Investigative Round-Up - Blogs

France Weighs Deporting Afghans
Fraud Cases Fell While Pentagon Contracts Surged
Fraud Halts U.S. Refugee Programme
Fraud Infects State In-Home Care Program
Freddie Mac's Secret Plan To Kill Reform
French Authorities Probe Air China Threat Letter
French Bank Execs Resign Over $1.1b Trading Scandal
French Defence Minister Approves Declassification Of Some Documents
French Investigators Take Genocide Probe To Rwanda
French Launch Doping Investigation of Tour Teams
French Minister Launches Inquiry Into Claims That EDF 'Dumped' Uranium
French Official Says 3 Firms Suspected Of Fraud
French Police Raid Housing Projects
French Probe Into Rogue Trading Scandal Nears End
French sources: Syria Ready To 'Reconsider' Its Ties With Iran
French Warship Foils Two New Attacks By Somali Pirates
From Riches To Prison: Hackers Rig Stock Prices
Fugitive Fund Manager Who Faked Suicide Surrenders
Fugitive Fund Manager?s Girlfriend Is Charged
G.I.?s Death Prompts 2 Inquiries of Iraq Electrocutions
G.O.P. Says Ex-Treasurer Stole Funds
G20 Protest Videos: Growing Catalogue Of Evidence Against Police
G8 Countries Fail To Meet Climate Change Vows: Report
GAO Cites Gun Sales to Those on Watch List
GAO: FDA Not Pulling Unproven Drugs
GAO: Security Lapses Continue At Los Alamos
Gap Opens Between Al Qaeda and Allies
Gary McKinnon ? 'World's Most Dangerous Hacker' ? To Be Extradited
Gates: "Mission Transition" In Iraq
General Faulted For Awarding Tillman Medal
General Mills and Kroger pull peanut butter items
Georgia Accuses Russia of Shooting Down Reconnaissance Drone
Georgia Alleges Russian Role in a Coup Plot
Georgia To Hold Russian Missiles For Investigation: Official
Georgia's claims On War With Russia Questioned
Georgia's Cyberspace Hacked, Attacked
Georgia: Tapped Phones Show Self-Defense In War
Georgian Parliament War Probe Blames Russia
Georgian Rebels Say Shot Down Georgian Spy Drone-Ifax
German Court Convicts Sudanese Man Of Espionage
German Kidnapped In Afghanistan May Have Been Killed: Police
German Police Question Warning On Internet
German Police Seize Neo-Nazi CDs
German Politician Resigns Over Child Pornography Investigation
German Prosecutors Charge 3 In Alleged Terror Plot Against U.S. Targets
German Shooter Revealed Plans In Chat Room
German Soldier killed in Taliban-Attack
Germans Charge Demjanjuk In WWII Killings
Germans Presumed Kidnapped In Yemen: Berlin
Germany Accuses Russia of Espionage
Germany and U.S. to Share Intimate Data on Terror Suspects
Germany Arrests Alleged Exporter To Iran
Germany Denies Any Role in Libyan Police Training
Germany Drops Soldier Inquiry Over Afghan Deaths
Germany to Extradite Rwandan President's Aide To France
Get Osama Bin Laden Before I Leave Office, Orders George W. Bush
GI Found Guilty In Slaying Of 4 Iraqis
Giant Bank in Probe Over Ties to Madoff
Girl Missing Since 1983 Was Kidnapped On Vatican Archbishop's Orders, Police Told
Gitmo Prisoner Charged In Embassy Attack
Glasgow Car Bomb Plot - The AlQaeda Connection
Global Insurance Fraud By North Korea Outlined
GM Settles Long-Running U.S. Accounting Probe
Gonzales Said to Have Intervened on Wiretap
Google Avoids #100m U.K. Tax
Google Earth Used By Terrorists In India Attacks
GOP in NY Demands Probe Into AIG Campaign Donation
GOP Probes 'Extremism' Report's Origins
Government 'did not try' To Fend Off Saudi Inquiry Threats
Government Publishes "Confidential" Nuke Info
Government Will Spy On Every Call And E-Mail
Governor of Nevada Is Cleared in an Inquiry on Gifts, His Lawyer Says
Governor's Trip Confuses Carolina
Govt Widens Dollar Scam Investigation
Graft Inquiry in Namibia Finds Clues in China
Graham Trial Details Olympic Drug Scandal
Grand Jury Said To Probe Justice Dept.
Grand Jury Said to Probe Richardsonʼs Former Chief of Staff
Graves Probed At Brutal Fla. Reform School
Greek Minister Resigns Over Land Swap Scandal
Grenade Attack Kills 16 Policemen On Chinese Border
Grenades In Bag Trigger Evacuation At JFK
Group: Taliban Has New Video of G.I.
Groups Call For Probe Into Somali Civilian Deaths
Groups Controlled by Golisano and Aide Investigated Over Donations
Guantanamo Defendant Calls Trial a 'Sham'
Guantanamo Detainee Seeks 'Black Sites' Access
Guantanamo Detainee To Be Charged With War Crimes
Guantanamo Inmates Suffering Mental Damage: Report
Guantanamo Interrogation Tape Released
Guantanamo Jury Jails Bin Laden Media Chief For Life
Guatemala: Adopted Child Stolen
Guinea Launches Investigation Into Killing of Protesters
Gunman Kills Former Chechen Official In Moscow
Gunmen Attack U.S. Consulate In Istanbul
Gunmen Kidnap Pro-US Iraqi Tribal Chief
Gunmen Seize Darfur Aid Workers
Gunmen Who Attacked Cricketers In Lahore 'Had Links To Al Qaeda'
Hackers Grabbed More Than 285M Records In 2008
Hackers To Join Britain's Cyberspace Army
Hague Court Charges Ex-Official
Half-Naked Teen Shows Up At Gym In Chains
Halliburton Scandal: EFCC Closes in on Nigerian Suspects
Hamas Accuses Egypt of Militant 'Torture'
Hamas Official Stopped With #8 Million In Cash
Hamas Says Deadly Gaza Blast Was An Accident
Haneef Had Terror Suspect On Email List
Hariri Probe Witness Hiding in Europe: Report
Hariri Slay Probe Moves to U.N. Tribunal
Hariri Suspects' Release Ordered
Harman Seeks Release of Transcripts
Harrods Boss Al Fayed 'Questioned By Police'
Harvard Medics 'Concealed Drug Firm Cash'
Hasan Probe Will Include Pentagon
Hasan Warned Army about Muslim GI Morale
Hasan's Ties Spark Government Blame Game
Health Care Lobby Good to Blue Dog Dems
Health Deals Could Harbor Hidden Costs
Hearts And Minds:Al Qaeda?s Star Is Falling In Iraq But Rising In The Maghreb
Hedge Fund Head 'Cooperative' In Madoff Probe
Herbalife Says SEC Investigation Finished
Hezbollah Adopts Security Changes After Arrest Of Israeli Agent
Hezbollah Alleges Egypt Vendetta
Hezbollah Announces New Jihad Group
Hezbollah Chief Vows Mughniyeh's Retaliation Is Coming
Hezbollah Denies Report About Hariri Assassination
Hezbollah Held French Socialist
Hezbollah: Israeli MIA Escaped, Believed Dead
High Court Adds Hurdle To Age-Bias Suits
High Court Hints It Will Side With Tobacco
Highway Conditions Contribute To Over Half of Fatal Auto Crashes
Hijacked Saudi Oil Tanker Sirius Star on The Move
Hill Report Faults FCC Chairman
Hippie Arrests Draw A.C.L.U.?s Attention
HK Says More Chinese Eggs Tainted
Holes In U.S. Disaster Planning Exposed
Home Searched after Exeter Blast
Homeland Security Looks Ahead Five Years
Homeland Security, FBI Must Reveal Whether Detained Travelers Are On Watch List, Court Order Says
Hospital Chief, Shelter Director Used Homeless For Fraud, Says F.B.I
Hospital Death Rates Differ Across U.S.
Hospital Error Leads To Radiation Overdoses
Hospitals to Pay $1.6 Million In Skid Row Dumping Case
Hostage-Takers Extend Deadline
House Asks Ethics Panel for Report on Lobby Probe
House Chairman Says CIA Lied to Lawmakers
House Ethics Panel Expands Rangel Investigation
House Opens Fertilizer Fund Probe Without Bolante
House Panel to Probe BofA's Merrill Deal
House Wants CIA Docs on Hit Squad Plan
How Firms Wooed a U.S. Agency With Billions to Invest
How Israel Foiled an Arms Convoy Bound for Hamas
How MI5 Colluded In My Torture
How One Newspaper's 'Shameful' Questions Have Rattled Silvio Berlusconi
How The State Abused Your Monthly Cell Phone Tax
How Vital Were Cold War Spies?
HRW Urges Lebanon To Probe Rights Abuses During Clashes
Huge Explosives Stash Seized In Pakistan Capital: Police
Huji Suspected To Be Behind Serial Blast In Jaipur Banned Harkat-Ul-Jehadi
Human Rights Group Says Cuba Is Holding Scores Of Political Prisoners
Hundreds Face Saudi Terror Trials
Hundreds Of Irish Catholic Priests 'To Be Implicated In Child Abuse Report'
Hunt Begins For Karadzic Helpers
IAEA: Iran May Be Withholding Nuke Info
IAEA: N. Korea Removed Essential Nuclear Equipment
IAEA: Nuke Black Market Exposed Key Info
ICC Investigation Targets Rebel Leaders In Darfur
ICC Judges Issue An Arrest Warrant For Sudan President
ICC Prosecutor Mulls 'Gaza War Crimes' Probe
Ice Companies Face U.S. Price-Fixing Probe: Report
ICE Raids Miss. Plant Seeking Illegal Workers
IDF Admits 'Mistake' Killed Three Daughters, Niece Of Palestinian Doctor
IDF Launches Formal Probe into Gaza Killing of Reuters Cameraman
IDF Soldiers Ordered To Shoot At Gaza Rescuers, Note Says
IDs of Air France Victims Could Prove Jet Broke Up
Ill Palestinians 'Asked to Spy'
Illegal Filesharing: ISPs Pledge Not To 'spy' On Web Users
IMF Confirms Investigation Of Its Director
Immigrant Detainee Dies, and a Life Is Buried, Too
Immigration Detention Centers Failed To Meet Standards, Report Says
In Afghanistan, Insurgents Attacking Cellphone Network
In An Iranian Image, A Missile Too Many
In Bernie Madoff Investigation, Financial Adviser Dodges Questions
In Blagojevich Investigation, 'Individual D' Seeks Immunity
In Europe, Intel Faces a Large Antitrust Fine
In France, Prisons Filled With Muslims
In Nuclear Net?s Undoing, A Web Of Shadowy Deals
In Pictures: Egyptian Authorities Tie Injured Protestors to their Hospital Beds
In Second Message by Bin Laden in 2 Days, Al-Qaeda Leader Calls For Holy War for Palestine
In Second Message by Bin Laden in 2 Days, Al-Qaeda Leader Calls For Holy War for Palestine
In U.K., 4 Government Laptops Stolen In Another Data Breach
Incendiary Device Found In Boy's Bag At DIA
Ind. State Police Probe Trooper's Facebook Use
India 'Decapitates' Jihadi Group
India Army Officer On Bomb Charge
India Charges 9 After Inquiry of Outsourcing Company
India Demands Pakistan Hand Over Fugitives
India Detains 30 Over Mass Bombings
India IT Firm Faces Scandal Probe
India Launches Ballistic Missile
India Orders Fraud Office Probe Into Satyam Computer Accounts
India Orders Inquiry Into Deadly Temple Stampede
India Orders New Inquiry into 2002 Clashes
India Says Mumbai Attackers Had Pakistani Links
India Siege Sparks Concerns At U.S. Hotels
India To Seek Headley's Extradition After Probe Into 26/11 Links
India To Share 26/11 Evidence With China
India's Central Crime Bureau Joins Satyam Probe
India's Top Security Official Resigns
INDIA: Centre Admits Intelligence Gaps, to Strengthen Security
India: Pakistan Controlled Mumbai Gunmen
Indian Kashmir Group For Probe Into Mystery Graves
Indian Minister To Take Mumbai Evidence to U.S.
Indian Navy Arrests 23 Pirates
Indian Navy Boarding 'Suspicious Ship'
Indian Papers Flail Intelligence Failures In Mumbai Attacks
Indian Police Arrest Politician In Huge Fraud Probe
Indian Software Company Chief Quits In Accounting Scandal
Indian Soldiers Go Missing In US
Indian Stream A Cocktail Of Drugs
Indictment Unsealed Against Terror Suspect Zazi's Father
Indonesia Defends Record Of Downed Plane
Indonesia Prosecutor Seeks Life Imprisonment for Alleged Terror Leaders
Indonesia Security Tight After Executions
Indonesian Police Arrest Alleged Bali Bomb Plotter
Indonesian Spy Could Face Death Over Activist's Murder
Infant Death Toll From Chinese Tainted Milk Scandal Raised To 6
Infectious Diseases Study Site Questioned
Injured War Zone Contractors Fight To Get Care
Inmates Tell Of Sexual Abuse And Beatings In Iraq's Overcrowded Juvenile Prison System
Innocent Grandmother ? Or Suicide Bombing Mastermind?
Inquiry Asks Why A.I.G. Paid Banks
Inquiry Clears Georgia In N. Ossetia Blast
Inquiry Into Oil Company May Hurt Brazil?s Fiscal Plan
Inquiry Launched After Film Shows Israeli Soldier Firing Rubber Bullet At Palestinian At Close Range
Inquiry Lays Out Chain Of Failures In High-Rise Fire
Inquiry: Hospitals Couldn't Handle Terror Attack
Inside a 9/11 Mastermindʼs Interrogation
Inside As Sahaab: The Story of Ali al Bahlul and the Evolution of Al Qaeda?s Propaganda
Inside the CIA's Haphazard Interrogations
Inspectors Find Bad Practices At Oil Office
Insurgents Briefly Capture Key Town in Show of Defiance
Insurgents Hack U.S. Drones
Insurgents Using New Homemade Rocket Weapon In Iraq
Intel Facing Antitrust Investigation
Intercepted Letter Shows Al Qaeda Weakened In Iraq
International Court Likely To Seek Arrest Of Sudan's President For War Crimes In Darfur
International Human Rights Watchdog Urges Syria To Investigate Prison Riot Deaths
International Prosecutor to Seek Inquiry Into Kenya Violence
Interpol To Aid Pakistan Investigation Of Mumbai Attack
Interpreter for F.B.I. Thinks Interrogators Beat Terror Suspect
Interrogation Memos Detail Harsh Tactics by the C.I.A
Interview With Taliban Commander Sirajuddin Haqqani
Investigation Continues Into Brooklyn Nursing Home Deaths
Investigation Into Huge Loss of Computerized Clinton Data
Investigation Into Madoff Fraud Turns to a Small Circle of Accountants
Investigation Into Turkish Airlines Crash Continues
Investigation Of Glaxo's Paxil Widens: Report
Investigation Of Olympics Ticket Scams Continues
Investigation Shows Gang Leaders Continue Activity In Prison
Investigation Underway Into False Election Day Information
Investigation: In Afghanistan, Routine Abuse Of Terror Detainees
Investigations Into Ticketmaster Target Relationships With Brokers
Investigators Find Gaps in Port Security Program
Investigators Probe Fatal Air Crash
Investigators Say Slain Guatemalan Lawyer Rosenberg Orchestrated His Own Death
Investigators Tackle Gruesome D.C. Crash
Investigators Work to Determine Cause of Sudan Plane Crash
Investigators: Millions in Iraq Contracts Never Finished
Investors Find Morbid Niche In Surrendered Life Insurance
Iran 'Behind Green Zone Attack'
Iran 'Installing New Centrifuges'
Iran Alleges Foreign-Funded Plot To Undermine Government
Iran and Syria give Conflicting Statements on Monitoring Stations
Iran Arming 'Freedom Armies': Top Commander
Iran Arrests Group for Mosque Blast, Blames West
Iran Doctors Jailed Over 'Plot'
Iran Further Flouts Nuclear Sanctions
Iran Helping Hezbollah Intercept Calls in Lebanon Lebanese
Iran In Scramble For Fresh Uranium Supplies
Iran Keeps Mum on Sadr
Iran Militia Wants Mousavi Investigated
Iran MPs To Probe 'Mass Burials'
Iran Nuclear Danger Downplayed In Reports
Iran Paid Somali Pirate Ransom
Iran Receives Al Qaeda Praise For Role In Terrorist Attacks
Iran Reformist Kidnapped, Family Says
Iran Rejects Nuke Claim As "Propaganda"
Iran Replaces al Qaeda as Chief U.S. Concern in Iraq: Report
Iran Says Blast at Mosque Could be Accidental
Iran Says Designs Radar-Evading Military Aircraft
Iran Says It Has Started Building Submarines
Iran Says Mosque Bombers Planned Pipeline Blast
Iran Sentences Man To Death For Spying For Israel
Iran Shuts Down Human Rights Group
Iran Test Fires Missiles For Second Day
Iran Test-Fires Long, Short-Range Missiles
Iran Tests Naval Weapon With 300km Range: Report
Iran To Probe "Mock Trial" Of Reporter
Iran Using Fronts to Get Bomb Parts From U.S.
Iran Using Venezuela Ties To Duck U.N. Sanctions: Report
Iran Withdraws Claim on U.S. Plane
Iran's President Blames U.S., Israel for Mosque Blast
Iran, G5+1 to Exchange Packages to End Dispute on Nuclear Program
Iran, Makes New Strides In Uranium Enrichment
Iran, Russia Supplying Arms To Sudan -Rights Group
Iran: Corruption Accuser Jailed
Iran: Ex-Police Chief Attempts Suicide in Prison
Iranian Dissident's Case Throws Light on a Key Defection
Iranian News Agency Reopens After Ban
Iranian-Lebanese Forces Dispute Over Reports of Preparations to Assassinate Saniora
Iraq Accuses Iranian Exiles of Plotting Attack
Iraq Arrests Children Recruited By Al Qaeda
Iraq Arrests Top Qaeda Female Suicide Bomber Recruiter
Iraq Civilian Deaths Down In June, At 4-Year Lows
Iraq Fires 1,300 Soldiers and Policemen for Refusing to Fight
Iraq Inquiry 'Must Not Be Held In Secret'
Iraq May Put Six Blackwater Guards On Trial
Iraq Murder Charge for US Marine
Iraq Offers Cash for Weapons in Crackdown against Qaeda
Iraq Official's Bodyguards Involved In Rush-Hour Shooting
Iraq Police Detain Teenage Girl With Explosives Vest
Iraq Seen As More Stable Than Afghanistan: Report
Iraq To Quiz U.S. Over Spying Claim
Iraq Wants To Put Torturers On Trial
Iraq War Inquiry Will Hear Evidence In Secret, Miliband Hints to MPs
Iraq War: Five Years On
Iraq War: Gordon Brown Aims To Delay Inquiry Report Until After Election
Iraq's 'Chemical Ali' Reported In Hospital after Hunger Strike
Iraq: 2 Guards to Iraq's Vice President Killed During Green Zone Shelling
Iraq: Kurdish Groups Behind Attacks Against Christians, Says MP
Iraq: No Evidence Iran Is Arming Shiites
Iraq: Police Arrest Senior Al Qaeda Members
Iraq: State of Corruption
Iraq: Suicide Bomber Kills 12 At Meeting Of Sheiks
Iraqi Army Officers Pulled $4.8-Million Bank Heist, Police Say
Iraqi Forces In Mass Arrests Of Al Qaeda Suspects In Mosul
Iraqi Militants Seeking Contact with Arab Governments
Iraqi Police Heard Making Sexual Comments To Failed Female Suicide Bomber
Iraqi Prime Minister Gives Shiite Militias 72 Hours to Halt Fighting
Iraqi Report on Corruption Cites Prosecutors? Barriers
Iraqi Soldier Kills Two U.S. Troops
Iraqis 'Capture Leading Militant'
Iraqis Await Guantanamo Son, Whereabouts Unknown
Iraq?s Newly Open Gays Face Scorn and Murder
Irish Police Arrest Five as Part of Paramilitary Investigation
IRS Sues First Data Corp. For Client Names In Offshore Probe
Is Al Qaeda Back in Baghdad?
Is Congress Failing on Homeland Security Oversight?
Is Global Terror Threat Falling?
Is John The 2-Year-Old Kidnapped On Long Island In 1955?
Is Oversight of For-Hire Flights Too Lax?
Islam Memo: French President Escaped Assassination Attempt At Ben Gurion Airport
Islamic Jihad Claims U.S. Embassy Attack
Islamic Militants Join Hunt For Pirates In Somalia
Islamist Leader is Arrested in Sudan
ISPR rejects Rand Corp Report as ?Smear Campaign?
Israel 'Admits' Using White Phosphorus Munitions
Israel 'Hides Settlements Data'
Israel 'Spy Scandal' Figure Larry Franklin Breaks Silence
Israel 'Spy Scandal' Figure Larry Franklin Breaks Silence
Israel Accuses Six Of Terror Link
Israel Amy Studies 'Abuse Video'
Israel Asked U.S. For Green Light To Bomb Nuclear Sites In Iran
Israel Charges Iran Spy Suspect
Israel Fears Hezbollah Has Advanced Anti-Aircraft On Alert
Israel has '150 or More' Nuclear Weapons: Carter
Israel Launches Attacks In Gaza
Israel Lured Spies With Money, Women - Rifi
Israel Says Uncovered Hamas Plot To Capture Soldiers
Israel Spy Chief Fears Jewish Extremist Plot
Israel To Fight Any War Crimes Charges
Israel Won't Cooperate With U.N. Probe Of Gaza War
Israel's Attorney General Says He'll Indict Olmert
Israel's Covert Security Agency Launches Blog
Israel: Soldiers Didn't Know they Were Firing at Journalist
Israeli Arab Charged Of Contacting Al Qaeda
Israeli Divers Find Child's Body In Suitcase
Israeli Foreign Minister Questioned In Bribe Case
Israeli Groups Call For IDF 'War Crimes' Probe
Israeli Military Closes Probe
Israeli Mortar Fire Off Target by 30 Metres, Initial Bomb Probe Finds
Israeli Police Seize Documents In Olmert Probe
Israeli Soldiers Killed Unarmed Civilians Carrying White Flags In Gaza, Says Report
Israeli Soldiers Report Abuses In Gaza
Israeli Spies Linked To Murder Of Hezbollah Chief
Israeli Suspected Of Espionage Links with Iran
Istanbul Bombs Kill 17; Police Probe Kurdish Links
Italian Doctors Arrested On Suspicion Of Killing Patients
Italian Judge Suspends Trial Of CIA Agents
Italian Police Arrest Scores Of Suspected Mobsters In Naples Area
Italians Arrest Almost 100 Mafia Suspects
Italy Holds Five On Terror Charge
Italy Murder Fuels 'Mafia' Fears
Italy Reopens Probe Into 1980 Plane Crash-Media
Italy Will Resume CIA Rendition Trial
Jabs 'did not make troops unwell'
Jackson-Sheik Settlement Is Hush-Hush
Jail Sentence for U.S. Embassy Assaulter Reduced
Jailed Ex-CIA Spy Charged With Conspiracy
Japan Finance Minister Resigns In Scandal
Japan Police Investigate North Korea Nuclear Plant Find
Japan Suspects Stabbings Linked To Pension Scandal
Japan: We Can Shoot Down N. Korean Rocket
Japan?s Prime Minister Resigns
Jihad And Juice Inside Libya's Terror Jail
Jihad Body Linked To Top University
Job Losses Show Wider Racial Gap in New York
John Edwards Faces Federal Investigation
JonBenet Ramsey Case Will Get 3rd DA In 12 Years
Journalist Hanged In Eastern Iran
JPMorgan Chase: More Mortgage Market Losses For 3Q
Judge Assassinated in Eastern Baghdad
Judge Denies Bid By Airlines To Question FBI In 9/11 Case
Judge Expected To Drop Stevens Conviction
Judge Halts Investigation Into ID Theft in Colorado
Judge May Make CIA Torture Memo Public
Judge Orders Asset Freeze On Madoff Relatives
Judge Orders Mistrial in Miami Terrorism Case
Judge Orders Release Of Gitmo Detainees
Judge Says Chinese Detainees Must Go Free
Judge Says F.B.I. Can Examine Library Computers That Scientist Used Last Month
Judge: Baghdad Shoe-Thrower Appears Beaten
Junta is Stealing Aid, Relief Groups Assert
Jury Dismissed In UK Airline Terror Case
Justice Delayed
Justice Department Eyes Domestic Spy Role For Local Police
Justice Department Halts Apple Stock Options Inquiries
Justice Dept. Inspector General Claims CIA Hampered Its Investigation
Justice Dept. Investigates Pa. Contractor Tied to Murtha
Justice Dept. Opens Preliminary Investigation Into Ensign's Conduct
Justice Dept.: Hiring Scandal Violated Law
Justice Experts Seek Israel-Gaza War Crimes Inquiry
Justice For Rape Victims: Don't Ignore Evidence
Justice Says Scientist Tried To Share U.S. Secrets
Justice Says Scientist Tried To Share U.S. Secrets
Kabul Held Mecca Talks With Taliban: Saudi Paper
Karadzic Accuses His Accusers
Karadzic Accuses His Accusers In Statement
Karadzic Extradited To War Crimes Tribunal
Karadzic Refuses War Crimes Pleas
Karl Rove Denies Meddling In Siegelman Investigation
Karzai Escapes Again as Taliban Attack Parade
Katrina Compensation Urged As Judge Faults Army Corps
Kazakhstan: Coup Plots and Corruption Alleged as Former Presidential Son-In Law Battles Authorities
KBR Must Be Accountable For Iraq Deaths-U.S. Senators
KBR Pleads Guilty In Nigeria Bribery Probe
Kellogg Pulls Crackers From Store Shelves
Kenya Police 'Ran Death Squads'
Kenya Poll Violence 'Was Planned'
Kenya's Parties 'Bribed Voters'
Kenyan Military Accused Of Violent Counterinsurgency
Key Allegations Against Terror Suspect Withdrawn
Key Facts About Dead Somali Al Qaeda Commander
Key Parts Found From Flight 3407 Crash
Key Syrian Witness in Hariri Assassination Case Still in France, in Danger, Says Family
Kidnapped British, Spanish Journalists Freed In Somalia
Kidnapped Tourists In Egypt Are Freed By Special Forces
Kidnapped Tourists Taken To Libya
Kidnapping Suspect's Prison Term Raises Questions
Killing May Be Linked To Benazirʼs Murder
Killing Of Tijuana Pizzeria Owner Leaves Family, Mexican Authorities At Odds
Knox Admits Drug Use On Night Of Murder
Knox Sticks To Sex, Drugs Story
Kucinich Calls for U.N. Investigation into Israeli Attacks on Gaza
Kurdish Control Of Kirkuk Creates A Powder Keg
Kuwaiti Minister Receives Phone Messages Threatening Attacks in the Country
L.A. Unified Pays Teachers Not To Teach
L.A.'s Medical Pot Dispensary Moratorium Led To A Boom Instead
Labor Agency Is Failing Workers, Report Says
Labor Department Reportedly Joins Investigation Of SEIU Payments
Labor Nonprofit's Consulting Fees To Officials Investigated
Land Scandal Threatens Greek Leader
LAPD Detective Charged 23 Years After Being Suggested As A Suspect In Slaying
Lawmaker Is Said to Have Agreed to Aid Lobbyists
Lawmaker Says FBI Files Could Yield Information in CIA Leak Case
Lawmakers Are Seeking Answers In Anthrax Case
Lawmakers Demand Info On Web Tracking Practices
Lawmakers May Give Recalled Combat Helmets More Scrutiny
Lawmakers Question Lawyers' Involvement in Ethics Probe
Lawsuit To Ask That Cheney's Papers Be Made Public
Lawsuits Force Disclosures by C.I.A.
Lawyer's Letter Counters Torture Report
Lawyer: Titans' Fowler Under NFL Investigation
Lawyer: U.S. Destroyed Gitmo Torture Notes
Lawyers for Guantanamo Inmates Accuse U.S. of Eavesdropping
Lawyers for Terror Suspects Wary of Eavesdropping
Leads Pile Up Vs. Suspected Serial Killer
Leak May Have Led To Taliban Ambush On French
Leaked Israeli Drill Seen As U.S. Pressure On Iran
Lebanese P.M.: Hezbollah Staged A Coup
Lebanon Airport Official Removed Over Alleged Hezbollah Ties
Lebanon Army Freezes Government Moves Against Hezbollah
Lebanon Arrests Two More In Israeli Spy Inquiry
Lebanon Bomb Inquiry Focuses On Islamists: Source
Lebanon Colonel Held For Spying For Israel ?Source
Lebanon Spy Cases Highlight Mideast Espionage
Lebanon: New Sunni Militia To Defend Itself From Hezbollah
Lebanon: Terrorist Cell Involved In Tripoli's Attack Wiped Out
Lebanon: U.S. Journalists Reportedly Under Arrest In Syria