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"A Dishonest Republican or an Honest Democrat?"
"Disappointed" Huckabee Keeps "Marching On"
"Disco" McCain Reviews His Good Luck Charms
"Everything's OK" After Obama Visits Hospital
"Exxon/McCain '08"? DNC Mocks Oil Rig Trip
"Gorgeous" Biden Connects in Ohio
"McCain Train" Debuts in Michigan
"Sandbag Guy" McCain Would Like to Go to Gulf Coast
"Viva La Barracuda"
"We Will Absolutely Have The Delegate Count We Need"
100,000 Greet Obama in Denver
3 Days From The Caucuses, Romney Likes Where He Stands
A Chesa-peek at Bill Clinton's Day
A Family Affair For The McCains And Palins At RNC
A Family Affair, Part 2
A Few Speed Bumps in Iowa
A Living Example of What the Candidates Talk About
A Long Way From Wasilla
A McCain Riddle: What Do Lance Armstrong and Barack Obama Have in Common?
A More Aggressive McCain Tries To Get Back Into Race
A New Ride for McCain as He Heads to a Crucial Swing State
A Refresher on Obama's Senate Race
A Reminder: Biden Is Running For Vice President
A Rested Edwards Hits the Hardwood
A Slice of Life from One Nevada Caucus Site
A Taboo Moment for Obama
A Tale of Two Joes
A View From the Bus
A View From the Road
A View From The Road
A Whirlwind McCain Tour of Florida
Aboard Air Romney
After a Hiatus, Clinton Responds To Voters Again
After Big Win in Pennsylvania, Clinton Campaign Rakes In Cash
Aiming for Gun Owner Votes, McCain Takes More Shots at Obama
All Business, Few Attacks From Obama At Hollywood Fundraiser
All Trick, No Treat ? McCain Says Democrats Trying to Scare Seniors
Ambinder: A Real Edwards Surge
Americans Are "Sick and Tired" of War, McCain Says, But Vows to Succeed
An Emotional Homecoming for Clinton
An Emotional Night for McCain As He Returns To Arizona
An Iowa Cabbie Weighs in on Romney
An Unexpected Wakeup Call
Anatomy of a Presidential Candidate's Vacation, Part I
Anatomy of a Presidential Candidate's Vacation, Part II
Anatomy of a Presidential Candidate's Vacation, Part III
Ann Romney Delivers Good News in Midair
Another 36 Hours
Another Celebrity Endorsement for Huckabee
Any VP News? "Not Tonight," Says Bayh
As Campaigns Go On The Attack, Obama and McCain Keep Quiet
As Clinton Staffers Look Ahead, Some Wonder If Campaign Is Winding Down
As Democrat Race Ends, McCain Readies For General Election
As Dow Tanks, McCain Offers Retirement Plan Proposal
As Focus Shifts From Iraq To Georgia, McCain Does Too
As Kennedys Endorse Obama, Clinton Campaigns in Kennedy Country
As Long As He Keeps Winning Delegates, Huckabee's In
As McCain Campaigns in N.H., Obama Holds Slim Lead in Granite State Poll
As Obama Adjusts on Energy, He'll Continue To Slam McCain
As Obama Distances Himself From A Different Pastor, Another Creates Controversy At GOP Event
As Primary Nears, Obama Takes His Family to Voters
Asked About Global AIDS, Romney Says America Is ?First Priority?
Asked For Policy Specifics, Palin Offers Generalities
At Indiana Rally, Clinton Plays Up Midwestern Values
At Last Minute, Obama Makes Pitch To Help Clear Clinton Debt
At Obama Event in Youngstown, Age Becomes Topic of Conversation
At Town Hall With Palin, McCain Takes Lead In Criticizing Obama
Babies and Pancakes for Obama in S.D.
Back in New Hampshire, McCain Hits the Track
Bailout Negotiations Take Center Stage At First Debate
Bands, Beer, and Barack?
Banner Calls On "Barak" Obama To Repudiate "Ayres"
Barack and Hillary like Fred and Ginger
Bayh, Nunn Talk About Being Potential Obama Running Mate
Behind the Scenes With the Clinton Traveling Press
Best Of 'Scenes From The Road'
Biden "Disappointed" Ayers Will Be Debate Topic
Biden and McCain: Still Friends?
Biden and Obama Back Together Again
Biden Asks Americans To "Imagine"
Biden Believes Bush Delayed Action in Iraq Because of Political Concerns
Biden Blasts McCain On Tax Loophole
Biden Brings Out The Tough Talk
Biden Calls "Veiled" McCain Attacks "Outrageous," Mocks Palin
Biden Calls For Unity, End To "Ugly" Campaigning
Biden Calls Out For Early Voting In Florida
Biden Camp: "You'd Think A Lot Of Things About McCain"
Biden Cancels Events Due To Family Illness
Biden Contrasts Clinton and Palin, Saying Clinton Never ?Abused Power?
Biden Courts Women Voters
Biden Demands McCain Stop Robocalls
Biden Discusses Aneurysms
Biden Emotional at Football Hall of Fame
Biden Enjoys The Spotlight With Obama
Biden Focuses on Debate Prep, Mishears Question on Rejection of Bailout Bill
Biden Is No Stranger To The Media
Biden Jabs Anti-Obama Protesters At Fla. Rally
Biden Labels McCain Attacks As "Republican Garbage"
Biden Levels With Newly Unemployed Auto Workers
Biden Meets With Georgian President Saakashvili
Biden Mourns Loss of His Mother-In-Law
Biden Not Getting "Extra" Coverage
Biden On Debate, Ayers and SNL
Biden On Debates, Duty, and His Hair
Biden Pops Up In Law School
Biden Reacts to Bhutto Assassination
Biden Reflects on 9/11 Anniversary
Biden Returns to Capitol For Bailout Vote
Biden Rips Into McCain on Record, Economy, and Tactics
Biden Says Back Off His Pastries
Biden Says Hillary Might Be A Better VP
Biden Says McCain Has "Poor Judgement"
Biden Says McCain Is Alone With View of a Strong Economy
Biden Says Palin's Gender Doesn't Change His Debate Game
Biden Scolds McCain, Bush On Economy
Biden Sees His Son Off to War
Biden Takes Questions On Swing States, Iraq, and Friendship With McCain
Biden Talks About A Youthful Indiscretion
Biden Tears Up In Front of Home State Delegates
Biden Thanks Ohio Democratic Volunteers
Biden Tired of Palin's "Politics of Division"
Biden To Campaign In N.C. and Fla. Today
Biden To Deliver "Major" Foreign Policy Address
Biden To Step Up Criticism Of McCain's Record, Tactics
Biden Tries To Keep Colorado Out Of The Red
Biden Vows "A Fighting Chance" For North Carolina Middle Class
Biden Wants McCain Plan Beyond "Victory" In Iraq
Biden Won't March In Parade Because Of Gustav
Biden's Anti-Iraq Surge Comments Could Be Part of McCain Attack Plan
Biden's Closing Argument
Biden's Politeness With Palin Is Over
Biden's Traveling Press Corps Finds Little Opportunity To Ask Him Questions
Biden, Clintons Fight For Pennsylvania Democratic Ticket
Biden, In Florida, Talks About Israel, Palin
Biden, Palin, and the Fight Against Expectations
Biden, Pointed and Off Script, Gets Loose and Loud
Biden, The "Defender-in-Chief"
Biden: "People Are In Trouble"
Biden: "We Are On The Cusp Of A New Brand Of Leadership"
Biden: Americans Want " Sleepover With People They Like!"
Biden: McCain Campaign Attacks "Corrosive"
Biden: McCain Can't "Look Obama In The Eye" When Attacking
Biden: McCain Is "Dangerously Wrong"
Biden: McCain, Palin Are "Running The Most Scurrilous Campaign" In History
Biden: Restoring Worldview of U.S. Is Next President's "Biggest Responsibility"
Biden: Thumbs-Up to Phillies World Series Victory
Biden: Undecideds Haven't Warmed Up To Possibility Of A Black President
Big Crowd, Big Applause for Edwards
Big Win in Ohio and Texas Sends Money Pouring In
Bill Clinton "Affair" Mentioned to Hillary
Bill Clinton Blames ?Slanted Press Coverage? for Obama's Delegate Lead
Bill Clinton Campaigns Over the Phone
Bill Clinton Predicts Obama Will Win Election
Bill Clinton Reacts to Bhutto Assassination
Bill Clinton Responds To Anti-Abortion Rights Activists
Bill Clinton Sees Campaign End in Sight
Bill Clinton To Iowans: "It Is In Your Hands"
Bill Clinton Will Campaign for Obama ?Whenever He Asks?
Bill Clinton: "Can't We Just All Get Along?"
Bill Clinton: Vote Early, Vote Often
Bill O'Reilly Causes a Stir at Obama Event
Bill Resurrects Hillary?s Bosnia Blunder
Bill Upstages Hillary, Alleges "Gender Bias"
Billionaire Helps Raise Millions For Clinton
Bloomberg Talks Economy, Avoides Candidacy Talk
Bloomberg Talks Economy, Not Potential Candidacy
Bob Dole (Sans Elizabeth) Stumps For Palin In Raleigh
Bon Jovi to Host Fundraiser for Obama
Both Candidates Flying High After Debate
Bottoms Up: Just Another Saturday Night For Clinton? Shot of Whiskey, Beer and Pizza
Brownback Not Bullish on McCain's Chances in Kansas
Browns QB Quinn Welcomes McCain To Political Dawg Pound
Bus Breakdown...Again
Bush Raises Money for McCain, But Not in Public
California Official's "Straight Talk" On Drilling
Campaign Aide Says Clinton?s Debate Tone ?Will Be Civil?
Campaign Ice Capades
Campaigning In Puerto Rico, Clinton Stays Neutral on Its Political Status
Can He Really Take Away Congress' Health Care?
Cedar Rapids and/or Bust
Chasing Huckabee Not As Glamorous as It May Seem
Chatty Crowd Forces Clinton to Cut Speech Short
Check For the Union Label? In a Switch, McCain Does
Checking Huckabee's Numbers
Chelsea Clinton: "Happy" To Be in Iowa
Chelsea's Campaign '08 Debut
Christmas in Des Moines
Chuck Norris Says McCain Might Be Too Old
Cindy McCain Hospitalized For Minor Hand Injury
Cindy McCain Releases Her Tax Returns
Cindy McCain Returns from "Shopping" Injury
Cindy McCain Unloads on Obama
Cindy McCain's American Pride
Clinton "Glad" Obama Gave Race Speech
Clinton "Regrets" If African-Americans Were "Offended" By Bill
Clinton a Modern Day Queen Esther?
Clinton Ad Casts Pundits As Out of Touch
Clinton Admits Mistake When Recounting Trip to Bosnia
Clinton Adviser Says Not Letting Florida and Michigan Votes Count Insulting
Clinton Advisor: "A Lot of Catch-Up To Do" in Iowa
Clinton Again Touts Underdog Status, Proving You Can't Teach an Old Dog New Tricks
Clinton and Obama on the Day After
Clinton and Obama to Settle Differences in the Ring?
Clinton And Obama's Icy Meeting
Clinton and Obama: Similar Iraq Plan, Similar Loopholes
Clinton Asks Texas Voters to Vote Twice
Clinton Asks Voters to Enter into ?Contract? With Her, Jabs Obama
Clinton Attends Church, Hears Sermon on Adultery
Clinton Back To Firing 'Words' At Obama
Clinton Begins Final Push in Ohio
Clinton Blames Bush Administration for High Gas Prices
Clinton Blames Obama Campaign For Distorting MLK Comments
Clinton Boards Press Bus To Say Thanks
Clinton Brings Message of Equality to Puerto Rico
Clinton Bumps into John Edwards Before "Colbert Report" Taping
Clinton Calls for Early Voting
Clinton Calls John Edwards a ?Fighter?
Clinton calls on Bush to Boycott Olympics Opening Ceremony
Clinton Calls on Obama to Support Michigan Re-Vote
Clinton Camp Says Obama Violated DNC Rules With TV Ad Buy
Clinton Camp Touts New Fund-raising Numbers
Clinton Campaign Accuses Obama of Ducking Debates
Clinton Campaign Backpedals on Richardson Comments
Clinton Campaign Braces For Losses Tonight
Clinton Campaign Digs Into Obama?s Past
Clinton Campaign Finds New Ways To Draw Contributions
Clinton Campaign Gearing Up For Convention Showdown
Clinton Campaign Gearing Up For Convention Showdown
Clinton Campaign Hopes ?Bitter? Comments Stick
Clinton Campaign Manager Steps Down
Clinton Campaign Offers No Insight On Plans Post-DNC Meeting
Clinton Campaign Reacts to Edwards Endorsement
Clinton Campaigns Despite Wicked Weather in Wisconsin
Clinton Campaigns Pueblo-style, Kicks Off Caravan Through Puerto Rico
Clinton Campaigns With A Surprise Guest: Mom
Clinton Casts Her Vote
Clinton Casts Wide Net of Exaggeration, Claims to Lead in ?Every Poll?
Clinton Challenges McCain on New Orleans and Obama on North Carolina
Clinton Challenges Obama to Debate, Says Let?s Scrap Moderators
Clinton Challenges Obama to Texas Showdown
Clinton Channels Elvis' "A Little Less Conversation"
Clinton Channels Eva Peron
Clinton Chief Strategist Steps Down
Clinton Chokes Up Recounting Death of MLK
Clinton Clings to Campaign
Clinton Comments on Campaign Shakeup
Clinton Compares her Plight to JFK
Clinton Condemns Alleged Coercion of Caucusgoers
Clinton Continues Her "Money Appeal" in Washington State
Clinton Continues Railing on Obama's Health Care Plan
Clinton Criticizes CIA
Clinton Cuts Wisconsin Visit Short
Clinton Defends Iraq Vote: Says ?I?m Willing to Be Held Accountable?
Clinton Defends Taking Money From Oil Execs: ?They?re Americans? Too
Clinton Desperate to Count Votes, Compares Fla. Primary to Zimbabwe
Clinton Discusses Her Internal Struggle Over BBQ
Clinton Dons Derby Hat
Clinton Eyes Big Win in W.V. and New Poll Backs Her Up
Clinton Eyes Big Win in W.V. and New Poll Backs Her Up
Clinton Faces the Press Twice in Eight Hours
Clinton Fights Back Tears
Clinton Fund-raisers: General Election Donors Need Not Apply
Clinton Fundraising Challenges
Clinton Gears Up For Big Soiree For Staff
Clinton gets Rock Star Welcome in Texas
Clinton Goes After Obama on Health Care
Clinton Goes Door-to-Door in N.H.
Clinton Goes for Girl Power in Pennsylvania
Clinton Heads Back to Pennsylvania
Clinton Heads Back to Texas With Packed Schedule
Clinton Heads to Maine
Clinton Heads to North Dakota in Search of Delegates
Clinton Hints at Clinton-Obama Ticket, Again
Clinton Hits Obama on Health Care Plan Differences
Clinton Hits Obama On His Reagan Comments
Clinton Hits Obama on Oil Money
Clinton Holds Out Hat in Indiana, Says She Now Leads in Popular Vote
Clinton Hopes To Not Get Badgered in Wisconsin
Clinton Jabs McCain on Economy, No Mention of Obama
Clinton Jabs Obama in California
Clinton Jabs West Virginians On '00 and '04 Election Votes
Clinton Kicks off Helicopter Tour With Endorsement
Clinton Leaves Primary States For "State of the Black Union"
Clinton Links Hispanics to Stripped Delegate States
Clinton Looks Ahead To Super Tuesday
Clinton Looks at Career as Waitress if Presidency Doesn?t Pan Out
Clinton Lowers Expectations
Clinton Maintains She Holds Popular Vote
Clinton Meets 'Belvis' In Little Rock
Clinton Messes Up Mayor's Name, Voice Gives Out
Clinton Mimics Her Rival
Clinton Modifies Trademark Pantsuit for Puerto Rico Beach Visit
Clinton Moves On After Saturday's Losses
Clinton Moves On From S.C. Loss
Clinton Not So Soft Today
Clinton on Celebrity Campaigners
Clinton on Kennedy: ?There?s Never Been Anybody Like Him in the Senate?
Clinton on Michigan Re-Vote: What's Obama "Afraid Of?"
Clinton on Obama: ?Why Can?t He Close the Deal??
Clinton On Reports of Talks To Exit Early: ?Flatly Untrue?
Clinton Paints Obama as Cheerleader for McCain
Clinton Picks Up Murtha Endorsement
Clinton Pleads With Donors: ?Stay With Me!?
Clinton Praises Martin Luther King
Clinton Races to Finish
Clinton Rallies After Democrats Debate
Clinton Reaction to Bhutto Assassination
Clinton Reacts to Edwards Withdrawal
Clinton Reacts to Obama's Claim of More Support
Clinton Ready For a Long Campaign
Clinton Ready for Petraeus Hearing
Clinton Receives Farm Workers Endorsement
Clinton References RFK Assassination In Defending Length of Campaign
Clinton Releases Delegates Amidst Chorus of "No"
Clinton Remains Confident
Clinton Reminds Viewers: Journalist Was Once on Her Side
Clinton Returns to Florida, Months After Claiming Victory There
Clinton Rolls Out New Strategy: Ditches Primary, Moves Toward General Election
Clinton Says "We Need To Dig Ourselves Out" of Economic Hole
Clinton Says Ignore the Media, "They Have Jobs and Healthcare"
Clinton Says Obama "Looks Down" on Pennsylvanians
Clinton Says Obama Is "Nitpick"ing Her Record
Clinton Says Obama is ?Out of Touch? with Middle Class Americans, Calls Comments ?Elitist?
Clinton Says Obama Needs to Explain Inconsistency in Gun Views
Clinton Says Obama?s Health Plan Leaves People ?Out in the Cold?
Clinton Says She and McCain Offer Experience, Obama Offers Speeches
Clinton Says She Has the Right Genes To Be President
Clinton Says She's "Vetted" and "Tested"
Clinton Says She?s the Goldilocks of the Presidential Campaign
Clinton Says She?s the Only Candidate To Offer Gas Relief
Clinton Says She?s ?Unapologetic? Over Gas Tax Proposal
Clinton Says There Are a ?Million Reasons? To Stay In Race
Clinton Schedules Election Night in Ohio, Obama in Texas
Clinton Selling Her Softer Side
Clinton Shakes It In West Philly
Clinton Shows Confidence at Campaign Rally
Clinton Shrieks for Support
Clinton Slams Obama on Health Care; Targets Youth
Clinton Speaks To African-Americans on Ferraro
Clinton Spokesman Mimics Talk Show Host, Calls Obama Camp "Amateur Hour"
Clinton Spokesman: She Won't Drop Out Tomorrow
Clinton Starts Focusing on Pennsylvania
Clinton Stops in S.D. As She Heads West for Calif. Cash
Clinton Stumps For Money As Well As Votes
Clinton Stumps With Champ, Looks For Her Own Comeback
Clinton Suggests Voters Should Vote on Record, Not Personality
Clinton Supporter Jeered By Antsy Crowd
Clinton Supporters Come Out Swinging
Clinton Tactic Shift: More Q & A
Clinton Takes Aim At Bush and Saudis
Clinton Takes On Obama During Foreign Policy Talk
Clinton Talks About Why People "Don't Like" Her
Clinton Talks Long-term Care
Clinton Talks National Security
Clinton Tells Supporters She Deserves to Get Party?s Nomination
Clinton Tells Vocal Obama Supporters: ?I?ll Work My Heart Out For Him?
Clinton to Continue Prodding Obama Over ?Bitter? Comments
Clinton to Discuss Aging Infrastructure
Clinton to Hit Obama's "Bitter" Comments In Indiana Speech
Clinton to Leno: Bill ?Does Get A Little Carried Away Sometimes?
Clinton to Obama: Stop Complaining
Clinton to Ohioans: "I'm Your Girl"
Clinton To Superdelegates: ?We Are Winning The Popular Vote?
Clinton to Support Gas Tax Holiday
Clinton to Visit Indianapolis Speedway
Clinton Today
Clinton Today
Clinton Tries To Cash A Victory Check
Clinton Tries to Cut Into Obama?s Lead in North Carolina
Clinton Tries to Drum Up Support From Nevada's Hispanic Voters
Clinton Tries to Explain Bosnia Comments
Clinton Tries to Smooth Out Her "Rocky Road"
Clinton Turns Tables, Calls Obama the "Establishment" Candidate
Clinton Tweaks Message
Clinton Unveils "Hill-Force One"
Clinton Unveils Another New TV Ad
Clinton Urges Californians To Get Out The Vote By Phone
Clinton Urges Her Fla. Supporters to Back Obama
Clinton Vows Michigan and Florida Fight Will Go To Convention
Clinton vs. Obama: Listen To the Crowd Noise
Clinton Waits Out Wisconsin Results in Ohio
Clinton Wants Congress on the Record Over Gas Tax
Clinton Warns Fla. Voters of Repeat of 2000 Election
Clinton Warns Foreign Countries Will ?Take our Inventions?
Clinton Warns of Electing a President Who Is "Unready"
Clinton Warns That Democrats Are Already Viewed as Elitist
Clinton Warns Voters Not To Throw Away Their Vote
Clinton Weighs In On Re-Vote
Clinton Wins West Virginia, But What's Next?
Clinton Wraps Speech With a Bow (and Arrow) For Obama
Clinton Wraps Up Final Campaign Event of Primary Season
Clinton's "Surprise" Guest
Clinton's April Fools Joke
Clinton's Favorite Political Pundit Is...Karl Rove?
Clinton's Florida "Win"
Clinton's Game Day
Clinton's Hunting History
Clinton's Large Crowd Interrupts Event's Flow
Clinton's New Years Resolutions
Clinton's Texas Two-Step
Clinton, Bush to Address Same Group This Morning
Clinton, Dinkins and Rangel Try to Wrangle Up S.C. Support
Clinton, Murtha Gang Up on McCain
Clinton, Obama Spar Over Social Security
Clinton-Obama Debate, But Not Together
Clinton-Obama Ticket? Obama Says No Way
Clinton-Obama Unity Tour Continues
Clinton: "Enough With the Talk"
Clinton: "I'm Not a Show Horse"
Clinton: "Obama Is Very Frustrated"
Clinton: "Shame on You, Barack Obama"
Clinton: "This Is A Moment...To Be Doers"
Clinton: "We Don't Need To Have a Beer With the Next President"
Clinton: Bush Trying to "Run Out the Clock"
Clinton: Continuing Bush Iraq Policy is ?Irresponsible?
Clinton: Democratic Nomination Will Be "Open Season" for GOP
Clinton: Dispute Over Mich. and Fla. Votes "A Civil Rights Issue?
Clinton: Economy Is "In a Very Dangerous Period"
Clinton: Help Wanted
Clinton: It?s OK if Voters Are "Still Shopping? For a Candidate
Clinton: Like Obama, Bush Talked About "Change" In 2000
Clinton: My Foreign Policy Experience More Than Just Drinking Tea
Clinton: No Vote for Puerto Rican Vets ?An Injustice and an Insult?
Clinton: Until There?s a Nominee, ?I?m Staying in the Race?
Clinton: Voter's Decision Need To Be "Very Reasoned, Careful"
Clinton: ?The Recession is Coming! The Recession is Coming!?
Clinton: ?This is a Serious Election?
Clinton?s Candid Campaign Conversations
Clinton?s Criticism of Obama Nearly Vanishes Overnight
Clinton?s Derby Pick Places Second, Then Euthanized
Clinton?s Latest Claim: She?s The Most ?Fiscally Responsible? Candidate
Competing Pressures In Pennsylvania
Confederate Flag? McCain's Not a Fan
Confident Romney Greet Nevada Caucus-Goers
Controversies Follow Obama to Indiana
Cookies, Kool-Aid and Finding God
Could McCain?s Apology Hurt His Standing With Conservatives?
Countering Clinton, Obama Says He's Committed to Ending War
Country Singer Rich Debuts "Raising McCain"
Covering Clinton from 1,700 Feet
Covering Clinton: A Look Behind the Scenes
Crowd Chants, ?Sarah! Sarah!? At McCain/Palin Event
Crowd Eventually Warmed to Obama at Faith Forum
Cub Scouts Get A Campaign Plane Tour From Biden
Daddy Yankee Backs McCain
Dean Meets With Florida Delegation
Debate Uncertainty
Defending The ?Hussein? Game
Democratic Candidates Praise MLK Together
Democratic Des Moines Register Debate Analysis
Democrats Hammer McCain Health Care Plan
Democrats React to Des Moines Register Endorsement
Democrats' Last-Minute Campaigning
Des Moines Register Endorsement Analysis
Des Moines Register Republican Debate Just Started
Desperate for Debate, Clinton Suggests One On ?Back Of Flat Bed Truck?
Desperate to Change the Dynamic of the Race, Clinton Accepts A Debate Offer in Puerto Rico
Despite Differing Views on Trade, Hillary Vows Not To Muzzle Bill
Despite Impossible Odds, Huckabee Supporters Still Plan To Vote For Him
Despite Inclement Weather, Obama Supporters Turn Out in Pa.
Despite Rain, Obama and Springsteen Rally Ohio Crowd
Despite Request, McCain Resorted to Stock Answers at Faith Forum
Despite Trailing in the Polls, McCain Continues Fight For Iowa
Despite Win, Clinton Still Not A Caucus Fan
Did McCain Borrow Romney?s Old Mix Tape?
Did Romney Actually See His Dad March With MLK?
Do New Hampshire?s Kids Know Best?
Does Crowd Size Matter? McCain Hopes Not
Does Crowd Size Really Matter?
Dogged by Low Poll Numbers, Obama Heads Into West Virginia Unfazed
During Clinton?s Hurried Election Day Photo Op, No Time For Questions
During Upcoming Foreign Trip, Obama Will Try Not To Play The Part of The President
Economic Crisis Refocuses Obama
Edwards "Like a Rock Star" In Spartanburg
Edwards All-Nighter Continues
Edwards and His Non-Oprah Celebrity Endorser
Edwards and the Sarkisyans
Edwards Appears On The "Late Show"
Edwards Applauds Clinton's Call to Raise Minimum Wage
Edwards Back to the Drawing Board
Edwards Briefly Looks Ahead to Super Tuesday
Edwards Brings Hollywood to N.H.
Edwards Claws Back at Obama
Edwards Continues Courting S.C.
Edwards Continues Criticizing Obama
Edwards Drops Out
Edwards Followed By Giant Sweet Potato
Edwards Forges Ahead
Edwards Goes Door-to-Door in N.H.
Edwards Goes Home Again
Edwards Got Game
Edwards Jabs Obama and Clinton
Edwards Kicks Off Caucus Day
Edwards Lets Loose on Clinton
Edwards Looks to the Future
Edwards May Find a Role for Bill Clinton if Elected
Edwards Mum on Hillary as Running Mate
Edwards on Third-Party Candidates and Debates
Edwards Reacts to Economic Stimulus Plan
Edwards Reacts to Iraqi Defense Minister