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New Ammonium Nitrate, Bomb-Making Manuals Distributed Online
New Ansar Al Islam IED Video
New Ansar Al Islam Video A Bogus?
New Ansar Video Shows IED Attack
New AQIM Release in the Pipeline
New Baghdad Sniper Video Released
New Bin Laden Statement Expected Soon
New Book By Senior Al Qaeda Leader
New Clip By Pro-Hizbollah Group In Iraq
New Compilation Video By Al Naqshabandiyah Army
New Compilation Video By Jaish Al-Mujahideen
New Compilation Video by Saad Army
New Group Joins Reform And Jihad Front
New Group Vows To Avenge Victims Of US Raid In Syria
New Hamas Video In Honor of Al Qassam Fighters Killed In Combat
New IED Attack Video By Ansar Al Islam
New IJU Video Shows Attack on Military Outpost
New Interview with Al Zawahri to be Posted On Militant Website Soon
New Issue of Jihadi Magazine Tackles Financial Crisis
New Issue of Taliban Online Magazine Released
New Issue of Taliban's Online Magazine Out
New Manual Shows How To Make A Pen Gun
New Propaganda Video Released by Shabab Al Mujahideen
New Shield of Islam Sniper Video
New Sniper Attack Video from Gaza
New Sniper Attack Video From Iraq
New Sniper Attack Video From Iraq
New Sniper Video By Junud al-Tawheed Brigades
New Statement By Al Zawahri Expected ?Soon?
New Video Documents Al Qaeda Atrocities in Iraq
New Video From The Army of Al Rashideen
New Video of Lebanon Battles with Militants To Be Released Soon
New Video Pays Tribute To Somali Militant Leader Killed In U.S. Strike
New Video Released in Support of Abu Omar Al Baghdadi
New Video Shows Ambush By Taliban Fighters on Bikes
New Video Shows AQIM Attack Using False Roadblock
New Video Shows Thermal Grenade Attack on MRAP in Baqubah
New Video: Somali Militant Commander Calls on Muslim Youths to Join the Fighting in Somalia
New Weapon Manufacturing Website Launched
Newly-Formed Jihadi Media Committee Issues First Statement
Omar Bakri Muhammad Speaks On The Year 2008
Online Campaign Urges Egyptians To End Gaza Siege
Online Jihadi Tell TTP: ?Strike in India To Ease The Pressure in Swat?
Online Jihadis Laugh At Baghdadi Arrest Reports
Online Jihadis Not Optimistic About the Future of Jihad in Iraq
Online Jihadist Proposes Plan To Attack Eilat From Jordan , Egypt or Saudi
Online Message Warns AQIM Of Imminent Crackdown
Online Supporters of Al Qaeda Form Media Committees Named After 9/11 Hijackers
Operation YouTube Smackdown
Palestinian Militants Leader: ?Bin Laden?s Next Strike Will Be Against The Jews?
Palestinian Militants Try To Find Ways to Overcome Israeli UAVs on Jihadi Forums
Palestinians Prefer Nasrallah To Bin Laden
Phone Video Shows Aftermath Of U.S. Raid On Syria
Pictures From 9/11 Hijacker Unseen Video Widely Circulated on Websites
Pictures Of Attack By Kuwaiti Suicide Bomber Released
Pictures of Shiite Insurgent Group Leader Released For the First Time
Pictures Show Female Militants Undergoing Training in Afghanistan
Pledge Allegiance to Al Baghdadi or Mullah Omar? Asks Forum Member
Poll: Would You Join The Martyrdom Squad of the ISI?
Popular Jihadi Website Launches Turkish Section
Post Calls For Assassination Of Norwegian Actress
Post Calls on Militants to Assassinate Blair During Visit to Gaza
Post Claims Dissatisfied Hamas? Members Turning to Al Qaeda
Post Claims Popular Video Game Was Inspired by Al Qaeda Attacks
Post Claims Saudi Militants Tortured To Death At Saudi Prison
Post Claims Syrian Govt Plans To Kill Prisoners Upon Return of President
Post Claims The Taliban Asked Pakistan?s Govt For Support Against U.S.
Post Claims Yemeni President Seeking Hezbollah?s Help To End Rebel Fighting
Post Explains How To Detonate Car Explosives Without Suicide Bombers
Post Suggests Use Of Artificial Lightning As Weapon
Post Warns Internet Forum Is Infiltrated by Saudi Intelligence
Post Warns Muslims in Europe and U.S. of Strike
Post: Insurgent Group Broke Truce
Posting Calls on Jihadis to Attack Nuclear Sites
Pro-Al Qaeda Group Release Kissovim Attack Video
Pro-Hizboillah Group In Iraq Posts Videos Of Attacks On U.S. Forces
Probe Into Abu Hamza?s Poem Requested By Tory MP
Propaganda Animation Posted on Al Qassam YouTube Channel
Qaeda Wants Saudi King Killed Over Interfaith Call
Qassam Release New Sniper Attack Video
Qassam Video Showing Sniper Attack on Israeli Minister
Quds Brigades Release Pictures of Booty Seized From Israeli Troops
Radical Islamist Figure Says Obama ?Should Be Treated With Hostility?
Radical Preacher in Trouble!
Radical Preacher Openly Calls For Islamic Law To Be Implemented In Britain
Rashideen Army Video Shows Attack on 'U.S. Base West of Baghdad'
Reactions to Al Zawahri?s New Audio Tape Amongst Supporters
Reactions to OBL?s Statement on the Jihadi Websites
Remote Detonation Explained
Report: Al Qaeda Staged Yemen Attack On S. Koreans
Report: Al Qaeda's Leader in Iraq Left to Afghanistan To Meet Al Zawahiri
Report: Taliban Orders Ceasefire to ?Spare Civilians?
Reports About Izzat Al-Duri Being Captured Refuted
RKG3 Grenade Attack On MRAP in New Insurgents Video
Rocket Attack On U.S. Base In Tikrit
Rocket Attack Video By Al Quds Brigades
Saddam?s Deputy Addresses Obama In New Statement
Saddam?s Former VP?s Group Releases IED Attack Video
Saraya al Quds Claims Ambush of Israeli Convoy in Gaza In Internet Video
Saudi Cleric Calls For Attacks On Jewish Interests Everywhere
Saudi Who Died While Fighting in Iraq Commemorated in New Release
Sebai Says Ibn Sheikh al Libi Was Killed
Second Issue of American Pro-Al Qaeda Magazine Out
Senior AQ Figure Criticizes Muslim Scholars In New Video
Shabab Al Mujaheddin Claim They're Close To Taking Control of Mogadishu
Shabab Movement Appeals To Foreign Mujahideen To Join The Fight In Somalia
Sheikh Abu Mansour the ?American? Featured In Militant Somali Group's Video
Shiite Group In Iraq Claims Attack On U.S. Base In Baghdad
Sniper Attack Caught On Camera
Sniper Attack Video By Shield Of Islam Brigade
Sniper Attack Video From Ansar Al Islam
Sniper Attack Video From Baghdad
Sniper Attack Video Posted by Insurgent Group
Sniper Training Video, Courtesy Of Kavkaz TV
Somali Group Claims Attacks in Mogadishu
Somali Militant Group Releases Video of ?Raid?
Somali Militant Leader Vows To Carry Out Attacks Outside of Somalia
Somali Militant Leader Vows to Continue Fighting In New Interview
Somali Militants Announce ?Islamic State? in Shbilie
Somali Militants Claim Attack on African Union Forces
Somali Militants Claim Attack On Mogadishu Port
Somali Militants Kill AU Peacekeepers In Mogadishu
Somali Militants Launch New Campaign
Somali Militants Reject Government Islamic Law Agreement
Somali Militants Release New Attack Video
Somalia?s Shabab al Mujahideen Appoint New Spokesman
Steady Increase In Insurgents' Videos From Iraq
Stryker Hit by IED in New Insurgent Video
Study Justifies Attacks On Oil Facilities Even if Harmful to Muslims
Sudanese Group Issues Death Fatwa Against Ocampo
Sudani Islamist Militant Urge Bashir To Repent, Give Bin Laden U.S. $ 200 Million
Sunni Iranian Group Releases Al Qaeda-Style Video
Supporters of Bin Laden Call on His Son To Re-Join The Jihad
Swat Fighting Aftermath Pictures
Swede Ex-Gitmo Detainee Appears In New Video
Syria News Releases Pictures of The U.S. Raid On Syrian Village
Syrian Professor Concludes "Maritime Jihad" Is Better Than "Dry Land Jihad"
Taliban Angered By U.S. Plan To Crack Down On Jihadi Online Outlets
Taliban Attacks Obama in Online Magazine, Sets Conditions For Negotiations
Taliban Behead Two Pakistani Spies In New Video
Taliban Bomb-Making Workshop Shown in New Compilation Video
Taliban Calls Prison Operation ?A Great Success?
Taliban Captures Head of The Afghan ?Awakening? Council
Taliban Claim Downing U.S. Helicopter In Helmand
Taliban Claim Logar Attack
Taliban Claim Responsibility For The Attack On U.S. Air Base In Khost
Taliban Claim ?Poisoning? Police Chief in Delaram
Taliban Claims 36 British Soldiers Killed in Helmand Battle
Taliban Claims Attack On Afghan Ministry In Kabul
Taliban Claims Attacks on NATO Supply Trucks
Taliban Claims Bomb Attack That Killed U.S. Soldier Today
Taliban Claims Destroying U.S. Tank in Wardak Province
Taliban Claims Downing NATO Chinook
Taliban Claims Downing U.S. Helicopter in Kunar
Taliban Claims Dual Suicide Attack On Police HQ In Kandahar
Taliban Claims Forming Iraqi-Style Councils to Fight The Militants Won?t Work in Afghanistan
Taliban Claims It Seized An American Tank
Taliban Claims It Strengthened Its Relationships With Some Countries
Taliban Claims It Was Behind Kabul Attack
Taliban Claims Kabul Attacks
Taliban Claims Killing U.S.Troops In Nuristan
Taliban Claims More Attacks on Supply Convoys
Taliban Claims Rashidan Attack
Taliban Claims Responsibility For Helmand Suicide Attack
Taliban Claims Responsibility For Khost Attack
Taliban Claims Responsibility for Suicide Attack on U.S. Convoy in Afghanistan
Taliban Claims Suicide Attacks on Canadian Forces To Be Carried Soon
Taliban Claims To Raid U.S. Base, Destroy Tank And Kill Six Soldiers
Taliban Claims Wardak Attack Killed 27 NATO Troops
Taliban Commander in Kundoz: ?The Attack That Targeted Angela Merkel Was Planned Well in Advance?
Taliban Continues to Target U.S. Supply Convoys
Taliban Denies Kabul Attack Was Planned in Pakistan
Taliban Denies Pakistan?s Involvement In Attack On Karzai
Taliban Denies Using White Phosphorus
Taliban Execute ?Spies? Who Led U.S. To Abu Layth Al Libi?s Hideout
Taliban Figure Claims Pakistan Not U.S. Behind Drone Attacks on Militants
Taliban Issued Statement in English About Peace Deal With Pakistan
Taliban Lists Monday Attacks in Internet Statement
Taliban Pakistan Claims Credit For Deadly Lahore Attack, Vows More Attacks
Taliban Pledges to Cut NATO Supply Route, Make 2009 a ?Bloody? Year For U.S. Forces
Taliban Prepares Written Response To Karzai?s Offer To Mullah Omar
Taliban Rejects Obama?s Call For Dialogue
Taliban Release New Issue of its Online Magazine ?Somood?
Taliban Releases New Compilation Video
Taliban Responds To Appointment Of New U.S. Commander For Afghanistan
Taliban Says Obama?s Guantanamo Closure Not Enough
Taliban Says Spokesperson Haneef Executed by Afghani Troops
Taliban Steps Up Attacks on NATO Supply Convoys
Taliban Tell Obama To Reconsider His Afghanistan Strategy
Taliban To The White House: ?Stop Your Air Strikes Or Else ??
Taliban Video Shows Attack on Military Base in Nuristan
Taliban Video Shows Teenage Suicide Bomber in Attack on Information Ministry
Taliban Warns Pope Over Christian Missionaries in Afghanistan
Taliban Website Back In Business
Taliban ?Commander? Makes Statement in Farsi In New Propaganda Video
Taliban: ?Obama?s Speech Nothing But Deceiving Slogans?
Taliban: ?We Do Not Intend To Carry Out Attacks Inside Germany?
Taliban?s Deputy Chief Announces The Launch of ?Operation Victory?
Tank Seen Exploding in Insurgent Video
Tape Shows Ansar al Islam Mosul IED Attack
Teen 'Suicide Bombers' Seen in Taliban Video
Terrorists Special .. How to Form a Terrorist Cell
The 1920 Revolution Brigades Releases IED Attack Video
The Arab Islamic Resistance Release New Video
The Army of Al Islam Warns Of Plan To Reinforce Iranian Influence In Gaza
The Army of al Rashideen Releases Compilation Video
The Army of Al Rashideen Releases Video Of IED Attack On U.S. Minesweeper
The Army of Saad Claims To Call Off Attack To Spare Civilians
The Army of the Muslims IED Video
The Art of Uploading Militant Groups? Propaganda On Hosting Sites
The Idea Of A WMD Attack By Al Qaeda Haunts Jihadi Forums
The Islamic Army Condemns Attack on Baghdad Mosque
The Islamic Army in Iraq Claims Downing U.S. Copter in Mosul
The Islamic Army Of Iraq Releases Rocket Attack Video
The Islamic State of Iraq To Release New Video
The Islamic State of Iraq Video Shows IED Attack On Pickup Truck In Baghdad
The Jihadi Internet Monitoring Project Launched
The Last Words of A Kuwaiti Suicide Bomber
The Last Words of an Afghan Suicide Bomber
The Muslim Scholars Association Incites Iraqi Tribes Against U.S. Forces
The Taliban Bans Use Of Mobile Phones At Night
The Taliban Claim Kabul , Helmand Attacks
The Taliban Claims Responsibility for Kabul Attack
The Taliban Execute Spy Working For German Forces
The Taliban Reacts To Obama?s Election
The Taliban Reacts To Obama?s Election
The Taliban Releases Swat Valley Battles Video
Three Videos Show Taliban Fighters Carrying Out Attacks
Top Ten Suicide Operations? Video Posted Online
Translation Needed For Western Muj , Says Blogger
Tripoli Makes Peace With Libyan Islamic Fighting Group
Turkistan Group ?Commander? Warns Against Extraditing Turkistanis to China
Turkistan Militants Release Suicide Attack Video
Turkistani Party Threatens Retaliation Against Countries Arresting Party Members
Two German Militants Appear in Uzbek Group?s Video
Two Insurgent Groups Release IED Attack Videos
Two Iraqi Soldiers Shot Down By Sniper in Baghdad
Two More Groups Join Anti-U.S. Security Pact Coalition
Two Mortar Attack Videos Courtesy Of Al Qassam Brigades
Two New Clips From Yemeni Shiite Group
Two New Roadside Bomb Attacks Videos Courtesy Of ISI
Two New Rocket Attack Videos From Gaza
Two New Videos Posted By Ansar Al Islam
Two New Videos Released By Iraqi Islamic Resistance Front
Two Suicide Bombers Appear in Urdu Version of Al Qaeda Video
Two Unknown Groups Claim Responsibility For The Killing of Israeli Policemen
Two Videos Posted By Ansar al Islam
U.K. Radical Preacher Choudhary Hails India Terrorists
U.S. Cleric Urges Support For Radical Islamists in Somalia
U.S. Hummer Damaged By IED Attack In Iraq
U.S. Hummer Damaged by IED in South Baghdad
U.S. Humvee Destroyed By IED In New ISI Video
U.S. Humvee Hit By Missile In New Insurgents Video
U.S. Soldier Shot By Sniper In New ISA Video
U.S. Soldier Shot Down By Sniper in New Video
U.S. Soldier Shot Down In Insurgent Sniper Video
UAV Shot Down by Ansar Al Islam
Using the Internet To Attack Nuclear Plants In The West Now Possible, Claim Forum Members
Uzbek Group Releases Video Showing Kids Groomed For Jihad
Video by Al-Furqan Media Shows Attacks on Iraqi Army and Police Posts
Video Claims Insurgent Attacks Caused Huge Losses for U.S., Iraqi Forces in September
Video Exposes Hamas Atrocities In Gaza
Video Gives Tips on How to Ambush Foot Patrols
Video Of April Attacks By Iraqi Insurgent Groups Posted Online
Video of German Suicide Bomber in Afghanistan Cuneyt Ciftci
Video of Hakimullah Mehsud Distributed Online
Video of IED Attack Targeting Two Spies in Baghdad
Video Of January Insurgent Operations in Iraq Includes Old Footage
Video of Militant Attacks in Iraq During Oct 2008 Posted Online
Video of Mortar Attack On ʽU.S. Base in Babylonʼ
Video Of New Operation From Insurgent Group?s 100-Day Campaign
Video Of New Operations Part of Insurgent Group?s 100-Day Offensive
Video on Use of Cluster Bombs by Russia to Be Released By Caucasus Leader Soon
Video Promotes Military Section Of Militant Forum
Video Shows 24 Missiles Fired Simultaneously At "U.K." Base in Basra
Video Shows Abuse of Prisoners by Iraqi Soldiers in Mosul
Video Shows Aftermath of IED Attack On M-RAP in Falluja
Video Shows Ambush Of U.S. Patrol in Babel
Video Shows Attack On U.S. Army Truck
Video Shows Attack on ?Israeli Mossad SUV? In Baghdad
Video Shows Attack on ?U.S. Base in Mosul?
Video Shows Attempt to Attack Two U.S. Helicopters By Missile
Video Shows Caucasus ?Emir? Meeting With ?Top Aides?
Video Shows German Militant Calling for Jihad
Video Shows IED Attack On U.S. Convoy In Southern Baghdad
Video Shows IED Attack on U.S. Hummer in Diala
Video Shows IED Attack on U.S. Hummer South Baghdad
Video Shows IED Attack On U.S. Humvee, I.D. of Contractor
Video Shows IED Attack Was Led By Saddam?s Deputy
Video Shows Insurgent Group Using Corpse in Attack
Video Shows Insurgent Group?s Firing Missiles On ?U.S. Base? in Mosul
Video Shows Insurgents Clashing With ING In Baghdad
Video Shows Missile Launched on 'U.S. Base in Baghdad'
Video Shows Mortar Attack On ?U.S. Base In Western Baghdad?
Video Shows Peshmerga Humvee Destroyed by IED in Mosul
Video Shows Qassam Fighters Making Final Statements
Video Shows Rocket Attack by JAAMI
Video Shows Rocket Attack in Iraq
Video Shows Rocket Attack on ?U.S. Base in Baghdad?
Video Shows Suicide Attack On U.S. HQ in Khost
Video Shows Suicide Bomb Attack on a Peshmerga Gathering
Video Shows Taliban And Al Qaeda Fighters Attacking British Military Outpost In Helmand
Video Shows Taliban Attack on NATO Depot
Video Shows Taliban Attack on Outpost
Video Shows Taliban Attack On Pakistan Military Base
Video Shows Taliban Destroying ?Pakistani Army Outpost in Waziristan?
Video Shows Taliban Militants Downing U.S. Chinook
Video Shows Taliban?s Shaheen Commandos Training
Video Shows Thermal Bomb Attack on a U.S. Stryker Armored Vehicle
Video Shows Thermal Bomb Attack on U.S. Humvee
Video Shows Thermal Grenade Attack on MRAP in Baghdad
Video Shows U.A.E Prince Torturing Man
Video Shows U.S. Soldier Shot By a Sniper in Baghdad
Video Shows U.S. Soldier Shot By Sniper In Rawah
Video Shows U.S. Soldier Shot Down by Sniper In Northern Baghdad
Video Shows U.S. Soldier Shot In Baghdad
Video Shows U.S. Troops Ambushed by the Taliban
Video Shows U.S., Afghan Forces Ambushed By The Taliban
Video Shows UAV Shot Down By Iraqi Insurgents
Video Statement On Russia?s Aggression Against Georgia
Video Traces The Life of Hamas Fighter Killed By Fatah
Video: Children Of Slain Terrorist Playing With Father?s Guns
Video: Egyptian Funded Insurgent Attack In Baghdad
Video: Uzbek Jihadists Strike Against Pakistani Forces In Waziristan
Videos Show IED Attacks on ?U.S. Humvees in Iraq?
Voice of Islam Video Pays Tribute To Turkistani
War of the Jihadi Blogs!
Webmaster Warns Mujaheddin Against Traitor ?Coordinator?
Website Claims Al Qaeda in Iraq Fighters Enter Gaza
Website: Somali Militants ?Officially? Pledge Allegiance To Bin Laden
Wedding Video Shows Al Qaeda Supporters Cheering for OBL
WMD Manuals Posted Online
WMD Strike Against U.S. Still A Hot Topic on Jihadi Internet Forums
Yaqin Media Confirms Hack Attack Against Forums
Yemen Government-Rebels Fighting Footage Released
Yemeni Al Qaeda Figure Threatens His Government Over Political Prison
Yemeni Islamic Jihad Wants U.S. , British Embassies In Sanaa Shut Down
Yemeni Rebels Show War Booty In New Video
Yemeni Shiite Rebels Post Video Of Attack On Army Convoy
Zawahiri To Obama: "You Are Not Welcome in Egypt"
Zemouri Suicide Bomber Blew Himself Up After Being Shot, Says Interior Minister
?Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb? To Release Training Video
?Islamic State of Iraq? Issues Report with Statistics on Attacks, Casualties
?Islamic State? Conference Organized by Bakri?s Followers in Britain
?Jihadi? Conference Held In London
?Joystick Hunt? For Bin Laden
?New Jihadis? Recruitment Course Posted Online
?Spies? Who Helped U.S. Locate Al Libi Shown in New Video
?The Shield of Al Rasheed??The Latest Release by Hamas Iraq
?U.S. Soldier? Shot by Sniper in New JAAMI Video
?Al Zawahiri? Brigades Shell Crusaders Base Southern Baghdad
?Australians Will Be Punished, Hurt and Killed,? Warns Radical Cleric
?Baghdad?s Falcons:? The Latest Compilation Release by The Army of Abu Bakr
?Cyberspace Conquering? Unit Inundate Thousands of Inboxes with Bin Laden Messages
?I Need Effective Poison? To Kill Iraqi Policemen, Says Forum Member
?Iraqi Shiite Resistance? Offers To Trade British Hostage For Shoe Tosser
?Jihadi Issues??Back In Action
?Kurdistan Brigades? Pledges Allegiance to Al Qaeda-led Group
?New? Pictures of Militant Leader Dadullah Posted Online
?Obama?s Election a Victory For Humanity,? Say Muslim Brotherhood
?Obama?s Election is an Admission of Defeat,? Says Iraqi Insurgent Group
?Open Account? A New Documentary Tracing Hamas? Military Capabilities
?Shield of Islam? Release New Sniper Attack Video
?The Big Surprise is Yet to Come,? Warns Nasrallah
?The Young Mujahid:? An Unseen Video Honoring Young Militant Killed In 2005