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Fla. Grandma Gabrielle Trudeau Thrown in Jail, Cops Forget to Let Her Out
Fleeced Followers? Ex-Pastor Charged with Fraud After Living High Life
Florida Millionaire James "I Just Shot My Wife" Ward Now Says it was Suicide
Floyd Landis (Photos): French Arrest Warrant for Cyclist in Hacking Scheme
Fly Naked
Food Fight! Celebrity Chef Todd English's Ex Arrested In Assault
Football Coach on Hot Seat Over Player's Overheating Death
Football Hero Wrestled Gun from Girl on School Bus
Forced Chemo Improving Tumor, Not Attitude
Foreclosed Forever: Man Shot by Cops After House Auctioned Off
Forensic Psych: Does Phillip Garrido Really Believe His Kids Cured Him of Pedophilia?
Former Federal Prosecutor and Lawyer To Stars Charged With Murder
Former Mayor Slapped With Nudity Charge
Former NBA Star Jayson Williams Arrested Again
Former Rep. Steven Nunn Charged With Killing Ex-Girlfriend Amanda Ross
Former State Trooper Gets New Trial In Family's Murder
Former Yankee Slugger Slugged Ex-Wife, Say Police
Fort Hood Massacre Casts Especially Dark Shadow on Veterans Day
Fort Hood Shooting: Troubling Portrait Emerges of Army Psychiatrist Nidal Malik Hasan
Fort Hood Victim Russell Seager: Army Psychiatrist Laid to Rest Today
Fortuneteller Murder: Tanya Nelson Killed Mind Reader and Daughter Over Love Advice She Didn't Like
Four Police Officers Suspended in Beating, Tasing of Unarmed Student Caught on Cell Phone Video
Four Teens Charged in Small-Town Machete Murder of Mom
Free at Last: Two Taste Freedom 20 Years After Dubious Murder Conviction
Free Roman Polanski: European Artists Demand Director's Release
Friends for Life... or a Life Sentence: Inmates Suing For Right to Seek Pen Pals
Friends, Family React To Coach's Murder
From "Big House" to Mansions: Convicts Cleared by DNA, Now Millionaires
From Bank Robber to Preacher. Man Found Ministry Through Crime
From Russia with Love: Sex Tape Burns American Diplomat, But Is It Real?
From Shackles To Freedom: 6-Year-Old Girl Escapes Rapist
Ft. Hood Shooting Suspect Nidal Malik Hasan Reportedly Shouted "Allahu Akbar"
Ft. Hood Suspect Nidal Hasan Gets Flowers in Hospital; Sender Gets Visit from FBI
Ft. Hood Suspect Nidal Hasan: Muslim Soldiers Should Not Have to Fight Muslims
Fugitive Caught: Police Say Douglas Dishon Raped Boy, Buried Murdered Wife Under the House
Fund Created to Help Jaycee Lee Dugard and Her Daughters
Fundraiser Planned for Family of Slain College Freshman Jaclyn Torrealba
Funeral Home Mix-Up: Family Mourns Wrong Body
Funeral Set for Sarah Foxwell, Missing MD. Girl Found Dead on Christmas
Gabriel Johnson Investigation Turns from Missing Baby to Murder
Gabriel Johnson's Family Fears Missing Baby Was Sold in Underground Adoption
Gabriel Morris and Family Apprehended; Ex-Cop Wanted for Mother's Murder
Game Over For Teen Who Killed Mother Over Video Game
Garridos Used Stun Gun on Jaycee Lee Dugard, Says Report
Gary Coleman Arrested in Utah
Gary Coleman Makes Bail, But How? Clue: Think Genitals
Gary Coleman Mugshot (Photo): "Diff'rent Strokes" Star Arrested for "Domestic Dispute," Says Paper
Gary Coleman Released from Utah Jail; Domestic Violence Charge at Center of Arrest (Photos)
Gas Station Robbers Run Out of Gas
Gates 911 Call: Intruders Not Identified as Black
Gay Porn Star Andrew Grande Dies After Trying to Swallow Pot, and Getting Tasered Didn't Help
Gay Rights Activist Bruce LaVallee-Davidson Convicted of Manslaughter in Sex Game Dungeon Slay
Geisy Arruda Photos: Student Miniskirt Too Hot for Brazil, but Can School Legally Expel Her?
George Tiller Murder Trial: Are Prosecutors Trying to Silence Abortion Foe, Killer?
Georgia Couple Arrested For Tattooing Their Six Underage Kids with Guitar String, Homemade Device
Georgia Professor Knew Of Affair Before Murder Spree
Gigi Jordan, Socialite Who Allegedly Killed Son, Thought Devil Cult Was Abusing Him, Say Cops
Gilbert Arenas Charged With Felony Gun Possession
Girl Fights Go Online: CBS News Reports on Disturbing 8-Million YouTube Hit Phenomenon
Girl Tweets During Bank Robbery
Give Liver Transplant To Man Set For Possible Execution?
God And Guns
God Help Man Caught Robbing Nun on Tape
Goel Ratzon, Israeli Cult Leader with 21 Wives and 49 Children, Charged with Rape, Sodomy, Incest
Gone Too Far: Did Internet Star Jonathan Hock Rape Woman Live On Web?
Google Alert: Search Engine Links to Stolen Credit Cards from Russian Site
Google's Cameras Catch Crooks, Say Cops
Got Milk ...with Morphine? Cops Say Mom Fed Baby Tainted Breast Milk
Gotti Gets Good Grades
Governor Pumps Sex Line, Cops Taser Kids, Naked Burglars, Hey, It's Just Florida
Grady Sizemore Photos: MLB Doesn't Want You to See What Girlfriend Brittany Binger Sees All the Time
Grady Sizemore Pictures: Naked with a Coffee Cup, But Are "Stolen" Photos Off Base?
Grady Sizemore Pictures: Slugger Cries Foul On Sexy Shots "Stolen" from GF Brittany Binger's Phone
Grammy Winner Ramon Ayala Gets Caught Up in Mexico?s Drug War
Grave Offers No Protection for Wrong-Way Crash Mom Diane Schuler, Victims Sue Estate
Grave Trouble for Alleged Grave Robbers
Greg "Hurricane" Helms Arrest: Woman Hit by WWE Wrestler Isn't Mad, Says Site (Mug Shots)
Growing Pains Actor Missing: Andrew Koenig Never Boarded Flight, Gave Away Possessions
Grumpy Old Men: Fistfight Caught on Tape
Guilty Verdict in "Fight Club" Scandal Exploiting Disabled
Guilty: Ex-Giant Plaxico Burress Pleads In Weapons Case
Guilty: Jury Convicts Cult Leader and Followers of Starving 1-Year-Old Javon Thompson to Death
Guilty: Jury Doesn?t Buy Pimple Defense
Guilty: Newlywed Hubby Gets Just 1 Year In Wife's Scuba Death
Gun-Toting God Squad: Rabbis Pack Heat
Gun-Toting Soccer Mom Meleanie Hain (Pictures) and Husband Scott Hain Found Dead
Gun-Toting Soccer Mom Meleanie Hain's Murder Caught on Web Cam, Say Cops
Gun-Toting Soccer Mom Murder: Meleanie Hain's Kids Say "Daddy Shot Mommy"
Gunmen Shoot 7 Teens Outside Detroit School
Guns and Obama Debate: He Had a Gun and Nothing Happened
Guns and Obama Debate: Keep Guns Away from Presidential Events
Gym Killer Was Devoted Follower of Dating Guru
Hackers Use Naked Video of ESPN Star Erin Andrews to Attack Your PC
Haiti Earthquake News: Main Prison Destroyed, 4,000 Prisoners Escape
Haiti Post-Quake Rape Fears Rise; Threat High After Earthquake Prison Break
Haiti Relief Organizations: FBI Warns Americans to be Careful in Wake of Earthquake Tragedy
Haleigh Cumming's Father, Ex-Stepmom Arrested in Drug Sting
Halle Smith: 8-Year-Old Starved to Death Weighing 15 Pounds, Mother Could Face Life in Prison
Halloween Special: Boozing Cop Pulled Gun on "Leatherface" at Haunted House, Witnesses Say
Halted: Student Plot to Blow Up Maryland School
Hanged Census Worker Bill Sparkman Was a "Naive" School Teacher
Hard Times: No Porn for Prisoners
Hard to Swallow: Fraud Suspect Hides USB Key...In His Intestines
Hard Up: Food Stamps Buy Viagra, Porno, Booze, Say Feds
Harry Potter Star Could Face 14 Years For Growing Weed
Harry Smith on Anthony Sowell and His Cleveland House of Horrors
Harry Smith on Ft. Hood Shooting Suspect Nidal Malik Hasan
Harvard Shooting: NY Man Charged With Murder On Ivy League Campus
Hasidic Diamond Heist Wasn't Kosher: Not Real Thieves, Not Even Jewish
Hawaii Man Convicted for Throwing Baby Cyrus Belt Off Bridge
Headlines From The Mean Streets
Health Care Goodfellas: Mafia Turns to Medicare Fraud
Heart Transplant Teen Plotted To Cut Out Man's Heart
Heart-Wrenching Caylee Anthony Evidence Destroyed, FBI Docs Show
Heartless: Man Cut Pacemaker from Father's Chest
Heidi Fleiss Used to Get Hookers for Hollywood, Now She Can't Even Clean Your Dirty Dog
Heidi Montag Kidnapped After 10 Plastic Surgeries?
Heidi Northcott and Chuck Liddell Workout Video: Naked? Yes. Stalker? No.
Hero Down: SWAT Team Cop Dies from Shootout Wounds
Hero Milwaukee Mayor Hospitalized after Violent Pipe Attack
Hero or Killer? Pharmacist Tells His Story
Hey 50 Cent, Get Out of My Sex Tape! Woman Sues Rapper for Cutting in on Her Intimate Video
Hey Borat! No, It's Just a Guy in a Green Women's One-Piece
Hey Grandpa, Get Your Hands Off Minnie Mouse!
High Roller Loses Money, Wife, Crashes Plane, Slits Wrists, Lands In Jail
High School Hero Killed by Border-Jumping Zero, Say Prosecutors
High School Seniors Jamie Serich and Colin Hart Found Shot to Death in Ohio Cemetery; Suicide Pact?
High-Tech CSI Busts Boob Bandit
Hillary Clinton Hostage Taker Leeland Eisenberg Has Been Re-Captured
Hinckley Gets Extended Leave From Psychiatric Hospital
Hit and Run Hero: Bloomberg Staffer Erinn Phelan Sacrifices Life to Save Friend
Hoax Abduction Mom Faces Charges
Hollywood Synagogue Shooting: LAPD Searches For Suspects in Shooting of Two Men
Hollywood Takes The Stand In "Alpha Dog" Murder Trial
Holy Smokes! Border Patrol Finds 30 Pounds of Pot in Jesus Paintings
Home Run King Barry Bonds' Son Allegedly Beat Mom
Homicide Suspect Busted At Prom In Tux
Homie Don?t Play That ...Anti-Gang Leader Busted
Hope He's Insured: Finger Bitten Off During Health Care Protest
Houston Mom Lauri Price Accused of Soliciting Underaged Boy for Sex Through "World of Warcraft"
Houston's Sex Slave Bars Still Serving
How Police Found Somer Thompson and How They Hope to Catch Her Killer
Howard Unruh, Who Killed 13 People in 1949 Shooting Spree, Dies at 88 (Photo)
Hunt for Eighth N.C. Terror Suspect Moves to Pakistan
Hunter Green, Son of Pro Golfer Ken Green, Found Dead at Southern Methodist University
Husband Arranged Wife's Rape On Craigslist Say Police
Husband Held in Wife's Cruise Ship Murder
Husband's Alleged Poisonous Plot Blown Up!
Hypocrisy Alert: Calif. Politician Roy Ashburn Arrested for Allegedly Driving Drunk; It Gets Worse
I Didn't Know I Was Dead! Man Shows Up Alive at His Own Funeral
I Know I Just Robbed You, But... Do You Wanna Date?
Identical DNA: Murder Has Georgia Police Seeing Double; Which Twin Did It?
iGrow Oakland: The Walmart of Weed?
In Erin Andrews Case, FBI Seeks "Hot Blonde Out of Shower" Video From Yahoo
In Hunt for Louisiana Serial Killer, Jefferson Davis Parish Police Forced to Give DNA Samples
In Land of Fundamentalist Mormons, Can Texas Find Impartial Jury for Polygamist Raymond Jessop?
In Melinda Duckett Suicide Case, Nancy Grace Wants to Silence Cameras
In Search of Marc Anthony Bookal, 4, Police Divers Return to Hudson River
In Somer Thompson Murder, Local Sex Offenders No Longer Suspects, Say Cops
Indiana Couple Adopts Dogs Who Ate Previous Owner
Infant Shannon Dedrick Missing from Florida Panhandle Home
Insane Killer Phillip Paul Was Free On Your Dime, Making Babies, MySpace Pages and Music Videos
Insane Killer Vanished During Field Trip to Fair; Who Let this Guy on the Ferris Wheel?
Insane Ohio Gun Fight Caught on Tape, Now Cops Are Looking for the Cook
Inside America's Biggest Dog-Fighting Bust
Inside the FBI's Fingerprint Factory
Inside the Secretive, Perverted Compound of a Fallen Evangelist
Inside the Twisted Mind of the Health Club Killer
Interracial Marriage Judge Keith Bardwell Looking for New Job
Iowa Coach Verdict: Jury finds Mark Becker Guilty of Murder
iPerv: Track Sex Offenders with iPhone
Iraqis Outraged By Ex-Soldier Sentence
Irv Sutley Fights Christmas and Wins: Santa Rosa Removes Angels from Government Buildings
Is Baby Gabriel Johnson Buried Under 50 Feet of Trash? San Antonio Police Begin Grim Landfill Search
Is Conservative Christian Group, No Greater Joy Ministries, Pushing Parents to Beat Kids to Death?
Is Dennis Earl Bradford Crazy? Man Charged with Slashing Jennifer Schuett Gets Eval
Is Dennis Hopper's Wife Killing Him? Judge Grants "Stay Away" Order, Doctor Cites Risks
Is Former Federal Informant the Nation?s Biggest Identity Thief?
Is Gilbert Arenas Different? Guns May be Rampant in NBA
Is Jaycee Just the Beginning? Three More Girls Vanished When Phillip Garrido Got Out of Jail
Is Michael Jackson Hoax Video Off the Wall?
It Started With Hot Sauce, It Ended In Murder
It Sure Wasn't Altitude Sickness, But Balloon Boy Falcon Heene Throws Up Twice on National TV
It's A Match: Handwriting & Emails Tie Coleman To Murders, Say Police
It's Curtains for Funeral Home that Cut Corpse's Legs
Italian Judges Still Sure Amanda Knox a Killer
Italian Sex Party Trial Entangles Prime Minister
Ivy League Professor Gets 25 Years for Kiddy Porn
Jackie Braxton, Porn Actress, Says Online Video Claiming to Have Infected 500 with HIV was Hoax
Jackie O's Half Brother Accused of Having Child Porn
Jackson Family Stun Gun Mess Related to Sticky Divorce?
Jackson's Chef Smelled Something Rotten
Jackson's Death Unleashes Swarm of Online Scams
Jaclyn Torrealba's (Pictures) Dad Leaves Tearful Facebook Message for Murdered Daughter
Jail for John Caudle, 14, Who Allegedly Killed Parents Over Chores?
Jail House Brunch: Mimosa Or Bloody Mary?
Jailed 16 Years for Murder He Didn?t Commit, Greg Taylor Tastes Freedom
Jailed Teen Lovebirds Considered Suicide While On Run
Jamal Rashead Trulove of VH1 Reality Show ?I Love New York 2? Convicted of Murder
Jamar Pinkney Sr. Strips Son Naked, Then Executes Him for Molesting 3-Year-Old, Says Relative
Jamar Pinkney's Lawyer: Son's Child Sex Admission Drove Dad to Kill
Jamere Holland's Facebook Page Is Pretty Dumb, But Keeping it Public is Even Dumber
James Arthur Ray Deadly Sweat Lodge Ceremony Netted $500K, But He Can't Make Bond, Lawyers Say
James Arthur Ray Employees Rat Out Self-Help Guru, Get Immunity from Sweat Lodge Deaths
James Arthur Ray Pleads Not Guilty in Sweat Lodge Deaths
James Arthur Ray: Will Positive Thinking Help "Secret" Guru Beat Sweat Lodge Manslaughter Rap?
James Bain is a Free Man After 35 Years in Jail for a Rape DNA Says He Didn't Commit
James Bond Jailbreak Plot Includes Homemade Helicopter
James Ray Gives "Laughable" 50 Percent Refund to Sweat Lodge Victim's Family
James Von Brunn Charged With Murder
Jamie Foxx: "If It Had Been My Daughter? Roman Polanski Would Be Missing"
Jamie Kuhne Killed Wife, Stuffed Her in Suitcase, Took Son to Day Care, Then Calmly Told Police
Jasmine Fiore Murder: Police Seize Reality Contestant Ryan Jenkin's Computer
Jasmine Fiore: New Videos of Bikini Model Before Murder
Jason Michael Hamilton's Rifle Jammed After 2 Shots in Northern Virginia College Shooting, Say Cops
Jason Young Arrested for Allegedly Beating Pregnant Wife Michelle Young to Death in North Carolina
Jason Young, Accused of Murdering Pregnant Wife Michelle Young After Affairs, Appears In Court
Jasper Howard Funeral: Stabbed UConn Player Remembered in Miami
Jay Polhill, Missing Columbia College Student: Friends and Family Reach Out to Internet for Help
Jaycee Dugard Investigation Turns to Phillip Garrido's Associates
Jaycee Dugard Says She'll Testify Against Phillip and Nancy Garrido
Jaycee Dugard Stunning First Photos in People Magazine
Jaycee Dugard to California: Why Wasn't Anyone Watching the Garridos?
Jaycee Dugard to People Magazine: "I'm So Happy to be Back With My Family"
Jaycee Dugard Update: Archaeologist Searches Phillip Garrido's Backyard for Signs of Bodies
Jaycee Dugard Wants Her Pets Back
Jaycee Dugard's Alleged Abductors Want Special Treatment in Jail
Jaycee Dugard's Alleged Captor Stayed in Jail to Be With God
Jaycee Dugard's Alleged Kidnapper Recorded Love Songs to Little Girls
Jaycee Dugard's Aunt Will Speak at 1PM EST
Jaycee Dugard's Aunt: Smile on Sister's Face as "Wide as the Sea"
Jaycee Dugard's Personal Journal Revealed: "I Don't Want to Hurt Him...I Want to Be Free"
Jaycee Dugard's Stepfather Had "No Idea...We'd Find Her Alive"
Jaycee Dugard's Terror Tents: Police Search for Teeth of Two Kidnapped Girls
Jaycee Dugard: "Terrible Things" Happened, but Mixed Emotions over Captors' Arrest
Jaycee Lee Dugard and Two Children Kept in Suburban Backyard: Why Didn't Anyone Know?
Jaycee Lee Dugard Exclusive: Reporter Remembers Girl's Abduction 18 Years Ago
Jaycee Lee Dugard Gives Hope to Parents of Missing Children
Jaycee Lee Dugard Kidnapped, Impregnated, and Forced to Live in Shed, Say Police
Jaycee Lee Dugard Photos: First Look Inside Her Terror Tent
Jaycee Lee Dugard to Mother: "Hi Mom I Have Babies"
Jaycee Lee Dugard's Daughters Cried When Their Father, Phillip Garrido, Was Arrested
Jaycee Lee Dugard's Neighbors Profit From Media Interest in Case
Jaycee Update: Bones in Phillip Garrido's Backyard Likely Native American, Says Anthropologist
Jaycee Update: Veteran Cop Who Sat in Phillip Garrido's Living Room Sensed Nothing Amiss
Jayde Nicole, Playboy Playmate, Hills Star, Victim in Vegas Escort Scam
Jayson Williams Crash Photos: NBA Star to Face Drunk Driving Charge
Jayson Williams Due in Court on Assault Charge
Jayson Williams Going to Jail for Shooting Driver, Says Source
Jayson Williams in Trouble Again - Drinking May Have Led to Late Night Car Crash
Jayson Williams is Going to Jail; Former NBA Star Pleads Guilty to Accidentally Killing Limo Driver
Jayson Williams May Go Back To Jail
Jayson Williams Sentencing: NBA Star Says "Sorry", Judge Says See Ya
Jeff and Marci Beagley Gave Sick Son Prayer Instead of Medicine, Jury Gives Them Guilty Verdict
Jeff Conaway, "Grease" Star with Drug Struggles, Rushed to Hospital With Brain Hemorrhage, Says Site
Jeffrey Tidus, Prominent L.A. Lawyer, Shot in Head in Possible "Targeted Killing"
Jeffry Picower, Madoff Money Man, Found Dead in His Pool
Jenni Farley Pics: Are Naked Shots of Jersey Shore's "JWOWW" Being Sold Illegally?
Jennifer and Keith Lee, Oregon Couple Vanishes While Searching for Perfect Christmas Tree
Jennifer Daugherty (Photos): "Friends" Killed Disabled Woman, Forced Her to Write Suicide Note
Jennifer Daugherty Case: Torture Death of Mentally Disabled Woman May Be Hate Crime (PICTURES)
Jennifer Daugherty, Mentally Disabled Woman, Trusted Everyone, Including Her Killers
Jennifer Garner's Alleged Stalker Steven Burky Back in Custody
Jennifer Hromadka Shot Down Raymond Clark III Cheating Rumors on Web Site
Jennifer Lopez "Sex Tape" Still Hush-Hush, Judge Sides With J. Lo Against Ex Ojani Noa
Jennifer Strange's Family Awarded $16.5 Million in "Wee for Wii" Contest Death
Jeremy Aikman and Porn Star Wife Janine Lindemulder Battle Sandra Bullock for Custody of Kids
Jerome Smalls Threatens Wife with Knife for Cutting ESPN, Say Conn. Cops
Jeron Lewis Video: Southern Indiana Center Mysteriously Dies on Basketball Court
Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! TV Appearance Lands Man in Court
Jesse Crow Charged with Killing Missing Newlywed Wife Ryann Bunnell Crow
Jessica Lunsford Killer John Couey Dies in Jail
Jesus Saves Jewelry Store Owner; Armed Robber "Arrested by the Holy Spirit"
Jews Responsible for All "Wars in the World," But Mel Gibson Not Responsible for DUI Anymore
Jillian Michaels Sued Over Diet Pills; "Biggest Loser" Star Stands By Her Product
Jim Leavitt Fired: USF Football Coach Comes Out Swinging After FanHouse Allegation, Dismissal
Jim Pouillon, Anti-Abortion Activist Murdered in Front of School
Joe Biden On White House Crashers Tareq and Michaele Salahi: "Like They Were Old Buddies"
Joe Jackson: Dr. Murray is "Just a Fall Guy," My Son was Murdered
Joe Rollino, Strongman Who Lifted 475 Pounds with Teeth, Struck Dead by Van at 104
Joe Stack Bomb Threat Called Off, FBI Clears Georgetown Airport After Austin Crash
Joe Stack Bomb Threat: FBI Searching Georgetown Airport for Car Bomb after Austin Plane Crash
Joe Stack is a "True American Hero": Facebook Groups Support Domestic Terrorist
Joe Stack Pictures: First Photos of Alleged Austin IRS Plane Crasher
Joe Stack Plane Crash Austin Aftermath: 13 Injured, Two Critically
Joe Stack Plane Crash: Why Did He Hate IRS Enough to Kill?
Joe Stack Suicide Note Full Text: "American Zombies Wake Up and Revolt"
Joe Stack Was Lone Wolf, Says Austin Police Chief
Joe Stack: Plane Crasher Talked Politics But "No Obsession," Says Woman Who Knew Him Through Band
John "Junior" Gotti Courtroom Explosion: "You're a Punk!"
John "Junior" Gotti Wants to Write True Crime Novels
John Allen Ditullio Murder Trial: State Must Pay to Hide Neo-Nazi's Swastika Tattoos
John Caudle, 14, Kills Parents Over Chores, Say Colo. Police
John Edwards Aide Andrew Young: Elizabeth Edwards Wants to Sue Me For Destroying Her Marriage
John Edwards Faces Grand Jury and Former Aide Over Love Affair Lies
John Edwards Latest News: Love Child, Yes; Stolen Dirty Diapers and Fake DNA, We'll See
John Edwards Sex Tape Worth "Gigantic Amounts of Money," Says Former Aide
John Edwards Sex Tape: Judge Orders Security to Take Video from Former Aide Andrew Young
John Edwards Sex Tape? The Headline You Knew Was Coming
John Edwards' Mistress Rielle Hunter: I Want My Sex Tape Back!
John Hummel Triple Murder Indictment; Pregnant Wife Stabbed, Daughter, Father-in-Law Beaten With Bat
John Michael Farren, George Bush's Old Lawyer, Tried to Kill Wife Mary Farren, Say Connecticut Cops
John Patrick Bedell: Rants on Wikipedia and YouTube May Have Foreshadowed Breakdown
John Phillips of Mamas and Papas Slept With Daughter Mackenzie Phillips, Says New Book
John Travolta May Take Witness Stand in Bahamas Extortion Case
John Travolta Trial: Bahamian Senator Caught Blackmailing Lawyer on Hidden Video, Say Prosecutors
John Turnpaugh Told 911 He Planned to Kill President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama
John Tyler High School Stabbing Leaves Teacher Dead
John Tyler High School Student Held in Teacher's Death
John William Lomax III Charged with Jasper Howard UConn Football Murder
Johnson & Johnson Heiress Casey Johnson's Autopsy Inconclusive, No Evidence of Trauma
Johnson and Johnson Heiress Dies: Tila Tequila Blames Drugs for Casey Johnson Death, Says Site
Jon and Kate Plus Cops
Jon Cryer from "Two and a Half Men": Help, My Wife Sarah Trigger is Trying to Kill Me
Joran van der Sloot Confession: I Killed Natalee Holloway, But Prosecutors Don't Believe Me
Jordan Brown, 12, Could Be One of Country's Youngest Murder Defendants to Be Tried As Adult
Josh Powell Attends Vigil for Missing Utah Wife Susan Powell Despite Being "Person of Interest"
Judge Appoints Self To Hear Chris Coleman Murder Case
Judge Lifts Gag Order In Killed Pregnant Marine
Judge Makes Fashion Statement With Sentencing
Judge Orders Evangelical Christian Mom Lisa Miller to Give Her Child to Gay Ex-Lover
Judge: Robber Can Sue Store He Robbed
Julia Corker, Senator Corker's Daughter, Gets Carjacked for Being a Good Samaritan
Jury Recommends Life Sentence in "Alpha Dog" Murder
Justin Mentell "Boston Legal" Actor Killed in Car Crash
Kandi Burruss Fiance Ashley "A.J." Jewell May Have Fought and Died Over "Respect"
Kansas Chainsaw Massacre: Man Suffocates Wife then Cuts His Own Legs Off
Kappa Sigma Frat Branding Leaves "Butt Cheek Destroyed"; Amon Carter IV's Family Outraged
Katt Williams Goes to Jail, But Doesn't Stay Long
Kelsey Grammer Faces Sister's Killer
Kelsey Grammer to Sister's Killer: You?re a "Butcher"
Kendra Jade Rossi Looking to Dr. Drew to Overcome Sexual Addiction, Childhood Rape
Kenneth Biros Execution: Ohio Man First to Die Under 1-Drug Thiopental Sodium Method
Kentucky Homemaker Took Law Into Own Hands And Solved Murder That Haunted Town
Kentucky Political Dynasty Destroyed: Steve Nunn to Face Jury of Peers for Lover's Murder
Kenzie Houk Shot in Cold Blood By 11-Year-Old Jordan Brown, Say Prosecutors
Kerrigan Family Doesn't Blame Mark Kerrigan for Father's Death, But Ex-Wife Feared for Her Life
Kevin Johnson, Sacramento Mayor and Former NBA Star, Robbed in San Francisco
Khristine Eroshevich - Anna Nicole Smith Naked Tub Photos; Pix Surface in Court Docs
Khristine Eroshevich's Prescriptions "Going to Kill" Anna Nicole Smith, Says Pharmacist
Kidnapped, Trapped in Trunk, Houston Man Uses SOS Texts to Lead Police to Captors
Kidnapper Beaten by Victim With His Own Rifle
Killer or Victim: Who Was Wrong-Way Crash Mom?
Killer Ratings? TV Crime Host in Custody, Charged With Plotting Murder to Boost Audience
Killer Weed: 100 Pounds Of Pot Found In Casket
Killer Whale Kills Trainer Footage: Dawn Brancheau's Last Moments Alive
Killers Hate The Rain
Kim Kardashian Gets Restraining Order Against Alleged "Joker Face" Stalker Dennis Shaun Bowman
King Brothers, Seduced by Child Molester into Killing Father, Seek Fresh Start After Jail
King of Popping Pills? DEA Joins MJ Death Probe
Kirsten Dunst Stars in Court Drama... Her Own
Kitty Serial Killer? 20 Fla. Cats Murdered In A Month
Kmart Worker Greg Wainio Run Over for $400 in Compact Discs, Say Police
Knox's Alibi: Sex, Drugs And Sleep
Knox's Mom Says Daughter, Victim Got Along
Krazy Glue Girls Set for Trial In Case of Sticky Privates
Kristen Charbonneau Case: Did Texas Businessman Dan Moore Kill Exotic Dancer?
Kristen Parker, Surgery Tech Who Infected 36 Patients with Hepatitis C, Doesn't Expect Forgiveness
L.A. Sheriff Suspends DNA Tests For Old Rape Cases
Lab Technician Raymond Clark is "Person of Interest" in Murdered Student Annie Le Case, Says Source
Lakewood, NJ SWAT Team Shootout: 4 Cops Wounded in Drug Raid
LaMichael James, Oregon Ducks Running Back, Arrested for Menacing, Strangulation, Assault
LAPD Cop Reported Gun Stolen Weeks After Murder
LAPD Says No Officers Fired for May Day Melee
LAPD Searching For Jackson's Live-In Doctor, Says Gossip Site
LAPD: Massive Crackdown on Brutal Gang, The Avenues
Larry Flynt in Legal Battle with Nephews over Porn Empire
Larry King Carrie Prejean Blow Up: Sex Tape Beauty Queen Almost Walks Off Show
Las Vegas "Stripper-Mobile" Too Hot for Sin City? County Government Thinks So
Las Vegas Courthouse Shooting Caught on YouTube Video
Latest on Tiger Woods Scandal: Alleged Mistress, Porn Star Joslyn James, Wanted for Child Support
Laura Vogel, Missing in Maui: Avid Surfer, Camper, Disappears on Solo Camping Trip
Lauren Ashley Pictures: Miss Beverly Hills Thinks God Wants Gays "Put to Death"
Lawrence Taylor Arrested in Traffic Accident
Lawsuit Against Steelers QB Roethlisberger Dropped If He Admits Rape
Lawsuits Fly in Amanda Knox Murder Trial
Lawyer: Nancy Garrido "Misses" and "Loves" Jaycee Dugard's Daughters
Leah Ignagni Identified as Steve McNair's Other Lover in Police Report (Pictures)
Leah Ignagni Photos ? New Bikini Pictures of Steve McNair's Second Mistress Only on Crimesider
Leah Ignagni Photos: First Pictures Appear on CBS News Crimesider
Leah Ignagni, Steve McNair's Second Mistress, Was Busted for Drugs
Leif Garrett Arrested: Former Teen Idol Busted for Controlled Substance (Photos)
Lesbian Honor Student's Fight to Wear Tuxedo in Yearbook Photo May End in Court
Letterman Extortion Suspect Robert Halderman Uses Tiger Woods "Sex Scandal Defense"
Letterman Video: Admits Sex Extortion Plot
Levamisole, OxyContin, Coke Cocktail Kills DJ AM
Levi Johnston?s Mom on House Arrest for the Holidays
Life Sentence For Woman Who Killed 2 Children
Like Romance Novel, "Crockefeller" Ex Fell For "Charisma"
Lil Wayne Goes to Jail Today? Rikers Island Could Be Next Stop for Grammy Winner
Lil Wayne Has Last Concert Before Jail
Lil Wayne NOT Heading to Jail Today: Courthouse Fire Postpones Rapper's Sentencing
Lil Wayne Sentencing: Rapper Goes to Dentist Instead of Jail
Lil' Kim Birthday Murder: Karaoke Killer Syed Rahman Confesses to Rooftop Slaying
Lil' Wayne Going to Jail? Rapper Dwayne Carter Pleads Guilty to Weapons Possession
Lindsay Lohan Burglar Busted, Say Cops
Lindsay Lohan's Home Burglarized, Was it an "Inside Job?"
Lloyd R. Woodson Busted with Weapons Cache, Map of Military Base, Headdress, Say NJ Cops
Loaded Lugar: Senator's Wife, Charlene Lugar, Charged for Drunken Hit-and-Run
Lock Your Doors And Keep The Kids Indoors: 2 Convicted Murderers Escape Prison In Arkansas
Locked Out: City Loses Keys to City
Loleini Tonga, Chris Henry's Fiancee, at Center of Storm; Homicide Detectives Look into NFL Death
Lorrie Thomas Gets 10 Years for Starving Quadriplegic Daughter Shylae Thomas to Death
Love Handles Saved My Life, Says Atlantic City Shooting Victim
Love Pad to Death Pad: Gruesome Details of NFL Star's Murder Scene
Loveland Dad Killed Man Serving Divorce Papers
Luke Air Force Base Shooting: 1 Shot to Death, 1 Injured as Car Smashes Through Gate
Lynn Geter Forced Son to Kill Hamster with Hammer Over Bad Grade, Say Georgia Cops
Ma Crime: Mom Leads Young Sons on Crime Spree
Mackenzie Phillips and John Phillips: Incest and Drugs Bombshell
Mackenzie Phillips On Oprah: Why She Slept with Her Father and Why She Stopped
Mackenzie Phillips: Incestuous Sex with Father John Phillips Wasn't Consensual
Macomb Il. Farm King Under Seige: Gunman Takes Hostages in Macomb Shooting
Madoff Screwed Charity Then Slept with CFO, Says Book
Madoff's Bottom Bunk: Eating Pizza with Child Molester, Hanging with Spy
Maersk Alabama Attacked by Pirates Again! Private Security to the Rescue, Repels Somali Bandits
Makia Coney: Family Fears Body Found in Jacksonville is Missing 17-Year-Old
Making A Break For It: Sea Lion Steals Police Boat
Man Accused of Killing Family Texts Girlfriend from Wife's Funeral
Man Arrested For Rescuing 37 Cats From Death
Man Carrying Loaded Assault Rifle Attends Obama Protest
Man Charged With Killing Abortion Doc Has Long Anti-Gov History
Man Claims To Be Boy Who Vanished In 1955
Man in Breathalyzer Costume Gets DUI on Halloween
Man Robs Sandwich Shop With Threat of HIV
Man Saws Legs Off Giant Corpse To Fit In Casket
Man Shot 10 Times, Drives Self For Help
Man Shot Outside Harvard Dorm
Man Slaps Child in Walmart
Man Tried to Fight Off Wild Dogs That Killed Wife Before Succumbing to Attack
Man Who Had 11 Warhols Stolen Has Waived Insurance Coverage
Man With Glasses Fetish May Need Glasses- To Read Fine Print On Criminal Charges
Manson Follower "Squeaky" Fromme is Getting Out
Manson Follower Clings To Life In Jail
Manson Follower Susan Atkins Will Die in Jail, Why Not Phillip Garrido?
Marc Anthony Bookal, 4, Missing: "I Just Want My Baby Home," Cries Mom
Marijuana Growing In National Forests
Marijuana Meatballs: Ex NYC Detective Anthony Chiofalo Says He Got Fired Over Wife's Secret Recipe
Marine Col. James Sabow's Death a Government Cover-up? John Patrick Bedell Thought So
Marine Col. James Sabow's Family on Pentagon Shooter: This Guy was a Nut
Mario Andrette McNeill: Things May Get Much Worse for Man Charged With Kidnapping Shaniya Davis
Marion Barry Charged with Stalking
Marion McCleneghan, New York Woman, Vanishes After a Party Just Blocks From Her House
Marissa Pagli, Manhattanville College Student, Found Dead, Mother Found Unconscious in Staff Housing
Mark Kerrigan: I Didn't Attack My Dad Daniel Kerrigan
Mark Ruffalo Wants Answers in Brother's Shooting Death
Martin Scorsese and Woody Allen Defend Child Rapist Roman Polanski, Why Shouldn't You?
Marwa Ali El Sherbini: Trial Set for Alleged Neo-Nazi Accused of Killing Pregnant Muslim Woman
Matt Baker Trial: Ex Mistress Vanessa Bulls Says Preacher Killed Wife
Matt Baker, "Murdering Minister," Gets 65 Years for Killing Wife
Matthew Knowles Scandal: Beyonce Daddy is Baby Daddy to "Scrubs" Guest Alexsandra Wright, Says Suit
Maurice Clemmons' Alleged Get-Away Man May Get Charged with Seattle Cop Killings
Mayor's Niece Lived With Alleged "Cleveland Strangler" Anthony Sowell and Rotting Bodies
MC Hammer's Cousin Charged in Twitter Rape Mess
McDonald's Rampage Caught on Tape, Woman Tries to Supersize Cashier's Face
McDonald's Rampager Alesha McMullen Charged With Property Damage Over "Happy Meal" (VIDEO)
McNair 911 Call: "Oh My God...Somebody's Been Shot."
McNair and his Mistress: A Deadly Play by Play
McNair Estate to Support Family, Not Just Wife
McNair Memorial: Thousands Attend Service For Ex-NFL Star
McNair Murder: The Girlfriend's Gun
McNair Murder: The Mistress Did It
McNair was Drunk Before Murdered
McStay Family of Four Still Missing, Cops Searching
McStay Family of Four Vanishes Near Mexican Border
Mechele Linehan Wins Murder Appeal, "Letter from Grave" Haunts Prosecutors
Megan Baumann, High School Teacher, Fired for "Sexual Acts" with Students (Pictures)
Megan Williams Says Tale of Racially Motivated Gang Rape Was All Made Up Or Was It?
Mel Gibson Moves 300 Mexican Prisoners for New Film; Doesn't Mention Jews, Booze, or Naked Cops
Mel Gibson Sleeps With Gun: ?You?ve Got To Be Tooled Up?
Melinda Dennehy's Naked Pictures Popular with High School Students, Not With Police
Melinda Duckett Story: Investigators Thought Sex Videos Held Clue to Son?s Disappearance
Men Trained for Month in Wealthy Couple's Slaying, Sheriff to CBS
Message Threatens Death for Black Students on Hocking College Campus Feb. 2
Mexico: Cartel King Pin In Custody
Mia Farrow's Brother's Death Ruled Suicide
Miami Police Call Accused Kitty Killer A Sociopath
Miami Teen Jaclyn Torrealba Dead, Says Family (Pictures); Boyfriend DJ Seasunz May Be Under Arrest
Mich. Mom Aimee Louise Sword Seduced Son She Gave Up For Adoption, Say Police
Michael Abdallah Allegedly Raped 13-Year-Old Sex Slave More Than 100 Times, Say NY Police
Michael Brewer Case: Mom Apologizes for Son Who Allegedly Set 15-Year-Old on Fire
Michael Brewer Court Docs: "Pour it On Him," Teen Said Before Alcohol-Soaked Boy is Lit on Fire
Michael Brewer Was "Best Friend" Says Boy Originally Accused of Helping Set Teen on Fire
Michael Brewer's Parents: Boy Burned by Bullies Still Asks for Water to Douse Flames
Michael Brewer, Boy Burned by Bullies, Gets New Skin Graft
Michael Brewer, Boy Burned by Bullies, Getting Better
Michael Brewer, Florida Teen Set on Fire, Back in Hospital
Michael Brewer, Florida Teen Set on Fire, Expected Attack
Michael Douglas Bails Out Drug-Dealing Son Cameron Douglas
Michael Douglas' Son Busted at Posh NYC Hotel
Michael Douglas' Son Had Girlfriend Smuggle Dope in Toothbrush, Say Feds
Michael Douglas' Son Stars in Police Drug Bust Video
Michael Douglas' Son, Cameron Douglas, to Serve 10-Year Minimum Sentence for Drug Trafficking
Michael Irvin, Former Dallas Cowboy and NFL Hall of Famer, Accused of Rape in Civil Suit
Michael Jackson's Children Were Not Affected By Stun Gun, Says MJ's Mother
Michael Lane, British Motivational Speaker, Arrested in Las Vegas for Ginger Candela's Murder
Michael Lane, Motivational Speaker, Killed Meditating Woman with Frying Pan, Say Las Vegas Cops
Michael Lane: Did Motivational Speaker Charged With "Meditation Murder" Run Over a Transsexual Too?
Michael Scott, Chicago Public Schools Leader, Found Dead in River, Say Cops
Michael Sigala Case: Texas to Execute Man Who Murdered Brazilian Couple