant Beverley Bunn
Sweat Lodge Survivor Beverley Bunn Says James Arthur Ray Played God Before Deadly Ending
Sweat Lodge Victim's Family: Guru James Arthur Ray Lied to Us
Sweat-Lodge Deaths Won't Stop James Arthur Ray, No Mention of $9,000 Per Person Pricetag
Swedish Neo-Nazi Arrested in Auschwitz "Work Sets You Free" Sign Theft
Sweeten May Have Stolen Big Money
Swine Flu Vaccine For Prisoners? Don't Hold Your Breath in Oklahoma
Swiss Court, Fearing Roman Polanski Could Flee on Private Jet, Leaves Filmmaker in Jail
Swiss to Roman Polanski: You're Not Going Anywhere
Sword-Welding, Bomb-Wearing, Chainsaw-Carrying Maniac Invades Calif. High School
T.I. Wins BET Awards from Jail; DJ AM Wins From the Grave
Tabloid: Michael was Murdered Says LaToya Jackson
Tahaya Buchanan, Wanted Fugitive, Worked for Homeland Security for 2 Years While on the Run
Tahoe Girl Missing For 18 Years May Be Alive
Take That Sanford Wallace! Internet Spammer Ordered to Pay Facebook $711 Million
Take The Money And Run... Robbery Suspects Run Out Of Gas
Taking Bite Out of Crime, One Tweet at a Time
Taleon Goffney, Twin Porn Star, Sentenced to 3 Years for "Spider Man" Burglaries
Tamberlane Phillips: Family is "Dog Urine" Compared to Yogi Nityananda of Ganeshpuri
Tareq and Michaele Salahi: From White House Party Crashers to Check Bouncers?
Taser Granny Wants $135,000 For Her Pain
Tasha Tudor Estate Battle: Famed Author's Children Fight Over Ashes and $2M
Taste the Rainbow: Oxycontin, Coke Found in Skittles
Tax Blowup: Man Booby-Traps Home to Beat the Tax Man
Tax Dollars At Work: Will State Pay for Wife-Killer's Sex Change?
TCU Student Found Dead
Teacher Charged $22,000 for Using Phone During Class
Teacher Mark Foster Shoots Principal, Assistant, at Knoxville Elementary School, Say Police
Ted Williams' Frozen Head Mistreated in Alcor Cryonics Facility, Says Book
Teen Armed With Chainsaw, Sword and Explosives Charged with Trying to Kill Teachers
Teen Bandits Steal Millions in Bling from Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Megan Fox and More, Say Cops
Teen Charged as Adult in Slaying of 4-Year-Old Alex Mercado, Found in Dryer
Teen Finds Dad ?Gushing Blood,? Mom Decapitated
Teen Love On The Run; Mom Dead
Teen Son Faces Murder Charge In Shooting Of South Miami Commissioner
Teen Who Roasted Kitten Shows No Remorse
Tefillin Terrorist? Religious Jew Accidentally Sets Off Airplane Bomb Scare
Ten-Year-Old on 911 Call: "I Need A Doctor, My Dad's Dying"; Now Boy is Charged With Murder
Terrible Two: 10-Year-Old Arrested After Fighting With Sister At Playground
Terror Bust Caught On Tape
Terry Glenn, Ex Dallas Cowboy, Arrested For Auto Theft
Texas Attorney Elizabeth Fontaine Feared Losing Daughters, So She Killed Them, Police Believe
Texas Billionaire Busted For Ponzi Scheme
Texas Church Arson Arrests; Feds Charge Two Men, But Are They Linked to All Ten Fires?
Texas Deputy Murdered, 100 Bombs & Nazi Art Found in Suspect's Home
Texas Fight Club Video Shown in Court
Texas Judge to Last Minute Death Row Appeal: Sorry "We Close at 5"
Texas Woman Fakes Breast Cancer, Uses Donations for Implants Instead of Treatment, Say Police
Thanksgiving Massacre Witness: Paul Merhige Ate Dinner, Sang Songs Then Executed Family
That's My Blender! Woman Finds Stolen Property at Neighbor's Yard Sale
The Curious Case of Courtland Benjamin: Cops Won't Release Video of Gunned Down Student
The Face of Racial Profiling? Black Scholar Arrested After ?Breaking In? to His Harvard Home
The Final Examination: Family Chooses Hitman Over Doctors
The Girl, The Gun and The Dead NFL Star
The Last Hours: 17-Year-Old Girl Kidnapped and Murdered for Nothing
The Mount Vernon Statement: Fake Adolf Hitler Punks Conservatives
The Porn Star, the Senate Seat, and the Beatdown
The Porn Star, the Senate Seat, and the Exploding Car
The Shaniya Davis Story: Timeline of "Angel's" Last Days on Earth
The Strange Story of the Gun that Murdered McNair
The Stripper, The Pizza Boy and The Bondage Bungalow
The Terrorist Next Door?
The United States Military is Afraid of Facebook
Therapist's Wife, Susan Polk, Files Appeal In Murder Conviction
Think Your Kid is Not "Sexting"? Think Again...
Third Death from Sweat Lodge Ceremony Led by James Arthur Ray
This Man, Donald Gates, Served 28 Years For A Murder DNA Shows He Did Not Commit
This Stinks! Seven Years for Stealing Cheese?
Thorny Legal Issues in Faith Healing Cases
Thou Shall Not Steal: Rabbis Masterminded Money Laundering Ring, Say Feds
Thou Shalt Not Steal - Especially During Church
Thousands Attend Funeral for Murdered Iowa Football Coach
Thousands Celebrate Jaycee Dugard's Stunning Homecoming
Three Arrested for Alleged South Park-Inspired ?Kick a Ginger? Beatings
Three-Year-Old Alexis Pounder Starved, Beaten to Death by Father and Girlfriend, Say Oregon Cops
Tickets Pile Up On Parked Car With Dead Body Inside
Tiger Woods Ambulance Update: Mother-in-Law Barbro Holmberg in Stable Condition
Tiger Woods Beats Charges, Not Jaimee Grubbs, Rachel Uchitel Mistress Rumors
Tiger Woods Breaking News: Ambulance Called, But Who Was Taken to Hospital?
Tiger Woods Breaks Silence, Will Apologize at News Conference Friday, Says Agent
Tiger Woods Fends Off Rachel Uchitel Mistress Rumors and Police (Pictures)
Tiger Woods Golf Balls: Alleged Mistress Joslyn James Says Gag Promotes Violence Against Women
Tiger Woods Latest Update: Prosecutors Blocked Blood Test after Crash, Says Police Report
Tiger Woods Latest: Admits Infidelity, Taking Indefinite Break From Golf
Tiger Woods Mistress Pictures: Not Me Says Rachel Uchitel
Tiger Woods Press Conference: Will Golf King Keep Swinging After Public Apology?
Tiger Woods Rep: Leaked Apology is "Absolutely False"
Tiger Woods Scandal Pictures: Exclusive Jaimee Grubbs Photos You Haven't Seen
Tiger Woods Scandal Pictures: First Alleged Mistress Rachel Uchitel Will Talk
Tiger Woods Scandal: Alleged Mistress Rachel Uchitel (Pictures) Cancels Press Conference
Tiger Woods Sex Tape? Maybe...
Tiger Woods Updates: Golfers Ben Crane and Charles Warren Say Tabloid Lied
Tiger Woods Updates: Holly Sampson and Joslyn James, Alleged Mistresses With Complicated Pasts
Tiger Woods' Accused Mistress Rachel Uchitel: I'll Take Lie Detector to Prove Rumors False (Photos)
Tiger Woods' Doctor Anthony Galea: Claims Innocence; Gave HGH to Self, Patients, But Never Athletes
Tiger Woods' Doctor, Anthony Galea, Investigated for Performance Enhancing Drugs
Tiger Woods' Wife Elin Nordegren Told Neighbors to Call 911, Says Attorney
Tila Tequila 911: Help! Nicky Hilton and Bijou Phillips are Breaking into the House
Tila Tequila Goes on Twitter Offensive After NFL Star Shawn Merriman Allegedly Chokes Her
Tillikum the Killer Whale Had Violent Past Before Deadly Attack on SeaWorld Trainer
Tim Tebow Super Bowl Ad Drives Some Women Crazy
Tim Tebow Super Bowl Ad: CBS Willing to Consider More "Advocacy" Commercials After Abortion Flap
Times Square New Year's Eve Security: After Van Bomb Scare, NYPD Takes No Chances
Times Square Shooting Update: Suspect Fired Machine Gun Before Police Killed Him (Pictures)
Times Square Shooting: Peddler Sold CDs to Tourists While Carrying Loaded Machine Gun, Say Cops
Times Square Shooting: Police Kill Scam Artist Who Opened Fire
Timothy Masters Case: Wrongly Jailed for Murder, Man Gets $4.1 Million for 10 Lost Years
TMZ Founder Outraged Over Leak-Seeking Cops in Mel Gibson Jew-Hate Flap
Todd Leary: Former Indiana Basketball Player Charged With Multiple Felonies for Real Estate Fraud
Toddler Caught Up in 100K Jewelry Heist I.D.'s Own Parents as Suspects, Say Philadelphia Police
Toddler Clings to Life After Being Shot in Head at Wedding
Tom Delay Leaves the Dance Floor, Will He Finally Enter the Courtroom?
Tom Joyner's Great-Uncles Pardoned 94 Years After Execution
Tony Alamo, Christian Ministries Pervert Preacher, Gets 175 Years for Molesting Child Brides
Tony Alamo, Christian Ministries Pervert Preacher, Ordered to Pay Child Brides $500,000 Each
Tony Fein Death: Baltimore Ravens Hopeful and Iraq Vet Dies in Washington
Tonya Harding to Nancy Kerrigan: You Have My "Deepest Sympathy"
Tough In The Big Easy, Easy In The Big Apple
Town Haunted By Klan Killings Elects First Black Mayor
Town Manager Scott Janke Shafted for Porn Star Wife Jazella Moore? Again?
Tragedy: Florida Man Shoots, Kills Fiancee Day Before Wedding
Transgender Woman Dies during NJ Voodoo Ritual
Trenesha Biggers Case Against Pro Wrestler Kurt Angle Dimissed by Judge
Trick or Thief: Bernie Madoff Halloween Masks Flying Off Shelves
Trooper Who Choked Medic Suspended
Troy Young, Promising Young Drummer, Gunned Down in Brooklyn
Trucker Chokes on Chili, Gives House a New Back Door
Twin Trouble: Ex-Cop Jared Rohrig Pleads Not Guilty to Posing as Brother for Sex
Twisted Plot: Did Cemetery Workers Dump Bodies to Resell Gravesites?
Twitter Goes Gangster: NY Thugs Plot Street War in 140 Characters or Less
Two Convicted For PC Magazine Editor's Murder
Two Teachers One Chair: Naughty Lap Dance Video Gets High School Teachers Suspended
Two-Inch LEGO Gun Gets 4th-Grader Patrick Timoney in Trouble; Where's the NRA?
Two-Year-Old Aveion Lewis' Mother and Step-Father Charged in His Murder
Two-Year-Old Boy Trips on Hallucinogenic Mushrooms
UCLA Chem Lab Slashing Horror: College Senior Damon Thompson Arrested
UConn Football Player Fatally Stabbed ? University Mourns Jasper Howard
Ultimate Bridezilla Spends Wedding Night in Jail
Unigirl Auctions Virginity for Tuition Money in New Zealand - Asking Price $30K
United Airlines Pilot Grounded on Suspicion of Being Drunk Shortly Before Takeoff
University of Alabama Shooting: At Least Three People Killed on Huntsville Campus
University of South Florida Gunman Scare: Suspect in Custody, School on Lockdown
Update: Coleman Wants Trial Moved
Update: Detroit Bus Stop Shooting Suspect Surrenders
Update: Detroit School Official Says Police ID Suspects
Update: Gunman at Holocaust Museum Labeled White Supremacist
Update: Holocaust Museum Guard Dead
USF Gunman Scare Turns Strange: Man Wielding Knife and Black Puppy Arrested
Vanity Fair: Tiger Woods Paid Big Money For Sex, Goes Shirtless for Cover
Vengeful Alabama Man Drives SUV Through Gas Station Window (VIDEO)
Veronica Siwik Daniels, Alleged Tiger Woods Mistress: "I Didn't Deserve This"
Veteran LAPD Detective Arrested In Cold Case Murder
Veterans Day: Patriotic Robbers Give Back Wallet to Army Reservist
VHI Reality Reject Jamal Trulove: Booted from "I Love New York," Thrown in Jail for Murder
Victim Voicemail: "I Don't Want to Die!"
Victim's Dad Wants to Kill DC Sniper John Allen Muhammad Himself
Victim's Family To Testify In Amanda Knox In Italian Murder Trial
Victims to Serial Rapist: "Sucks To Be You"
Victoria Gotti Admits Father Was a Killer, Insists Brother is Innocent
Video Kept From Defendant Finally Sets Him Free, 21 Years Later
VIDEO: "Hobo Hero" Mike Scofield Jumps Gas Station Thug
Video: Cops Play Wii Bowling During Drug Raid
Video: Girl Avoids Being Crushed By Careening Car
Vigil Planned for Yale Student Annie Le
Violent Carjacking Brings Women Together
VIP Party Priest David Dueppen Fights with Stripper Over Custody of Love Child
Viral Video Furor: Smiling Teens On Apparent Minneapolis Mugging Spree
Virginia Massacre Suspect Christopher Bryan Speight Wiped Out Family ? 3 Teens, Toddler, Say Cops
Virginia Tech Student Morgan Harrington Missing after Metallica Concert
Visas for Lap Dances - Booty and Bling Helped Workers Cross Border
Voodoo Child: 7-Year-Old Cut Up in "Black Magic" Ritual
Voodoo Mom Set Six-Year-Old On Fire, Say Prosecutors
Wal-Mart Porno Prank Blows Out Shoppers
Wall Street Watch: Attorney Who Stole $700M Gets Bail In His Luxury Apartment
Wall Street Watch: Madoff Trustee Demands $3.5B Back From Feeder Fund
Wall Street Watch: The Hunt for Madoff's Money
Wallet Mistaken For Gun
Walt Disney World Employee James Treanor Arrested On Child Porn Charges
Wanted for Bikini Model Murder, Reality Star Ryan Jenkins Commits Suicide
Warhol Paintings Pilfered; Thieves After Money, Not Fame, Say Police
Was Anna Nicole Smith Pimped by Boyfriend or Did Author Lie to Pimp Book?
Was Baby Eddie Salazar Murdered by His Father or Taken by Masked Men?
Was it Murder? Mom Withheld Cancer Treatment from Autistic Son
Was Missing Newlywed Ryan Bunnel Crow Pregnant Before Alleged Murder?
Was Navy Sailor Killed For Being Gay?
Was Olympian Dave Laut Killed in Self Defense or Cold Blood?
Was Rapper Shyne Released from Prison?
Was This Junior High Student Killed for Being Gay?
Was Workplace Violence to Blame for Yale Student Annie Le's Murder?
Washington Among States Considering Legalizing Marijuana
Washington Sniper John Allen Muhammad to be Executed Tuesday Unless Governor Intervenes
Wasting Away in Margaritaville: Police Put "Poison Cocktail Wife" on Ice
Wayne Nelson Corliss, Sex-Touring Santa, Gets 20 Years for Abusing Boys in Santa Suit
Wealthy Fla. Couple Not Killed by Contract Hit, Say Police
Wealthy Murder Suspect J Robert Ward Strips on Jailhouse Video
Welcome Home? Roman Polanski May Be Back on American Soil After 31 Years
Welcome To Crimesider
Wells Fargo Exec Cheronda Guyton Parties in Foreclosed Malibu Mansion, Say Neighbors
Wesson Family Massacre: Children Tell Story of Murder and Sexual Abuse
Whale Wars Showdown: Sea Shepherd's New Boat Ady Gil Allegedly Rammed by Whale Hunters
What a Boob! Former Miss California Carrie Prejean Owes Thousands for Breast Job, Says Suit
What Jimmy Hoffa Knew: Did Powerful Teamsters Boss Plot to Ambush FBI?
What Killed A.J. Jewell? Atlanta "Housewife" Kandi Burruss Ex May be Exhumed
What Killed Tila Tequila's Lover, Heiress Casey Johnson?
What Nerve! Blonde Beats Speeding Tickets With "I'm Pretty" Sign
What the Duck! Joshua Linhares Intentionally Runs Over Mother Duck, Jury Runs Over Linhares
What Will EBay Do? Anti-Abortion Auction Slated for Alleged Killer of Abortion Doctor George Tiller
What Will Veterans Day Bring for Former Marine, Alleged Serial Killer Anthony Sowell?
What Would Jesus Shoot? U.S. Guns in Afghanistan and Iraq Bear Biblical Inscriptions Praising Christ
What! Preschool Teachers Pop Pot Brownies
While 1000 Pay Tribute to TV Host Garrard McClendon's Murdered Parents, Police Charge Two Suspects
While Dozens Gawked at Richmond Rape, One Brave Girl Called 911
White Cop Shoots Black Cop In Tragic Mistake
White House Crashers Michaele and Tareq Salahi Finally Get Invitation? To Testify Before Congress
White House Crashers Michaele and Tareq Salahi May Face Criminal Charges, Says Secret Service
White House Crashers Michaele and Tareq Salahi Should Be "Brought to Justice," Says Senator
White House Crashers Michaele and Tareq Salahi: "We Were Invited!" (Video)
White House Crashers Tareq and Michaele Salahi Finally Get Invitation... To Testify And Turn it Down
White House Crashers Tareq and Michaele Salahi: E-Mails Indicate Couple Came Uninvited
Who is Burning Down Texas Churches?
Who is Jaycee Dugard's Father? Ken Slayton Wants Paternity Test and Tearful Reunion
Who is Kari Ann Peniche, the Other Woman in "McSteamy" Naked Web Vid?
Who Shot This Man in the
Whoopi Goldberg: Brooke Astor's Son Anthony Marshall is "Misunderstood;" He Might Go to Jail Anyway
Whoopi Slams Kate Gosselin Over Custody: "You Could Have Gone to Jail!"
Why Didn't Anyone Stop Amy Bishop Years Ago?
Why Didn't Cops Respond to 911 Call for Murdered NJ Priest Edward Hinds?
Why Didn't Jaycee Lee Dugard Escape, Reach Out, Scream for Help?
Why Do Kids Kill? Florida Professor Kathleen Heide Says Parents are Mostly to Blame
Why On Earth Was This Killer Let Out of Jail?
Why Wasn't Jackson's House Declared a Crime Scene?
Wild Police Chase for Alleged N.C. Bank Robber Carlos Burns
Will Anne Pressly's Killer Curtis Vance Get Death in Anchorwoman Case?
Will Balloon Boy Mom Mayumi Heene "Go Down with the Ship?"
Will Balloon Boy's Parents Richard and Mayumi Heene Serve Jail Time?
Will Chris Brown Finally Be Picking Up Your Trash?
Will Dennis Earl Bradford's DNA Bring Justice for Jennifer Schuett 19 Years After Rape?
Will Derrion Albert's Beating Death Video Hurt Chicago's Olympic Dreams?
Will First Black President Pardon First Black Champ?
Will Madonna Get Evicted? Material Girl Sued for Blasting Music Until Walls Shook
Will O.J. Go Free? Nevada Court Hears Rare Appeal
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