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"Let?s Give Tourists a Warm Jihadi Welcome," Suggests Member Jihadi Forum
$50,000 Placed on Parsley?s Head
'Bomb Expert' Blown Up By IED in ISI Video
'Naval Terrorism ... A Strategic Necessity'
10 Killed In Clashes Between Algerian Security Forces And AQIM
14 Days Left To The ?Big Date Campaign?
1920 Rev G1 Grenade Attack Caught on Camera
1920 Revolution Brigades Release Propaganda Clip
1920th Revolution Video Shows Burning MRAP
A Bomb In Less Than 60 Seconds
A New Guide For Those Wishing To Join The Jihad Fronts
Abdullah Azzam?s ?Mujaheddin Services Bureau? Back In Business
Abu Qatada Says British Government Full of Venom Against Islam and Muslims
Abu Yehya Al Libi Featured in New As Sahab Video
Abul Yazid?s Tape Posted On Turkish "Cihadi" Blog
Advice on Forming One-Person Terror Cells Posted Online
Afghan Elections will Change Nothing, Says Taliban
Aide To Al Qaeda in Iraq Leader Killed
Al Ansar Media Center Claims U.S. Forces ?Massacred? Family, Releases Video of Bodies
Al Ansar Media Criticizes Arabic TV Channels In New Video
Al Ansar Video Shows IED Attack on Foot Patrol in Diyala
Al Baghdadi Claims Al Qaeda Is Winning The Fight In Iraq In New Tape
Al Baghdadi Confirms The Death Of Al Qaeda In Iraq?s Second-in-Command
Al Baghdadi Says Iraqi Security Lied About His Arrest Yet Again
Al Douri Says 2008 Will Be A Year Of ?Decisive Victory? In Iraq
Al Doury?s Group Claims Attack On U.S. Patrol In Karma
Al Doury?s Group Release First Compilation Video
Al Furqan Media Presents: Martyrdom Knights IV
Al Hesbah Web Posting Promises a ?Big Media Surprise?
Al Jazeera?s Interview With Bali Bomber Posted Online, After Being ?Censored? By The Station
Al Libi Addresses His Boss In New Audio
Al Libi Issues New Book In Defense Of AQIM Fighters
Al Libi Issues ?Fatwa? Calling on Pakistanis To Overthrow The Regime
Al Libi Prays for Failure of ?Bush and His Party? In New Video
Al Libi Salutes Scholars For Issuing Gaza Statement, Calls for Attacks on U.S., Europe
Al Libi Urges Jihad Against Newly Elected President in Somalia
Al Muhajir Says Al Qaeda In Iraq Behind London And Glasgow Car Bombings
Al Muhajir?s Face Shown In New Video
Al Naqshabandiya Army Announces Creation of ?Jihadi Awakening Councils?
Al Naqshabandiyah Army Release Third Compilation Video In Three Weeks
Al Qaeda and ISI Leaders in Iraq Issue New Statements About Mosul Operations
Al Qaeda Calls for Attacks Against the West In New Tape
Al Qaeda Chief in Afghanistan Issues Grim Warning To India
Al Qaeda Chief in Yemen Urges Arab Armies To Turn Against Their Rulers
Al Qaeda Claims Recent Algiers And Boumerdes Bombings
Al Qaeda Claims Responsibility For Danish Embassy Bombing
Al Qaeda Claims Responsibility for Launching Missiles on Israel from South Lebanon
Al Qaeda Commemorates Imam Ghazi In New Video
Al Qaeda Confirms Death Of Weapons Expert Abu Khebab
Al Qaeda Figure: Death To Iraqi Sunni Leaders
Al Qaeda In Iraq Chief Admits: ?We?ve Lost a Lot Of Ground?
Al Qaeda in Iraq Pushes For a Shift To Sniper Attacks
Al Qaeda in Iraq?s Leader Calls for a Month-Long Offensive Against U.S. Army
Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb Release New Attacks Video
Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb Shifts To Iraqi-Style IED Attacks
Al Qaeda In The Maghreb Claims Algerian Govt. Behind Forest Fires
Al Qaeda In Yemen Claims Attack On Aden Oil Refineries
Al Qaeda In Yemen Claims Attack On Police Patrol In Hadramout
Al Qaeda In Yemen Claims Attack On Police Post In Hadramount
Al Qaeda In Yemen Releases Video Of Rocket Attack On Oil Plant Near Sanaa
Al Qaeda in Yemen Settles Accounts With Security Officials...Mafia Style!
Al Qaeda Issues Ultimatum to Iraqi Government
Al Qaeda Leader in Afghanistan Sends Message to Supporters in Turkey In Audio Obtained by CBS News
Al Qaeda Militants Vow To Retaliate Against Yemeni Government
Al Qaeda No. 2 Blames Gaza On Obama
Al Qaeda Publications Printed and Distributed in Gaza
Al Qaeda Says Former ISI Official Died in Afghanistan
Al Qaeda Supporters Suspect Al Qaeda Behind Australia Fires
Al Qaeda Threatens To Kill U.K. Hostage
Al Qaeda Unveils Plan To Strike Supply Lines to U.S. Forces in The Arab Peninsula
Al Qaeda's Growing Online Offensive
Al Qaeda-Affiliated Group Urges Moroccans to Avenge Beating of Woman
Al Qaeda: Don't Be Fooled By Obama
Al Qaeda?s 9/11 Anniversary Video Finally Released, Contains No Surprises
Al Qaeda?s 9/11 Anniversary Video Gives Few Clues About Its Leaders? Fate
Al Qaeda?s Sept. 11 Anniversary Video To Be Posted Online
Al Qaeda?s Tizi-Ouzu Suicide Bomber Suffered A Nervous Breakdown
Al Qaeda?s Yemen ?Branch? Warns Foreigners in the Arabian Peninsula
Al Qassam Launch YouTube Channel
Al Qassam Releases New Gaza Attacks Videos
Al Qassam To Release New Video of Ambushed Israeli Troops
Al Rahman Soldiers Brigades Posts Video Of Operations
Al Rashideen Army Claims IED Attack on U.S. Armor in Tikrit
Al Sahab Posts Video Of Attack on ?British Base? in Afghanistan
Al Sahab Provides The Wrong Decryption Password To Open Al Qaedaʼs 9/11 Anniversary Video
Al Sahab Releases 2001 Bin Laden Statement With Urdu Translation
Al Sahab Releases Urdu Version Of Attack Video On NATO Base In Paktika
Al Sahab Video Commemorates Doctor
Al Sahab Video Shows Attack on ?British Base in Helmand?
Al Sahab Video Shows Saudis On A Suicide Mission In Khost
Al Sahab Video Shows Suicide Attack on ?U.S. Base in Khost?
Al Sahab Video Shows ?U.S.? Truck on Fire
Al Sahab Video: Truck Carrying U.S. Army Cargo Torched
Al Yaqeen Media Publishes Mumbai Attacks Study
Al Yaqeen Media Releases Second Issue Of Online Magazine
Al Yaqeen Media Urges Egyptians To Hold A General Strike
Al Yaqeen Media Urges Egyptians To Hold A General Strike
Al Zarqawi Appears in Unseen Video
Al Zarqawi?s Notes Reveal Softer Side
Al Zarqawi?s Sister?s ?91 Wedding Video Posted on Jihadi Forums
Al Zawahiri Eulogizes Bali Bombers, Slams Saudi Rulers in New Audiotape
Al Zawahiri Says Obama Did Not Help Palestinians During Gaza War
Al Zawahiri Slams Egyptian Regime In New Tape
Al Zawahiri To Issue New Statement Eulogizing ?A Group of Heroes?
Al Zawahri Tells Palestinians ?It?s Your Right To Enter Egypt?
Al Zawahri Urges Sudanese People To Prepare for ?Long Guerrilla War?
Al Zawahri: Al Qaeda Willing to Provide Gaza Militants With Weapons And Training
Al-Qaeda Affiliated Group Claims Al-Mansour Suicide Attack
Aljazeera Talk Blog Says It Will Hold Q&A Session With U.S. State Department Representative
Amateur Video Of Tripoli Sectarian Clashes
American Al Qaeda Militant Alive, Appears in New Video
American Al Qaeda Operative Says Western Countries? Economies ?On The Brink Of Failure?
American Citizen Leading Jihad In Somalia
American Homemade C4 Explosives Video Circulated On Militant Forums
An Islamic State In Gaza
An Online Discussion: How To Raise Funds For Jihad?
Another Sniper Attack Video From Iraq
Another Sniper Video From Iraq
Another ?Recycled? Compilation Video By The Islamic State Of Iraq
Ansar Al Islam Releases Video of IED Attack On Personnel Carrier
Ansar Al Islam Release Rocket Attack Video
Ansar Al Islam Release ?Earth Rain? Video
Ansar Al Islam Releases New Compilation Video
Ansar al Islam Releases New IED Attack Video
Ansar al Islam Reveal New Anti-Personnel Landmine in Its Online Magazine
Ansar Al Islam Sets Up New Media Unit, Posts Video of IED Attack
Ansar al Islam Video Shows Attacks on U.S. Armored Vehicle, Iraqi Police Patrol
Ansar Al Islam Video Shows IED Attack On Iraqi Forces In Mosul
Ansar Al Islam Video Shows M-RAP Hit By An IED In Mosul
Ansar Al Sunnah Issues Sniper Attack Video
Ansar Video Shows Mortar Attack on ?U.S. Base In Tikrit?
Anti Shiite Propagandist Video Posted Online
Anti-Armoured Gun Explained
Anti-U.S. Jihadi Coalition Collapses In Iraq
AQIM Calls On Mauritanians To Boycott Upcoming Elections
AQIM Chief Urges Attacks On U.S., Israeli Interests In North Africa
AQIM Chief Vows More Attacks In The Maghreb Countries
AQIM Claims Attack On Mauritanian Army Convoy
AQIM Claims Suicide Attacks Against Army & Police In Algeria
AQIM Denies Black Plague Deaths Reports
AQIM Denounces ?CIA Crimes? in Algeria
AQIM Figure: ?Al Qaeda in Maghreb Continues to Enjoy the Confidence of Bin Laden?
AQIM Issues Document To Legitimize Attacks On Army Suppliers
AQIM Leader Tells Algerians to Boycott Presidential Elections
AQIM Refute Accusations About Targeting Civilians
AQIM Release New Ambush Video
AQIM Renews Its Threat to Kill British Hostage
AQIM Seized Large Quantities of Weapons in Libya
AQIM Tries To Set Up Operations In Morocco
Arab Jihad Supporters Reach Out To Jihadists in Somalia
Are al-Rashideen Army in their Last Throes?
Arrested Terror Cell Leader Talked With Bin Laden
As Sahab Channel on Youtube
As Sahab Releases Audio by German Jihadist
As Sahab Video Pays Tribute To Slain Al Qaeda Commander
As Sahab Video Shows U.S. Humvee Ambushed by Militants in Farah
Attack on Baghdad Checkpoint in New Ansar Video
Attack On Israeli Military Outpost Eastern Khan Younis Caught On Cam
Attack on Israeli Troops in New Qassam Video
Attack On U.S. Headquarters In Mosul In New IAI Video
Azhar Grand Imam Comes Under Attack For Shaking Hands With Peres
Bali Bombers Urge Bin Laden To Avenge Their Death
Bali Bombers? Execution Popular Topic on Jihadi Internet Forums
Bangladesh Hops On The Global Jihad Bandwagon
Banner Announcing New Video Confuses Forum Members
Bin Laden Calls on Egyptians To Overthrow Mubarak, Lift Gaza Blockade
Bin Laden Statement: Obama?s Policies ?Pave The Way For New Long Wars?
Bin Laden Urges Somalis To "Fight On"
Bin Laden: Liberating Palestine Goes Through Iraq
Bin Laden?s Audio Focused on Pakistan, Not Obama
Bomb Attack in New Army of Al Mujaheddin Video
Bush ?Shoe Attack? Makes the Headlines in All Jihadi Forums
Bypassing Cars Heard in The Background In Al Zawahiri Video
Call on Bin Laden To Avenge Palestinians
Campaign Calls on Muslims to Give Alms to the Militants
Caucasus Militants Urged To Ambush Low Flying Russian Planes, Poison Water Resources
CBS, France2 Videos Circulated on Militant Islamist Forums
Chechen Militants Attack Russian Army Vehicle in New Video
Chechen Militants Release Beheading Video
Child Seen Pledging To Wage War on ?Worshippers of The Cross? In New AQIM Video
Child Who Appeared in Militants Propaganda Video Killed During Operation
China on the Radar of Al Qaeda
Clip Shows IAI IED Attack
Clip Shows Mortar Attack On ?U.S. Base in Al Anbar?
Clip Shows Rocket Attack on ?U.S. Base Southern Baghdad?
Clip Shows Soldier Propelled High in the Air by IED
Close Combat in Arabic
Coming Soon...New Al Sahab Video
Coming Soon: First SCJL Compilation Video
Coming Up: New Video By Al Qaeda's Abu Yahya Al Libi
Condemned Junta Coup, Call For Jihad In Mauritania
Conference About Establishing Islamic Caliphate In Britain Held In London
Conference: ?Not So Great Britain?
Confessions of Defected Al Qaeda Commander Posted on Saudi Website
Dagestan Female Militants Killed in Combat
Daghestani Emir Pledges Allegiance To The Leader Of The Islamic Emirate In Caucasus
Deadline Looms For British Hostage
Defected AQIM Leader Featured in Video
Destruction Of M-RAP Caught On Video
Dispute Over Ransom Delays Release Of Austrian Hostages
Document Suggests Easy Alternative To ?Dirty Bomb?
Documentary Honors The Memory of Palestinian Islamic Jihad Martyrs
E-Jihadis Urge Bin Laden To Strike in Tel Aviv, and AQIM Vows Vengeance
East Turkistan Islamic Party Appeals For New Recruits in New Video
East Turkistan Islamic Party Release Video Threatening Beijing Olympics
Easy, Cheap Car Bomb Option Suggested
Effective Bomb Attacks... As Easy As IED
Egyptian Islamist Given 6 Months To Leave Britain
Egyptian Weapons Making Manual Distributed On The Web
Egypt?s Al Jamaa al Islamiya Urges Al Qaeda To Open Dialogue With Obama
Elderly, Disabled Fighters Among The Ranks Of Hamas
Emir Dokka Denounces Use of Cluster Bombs in Chechnya
Emir of The Daghestani Jihad Front Killed
English ?Assassinations Course? Posted Online
Enrolment Deadline For Jihadi College Extended
Eulogy Video Of Chechen Commander Killed By Sniper Released
Ex Gitmo Detainee Carries Suicide Attack in Mosul
Ex-Gitmo Prisoners Boast In New Al Qaeda Video
Exclusive: Interview With Mangal Bagh, Commander, Lashkar-e-Islam (Pak)
Fatah Al Islam Leader Calls On Sunnis to Fight The ?Enemies of God? in New Audio
Fatah Al Islam Leader ?Killed Or Captured? By Syrian Authorities
Fatah Al Islam Vows to Fight for Sunnis in Lebanon
Fatah Al-Islam Claims Attack On Israeli Settlement
Fatah Al-Islam Claims Its Behind Attack On Lebanese Military Intelligence HQ In Abdah
Female Fighters Appear In Chechen Militants? Video
Female Iraqi ?Suicide Bombers? Pledge Loyalty to Old Regime In Video
Foreign Suicide Bombers In New ISI Video
Former Gitmo Detainee Says He Saw Pakistani Scientist Siddiqui at Bagram Prison
Former Gitmo Inmate Appears in Jihadist Video
Former GSPC Leader Calls On AQIM Fighters To Lay Down Arms
Former GSPC Leader Urges Al Qaeda Operatives to Repent
Former Iraqi VP Group Releases New Compilation Video
Former Iraqi VP?s Group Releases Second Compilation Video
Forum Launches Campaign In Support Of Jihad In Afghanistan
Forum Member Claims 2000 Russian Submarine Explosion Was A Suicide Operation
Forum Member Posts Detailed Info About Making Of Long-Range Missiles
Forum Member Posts Links to YouTube Explosives Training Videos
Forum Member Prays His Newly-Born Son Becomes ?A Sword On The Necks Of The Infidels?
Forum Member Predicts Bush Will Visit Iraq, Calls on Militants to Prepare To Attack Him
Forum Member Proposes Attacking Jews in Muslim Countries
Forum Member Seeks Advice on Making Explosives To Attack Jews in the West
Forum Member Urges Al Qaeda In The Islamic Maghreb To Assassinate Rice
Forum Member, Claiming to be ISI Member, Seeks Info On Weapon?s Detector Used by U.S. Army
Forum Members Angered by Moroccan Police Beating Pictures
Forum Members Discuss Water Poisoning Plan
Forum Members Divided Over Suicide Attack
Forum Members Finalize Study On The Use Of Remote-Controlled Vehicles In Suicide Operations
Four Afghanistan Suicide Attack Videos Posted Online
Gadahn Warns Against Obama?s ?Deception?
German Jihadi ?Eric B? In a New Internet Video
German Soldier killed in Taliban-Attack
German-Speaking Militants Appear in New Afghanistan Jihadi Video
GIMF Launches New Internet Security Course For ?E-Mujahideens?
Group Posts Video, Claims to Have Downed U.S. Drone in Iraq
Hamas Claims Attack On Majdal
Hamas Claims Israel Killed Its Own Soldier Captured By Al Qassam Fighters
Hamas Claims Mortar Attack On Nir Oz Kibbutz
Hamas Iraq Celebrates Invasion Anniversary With New Jihadi Album
Hamas Iraq Female Militants Unit Vow Revenge
Hamas Iraq Fires C8 Missile On U.S. Base In Balad
Hamas Iraq Issues Video of Mortar Attack On U.S. Base In Balad
Hamas Iraq Publishes New Issue Of Its Online Magazine
Hamas Iraq Release Mortar Attack Video
Hamas Iraq Releases New IED Attack Video
Hamas Iraq Releases Pictures of U.S. UAV Shot Down In Ishaqi
Hamas Iraq Releases Video of Attack on Bakr Base
Hamas Iraq Video Shows Attack On Cargo Plane
Hamas Iraq Video Shows IED Attack On U.S. Humvee
Hamas Iraqi Releases Video of Thermal Grenade Attack
Hamas Katyusha Attack On U.S. Base In Balad
Hamas Launches New Weapon-Making Course Online
Hamas Posts Two New Videos of Gaza Fighting Online
Hamas Prisoners Urge Suicide Attacks Inside Israel
Hamas Release Pictures of Vehicles Used in Kerem Shalom Attack
Hamas Releases 2001 Gaza Suicide Attack Video
Hamas Releases Copy of Israeli Soldierʼs Letter To His Parents
Hamas Releases New Video Documenting Kerem Shalom Attack
Hamas Releases Pictures Of Explosives Seized From Top Fatah Official In Gaza
Hamas Says It Fired 628 Rockets On Israeli Settlements During May-June Period
Hamas Says Shalit Deal Very Close
Hamas Supporter Tricks Jihadi Bloggers With Fake Statement
Hamas To Enforce Islamic Law In Gaza
Hamas TV Pictures Promotes Female Suicide Bombers Squad
Hamas? Military Wing Posts Second Training Video in Two Days
Hamas? Political Leader Receives Iraqi Insurgents In Damascus
Hanein Exclusive Death Squad Video
Hekmatyar To Obama: ?Main Beneficiaries From Afghanistan War Are Russians and Iranians?
Hikmatyar Claims Downing C-17 Globemaster at Bagram
Hizb Ut-Tahrir Launches Campaign Against U.S. in Pakistan
Hizbollah Brigades In Iraq Release IED Attack Video
How Do Jihadis Imagine Their Emir?
How Would You Like to Detonate Your Bomb?
Humvee Hit By IED Blast In New Ansar Video
IAI Documentary Exposes Blackwater?s Crimes in Iraq
IAI Latest Video Focuses on Militants Killed in Battle
IAI Leader?s Advises Obama to Avoid Wars Against ?Imaginary Enemies?
IAI Video Shows Aftermath Of Attack On ?U.S. Army Oil Tanker In Mosul?
IED Attack Hits Iraqi Foot Patrol in Hawr-Rajab
IED Attack On US Humvee in New ISI Video
IED Attack Video By Jaish Al Rashideen
IED Attack Video By The Army of Al Murabiteen
IED Attack Video From The Army Of Abu Bakr Al Siddique
IED Attack Video Release By Ansar Al Islam
IED Attacks on M-RAPs Caught On Camera
IED Rips Buffalo Apart in New Army of the Mujahideen Video
IED Video Courtesy of Furqan Media
IJU Jihadis Pledge Support For Gaza in New Video
In New Al Sahab Video, Al Libi Urges Establishment of Islamic State in Somalia
In New Statement, ?Al Qassam Fighters? Address Al Qaeda Leaders, Voice Dissatisfaction With Hamas
Insurgent Group Claims Christians Joining Its Ranks
Insurgent Group Launches ?100 Day? Offensive Against U.S. Forces
Insurgent Group Marks Five Years With Release of New Video
Insurgent Group Posts Video of Humvee Attack in Mosul
Insurgent Group Releases Its Fifth Sniper Attack Video
Insurgent Group Releases New Mosul Attack Video
Insurgent Group Says It Targeted The U.S. Embassy In Baghdad With ?Tariq? Rocket
Insurgent Group Says It Targeted The U.S. Embassy In Baghdad With ?Tariq? Rocket
Insurgent Group Shows Wreckage of ?U.S. Spy Plane? It Claims It Downed
Insurgent Group to Unveil New Enhanced Missile
Insurgent Groups? Video From Iraq:
Insurgent Group?s ?100-Day? Campaign on Track
Insurgent Video Shows Attack on US Humvee in ?Baghdad?
Insurgent Video Shows Humvee Exploding
Insurgent Video Shows IED Attack On Iraqi Humvee in Mosul
Insurgent Video Shows Mortar Attack on U.S. Base in South Baghdad
Insurgent Video Shows Mortar Attack on U.S. Base Western Baghdad
Insurgent Video Shows U.S. Armor Targeted by Thermal Bombs
Insurgent Video Shows Vehicle on Fire
Insurgents Attack U.S. Forces in Iraq To Avenge Palestinians in Gaza
Insurgents Defy Mosul Security Operation
Insurgents Defy Mosul Security Operation
Insurgents Engaged in Gun Battle With American Patrol In Samarra
IntelCenter: Islamic Party Threatens Olympic Games
Internet Jihadis Don?t Believe al Masri Was Arrested, Attack Al Arabiya
Internet Jihadis Promise To Publish Major ?WMD Work?
Internet Jihadis Respond to OBL?s Call
Internet Jihadis Set Up Own Hosting Site On the Web
Internet Jihadist Suggest Plot To Attack Sharm El Sheikh Conference
Internet Post Claims Plot to Assassinate Bush during Visit to Saudi Leaked
Internet Post Discussed Unmanned Plane Attacks, Egypt Says It 'Foiled Aerial Drones? Plot
Interview With ISI Leader Anyone?
Iraqi Baath Party To Unveil Restructuring Plan
Iraqi Group Release ?U.S. Copters? Crash? Video
Iraqi Group Releases First Clips Of New Campaign Against U.S. Forces In Iraq
Iraqi Group Releases Mortar attack Video
Iraqi Hizbollah Faction Releases New Video
Iraqi Insurgent Group Claims Downing U.S. Helicopters
Iraqi Insurgent Group Dedicates Latest Attack on U.S. Troops To Zeidi
Iraqi Insurgent Group Posts IED Attack Video
Iraqi Insurgent Group Sends Message to Obama
Iraqi Insurgent Groups Release New Videos
Iraqi Insurgent Groups Release Videos
Iraqi Insurgent Video Shows Attack On U.S. Base In Babylon
Iraqi Insurgents Launch ?Gaza Vengeance? Campaigns
Iraqi Insurgents Post New Videos
Iraqi Insurgents ?Gaza Vengeance? Campaign Continues
Iraqi Insurgents' Video Shows 'Mortar Attack on U.S. Base in South Baghdad'
Iraqi Islamic Party Says Hundreds Of Children Held In U.S. Prisons Across Iraq
Iraqi Jihadi Groups Reject U.S. Security Pact
Iraqi Militant Army Release New Attack Video
Iraqi Militant Groups Join Forces Against Iraqi PM
Iraqi Militants Bid Farewell To Bush With ?Bush?Game Over? Video
Iraqi Militants Develop New, Enhanced Surface-to-Surface Missile
Iraqi Resistance Coalition Release First Compilation Video
Iraqi Resistance Council Releases Video of Attacks Dedicated To Gaza
Iraqi Shiite Insurgents Release Ten New Videos
Iraqi Shiite Militant Group Shows Video Of Attack On U.S. Base In Baghdad
Iraqi Soldier Shot By Sniper In New Video
Iraqi Villagers Express Outrage Over Al Qaeda Atrocities
Iraq?s Baath Party Denies Links to Al Qaeda
Iraq?s Hizbollah Brigades Refutes Claim It Kills Civilians In New Video
Is that Eric Saying Goodbye?
ISI Chief Urges Exiled Palestinians To Attack U.S., Israeli Interests
ISI Claims Diyala Suicide Attack
ISI Claims Suicide Attack On Police Recruits
ISI Clip Shows IED Attack On U.S. Bradley In Diyala
ISI Leader Calls Obama ?a Criminal? in New Audio
ISI Media Group Releases Sniper Attacks Video
ISI Release Fifth Edition of Martyrdom Video Series
ISI Release New Sniper Attack Video
ISI Releases New Video In Support of Gaza
ISI Video Shows Attack On ING Checkpoint in Diala
ISI Video Shows Attack on Military Vehicle in Iraq
ISI Video Shows Attempt to Set U.S. Armor On Fire
ISI Video Shows IED Attack On Peshmarga Forces Truck
ISI Video Shows Killing Of Five Iraqi Soldiers
Islam Memo: French President Escaped Assassination Attempt At Ben Gurion Airport
Islamic Army In Iraq Video Shows Attack On U.S. Armor In Mosul
Islamic Jihad, Hamas Claim Credit For Tolkarm Attack
Islamic State Of Iraq Claims It Has Chemical Warhead Missiles Capable Of Reaching Israel
Islamic State Of Iraq Posts Video Of Attack On MRAP In Nineveh
Islamic State of Iraq Releases Video of 2007 Mafia-Style Attack on Iraqi Police
Islamist Claims Al Qaeda Will Have No Problem Replacing Abu Kharab
Islamist Sites Debate Traits of Candidates
IT Support Engineers Sought by Jihadi Forum
JAAMI Release New Compilation Video
JAAMI Releases Mortar Attack Video
Jailed Commander Tortured To Death, Claim Insurgents
Jaish Al Mujahideen Hunts Down Unmanned Aerial Vehicle in Taji
Jaish Al Ummah To Hamas: ?Whose Side Are You On??
Jamaa Islamiya Hopes Obama Would Release The Blind Sheikh
Jamaat ul Mujahideen in Bangladesh Issues Two-Hour Video
Jihad in Iraq is Doing Just Fine, Says Insurgents? Coalition
Jihad Press: ?Mujhideen Bomb Oil Refinaries In Aden?
Jihadi File Encryption Software Explained
Jihadi Forum Members Mock Media Reports About Al Qaeda?s Support Of McCain
Jihadi Forum To Launch Pro-Taliban Propaganda Campaign
Jihadi Harvest for February 2009: A Failed Crop
Jihadi Inspirations Drawn From Swiss Army Manual
Jihadi Internet Magazine Focuses on Global Economic Crisis
Jihadi Propagandists Invade Megavideo
Jihadi Supporters Hail Egyptian Swinophobia, Hope It Ignites Religious Tensions
Jihadi Technology Vs Minesweepers Myth
Jihadi Webmaster Tips Off Iraqi Militant?s On Rafsanjani?s Visit To Najaf
Jihadi Websites Up Again
Jihadis Circulate Video On Letter & Package Bombs
Jihadis Learn To Hide Data In Digital Images
Jundullah Release Video of Rocket Attack On Israeli Settlement
Jundullah Releases New Virtual Military Training Encyclopaedia
Jundullah Says Executed Sunnis Not Linked to Iran Mosque Bombing
Kabul Attack 'A Message to Obama,' Says The Taliban
Khalilzad is an Afghan ?Only By Name? Says The Taliban
Kidnappers of Dutch Tourists in Yemen Offer To Trade Them For Security Officials
Kurdish Rebels Release Video of Attack On Turkish Base
Kurdistan Liberation Army Pledges Allegiance to al Douri
Kuwaiti Pop Singer Turned Jihadi?
Kuwaiti Suicide Bomber Commemorated
Latest Issue of Sada al Jihad Magazine Released
Latest Issue Of Taliban?s Magazine Released
Latest Issue Of Taliban?s Magazine Released
Latest Issue of Taliban?s Magazine Released
Leader of Al Qaeda in Iraq Stresses Need For WMD Jihad
Leader Of Ansar al Islam Proposes Hamas-Iraqi Militants Venture
Leader of Chechen Fighters Says He Would Accept A Treaty That Doesn?t Restrict Practice of Religion
Leaked Taliban Videos Released By Anti-Taliban Group
M-RAP Hit By The Militants? Thermal Bombs In Mosul
Manual Describes How To Make Mortar Shells
Manual Explains How To Make Bullets
Manual For The Preparation of Bomb Ingredients Posted Online
Manual Proposes New Recipe To Make Explosive Liquid
Manual Shows How TO Make IEDS Using Coffee Mugs
Media Jihad Brigade Issues Statement About U.S. Losses in Iraq
Mehdy Army Commander Confesses His Crimes on Tape
Member of Iraqi Forum Seeks Info On TV Presenter
Member of Militant Internet Forum Requests Plane Hijacking Manual
Member of Militant Islamist Online Forum Says He?s Off To Iraq
Member of Militant Somali Group Says They Need No Money, Weapons in Online Chat
Member Suggests Using Bluetooth to Spread Terrorist Propaganda
Members of Islamist Chat Room Debate U.S. Elections
Members of Islamist Forums Suggest Attacking Tourists To Save Bali Bombers
Members of Jihadi Forums Discuss Joining Militants in Somalia
Members of Jihadi Forums Discuss Options In Face of the Shutdown of Their Websites
Members of Jihadi Forums Intrigued by Al Baghdadi?s Confessions? Tape
Members of Jihadi Forums Predict Al Qaeda?s Reaction to the U.S. Presidential Race
Members of Jihadi Forums Vow To Avenge Bali Bombers
Members of Jihadi Internet Forums Take Up Arms In Gaza
Members of Militant Forums Inquire About Ways To Extract Potassium Nitrate From Goats? Feces
Members of Militant Islamist Internet Forums React to Obama Election
Members of Militant Islamist Web Forums Shocked at The Surrender of AQ Figure
Message From Chechen Rebel Commander
Message Proposes Using ?Suicide Dogs? in Operations
Message Warns Against Logging On To Jihadi College Page
Militant Islamist Groups Still Using YouTube
Militant Islamist Websites Trying to Reach Out To Muslim Youths in the West
Militant Palestinian Group Pledges Allegiance to Bin Laden
Militant Somali Group Claims Attack On Congressman Payne
Militant Somali Group Releases Suicide Attack Video
Militants Pay Tribute to Slain Scholar in New As Sahab Video
Militants Set Up New Web-Based TV
Militants Threaten Kuwaiti Ambassador To Iraq
Military Preparation Sessions Organized on Paltalk
Military Training Camp Handbook Distributed On The Forums
Missile Fired at ?U.S. Embassy in Green Zone? in New Ansar Video
Mogadishu Dual Suicide Bomb Attack Executors
More Clips Showing Atrocities Perpetrated By Hamas Posted Online
More Iraqi Insurgents? Attacks in Support of Gaza
More Jihadi Forums Going Down
MRAP Hit By IED in New ISI Video
Muj Attack British Outpost In Helmand In New Al Sahab Video
Mujahideen Youths Movement Confirm Ayro?s Death
Mujahideen Youths Movement To Shut Down Mogadishu Airport
Mulavi Faqir Mohammed Refutes His Death Reports
Mulla Omar Denies Endorsing Peace Talks
Mulla Omar Rejects Karzai?s Call For Reconciliation, Calls on NATO To Withdraw From Afghanistan
Mullah Omar: ?U.S. Should Withdraw Now Or Meet The Same Fate As The Soviets?
Multilingual Jihadis Sought
Mystery of Israel Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Explained
Naima Trabelsi Says Her Husband Sought To Destroy Weapons Arsenal at U.S. Base in Belgium
Napalm Recipe Posted Online
Naqshabandiya Army Release New Compilation Video
Naqshabandiya Army Release Video Of New Missile
Naqshabandiya Army Releases New Compilation Video
Neda al Jihad Release Afghanistan Compilation Video
New Al Libi Video
New Al Sahab Clip From Afghanistan
New Al Sahab Suicide Videos Show Map Highlighting Route Into India
New Al Sahab Video In Honor of Slain Al Qaeda Commander
New Al Sahab Video Shows Aftermath Of Attack On U.S. Convoy in Afghanistan
New Al Sahab Video Shows Attack On Paktika Base
New Algerian Jihadi Group Issues Communique No. 1