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Edwards Responds to Bhutto Assassination
Edwards Returns to S.C.
Edwards Says He Has "Plenty of Money"
Edwards Says He Has "Plenty of Money"
Edwards Says He Has "Plenty of Money"
Edwards Says He Represents the "Grownup Wing" of the Dem Party
Edwards Says He'll Take On Big Insurance Companies
Edwards Says He's Like the Red Sox
Edwards Staying In
Edwards Still Being Asked About 527s
Edwards Supporter: Obama's "Not Ready Yet"
Edwards Talks Job Creation
Edwards Talks to Rural S.C.
Edwards To Visit New Orleans
Edwards Urges Punctuality
Edwards Volunteers Near Site of Snub
Edwards Weighs in on "Silly Season"
Edwards Weighs in on Clinton MLK Comments
Edwards Weighs in on Oprah-Obama
Edwards Will Campaign for 36 Straight Hours
Edwards Wrap-up
Edwards' "Groundhog Day"
Edwards' Family Affair
Edwards' Georgia Drop-by
Edwards' International Call Is Returned
Edwards' Last Event Before Caucuses
Edwards' Last-Minute Words of Encouragement
Edwards' Snow Day
Edwards' State of the Union "Prebuttal"
Edwards' Winter Wonderland
Edwards, Opera and O.J. in Elkader
Edwards: "I'm the Underdog"
Edwards: "Thank You For Second Place"
Edwards: "What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas"
Edwards: Iowa's a "Dead Heat"
Edwards: Lawyers Are Different Than Lobbyists
Edwards: Money Doesn't Matter
Edwards: No Lobbyists "In My White House"
Edwards: Running "With Everything I've Got"
Edwards: Small Town Native = Best Presidential Candidate
Election Is The Difference Between ?More Fair? And ?Less Fair? Judiciary Obama Says
Elisabeth Hasselbeck To Stump With Palin Today
Elizabeth Edwards Works The Phones
En Route to a Halloween Party, Obama Gets Irked by the Press
End Of The Trail For Thompson
Endorsements Piling Up For McCain
Even With Polls Tightening, Obama's Camp Still Sees "Deficits"
EXCLUSIVE: McCain's Olive Garden Dinner
Exclusive: Palin Was Briefed On Russian Jet Incursions
Eyeing Hawaiian Vacation, Obama Gets Some Last-Minute Exposure
Fancy Meeting You Here
Far From Alaska, the Focus is Still on Palin
Ferraro Steps Down from Clinton Campaign
Fiery Clinton Fields Tough Questions at Campaign Rally
Finding Florida's Religious Pulse
Fired McCain Cold Caller Attends Biden Event
First Obama/Biden Interview Goes To...People Magazine
First Things First With John McCain
Fish Out of Water: Clinton Rubs Elbows With NASCAR Types
Five Things I Learned in Ten Days With Edwards
Fla. Sheriff Plays The ?Hussein? Card At Palin Event; Campaign Calls Remark ?Inappropriate?
Float Like A Butterfly, Sting Like Mitt Romney
Florida Win or Loss, Rudy Will Go On
Football Hall of Famer Elway to Campaign With McCain
For Clinton, an Ohio Win Is A Must
For Just $2.99, Rudy Giuliani Can Be YOUR President
For Palin, 3 Traditional Battlegrounds Still Take Precedence
Foreign Policy Questions Abound Even As Obama Shifts Back to Domestic Issues
Former Clinton Supporter Switches to Obama
Former N.H. House Speaker Calls Giuliani Strategy "Horrible"
Former President Bush Endorses McCain
Former Reagan Advisor Joins Huckabee
Four Things Biden Won't Say Tomorrow
Fred Thompson Responds To CBS Story
From the Left, Clinton Scolds McCain Over Republican Ads on Wright
Funny Names, Polar Bears And Snow Sports: A Primer On Palin?s Alaska
Giuliani Afternoon Wrapup
Giuliani Bets Race On "Unconventional" Wisdom
Giuliani Burns It All For Florida
Giuliani Calls On Young Voters
Giuliani Contradicts Statements on Bhutto in Ad
Giuliani Defends Iowa Absence
Giuliani Event Disrupted By Bomb Threat
Giuliani Fights To Get Message Out
Giuliani Lays Low
Giuliani Looks Ahead to Florida
Giuliani Not Concerned With Huckabee Surge
Giuliani Not Looking Back
Giuliani Proud Not to Join Last-Minute Attacks
Giuliani Reacts to Bhutto Assassination
Giuliani Reacts To Market Drop, McCain's Rise
Giuliani Reprises Movie Line
Giuliani Says He Has "The Best Chance of Winning"
Giuliani Says He's In After Florida
Giuliani Says McCain Would Be a Good Adviser
Giuliani Says Yes to Press, Campaign Volunteer Says No
Giuliani Spends A Little Time With His Friends
Giuliani Spends Morning at Synagogue
Giuliani Starts Attacking His GOP Opponents
Giuliani Takes McCain Out to the Ballgame, Criticizes Obama
Giuliani Talks About His ?Very, Very Bad Headache?
Giuliani Talks Strategy in N.H.
Giuliani Tweaks ID Proposal
Giuliani Visits Terrorism Exhibit Near Democratic Convention
Giuliani Waits To Face Rivals Before Striking
Giuliani Will Spend "Almost Everything" On Florida
Giuliani's 29 Inning Game
Giuliani's New Push
Giuliani's Winds Down Campaign Day With Giants Game
Giuliani, Huckabee Have Warm Exchange in Frigid Race
Giuliani: Americans Are Part of a "9/11 Generation"
Giuliani: Bipartisan Handshakes "A Very Nice Thing"
Giuliani: GOP Rivals in Cabinet a "Great Idea"
Giuliani: I'm the Only One That Would Provide Florida Relief
Giuliani: It's All In How You Read the NIE Report
Giuliani: No More Religion Issue for Romney
Giuliani: Obviously the Strategy Didn't Work
Giuliani: Romney + McCain = "Me"
Giuliani: U.S. Foreign Policy Isn't Cause of Terror Threats
Giuliani: Vote Early for Me
Giuliani: You've Got the Right to Ask Me
Gloves Off? Anti-Obama Ad References 9/11
Gloves, Temporarily Back On, Are Off Again
Gods Of Thunder Unhappy With Reporter?s Question?
Going Down Swinging: Clinton Hits Obama on Health Care For Last Time?
Goodbye Iowa, Hello N.H.
Google CEO Campaigns With Obama, Says He's Not Interested In Cabinet Position
GOP Aims To Turn an Obama Positive Into a Negative
GOP Candidates Swing by Auto Show
GOP Convention In Flux as Gustav Nears
GOP Debate Keeps It Clean
GOP Tries Taking Air Out of Obama's Message
GOP: Obama To "Come Down From Olympus to Be Among Mere Mortals"
Gore: Take It From Me, Elections Matter
Graham v. Phelps Instead of McCain v. Obama for North Carolina?
Gramm Steps Down From McCain Campaign
Groundhog Day in Pennsylvania
Hagee Says His Words Were Twisted
Hawaiian Vacation Reveals Importance of Family, Friends to Obama
Heated Exchange At Romney Press Conference
Hecklers Want Clinton to Iron Their Shirts
Hello? This Is Joe Biden Calling
Hey Rush: Call Huck
He?ll Be Back ? McCain to Campaign With Schwarzenegger Today
Hillary Clinton?s Livin? La Vida Loca, Picks Up Ricky Martin Endorsement
Hillary Fills In As Obama Family Says "Aloha" To Hawaii
Hillary Finds A Friend In Hawkeye Snowman
Hillary Heckled in Harlem
Hillary Heckled in Harlem
Hillary Tells Bill To Back Off On Bosnia Comments
Hillary to Fundraise with Obama, But Where is Bill?
Hoffa Calls on Obama to "End" the Goolsbee "Mystery"
Home Field Crowd Gives Romney Big Welcome
Hopping Around S.C. Like a Jackrabbit
Hot Meal For Romney And Staffers, Cold Sandwiches For Reporters
How Clinton?s Final Campaign Moments Unfolded
Huckabee "A Little Nervous" Today
Huckabee "Offended" By Romney
Huckabee Accuses Romney of "Voter Suppression"
Huckabee Angling for Debate With McCain
Huckabee Answers His Critics
Huckabee Ate So Much He "Almost Ate The Plate"
Huckabee Avoids Question on Creationism
Huckabee Campaign Challenges Results of Washington Caucuses
Huckabee Campaign Slims Down, Stays in Florida
Huckabee Compares 2008 to 1976
Huckabee Compares Himself to the New York Giants
Huckabee Concedes Texas May Be Must Win
Huckabee Continues Defending Past Comments
Huckabee Continues Hitting Back
Huckabee Continues Slamming Romney
Huckabee Courts Black Vote
Huckabee Defends His Foreign Policy Experience
Huckabee Defends Joke About Fred
Huckabee Emphasizes Leadership
Huckabee Fires Back Hard
Huckabee Gets Dobson's Backing
Huckabee Has No "Mickey Mouse" Delusions
Huckabee Has Someone Else Do the Knocking
Huckabee Hopes to Mess With McCain in Texas
Huckabee Insists He Still Has a Shot
Huckabee Is Pro-Tipping
Huckabee Leaves Television City Quietly
Huckabee Likes Bush's Father's Approach
Huckabee Marches On
Huckabee Mocks Romney's Chicken Eating Method
Huckabee Momentum?: "Everything Above Sixth Place"
Huckabee Not Concerned With Bush 41 Endorsement of McCain
Huckabee on "Meet the Press"
Huckabee on God and State
Huckabee on McCain
Huckabee on the Economy
Huckabee on the Spirit of Giving
Huckabee on Trade, Jobs, Energy, Social Security
Huckabee Rails on Federal Government
Huckabee Rally Really Feels Like a Rally
Huckabee Reacts to Rice's Criticism
Huckabee Ready To Fight Back
Huckabee Receives Endorsement From Minuteman Founder
Huckabee Reflects on Yesterday's Press Conference
Huckabee Responds to Anonymous Mailings
Huckabee Says D.C.'s "Chattering Class" Not "Thrilled" He's Still Running
Huckabee Says President Should Have Sense of Humor
Huckabee Says Romney Part of "Me-Too Crowd"
Huckabee signs Sen. Sessions' Immigration Pledge
Huckabee Sounding A Little Like Ron Paul
Huckabee Stands By His Answers
Huckabee Still Seething Over Washington State
Huckabee Takes a Few Light Swings
Huckabee Takes A Shot At Obama
Huckabee Talks Baseball In Iowa
Huckabee Talks Jobs and Taxes
Huckabee Talks Music in Motown
Huckabee Talks to Tax Plan Supporters
Huckabee This Weekend
Huckabee Ties Bhutto's Assassination to Illegal Immigration
Huckabee Tries to Calculate Path to Nomination
Huckabee Tries to Fire Up His Supporters
Huckabee Vows to Support McCain Regardless of His Veep's Abortion Stance
Huckabee vs. "Them"
Huckabee Wins West Virginia
Huckabee's (Sort of) Change of Heart
Huckabee's Actually Done Some Math of His Own
Huckabee's Bowling Night in Wisconsin
Huckabee's Flag Waving
Huckabee's Happy Spears Is Keeping Her Baby
Huckabee's Hawkeye Jam Session
Huckabee's Last Act of Defiance
Huckabee's Last-Minute Crowd
Huckabee's Michigan Pitch
Huckabee's Moral Victory...One Primary Late
Huckabee's Morning Run
Huckabee's New Language
Huckabee's OK With 3rd or 4th in N.H.
Huckabee's Tax Plan Has Pastors Listening
Huckabee: "I May Be Killing My Political Career"
Huckabee: "I'm the Only Person" Not Campaigning on Taxpayers' Dime
Huckabee: "Rough Inning" Won't Prevent Win
Huckabee: "The Momentum Is Back"
Huckabee: "We Were in Full-Time Campaign Mode" Unlike "An Opponent"
Huckabee: "We Will Win Texas"
Huckabee: "We're Still in the Game"
Huckabee: A Vote for Romney is a Vote for Hillary
Huckabee: Barbecue Expert?
Huckabee: Bush Should Be Commended for Iraq Surge
Huckabee: Bush Stimulus Plan "On The Right Track"
Huckabee: Competition Is Good
Huckabee: Gitmo Is "Too Nice"
Huckabee: I Won't Be Mistake-Free
Huckabee: Presidency Not "For Sale"
Huckabee: Romney is "Arrogant"
Huckabee: Romney Not Ready For "Starting Lineup"
Huckabee: Romney Speech A "Good Thing"
Huckabee: Romney's Record "Not a Conservative" One
Huckabee: Something Old, Something New
Huckabee: This is Not a Two Man GOP Race
Huckabee: Today's Weather "A Concern"
Hunter S. Thompson's Widow Talks About Campaign '08 Coverage
Ice Ice Baby
If Ohio and Texas Go Her Way, Clinton Would Focus on Seniors in Penn.
In Call To End Partisanship, McCain Camp Jabs Bush, Obama
In Church, McCain Unwittingly Becomes Part of Sermon
In Cincinnati, Clinton Goes Back to her Roots
In Closing Arguments, Clinton Sharpens Attacks on Obama
In Far-Reaching Speech, Palin Vows To Advocate For Women Worldwide
In Final Days, Clinton Maintains Grueling Campaign Schedule
In Florida, Biden Pushes Early Voting, Secure Israel
In Florida, Obama And Hillary Clinton Together Again
In Florida, Rudy Finally Wakes Up
In From the Cold With The ?Heater?
In Idaho, Obama Slides A Touch to the Right
In Indiana, Clinton Touts Her Underdog Status
In London, Obama Lowers Expectations, Explains Secret To Clear Thinking
In Maine, Clinton Takes on McCain and Obama
In N.C., Clinton to Talk About Economy
In N.H., Romney Sets Sights On Different GOP Rival
In NY Clinton says: ?This Campaign Goes On!?
In Ohio, McCain and Obama To Campaign 30 Miles From Each Other
In Pa., Clinton to Discuss Housing Plan
In Pa., Obama Slams Palin, Praises Native Son Biden
In Pennsylvania, Clinton Focuses on the Economy
In Rejecting Pastor, McCain Takes Swipe at Obama
In South Texas, Clinton Rallies Hispanic Voters
In Southern Virginia, Biden Tries to Connect
In Texas, Clinton Has Trouble Packing the House
Indiana: It?s the New Pennsylvania
Insert Bus Metaphor Here
Inside The 'Hill-A-Copter'
Iowa Media Very Interested in Post-Speech Romney
Iowa Rep. King Explains Why He Likes Fred
Iowa's First Lady Backs Edwards
Iraq Questions Return at Edwards Event
Iraqi Prime Minister Lost in Translation?
Is Biden Inconsistent on Off Shore Drilling?
Is Bloomberg Moving Toward Picking A Side?
Is It The Economy, Stupid?
Is McCain Closing Enthusiasm Gap?
Is McCain the Nostradamus of the Supreme Court?
Is Obama Getting Enough Sleep?
Is Rudy Mitt?s Best Friend In Florida?
Is the Election About the Issues or the Candidates?
Israeli Media Skeptical of Obama Trip
It's All In a Name
It's Been A While, But McCain Will Take Voter Questions Today
It's Economy Day in Wisconsin for Obama
It's Far From Over, Says Clinton
It's Obama and Biden
It's Stand-Up Comedy Time for Obama as He Ratchets Up Criticism
It's The Economy, Barack
It?s Getting Hot
James Baker to Endorse McCain
Jeers for Clinton as She Continues Criticism of Obama
Joe "O'Biden" On Cheney's Endorsement Of McCain
Joe a No-Show at McCain Rally
Joe Biden Gets Emotional
Joe Shows at McCain Campaign Stop
John Edwards Goes Home
John McCain Announces His...New Ice Cream Flavor
Joint Town Halls With Obama and McCain?
Jon Voight Stumps With Giuliani
Jon Voight Will Stump For Rudy
Just Words? Clinton Camp Uses Obama's To Defuse Race Comments
Kennedys Come Out for Obama
Kerry Defends Obama Veep Vetter
Kerry to Endorse Obama
Kids Steal the Show at Edwards Event
King of Spain, Ortiz Among Romney's Hispanic Heroes
Kissinger Stumps for McCain
Lagging In The Polls, Palin Shifts To Fear Tactics
Lakey: Edwards "Saved My Daughter's Life"
Last-Minute Campaign Stop: A Funeral Home
Let It Be, Says Hillary Clinton
Let the Trash Talking Begin
Lieberman to Endorse McCain
Lights, Camera, Action: Clinton Hitches a Ride to Work
Like McCain, Obama Raises Money Away From Cameras
Line Dancing or Stump Speech?
Little Love For The Media At Palin Rallies
Long Day for McCain in Final 24 Hours
Looking to Turn Red States Blue, Obama Campaigns in the West
Magic With Hillary And Bill
Man At Palin Rally Displays Monkey Doll Donning Obama Sticker
McCain (and His Campaign's) Good Luck Charms
McCain Accepts Nomination, Touts POW Experience
McCain Accepts Nomination, Touts POW Experience
McCain Accuses Obama of Flip-Flopping on Public Financing
McCain Accuses Obama of More Than Just Measuring the Drapes
McCain Accuses Obama of More Than Just Measuring the Drapes
McCain Accuses Obama of ?Exploiting? Financial Crisis
McCain Acknowledges GOP Race Is Not Over Yet
McCain Addresses Iowa Supporters
McCain Addresses Potential Ohio Job Losses
McCain Adds to Economic Plan
McCain Admits Mistake With Petraeus Picture
McCain Advocates for Religious Freedom
McCain Aims Towards Right With Palin Choice
McCain and Bush 41 Weigh in on Obama's Foreign Trip
McCain and Obama Continue Hammering Each Other on Economy
McCain and Obama Continue to Battle on Iraq
McCain and Obama Hesitate on Joint Town Halls
McCain and Palin Promise to ?Break Some China? in Washington
McCain and Palin Reunite In Ohio Later Today
McCain Answers Clark's Criticisms
McCain Answers Clinton's 3 a.m. Question
McCain Answers Romney's Criticisms
McCain Apologizes For Speaker?s Rant
McCain Appears (Briefly) With Bush After Fundraiser
McCain Asks for Sanctions Against Iran, Not Talks
McCain Asks To Lift Offshore Drilling Bans
McCain Attacks Obama on Troop Withdrawal
McCain Attacks Obama's Foreign Policy
McCain Attacks Obama?s Fundraising
McCain Back on the Road
McCain Backpedals on Economy Quote
McCain Blasts - Again
McCain Booed For Telling Audience To Be Respectful of Obama
McCain Calls Clinton and Obama ?Out of Touch?
McCain Calls for "Meaningful Sanctions" Against Iran
McCain Calls for Change in VA's Mission
McCain Calls For Changes To Bailout Plan
McCain Calls For More Domestic Oil Production
McCain Calls for ?Economic Surge?
McCain Calls Gov't-Run Health Care "Wrong Way to Go"
McCain Calls Obama "Flip-Flopper" on Public Financing
McCain Calls Obama a Baseball Flip-Flopper
McCain Calls Obama's "Bitter" Comments "Elitist"
McCain Calls on Obama Campaign to Disclose Lobbying Ties
McCain Calls on Paper to Release Video
McCain Camp Blasts Obama Over ?Policy Refinements? in Iraq
McCain Camp Blasts Obama's Foreign Policy
McCain Camp Confident About Today's Primaries
McCain Camp Continues Contrast With Obama on Georgia Conflict
McCain Camp Knocks Down Enquirer's Palin Rumor
McCain Camp Maps Out Way to Win
McCain Camp Maps Out Way to Win
McCain Camp Pre-buts Obama Economic Speech
McCain Camp Releases Video Criticizing Obama on Iraq
McCain Camp Says Biden Is "Playing Politics" on Stem Cell Research
McCain Camp Says Romney Is "Nervous"
McCain Camp Upset Over Radio Host's "Warmonger" Comment
McCain Camp's "Rapid" Response Is Aptly Named
McCain Camp's Fake Press Pass Lampoons Obama, Media
McCain Camp: Magazine Precipitated Times Story
McCain Campaign Manager Not Taking "Anything for Granted"
McCain Campaign Trashes The New York Times
McCain Campaigns In Granite State Today
McCain Campaigns in Ohio Today
McCain Campaigns in Wisconsin Today
McCain Campaigns With Crist, Takes Shot at Obama
McCain Campaigns With Former Rival
McCain Campaigns With Huckabee Today
McCain Campaigns With Possible VP
McCain Campaing Pleased With Response to Times Story
McCain Cancels Trip to Louisiana, Heads to Ohio to Campaign with Lance Armstrong
McCain Celebrates Cuban Independence Day With Jabs at Rivals
McCain Challenges Obama to Lightsaber Duel
McCain Chats It Up on "The View"
McCain Chats With Letterman
McCain Chats With Press on Final Flight of Campaign
McCain Cheered - and Jeered - in Michigan
McCain Chides Protestor, Asks For Bipartisanship
McCain Clarifies Comments On Bridge Collapse
McCain Confident As He Pushes Pennsylvania Victory Plan
McCain Continues "I'm Not George Bush" Theme
McCain Continues "Spread The Wealth" Critique of Obama
McCain Continues Calling on Americans to Serve
McCain Continues Calling on Americans to Serve
McCain Continues Criticism of Romney
McCain Continues Criticizing Obama on Economy
McCain Continues Reminiscing
McCain Courts Women Voters
McCain Criticized for Megachurch Pastor's Endorsement
McCain Criticizes Obama and Clinton on Iraq
McCain Declares Energy Independence by 2025
McCain Defends Decision to Suspend Campaign
McCain Defends Gas Tax Holiday, Health Care Plan
McCain Defends His Conservative Record
McCain Denies Involvement In Perry-Huckabee Call
McCain Deviates From His Standard Election Day Routine
McCain Discusses The Issue of Gay Marriage With Ellen
McCain Distances Himself From Adviser
McCain Explains Everglades Vote, Campaigns With Crist
McCain Finished Rebutting Romney
McCain Focuses on Colorado
McCain Focuses On Energy
McCain Gets Mixed Reaction in Memphis
McCain Gets Revved Up and Heads to Biker Rally
McCain Gives Pep Talk to Marshall Football Team
McCain Goes Back For 50th Reunion
McCain Hammers Democrats On Taxes
McCain Hammers Obama Over Biden Comments
McCain Hammers Presidential Coverage, Outlines First Term
McCain Has Edge in Finances, Campaign Claims
McCain Has Mole Removed
McCain Has Some Laughs at His Own ? and Obama?s ? Expense
McCain Heads to Ohio
McCain Heads To Texas To Talk Energy
McCain Hits Obama For Dodging Town Hall, Says He's Using Google To Find VP
McCain Hits Obama On School Vouchers
McCain Hits The Daytime TV Talk Circuit
McCain Holds Economic Summit With Business Owners
McCain Homes Flap Is No Joke
McCain Honored As One of 100 Most Influential
McCain Honors United 93 Victims
McCain In Ohio and Pennsylvania Today
McCain Insists No Wrongdoing on Boeing Deal
McCain Insists Romney Called For Iraq "Withdrawal"
McCain Invokes Eisenhower While Laying Out Economic Plan
McCain Irked by Questions About 2004 Veep Talks
McCain Is "Proud" Of Ad That Hits Obama On Celeb Status
McCain Jabs Obama at Sheriffs' Conference
McCain Jabs Obama, Then Gets Jabbed By Protestors
McCain Joined By Bush in Mexico - Not That Bush
McCain Joined by Former Bronco Greats in Colorado
McCain Jokes Around With Jon Stewart
McCain Kicks Off "Joe The Plumber" Florida Tour
McCain Kicks Off Biographical Tour
McCain Kicks Off General Election By Attacking Obama
McCain Kicks Off Ohio Bus Tour
McCain Kicks Off ?Time for Action? Tour
McCain Leans Towards Supporting Bailout Plan
McCain Leaves N.H. Early for His Day Job
McCain Letter to Obama Calls For 10 Joint Town Hall Meetings
McCain Likes Harleys Better Than Berliners, and Volunteers Cindy for Pageant
McCain Likes Harleys Better Than Berliners; Volunteers Cindy for Pageant
McCain Looks Ahead
McCain Makes An Appearance On Biden?s Plane (Sort of)
McCain Makes Education Pitch to NAACP
McCain Makes Education Priority
McCain Makes Play for Clinton Supporters
McCain Meets Gee's Bend Quilters
McCain Meets With Billy and Franklin Graham
McCain Meets With Colombian President
McCain Meets With Dalai Lama
McCain Meets With Iraqi Foreign Minister
McCain Meets With T. Boone Pickens, Dodges Question About Anti-Obama Book
McCain Midnight Madness
McCain Mines California for Cash
McCain Mixes Politics and Celebrity in New York Visit
McCain Mobbed By Press as He Visits S.C. Polling Place